15 Celebs With Hermes Birkin Bags Worth More Than Our House

It's no secret that celebrities can afford just about any brand they want. The paparazzi frequently catch celebrities leaving department stores and luxury boutiques with bags full of purchases — that is, when they're not hiring a stylist to go out and just do all the work for them. After all, looking good is part of their job — so many celebrities opt to pull themselves together a bit even for when they're just out running errands.

And of all the design gear, there's one particular accessory that's a huge status symbol — the Hermes Birkin bag. Now, every season there's a new 'it' bag that many of the most fashionable celebrities will scoop up to keep up with the trends. However, the Hermes Birkin bag is in an entirely different category. It's an absolute classic, an investment piece that will never go out of style. So, thanks to their super-sized shopping budgets, many celebs made a smart investment and decided to get Birkin bags in several sizes and shades to complete any look.

Honestly, we're a little jealous — we desperately wish we could have our very own closet full of Birkin bags to shop as if we were in a Hermes boutique.

Here are 15 celebs who are all about the Hermes Birkin bag.

15 Kim Kardashian West With A Crazy Custom Birkin Courtesy Of North

via: purseblog.com

There was a time in her life when Kim Kardashian's fashion sense was kind of sorority girl crossed with '00s trendsetter. She looked gorgeous, but it definitely wasn't comparable to the look she rocks today. Now, thanks to her hubby Kanye, and the fact that she's been in the public eye for over a decade, she has a lot more of a high fashion style — and that includes adding a few Birkin bags to her collection of accessories. For Kim, though, not any Birkin will do — she went above and beyond and got her child to add a little personal touch to the bag. Only someone with Kardashian levels of money would have the heart to let their child smear paint all over a bag worth thousands and thousands of dollars.

14 Kris Jenner With A Red Snakeskin Birkin That's A Little Extra

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The great thing about Birkin bags is that there's one to fit just about anyone's style. If you prefer a more subdued, classic look, just get the classic Birkin structure in a shade of black or camel or navy blue — simple and chic. If you're more of a fashion risk taker, like Kris Jenner, there are options for you too — just check out this vibrant red snakeskin Birkin that she's toting. It's a little bit extra, yes, but come on — Kris is a little bit extra, so it totally fits her personality! I mean, only Kris Jenner would pair a loud, patterned two-piece suit with an equally loud Birkin bag. The woman knows what she likes and goes for it unapologetically, and that's kind of what we love about her!

13 The Always Stylish Victoria Beckham Proving A Birkin Is A Closet Staple

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If you're talking about celebrity style, there's no question that Victoria Beckham needs to come up in the conversation. Sure, she was just a member of a girl group back in the day, but since then she's turned into a fashion mogul. She stunned the world with her fashion choices for years before deciding to turn it into a career, and now she's the name behind the ultra popular Victoria Beckham brand. While she does rock many of her own line's accessories, she definitely leaves room in her closet for the staples — like a few fantastic Birkin bags. This pastel blue hue goes perfectly with her otherwise neutral outfit, adding just a bit of colour and giving her whole look a totally chic vibe. Seriously — can we just get a few fashion tips from her?

12 Alessandra Ambrosio Taking Her Birkin On Errands

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When it comes to models, the Victoria's Secret Angels are kind of all over the place. Some of them are rookies who only really appear on the VS stage and disappear for the rest of the day, while others are supermodels who have gone from Victoria's Secret to major brands like Gucci, Chanel, Louis Vuitton and more. Alessandra Ambrosio is definitely one of the few who has managed to transform her career from a lingerie model to a high fashion runway model. There aren't many designers she hasn't worked with over the years, and she's perfected her model off duty style — chic and neutral, with a camel Birkin bag to add a little fabulous to the look. I mean, only a model would look this glam when she's just out running errands.

11 Nicole Richie Proving A Birkin Can Add Style To Even The Most Casual Outfit

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Nicole Richie has certainly gone through a style evolution through the years. There was a time when she rocked the "Dirrty"-era Christina Aguilera platinum blonde and black dyed hair, then there was a period where she was all about boho chic, and now she's reached a different level of her personal style. She still leans towards the bohemian side of things, but she also rocks more classic looks from time to time. This oufit is the perfect example. Rather than rocking a loose, flowy dress, she's got a simple striped tee and black skinny pants, paired with a slouchy grey beanie to top off the casual look. And then, the most important part of the outfit — the iconic black Birkin bag. Seriously, a Birkin can class up even the most casual of outfits.

10 Eva Longoria Looking Totally Glam With Her Birkin And Sunnies

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We're not sure exactly what Eva Longoria is up to in this shot — her hair and make-up are utter perfection, but her outfit is fairly casual. Perhaps brunch with her best girlfriends? Regardless, there's one part of her outfit that caught our eye — the stunning black Birkin in a pebbled leather that looks so soft and buttery it's insane. Many women put a lot of time and effort into their outfit, and that's fine, but let's be honest — the perfect accessory can totally make or break a look, and we have a feeling there's no outfit a Birkin can't elevate. I mean, even if you're just rocking sweatpants, you'll go from frump to fabulous street style if you're rocking a Birkin at the same time — they're just kind of magical.

9 Demi Lovato Rocking A Chic Airport Look, Complete With A Classic Black Birkin

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It seems like many celebs who own Birkins opt for the black version, and it's not hard to see why — it's timeless, it's chic, and it goes with just about everything. We have a feeling that if you're serious about investing in a few Birkins, it probably makes sense to start with a neutral option and then add a few more colourful or unique versions to your collection as it expands. We don't know how many Birkins Demi owns, but one thing is for sure — she's totally rocking this look. The only question is, did she fly commercial or simply first class? This is definitely not an economy-level look. She looks fierce, chic, and like she's ready to take on the world — as far as airport looks goes, that's pretty darn impressive.

