15 Facts Georgina And Harvey’s Divorce Lawyer Don’t Want Us To Know

If you were to put Harvey in a movie, he most certainly would not play the lead. Movie producer Harvey Weinstein and the stunning British fashion designer Georgina Chapman are splitting up after 10 years of marriage. The fairy tale wedding of the power couple happened just a month after Weinstein proposed. Everything was perfect in their marriage. Harvey was a successful film producer and Georgina had great success with her fashion designs. But now Chapman, 41, made the decision to leave Weinstein, 65, after more than a dozen women stepped forward to accuse the producer of harassment and assault allegations recently. Hours after making the emotional statement about leaving her husband, Georgina Chapman remains very upset, according to People Magazine. Georgina states that nothing will change her mind about divorcing Harvey. While the decision was not easy to make, Chapman's family and friends who are very close to her support her every step of the way. According to her friends she has been concerned for the safety of her children but the decision of leaving her husband is one she stands by. She is currently concentrating on her children and on her work. But what exactly are the facts behind this couple's divorce? In this article, we will share with you 15 facts Georgina and Harvey's divorce lawyer don't want you to know.

15 Chapman Could Receive Between £11 Million And £15 Million In Her Divorce Settlement


The former couple agreed to their divorce settlement in late December 2017 while still working out the details of the division of their marital assets. Back in December, TMZ released details of the pair's prenuptial agreement, which said that after ten years of marriage, Chapman was entitled to $400,000 for every year they'd been married. In addition, she is supposed to get a $3 million housing allowance and $4.75 million for her share of their marital assets, for a total settlement of $11.75 million. According to Weinstein's statement which was issued in response to the matter he was taking responsibility for the pain his family had suffered. Harvey wants Georgina to be happy and successful. There were no fights in reference to the divorce settlement. According to him, they discussed the possibility of a reconciliation with his gorgeous wife Georgina, but Weinstein encouraged her to follow her heart. Her final decision was to separate from her husband.

14 Chapman Will Also Get Primary Custody Of Their Two Children


In the past, women were usually given custody of the children when there was a divorce. Today things have changed. When a couple gets a divorce, the best person that is suitable to take care of the children will be awarded custody. Even though this fact has changed over the years, the mothers are more likely to get custody of children because it is usually the best place for them to be. In the Weinstein’s case, it is best for the children to live with their mother because their father is all messed up. He is currently going through rehab and getting his life back on track. This type of lifestyle is not suitable for children to be exposed to. With Chapman getting custody of the children, this will give the kids the ability to get through the difficult times that they have to go through with both of their parents.

13 The Estimated Net Worth Of Weinstein Is More Than $240 Million Or £176 Million


Over the years producer, Harvey Weinstein was one of the richest and most influential people in Hollywood. He was one of the most popular producers in the entertainment industry. He was strongly holding his VIP status which helped him avoid and stay clear of any improper harassment allegations presented against him. The estimated net worth of Weinstein is estimated to be from $240 million to $300 million. Weinstein and Chapman together are the owners of multimillion dollar luxury properties across the country. They also own a Connecticut mansion where back in 2012 the couple hosted a fundraiser ceremony for Barack Obama. Weinstein donated $2.3 million to politicians in addition to many millions to different charitable organizations which helped him spread his personal influence. Harvey Weinstein grew up in Queens, New York and started Miramax Pictures around 1979. Harvey started the film company with his brother Bob.

12 Chapman Reportedly Has A Net Worth Of $20 Million (£15 Million)


Chapman, 41, was born in London and attended the Chelsea College of Art and Design. Chapman didn’t start off being a fashion designer. One of her first jobs was modeling in an ad for Head & Shoulders. While Chapman was in college, she met her future business partner Keren Craig with whom they later co-founded Marchesa in 2004. The same year Chapman started dating Weinstein who was 24 years her senior. Marchesa launched a bridal line in 2008 which was roughly six months after Weinstein and Chapman were married. Chapman has also periodically worked as a model and actress. Chapman has an estimated net worth of £15 million, or roughly $20 million. The couple sold a home in Connecticut for $1.65 million in early October while still owning two other oceanfront homes, and each was assessed at over $7 million.

