15 Celebs Who Were Too Young To Get Married (But Didn’t Care)

Call it puppy love, teenage dream, or the idea of happily ever after, some people just can't wait to get married.  When you're a teenager, your hormones are all over the place and it's easy to fall and fall hard.  For Hollywood stars, pretending to be together in a film leads to romantic feelings off-screen.   For others, it may be that the industry forces them to grow up too fast.  One celeb on our list had some pretty racy nude scenes at the age of 17.  So, it's not surprising when they decide to settle down at a very young age.

Love is blind and that includes age.  While a majority were whirlwind romances that resulted in marriage and did not last long, some stood the test of time.  They all followed their hearts (or hormones) as the case may be.  They thought that they were ready to make the big plunge into wedded bliss and with most things in life, you live and learn.  The celebs on this list all thought they had found love before the ripe old age of 20.  While most of us were learning to drive, these celebrities were planning weddings.  Here are 15 Celebrities Who Were Way Too Young To Get Married (But Didn't Care)

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15 Milla Jovovich- 16

Milla Jovovich and Shawn Andrews met on the set of Dazed and Confused.  Andrews played her on-screen boyfriend in the film.   The two were married in 1992 when Jovovich was 16 years old.  Shawn Andrews was 21 at the time.  Two months later her mother had the marriage annulled.

In 1997 she married Fifth Element director Luc Besson.  The two went skydiving after the ceremony.  They were married for two years before divorcing in 1999.

Milla Jovovich married writer and director Paul W. S. Anderson in 2009.  The pair met in 2002 while working on the film Resident Evil which Anderson wrote and directed.  The happy couple has two children together, daughter Ever Gabo born 2007,  and daughter Dashiel Edan born 2015. (Source: DailyTelegraph)

14 Taylor Hanson- 19

Taylor Hanson is best known as the lead vocalist in the 90's pop band Hanson. His brothers, Isaac and Zach made up the rest of the top charting trio.  Now that you have the song "MMM Bop" stuck in your head let's get to the details of this nuptial.

Taylor Hanson married Natalie Bryant in June of 2002.  Taylor was 19 years old at the time.  The pair met in 1999 when Taylor was 17. 

The couple is still happily married with five children: sons, Ezra born in 2002, River born in 2006, Viggo born in 2008 and daughters, Penelope (Penny) born in 2005, and Willa born in 2012. (Source: FOXNews)

13 Taran Noah Smith- 17

 Home Improvement star Taran Noah Smith married Heidi van Pelt in 2001 when he was 17 years old.  Heidi was 33 at the time.  In fact, the two wed only three weeks after his 17th birthday.

In place of traditional wedding bands, they opted for mood rings instead. 

His young age and their big age gap sparked controversy.  In 2005 the couple formed a California-based non-dairy cheese manufacturer and restaurant called, Playfood, specializing in vegan and organic foods.

Taran and Heidi agreed to have an open marriage, however trouble started when Taran found a steady girlfriend and his wife Heidi, smashed every dish they owned.  The couple divorced in 2007 after Heidi told Taran that she preferred women to men. (Source: Variety)

12 Macaulay Culkin- 17

Most remember Macaulay Culkin as the adorable yet rambunctious "Kevin"  in Home Alone. The famous child actor fell in love with Rachel Miner and married her when he was only 17. The young love between the two actors faded away and the two separated just two years later. It was still two more years before the divorce was finalized.

The main reason for the divorce was that Miner was ready to settle down and start a family while Culkin was eager to get back into acting. 

Rachel Miner is known for her role as "Meg" on CW's hit series Supernatural.  Culkin then went on to date Mila Kunis for nearly eight years before they called it quits. (Source: PopSugar)

11 Melanie Griffith- 19

This Hollywood couple first met on the set of The Harrad Experiment.  Melanie Griffith was 14 at the time and was an extra in the film.  Her mother, actress Tippi Hedren, co-starred with Don Johnson in this 1973 college flick.  Griffith and Johnson began dating when she was 14 and he was 22.