8 Kylie Jenner Using A Baby Birkin As A Shield — Hiding A Bump?

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Ah, remember a time before Stormi was in this world, when everyone was just speculating about whether or not Kylie had a bump she was hiding in the few pictures that came out during that 9 month span? Well, this is a perfect example. She's rocking a mini Birkin bag in a traditional cognac shade — to be honest, we're a little surprised she didn't go with red snakeskin like her mom — and positioning it in a way that it covers part of her stomach. Although we have to wonder — if she was actually trying to hide a bump, why not go for a larger Birkin size? That mini size definitely doesn't cover her torso the way that a larger Birkin might. Well, perhaps she'll invest in a bigger Birkin and get Stormi to do some custom art on it, like Kim did with hers.

7 Gaga With A Fierce Customized Birkin

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When you're Lady Gaga, you don't just rock any Birkin — you get a custom one. As far as designs go, this one is pretty minimal — she seems to have gotten a crisp white Birkin with a small line of black text on it — but it's totally her. A simple white Birkin would have looked a bit out of place on Gaga, who rocks totally insane outfits on the regular, but a white Birkin with a little something extra seems like exactly what she would select. To be honest, we feel like we haven't even seen Gaga rocking many purses — she's usually with an entourage who take care of things like carrying stuff for her. Who knows, maybe this was her gateway bag and she's become a huge designer bag fan since.

6 Jennifer Lopez Pairing Her Birkin With Sweatpants Because Why Not?

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When it comes to her style, Jennifer Lopez is constantly surprising us. There are times when she's full glam, and then there are times when she leans more towards the street style look. However, whatever she's wearing, she looks fabulous — this is the perfect example. She's rocking grey sweats and a simple white tee, but the accessories totally make the look. Her crisp white sneakers are definitely beyond your average athletic sneakers, her sunglasses are chic, and then that rich brown snakeskin Birkin is just the cherry on top of it all. Of course, part of the reason she looks so amazing is that she's just so gorgeous she looks amazing in everything. Seriously — before we get her style secrets, we'd love to know what fountain of youth she found.

5 Kristin Cavallari With A Birkin That's Almost Bigger Than Her

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To be perfectly honest, we didn't think we'd see Kristin Cavallari again after she wrapped up her two reality television shows. After all, she didn't aspire to be an actress, and there's only so long you can last in reality-land. However, she ended up meeting and marrying NFL quarterback Jay Cutler, so she's gotten a lot of attention there. She's been busy raising her little family, collaborating on a few projects here and there such as a shoe line with Chinese Laundry, and she definitely hasn't succumbed to any kind of frumpy mom style. Any time the paparazzi catches her, she looks fabulous — even if her outfit is relatively simple. This look of black skinny pants, a white top with a few interesting details, and a large grey Birkin is understated yet totally chic.

4 Everyone's Favourite Celeb Tweeter Chrissy Teigen Rocking A Birkin At The Airport

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It's no secret that the world loves Chrissy Teigen. She may have started her career as a model posing in swimwear and lingerie, but she's since created an empire based on her hilarious brand. She cooks, she tweets, and she keeps all her fans laughing pretty much constantly. The fact that she doesn't take herself too seriously is what so many people love about her. However, that doesn't mean she can't appreciate a good accessory — the paparazzi captured her with hubby John Legend at the airport, and she's rocking a simple look of a green top, black jacket, and stunning black Birkin bag. Knowing what a foodie she is, our main question is — what kind of snacks or treats is she hiding in that Birkin? Knowing her, we wouldn't be surprised if it was something totally wild.

3 Heidi Klum Balancing A Yellow Birkin And A Baby

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When it comes to fashion, Heidi Klum isn't afraid to take risks. After all, she spent years of her life strutting her stuff on the runway and posing in front of the camera in all kinds of wild outfits — so she's not afraid to rock a sequinned mini dress or brightly coloured accessory. This bag proves that perfectly. While some might keep to a neutral colour palettes to pair with her striped and black look, and others might add a pop of colour with a pastel shade, Heidi is fearless, adding a sunshine yellow Birkin to her look. It's totally chic, and we have to admit, probably pretty practical — those bags are pretty big, so you could likely stick a ton of things your kid might need in it while still looking good.

2 Hilary Duff Bringing A Gorgeous Blue Birkin On Errands

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Hilary Duff proves here that you don't have to wait for a special occasion to rock your designer accessories. While you can definitely add a Birkin to a totally glam look, you can also rock your Birkin when you're just wearing leggings and a simple top, running errands or stopping by the gym (although you'd better have a good lock on your gym locker if you're going to leave your Birkin there unattended!). We have to say, we kind of love that she opted for the vibrant blue shade — it adds a much needed pop of colour to her outfit, and is a lot more unexpected than a simple black Birkin would be. Who knew Hilary Duff was such a style queen? She looks totally amazing here and her hair is super cute.

1 Kim Kardashian West With A Custom Birkin That's Way Over The Top

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Kim Kardashian doesn't have just one custom Birkin in her collection — she has two. Although, the design on this one wasn't courtesy of North, it was courtesy of an artist. This is definitely a bolder look than many women would feel comfortable wearing, but let's be honest — Kim Kardashian absolutely doesn't care. She's reached a level of fame where she can wear just about anything she wants, and some of her fans would probably covet it. This particular bag is definitely more high fashion than things she would have worn a decade ago, and it just proves that her style is constantly evolving — who knows what kind of custom Birkin she'll rock in another ten years? One thing is for sure, we totally can't wait to find out — or perhaps she'll enlist all her kids to create another custom finger-painted version.

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