11 The Settlement Came Just As Their Marriage Was Approaching The 10-Year Mark

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If the couple divorced after the 10 year mark, then Weinstein would have been forced to pay the designer more money. By order of their prenup which states that if they are still together one year from now Chapman could have received $1 million per year in assets, up from $700,000. While this could have been one of the reasons why Chapman held off on officially divorcing Weinstein there were also custody matters, business problems, and Harvey's issues. It is impossible to come up with a custody schedule while the children's father deals with an improper addiction problem. Although Weinstein is being actively investigated at the moment, he agreed to a custody schedule. With someone who has possible charges coming against them it hardly seems possible for him to take custody of his children. In addition to these issues, their every action is going to be publicized so the couple should be careful what they agree to.

10 Over 100 Women Came Forward Accusing Him Of Abuse


George Clooney spoke out strongly against Harvey Weinstein and the movie entrepreneur's ongoing improper harassment scandal. Clooney was seen on the Today Show where he discussed Weinstein’s improper harassment towards women. He admitted that he had heard things about Weinstein's alleged behaviour mostly from the producer himself, but Clooney never said anything to anyone about what was going on. The actor and filmmaker claimed that he was furious about the idea of Weinstein committing these kinds of atrocities against women. He claimed to be sure that there were people aware of his actions and that it was an equal crime not to speak up about this. Clooney regretted that he did not know the full extent of Weinstein’s actions and that he did not do anything about the rumours. Coming forward would have made Weinstein pay for his actions a lot sooner.

9 Alyssa Milano Has Chapman's Back


The actress opened up about how her long-time friend Georgina Chapman is taking the improper harassment scandal of her ex-husband. Milano said that it was good for her to make a statement about how her heart was broken due to all of the women who had suffered at the hands of her husband. According to Milano, 44, she said, "Chapman is currently very sad and hurt, but she is a good and strong woman who will with no doubt come out from this situation stronger than ever. Georgina is doing very well. She's an amazing mother. She's an amazing woman, and I think her priority right now is focusing on how to raise those two children to the best of her capacity given the situation. She goes through very dark times. She's very sad." Milano continued, "This is not easy for her, but I have no doubt that not only will she come out on the other side of this, but she deserves to live a happy life."

8 Chapman Supports All The Victims


After Hollywood stars voiced their opinions about the allegations of improper misconduct, fashion designer Georgina Chapman described her husband's behaviour as unforgivable. Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie were among the growing list of stars who accused the producer of improper harassment, which as a result of Weinstein’s actions, he was dismissed from his co-founded Weinstein Company. The latest high profile figures to express their position towards the producer was Barack and Michelle Obama who stated that they were disgusted by the reports of the producer's actions. Weinstein, however, has rejected many of the presented allegations. In particular, he issued a passionate denial over three allegations of forced intimacy which emerged. Although Chapman decided to get a divorce, her heart was broken, and she sympathized with the women that were attacked by her husband.

7 Weinstein Promised Chapman A Third Child After The Scandal Broke

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When the allegations first came out Georgina stood by Harvey and supported him. She had no idea about the extent of the allegations and clearly the truth behind the whole situation. According to a close source to US Magazine, the pair had a heart to heart and Weinstein even promised Chapman a third child. It was clearly a weak effort on his part to keep Chapman by his side, but once the scandal broke out Chapman no longer was comfortable with Weinstein's proposal. At the moment she is mostly worried about protecting her two children and making sure they are not affected by the media storm behind Harvey Weinstein.

6 Weinstein Is In Counselling Now And Hopes To Get Back With His Wife When He Is Better


After a growing number of allegations of improper harassment and assault against Weinstein came out, he checked into a luxury resort in Arizona with a spa and a golf course according to People. Weinstein hopes that after his treatment is done that he can reconcile with his wife. Previously it was reported that Weinstein would enter an addiction rehab after the investigations into the decades of improper abuse surrounding the producer were published by the New York Times and the New Yorker. It was initially stated that it would be a residential rehab facility, but later, since the producer refused to enter a place where he would not be able to use his cell phone, he checked into a five-star hotel. People reported, "His team set him up at a secure place to get him the help he needs. He wants help."

5 Weinstein Was Fired From His Own Company

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As allegations of improper harassment against Harvey Weinstein were raised, he was fired from the movie and television studio he co-founded. Weinstein resigned from the Weinstein Company's board during the meeting convened to affirm his dismissal. The other co-founder of Weinstein Company, Bob Weinstein, and the remaining board held a meeting with the law firm Debevoise & Plimpton. They were hired by the studio to help investigate the presented allegations against Harvey Weinstein. During the meeting, they confirmed the decision to terminate Weinstein's employment. After the investigations conducted by The New York Times and The New Yorker against Harvey Weinstein, the Weinstein Company was disgraced. The company had many projects in the works when the harassment charges against Weinstein hit the press. Some of the projects were canceled but others are still going forward.

4 Chapman Has Weathered Storms With Her Husband Before


Harvey Weinstein and fashion designer Georgina Chapman were the ultimate power couple during the 10 years of their marriage. People's cover story stated: "Their relationship started out with the understanding that if you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours." As a powerful producer, Weinstein helped fund and strengthen Chapman's brand Marchesa since 2004. He was using his position as a producer to encourage the actresses in the movies he was producing to wear and promote his wife's designs. The couple apparently were in a marriage that had no intimacy. Some say the couple were together only to promote Georgina’s clothing line. Chapman was aware of her husband's temper and rough behaviour. She many times apologized for the way her husband was acting. However, according to People, she was not aware of Weinstein's improper misconduct. "She would never have stayed married if she'd known," says the source. This source goes on to say, "She was never with Harvey when he behaved like this."

3 Chapman's Designer Label Will Suffer As Many Celebrities Won't Wear The Brand After What Happened


Georgina Chapman’s fashion line Marchesa in some measure owed its success to the powerful movie entrepreneur Harvey Weinstein since 2007 when they got married. However, now that Weinstein is facing allegations of improper harassment from well over a 100 women, including famous actresses like Gwyneth Paltrow, Rose McGowan, and Ashley Judd, it is believed that Chapman’s label will suffer a dramatic fall, at least in Hollywood circles. “No star is ever going to want to wear the brand again,” was stated in the Hollywood Reporter. The media has stated that even the split between the two will not help the designer label. The Weinstein scandal is no doubt toxic so retailers, Hollywood insiders, and professionals in the fashion business will not want to be linked to the famous designer brand in any way. However, none of Weinstein’s actions were Chapman’s fault, so her fashion line may someday take a turn for the better.

2 Once Worth $300 Million, Weinstein Currently Faces The Risk Of Lawsuits And Financial Ruin

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Recently six women filed a class action lawsuit against the Weinstein Company, including Harvey and Bob Weinstein, and several other former Weinstein company board members for a pattern of racketeering, civil battery, assault, and intentional infliction of emotional distress. All the women claimed to have been assaulted by Weinstein in the process of auditioning, pitching projects, working on Miramax or Weinstein Company projects. The lawsuit states that there are dozens, and likely hundreds, of proposed class members. The list of victims included actress Katherine Kendall who reported that she was chased around a hotel room by Weinstein as well as the actress Louisette Weiss, who states she was asked to watch the producer pleasure himself. Weinstein’s actions will definitely leave him in a long list of lawsuits, which might result in his financial ruin. According to the media, Weinstein has been paying off his victims for a little over three decades.

1 The Settlement Figure Is Larger Than Expected

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Dividing the properties of a couple can always be challenging and difficult especially when there are measurable assets, in this case properties, pension plans, professional licenses, etc. Having the court decide who gets what can be very difficult. The prenup is one of the reasons why this settlement is larger than expected as it took into account everything that her husband did to other women. Weinstein is fine with the settlement and wants his wife to get back to a normal life. Both had no disagreements about the settlement. According to the specifics behind the couple's prenuptial agreement, published by TMZ, Chapman was set to receive $300,000 (£220,000) annual spousal support which increased to $400,000 (£293,000). As it stands now, Georgina is supposed to be getting anywhere between $15 million and $20 million.

Source: People

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