The pair waited until Melanie was 18 to get married.  Their marriage only last six months.

However 12 years later they married for the second time in 1989.  Their daughter, Dakota Johnson, was born later that same year.  Griffith and Johnson divorced in 1995.

Griffith wed actor Antonio Banderas in May of 1996 and had one daughter, Stella born 1996.  The couple called it quits in June 2014. (Source: DailyMail)

10 Marilyn Monroe- 16

Marylin Monroe and her best friend used to get rides back and forth from school by James Dougherty.  He was five years older than her but was considered a catch after being president of his senior class and captain of the football team.

The two dated and then married so that Norma Jean wouldn't have to move following her guardians leaving.  On June 19, 1942, they were married.  This was only two weeks after her 16th birthday.

Norma Jeane (Monroe) filed for divorce from Dougherty while he was serving in the military during the war.  In his absence, she had joined a modeling group and made some acting contacts after her picture was taken while she was working in a factory as a morale builder for the U.S. Armed Forces. (Source: Elle)

9 Demi Moore- 17

A very young Demi Guynes met and married singer Freddy Moore in February of 1980.  Demi was 17 at the time and Freddy was 30.

During their marriage, Demi began using Freddy's surname as her stage name.  Like many things in Hollywood, the marriage didn't last and Demi filed for divorce in September of 1984. 

Their divorce was finalized on August 7, 1985.  Though the marriage was over, Demi chose to continue using "Moore" as her stage name.

In November of 1987, Demi married her second husband, actor Bruce Willis.  The two had three daughters: Rumor born 1988, Scout born 1991, and Tallulah born 1994.  Moore and Willis divorced in 2000.  In 2003 she began dating actor Ashton Kutcher, who was 15 years younger.  They married in 2005 and their divorce was finalized in November of 2013. (Source: VanityFair)

8 Bo Derek- 18

Unlike many other celebrity teen marriages, Bo Derek really did find her true love at a young age. She first began dating John Derek when she was only 16 and he was 46. The two decided to move to Germany due to her young age.

The two returned to the United States shortly after Bo's 18th birthday.  They married in 1976. 

Proving that love knows no age, they remained happily married until John's death in 1998 due to heart failure.  Their 30 year age gap never bothered the two lovebirds.

Bo has yet to remarry but has been dating actor John Corbett since 2002. (Source: DailyMail)

7 Loretta Lynn- 15

Loretta Lynn is known for being a legend in the country music world.  Her career spans almost 60 years.  Loretta married Oliver Lynn when she was 15 years old after meeting him only a month earlier.  Oliver was 21 at the time.

The couple had four children by the time Loretta was 19 years old.

Twelve years later in 1964 the Lynn's had twins bringing their total to six children: daughter Betty Sue born 1948, son Jack born 1949, son Ernest born 1951, daughter Clara born 1952, and twin daughters Peggy Jean and Patsy born in 1964.  In 1966 at the age of 34, Loretta became a grandmother.

The couple was married for almost fifty years when Oliver died at the age of 69 in 1996. (Source: RollingStone)

6 Olivia Wilde- 18

As her film career was taking off, actress Olivia Wilde married Prince Tao Ruspoli, an Italian filmmaker, and musician on June 7, 2003. Wilde was 19 at the time.  They were married in Washington, Virginia.

The odd wedding was held in a school bus with just two witnesses.

Wilde claimed they chose a bus because it offered the most privacy. The marriage was a secret at the time and needed to be kept private.  The couple lasted eight years before divorcing in 2011 citing "irreconcilable differences".

