15 Celebs Who Promote Makeup But Should Actually Promote Their Beauty Surgeon

We've become a skeptical bunch. That includes you. We all have. It's part of being a fan of celebrities in this age. We expect that we are, in some way or another, always being lied to. Reality TV isn't really reality. Everything is staged. It's all ruse. Because of this onslaught of lies, we have become untrustworthy consumers. When we see an ad, we have our doubts. Sure, we will probably still buy it, but we don't expect the same results as we're promised.

This modern fact of life may be no truer than with makeup and cosmetic ads. Think about it. When you see an ad in a magazine or on television for eye care, you don't actually believe that one use will eliminate your crow's feet or that one application of this cream will destroy your forehead wrinkles forever and always. Again, you may buy it thinking it will help over time, but you're not stupid. You understand and accept that the cosmetic industry has exaggerated the benefits.

But, we're not overly concerned with the product. We're more concerned with the promoter. Cosmetic ads (and all other ads) have been using familiar and beautiful faces to push their products since the dawn of marketing. If we see someone we know and love using a product, we associate more with it. This is doubly effective when we see someone gorgeous using a beauty product. Might we get the same results? Can we, too, become beautiful? No, absolutely not. But it's worth a shot. But what happens when we know (or suspect) that the look we're seeing on screen or on paper is not natural? Here are 15 celebrities Who Promote Makeup But Should Promote Their Beauty Surgeon.

15 Kate Hudson – Almay

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Kate Hudson is one of the most beautiful actresses on the planet, so it makes perfect sense that Almay would recruit her to be a model and spokesperson for them. For years now, Hudson has appeared on television ads and in print promoting the various types of makeup from the cosmetic company. But there seems to be the suggestion that we can "turn heads" like Hudson, should we wear that brand. Yeah, right. It's not even crazy to suggest that Hudson from a decade ago couldn't turn heads like Hudson from today could, not without help, of course. Though Hudson does not like to speak of any procedures she may have had, many fans have their suspicions.

14 Jennifer Aniston – Sephora & Aveeno

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The stunning and seemingly ageless Jennifer Aniston has been the face of many different beauty campaigns over the years. Perhaps her most popular ads are the Aveeno skin cream ads, but she's also done ads for Sephora and Beachscape. Now, we would never try to diminish Aniston's beauty, but there is certainly more to her fountain of youth than simply Aveeno skin cream. When asked about her routine, Aniston said, “I love lasers and Thermage and Ultherapy [ultrasound facials]. I also like a good microcurrent facial.” We don't expect these cosmetics and cream ads to come out and provide a disclaimer about Aniston's looks, but it seems a little misleading to pretend as if Aniston's entire routine revolves around over-the-counter products.

13 Megan Fox – Lakme Absolute Reinvent

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Megan Fox is stunning. She has been stunning for as long as she's been in the industry. Ever since she broke in, however, Fox has faced down rumors of having had work done. This is because of her shocking appearance transformation right before hitting it big with Transformers. Pardon the pun. In the last few years, new questions have arisen as the actress' looks have changed quite a lot once again. While Fox denies the claims, many fans remain unconvinced about her potential work. That’s partly why seeing her in Lakme Absolute Reinvent makeup ads seem both insincere and a touch ironic.

12 Blake Lively – L'Oreal True Match

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Perhaps you have seen the alleged before and after photos of Blake Lively that seem to suggest she has had help creating her incredible look. To hear L'Oreal tell it, you would think that all it took was incredible genes and True Match cosmetics. While it remains to be seen what the truth is, many fans already have made up their minds. Because of that, even if it isn't true, you have to wonder if she really is the best spokesperson for a makeup brand. Sure, assuming that her denials are truthful, it's not her fault that she's being misrepresented, but fan perception is a really powerful thing. Right or wrong.

11 Kendall Jenner – Estee Lauder

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Like every single member of the infamous Kardashian troupe, Kendall Jenner has always had to battle rumors about her looks and if they are natural or not. While this talk has surrounded Jenner ever since her appearance seemed to change quite a bit a few years back, things were taken to an entirely new level after this year's Golden Globes when Jenner was seen and photographed with a noticeably plumper pout. If the rumors were true, Jenner certainly wouldn’t be the first model to take the au-not-so-naturel look, but it would raise some concerns about the cosmetics that she readily promotes, such as Estee Lauder makeup.

10 Cameron Diaz

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Even though Cameron Diaz appears to be open and honest about what she's had done to her face in the past, many fans think there is more that's being left unsaid. Diaz admitted that she "tried [Botox] before, where it was like a little tiny touch of something." However, she added, "It changed my face in such a weird way that I was like, 'No, I don't want to be like that' - I'd rather see my face aging than a face that doesn't belong to me at all." Still, over the years, Diaz admits to "exploring [dermatologists'] anti-aging arsenals, from creams to lasers to Botox to fillers." Now, despite being open about her past and not selling herself to any cosmetics companies, many have used her image to promote their products. Knowing what we know about Diaz' past, this seems a bit disingenuous.

9 Chrissy Teigen - BECCA x Chrissy Teigen

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If you know Chrissy Teigen, you know that she is not one to mince words or get shy about herself. When asked about her beauty secrets, Teigen revealed, "Everything about me is fake except my cheeks. I'm not shy talking about that sort of thing, I have no regrets." So, now that we have BECCA x Chrissy Teigen, face palettes, and other types of makeup, it raises some questions. Obviously, being a model, Teigen understands good makeup from bad makeup, but there's a small controversy here. For the same reason that it seems fishy for protein and health supplement companies to use bodybuilders on steroids to promote their products, Teigen and those like her might not be the best spokespeople for beauty supplies.

