15 Celebs Who Need A Refresher Course On Hygiene

When it comes to being a celebrity, certain things are expected of you. Not only must you be good at whatever your craft is, whether it be acting or music, but to be a true celebrity you have to look good and be someone that the rest of the normal people in the world look up to and try to emulate. This involves acting in a manner that isn't, you know, totally disgusting. Even though it might not seem that hard to do, a lot of celebrities are really gross and have really awful hygiene. This isn't the type of thing that they advertise, of course, they and their handlers probably don't want a whole lot of people to know how disgusting they are.

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This is where we come in. What follows is a list of celebrities who have some really disgusting habits when it comes to hygiene. Once you read what these celebrities do when they aren't in front of the camera, you won't be able to look at them the same way again. It seems like being gross isn't just for poor nobodies anymore, because these celebrities are plain old nasty. Here are 15 Celebs Who Need a Refresher Course on Hygiene.

15 Adele Picks Her Nose

Talk about bad hygiene — Adele has admitted that she is addicted to picking her nose. I don't know what is more odd, that she picks her nose or that she admits to it. She has said

"I’d like to stop picking my nose. It’s a really bad habit that I have."

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She also has admitted that she picks her children's noses. This is not only totally nasty, but really weird too. Is anyone safe? What if Adele just started going around picking everyones nose? That would be total madness. Either way when it comes to hygiene Adele might need a little intervention as far as nose picking is concerned, and it's a good bet that her kids are going to need a lot of therapy down the road. So gross.

14 Snooki Uses Kitty Litter For Facials

Snooki is one of a kind, there is no doubt about that. Anyone that ever watched any episode of Jersey Shore knows that Snooki is not the brightest bulb in the world, but would you guess that she uses kitty litter for facials?

"If you want a good facial and stuff like that, it actually really works. It has to be clean kitty litter. It can’t be, like, poo."

Wow, thanks so much Snooki! I am going to run down to my basement right now and grab some kitty litter for a facial, and don't worry, I will make sure it's out of the bag and not the cat box. Is this actually for real? The thing about Snooki is that you could ask that question about pretty much anything that she does.

13 Jessica Simpson Doesn't Brush Her Teeth

Jessica Simpson has amazing teeth, but it seems like she doesn't brush them. She once told Ellen Degeneres that she brushes her teeth "maybe three times a week."

"My teeth are so white and I don't like them to feel too slippery." 

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All right, that is just totally nasty. You don't want them to feel too slippery? What are you even talking about? And it isn't just to have white teeth, it's also to make sure you don't get any cavities and your breath doesn't stink. Jessica is a gorgeous woman, and she is talented too, but knowing she doesn't brush her teeth because she doesn't want them to be slippery is just totally nasty.

12 Christina Aguilera Doesn't Wash Her Hands

This is sort of a tough one as some people are way too worked up about washing their hands after using the bathroom, but still, you have to at least give it an effort, especially if you are famous and have a lot of people watching you. With that said, it has been reported that Christina often doesn't wash her hands after using public bathrooms.

Hannah Hooper has also said that Aguilera smells like hot dogs.

I wonder if these two things have anything to do with each other. She doesn't like to wash her hands and she smells like hot dogs. You don't have to be a private detective to figure out the score on this one, but it probably would help. Come on Christina, pull it together.

11 Zac Efron Doesn't Like To Shower

Really? Say it isn't so. It's said that Zac Efron doesn't like to shower, and like another hunk on this list, Efron likes to clean up with baby wipes. How does this ever get started? How is it that at one point in someone's life they say to themselves, "You know, I think this whole shower and soap and water thing is kind of a drag, I would way rather just wash myself with some baby wipes." These people really need to think about basic rules of hygiene, or now that I think of it, maybe they don't because they are huge stars. I bet if Zac was a plumber or a landscaper, he would get in the shower instead of wiping himself down with baby wipes. Gross.

10 Britney Spears Is Out Of Line

This is kind of an odd one, but Britney had a former bodyguard who didn't really dig her personal habits and said she smoked constantly "which made her smell continually of stale tobacco.

She broke wind or picked her nose unselfconsciously and unapologetically."

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This actually sounds pretty awful, I wonder if she did all three things at the same time? I guess no one really knows what someone is like until they spend a lot of time with that person personally, and when it comes to Britney Spears, it seems like hanging out can be quite smelly. Come on Britney, if you let one go around other people, than the least you could do is say you're sorry!

9 Courteney Cox Smells Like She Lives In Her Car

Courteney Cox looks like the last person that would smell bad, in fact, her role as clean-freak Monica Gellar on Friends made her seem to be the exact opposite.

But her ex-husband, David Arquette, once said that she "smells like a truck driver."

Well, first of all, that isn't the nicest thing to say, even it is about your ex, and secondly, we have to say we are a bit surprised. She doesn't give off that vibe at all, but who would know more than someone that shared her bed for a long period of time. I guess we have to take his word for it, Courteney is just one more celebrity who has really bad hygiene and is just one more person that needs to hop in the shower every once in a while.

8 Orlando Bloom Doesn't Wash His Clothes

It seems like Orlando Bloom doesn't like to wash his clothes very often. This can be a tough one because their are certain items of clothes, such as a sweater, jeans, and hoodies that you can wear often without washing if you choose to, because they never really touch certain areas of your body. There are other items of clothes, though, that you should wash pretty much all the time. We don't know exactly what Orlando chooses to wash and what he doesn't, and maybe when it comes right down to it, we don't want to know because the whole thing is kind of nasty. Worse part is, he has the money to send all his clothes to dry cleaners on the weekly.

7 Julia Roberts Never Showers

People close to Julia have said that she hardly showers or uses deodorant for environmental reasons. This is a cool thought, but I imagine that she spends a lot of time in cars and airplanes, which obviously is a lot worse for the environment than taking a three-minute shower every couple of days. I guess either no one has ever explained this to Julia or she just doesn't care. