15 Expensive Things Scott Disick Brags About Online

Most people know Scott Disick as Kourtney Kardashian’s baby daddy— that is how he became famous in the first place, back in the days when he started dating Kourtney. Their on-and-off relationship began in 2006 when the two met in Mexico, and he became a regular on the show, Keeping up with the Kardashians. In 2009, Kourtney gave birth to their first child, Mason Dash. Then they broke up for a while, but they got back together in 2010 again. One year later, Scott bought an engagement ring and wanted to propose to Kourtney, but she claimed that she didn’t want to change anything about their relationship so he didn’t propose after all. In 2012, their daughter, Penelope Scotland, was born, and in 2014, they welcomed their second son, Reign Aston. Fun fact: Both of Kourtney and Scott’s sons were born on December 14. Unfortunately, the relationship between Kourtney and Scott didn’t last and they split up in 2015.

Currently, Scott Disick, 34, is in a relationship with Sofia Richie, 19, and they seem to be a happy couple. However, there isn’t much that we know about Scott Disick’s job, except the obvious fact that he is a reality TV personality. So where does all of his money come from? According to him, he is quite the businessman and he works in various industries. There is no doubt he is doing well financially, so let’s take a look at 15 most expensive things Scott Disick brags about on Instagram!

15 Silence Of The Lambo

Silence of the Lambo

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Scott Disick owns a pretty impressive collection of cars and he definitely loves to brag about it on social media, especially Instagram. And while some of his fans envy or admire his lifestyle of the rich and the famous, the others just find him pretentious and keep asking him why he always flaunts his money when he actually became rich in the first place because of his ex-girlfriend. No matter whose side you are on, there is no denying that there are some pretty amazing vehicles in Scott’s collection, including his Ferrari 458 Italia, Chevy Camaro, Ford Raptor, Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon,Rolls Royce Drophead Coupe, Chrome Audi R8, Lamborghini Murcielago, Bentley Mulsanne, and so on. Seriously though, how many cars does one person need? When does he even find the time to take all of them for a spin?

14 Private Jet Is The Way


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It appears that no matter where he travels, Scott Disick chooses a private jet as his preferred transportation method and he never forgets to brag about it on Instagram. Recently, he and his girlfriend, Sofia Richie, headed to a snowy destination in a private jet to spend some time together and both he and Sofia shared a number of pictures from their trip that would probably make anybody jealous. Obviously, the jet was perfect both on the outside and on the inside and there is no doubt that traveling really can’t get much more comfortable than that. So if you visit Scott’s Instagram profile, you will have a chance to glance at this private jet from all sides because never skips a chance to snap a couple of pictures of this sort.

13 The Dream Home

Obviously, when you are a millionaire, you are probably going to live in a pretty impressive house. When you are Scott Disick, you also constantly brag about it on Instagram. There is no denying that his mansion is absolutely gorgeous, however, people seem to get pretty irritated by the amount of the pictures of this lovely home of his that he keeps on posting. Apparently, many of his followers find it strange that there are almost no pictures of his kids or his friends on his Instagram feed, and all he does is brag about his material possessions. And while his house is indeed impressive, instead of being all that impressed, people just keep wondering why it is empty all the time. But maybe that is not the case at all. Maybe Scott just likes his pictures not to include too many people.

12 Expensive Sunglasses Collection

I hope it's sunny soon. #homecloset

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Almost everybody owns a pair of sunglasses; it’s a necessity, especially during those bright summer days. And while most of the people own one, maybe two pairs, Scott Disick has a whole collection to choose from. Of course, those aren’t just any sunglasses; they are all designer’s sunglasses that cost a decent amount of money so having a collection like this definitely isn’t a cheap sport. But also, there is the question of how many pairs of sunglasses does a person actually need? After all, you can only wear one pair at the time, you only have one set of eyes, so while this bunch of cool shades looks pretty impressive in the Instagram picture, it probably just sits there collecting dust in the real life. However, one must admit that those truly are some gorgeous pairs of shades.

11 Exotic Destinations


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One of the best thing that money can buy is the ability to travel around the globe and visiting all the exotic destination that you have ever dreamed of visiting. And why is it one of the best things? Well, even though money can buy a lot of material things, this actually means buying new experiences and enjoying yourself fully while exploring the world. And, of course, Scott Disick wouldn’t be Scott Disick if he didn’t share all of those experiences with his followers on Instagram. His Insta profile is a sea of pictures from all over the world and it is hard not to get at least a little bit jealous when you see all those amazing, exotic destinations he has captured during his travels. Good for him! Hopefully, he enjoyed all of them.

10 When He Can’t Decide

Can't decide

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One of the things that Scott Disick often does on social media that apparently annoys a lot of his followers is when he posts pictures of his expensive collections of watches, sunglasses, cars, clothes, shoes, etc., and he captions them with the words “I can’t decide which one” or something similar to that. Here, we can see his pretty impressive collection of wristwatches, all of them very expensive pieces, and apparently, once again, Scott found himself a bit confused about which one he should wear on that particular day. On the other hand, when you have a collection as large as this one, it really can get a bit hard to decide which one to wear. If you only own one watch, you certainly can’t find yourself in that kind of problematic situation.

9 The Cash Sandwich

Who's hungry?