8 Christie Brinkley – Christie Brinkley Creams

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For many years, Christie Brinkley was one of the most famous models in the world. She is still an incredibly beautiful woman. In fact, she still looks so great that she even has her own line of anti-aging skin cream. But, while the cream line appears to make it seem like it is Brinkley's secret weapon, she has never lied about her other weapons—weapons that probably work more effectively than cream. When discussing Xeomin, a tactic Brinkley admits using, the star said, “I was so afraid to do it. But I still feel like myself. I could still move my eyebrows and I feel like I have all my same funny faces. It was like a noninvasive pick-me-up.” She added, “When I look in the mirror, I want to feel like I look as good as I feel. And if you can have something done to feel more confident and better about yourself, then you feel like your face matches your spirit—and my spirit is enthusiastic and energetic.”

7 Kim Kardashian – KKW

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Kim Kardashian is an iconic beauty. She has long been idolized for her fashions and her films, and now she even has her own beauty website in which she shares tips, tricks, and products to help others look as pretty as her. But, like the others in the family, Kim has been forced to answer questions about if there is anything else other than makeup and hard work behind her looks. Kim has always remained adamant that the changes in her looks, such as the dramatic slimming of her nose and the tightening of her features, is likely the result of makeup contouring and not anything unnatural. Still, don't be surprised if you don’t see the same results as Kim saw just by applying your makeup differently.

6 Kelly Ripa – Argan Oil

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Though she's primarily a Colgate promoter, Kelly Ripa has also promoted several different skin care products, even natural beauty products like Argan oil and olive oil. But Ripa is also a TV personality who has not shied away from questions about her other beauty methods. On Watch What Happens Live, Ripa said that her main beauty product is "Botox. And that's pretty much it." She went on to explain, "Botox has changed my life. It's cut my getting ready time in half…suddenly my eyelids are no longer resting on my eyelashes!" So, while Ripa is used to promote natural methods for maintaining beauty, she's been practicing alternative methods on the side as well.

5 Gwyneth Paltrow – Juice Beauty

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For many years, Gwyneth Paltrow has promoted beauty products. Through Elle, Juice Beauty, her own website, and many more companies, Paltrow has been both the face and voice of beauty products. But, is there something else she owes for her looks? According to her, there may be. "I have a great dermatologist in L.A. who gave me this amazing laser the last time I was there," she said. "It’s called Thermage. It’s not invasive. I went out to dinner right afterward and I didn’t look crazy, but it’s quite painful. It feels like someone’s smacking your face with a rubber band that has an electric shock in it. But I would do it again, because I feel like it took five years off my face.” So, yeah, makeup is great. But there are other reasons why she looks so good as well.

4 Jane Fonda - L'Oreal

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The great Jane Fonda has no qualms about admitting to her past procedures, proudly saying, "I wish I were brave enough to not do surgery but I think I bought myself a decade." This is very possibly true as Crawford reignited her career as an older woman, but that's not what we're debating. We're wondering if the L'Oreal Age Re-Perfect line is being totally honest with its consumers when they use Fonda as the face of the line. To hear Fonda say it, it doesn’t seem that L'Oreal was as instrumental in helping de-age her as some other methods. Should L'Oreal be responsible for addressing this? We're not sure about that, but maybe they reconsider their star for their next promotional campaign.

3 Cindy Crawford – Meaningful Beauty

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Cindy Crawford's gorgeous face has been used to sell products all over the world. Currently, as the model is now in her 50's, the primary product is anti-aging cosmetics from Meaningful Beauty. But, while Crawford may use the skin cream, it's likely not her main solution to aging. "I always said I would never do anything" she said, "...that was when I was 25 ... It's hard because part of you says 'okay well I just want to go natural' but now it's just a part of our society where so many people are doing it. But then you see some people that are scary and you're like 'oh I don't want to turn out like that' - is it better to just look old? I'm still trying to figure out where I personally draw my line." Of all the products on this list, these anti-aging products are the strangest to use a celebrity like Crawford as the promoter, but we have to be more savvy consumers.

2 Khloe Kardashian – KOKO

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As she prepares to launch her own makeup line, the KOKO Kollection, fans are wondering if Khloe Kardashian is the best spokesperson for natural beauty. The reason is because Khloe, like her sisters, has always been accused of having work done. When asked about these claims, Khloe said, "It’s a compliment I really don’t care. People say whatever they want. No one likes the truth. Some exaggerated story is more interesting to them. I get it." Really, it's much more likely that Khloe uses filters and Photoshop-like tools to manipulate her photos and not any cosmetic work. We believe this because her look changes from one photo to the next. So, either she's visiting her doctors in-between selfies, or she's simply making some easy changes on the photos before publishing them.

1 Janet Jackson – Mac

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Much like her brother, Janet Jackson has had rumors of plastic surgery follow her around for decades. In Janet's case, the rumors have been confirmed. Back in 2006, the singer said, “It’s no secret that when I was 16, I changed my nose. So, I did. Would I do it again? I don’t know. I’ve seen a lot of women that have been pulled and snatched and it’s not too cute.” What other work she's had, if any, is anyone's guess, but that doesn't seem to bother the cosmetic company, Mac. They have used Jackson in various campaigns, even urging consumers to "get the Janet's look." But we all know that might be harder than it sounds or, at least, more expensive than just makeup. Are they expecting us to see beyond the work to just the cosmetics? Are they being dishonest? Are we reading into this too much?

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