Olivia Wilde began dating actor/comedian/screenwriter Jason Sudeikis in 2011.  The two became engaged in 2013.  They have two children together: son Otis born 2014, and daughter Daisy born 2016. (Source: HuffingtonPost)

5 Drew Barrymore- 19

Drew Barrymore seemed eager to get married at a young age. She was engaged at 16 to Leland Hayward in 1991, which ended a few months later. From 1992-1992, she was engaged yet again to Jamie Walters. Even after calling off two engagements before she even turned 20, Barrymore still managed to get married as a teenager. She chose to forgo marrying anyone in the business and opted for a Welsh bartender instead.

She married Jeremy Thomas when she was 19. The two had only dated a mere six weeks before deciding to stay together forever. For them, forever only lasted two months before the divorcing.

Barrymore then married comedian Tom Green in 2001. The two divorced the following year. In 2012 she married art consultant Will Kopelman.  Will and Drew have two daughters together, Olive born 2012, and Frankie born 2014.  The couple lasted for four years before divorcing in 2016. (Source: People)

4 Kim Kardashian- 19

It’s no surprise to discover Kim Kardashian was a teen bride. In 2000, Kim eloped with music producer Damon Thomas.  She was only 19 when she ran off with Damon Thomas to Las Vegas. What is surprising is the marriage lasted for four years before the two divorced in 2003.

In 2011 Kim became engaged to NBA player Kris Humphries, who she began dating in 2010. After 72 days of marriage, Kardashian filed for divorce, citing "irreconcilable differences'.

In April of 2012, Kardashian began dating rapper and longtime friend Kanye West, while still legally married to Humphries.  Her divorce to Humphries was finalized on June 3, 2013, and she gave birth to her first child, daughter North with West on June 15, 2013.  Kim and Kanye married in 2014 and have two additional children together: son Saint born 2015, and daughter Chicago born 2018. (Source: DailyMail)

3 Courtney Stodden- 16

Most know Courtney Stodden simply because she was a teenage bride. Stodden married actor Doug Hutchinson in 2011 when she was 16 years old.  Hutchinson was 50 at the time.  The two met when Stodden signed up for an internet acting class being taught by Hutchinson. Thanks to the media attention that surrounded their marriage, Stodden appeared on several reality television shows including Couples Therapy, and Celebrity Big Brother. Stodden wanted nothing more than to be a reality TV star.

Their marriage is about as up and down as they come.  In November of 2013, Stodden announced that they were ending their two and a half year marriage, saying that the age difference was a big factor. 

The two continued to live together following their legal separation, and in August 2014 announced they had reconciled. On May 20, 2016, the couple celebrated their fifth anniversary by renewing their wedding vows.  In March of 2018, Stodden filed for divorce. (Source: DailyMail)

2 LeAnn Rimes- 17

LeAnn Rimes fell in love with backup dancer Dean Sheremet in 2001.  He was chosen to dance during Rimes' hosting of the Academy of Country Music Awards.

After their first date, LeAnn Rimes told InStyle Magazine, "This is the guy I want to marry."  They dated for one year before marrying in 2002.  LeAnn Rimes was 17 at the time.

In September of 2009, she announced that they were going to divorce.  Rumours swirled about Rimes having a relationship with actor Eddie Cibrian while she was working with him on Northern Lights. Cibrian was also married at the time. LeAnn's divorce to Sheremet was finalized on June 19, 2010. On December 27, 2010, her engagement to Eddie Cibrian was announced and the two wed on April 22, 2011. (Source: DailyMail)

1 Aaliyah- 15

Singer, songwriter and actress Aaliyah met R. Kelly when she was 14. Kelly was her mentor as well as lead songwriter and producer of her first album, Age Ain't Nothing but a Number. Rumors quickly soared about a relationship between the two. Vibe Magazine revealed a marriage certificate that listed the couple was married on August 13, 1994.  Aaliyah was 15 at the time however listed as 18 on the certificate.

The illegal marriage was annulled by her parents in February of 1995.

In May of 1997, Aaliyah filed suit in Cook County seeking to have all records of the marriage expunged because she was not old enough under state law to get married without her parents' consent. (Source: TheSource)

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