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While bragging about all kinds of expensive things that Scott Disick owns is something that makes some of his followers admire him, others find it terribly annoying. There is one thing that seems to annoy slightly more people than Scott posting pics of expensive stuff, and that is him posting pictures of cash. Apparently, people just can’t understand why anybody would take pictures of cash in the first place. I mean, we’ve all seen it. You know, it’s that paper that you bring to the store with you to get something in exchange for it. So why take pictures of it when everybody obviously already knows that you are rich and you really don’t have to prove anything to anybody? Well, the answer is simple— because he can. Also, there are people who find it really cool so why not?

8 Packing For A Camping Trip

Packing for a camping trip

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Have you ever been camping and do you remember the stuff you packed with you? Scott Disick might know a lot about how to live a life of the rich and the famous, but he definitely doesn’t seem to know a lot about camping. Apparently, this what you see in the picture is what he is packing for his camping trip. Surviving a weekend in the woods might be pretty harsh if this is all you’re taking with you. No one has ever fought off a bear with a golden chain like this one— or at least, as far as we know. But all jokes aside, everything you see in this pic is pretty expensive and impressive. Too bad there aren’t a lot of people to impress in the woods in the middle of the night. Well, at least he did impress his Instagram followers.

7 Expensive Nights Out

Spending that small money with @kinggoldchains

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One of the most regular things that people post on social media are pictures from their nights out. Everybody wants to share their good times with their friends so we have all grown used to seeing some pretty wild stuff there. However, Scott Disick doesn’t really party like most of the people. For starters, he can afford things that most of the people could only dream about and he also has some A-list friends to spend that money with. But what kind of party would that be if there weren’t a couple of pics to share with the followers? After all, you can’t let people forget that you have lots of money when that is one of the main parts (if not the most important one) of your public image.

6 I Only Eat Cartier Mints

I only eat Cartier mints #sorry

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While this mint in the picture definitely isn’t the most expensive thing that we've gotten a chance to see on Scott Disick Instagram, it is actually a great thing to brag about when you know the context. The Cartier mints are obviously available in the Cartier shops. Cartier, of course, is one of the most famous French luxury good conglomerates, and Scott Disick visits Cartier shops regularly to purchase expensive jewelry, watches, etc. So combine this picture with the caption that Scott wrote that says, "I only eat Cartier mints #sorry," and you can see why this is definitely considered bragging. Rich people problems, right? Unfortunately for Scott, the comments on this picture are mostly negative as it appears that his followers aren’t too fond of this kind of what they called pretentious jokes.

5 Boats Are Life

Fuck a jet ski

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Scott Disick obviously really enjoys spending his days at sea and on his Instagram profile, you have a chance to see all kinds of cool vessels, such as yachts, motor boats, jet skis, etc. According to him, boats are life; you can’t live with them and you can’t live without them. Well, it appears that he lives with them more often than without them, and he seems to enjoy it very much. So why not? When you have that kind of money, it is only logical to spend it on the stuff that really makes you happy, and boats and all other kinds of vessels definitely do make Scott happy. However, they don’t really make happy all of his Instagram followers who find it a bit tiring to constantly see him having fun on the water.

4 Gold On Gold

Gold on gold

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When you are Scott Disick, you don’t just buy any computer— no, you but the most expensive one you can find or at least, this was one of the most expensive ones a while back when Scott purchased it. It is gold Apple MacBook and Scott captioned the picture, “Gold on gold.” Of course, nothing in the world symbolizes wealth as well as gold; well, maybe except for the diamonds, but a MacBook covered in those would probably be a bit too girly for Lord Disick, which is what Scott calls himself. He bought the title online a while back and got knighted in London, and according to him, a title like that is exactly what he needed to finally get the respect he deserves.

3 Shoe Closet

Some shoe closet

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If you thought that girls were the only ones with the insanely huge amount of shoes they own, you were wrong. Scott Disick would easily beat most of the girls in the competition measuring the size of one’s shoe closet. Of course, there are no cheap shoes in his closet either; all of them are designer pieces and every single pair has cost him a significant sum of money. However, it is kind of refreshing to actually see a male version of Carrie Bradshaw when it comes to shoes, but how many pairs of shoes does one person actually need? However, in Scott’s case, it is not a matter of needing something, but simply of wanting it and being able to afford it. Good for him! His female followers are probably really jealous of this one!

2 Gucci Gang

Gucci gang Gucci gang Gucci gang

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Wearing designer clothes is something that all Kardashians and their hubbies do and, apparently, the ex-boyfriends do it, too. After all, all members of the Kardashian family have become sort of marketing tools for big fashion brands and they regularly promote them on social media. Scott Disick does that too and he almost always gets a big paycheck in return. So from the most expensive clothes and accessories to the protein milkshakes, you will see all kinds of stuff being promoted on his Instagram profile. However, the truly impressive ones are, of course, the most expensive ones, such as this little Gucci number he is wearing in the picture. Looking sharp as always, Scott. After all, he’s always been known as one of the best-dressed people on the show.

1 All That Cash

Just woke up and can't sleep and missing my girl @khloekardashian

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What does a person do when they are bored? Well, if that person is Scott Disick, he uses the time to cover girlfriend's sister in dollar bills while she is sleeping. And, of course, where there is so much cash just lying around, there is also a new Instagram post. And while this isn’t the first picture in which Scott has posed with loads of cash, this one actually becomes slightly less impressive once you realize that all the bills in the picture are actually $1 bills! Come on, Scott, you can do better than that! However, even though he probably found this pic really funny, his followers never seem too happy with him when he takes pictures of his cash, and this pic was no different as the negative comments outweighed the positive ones.

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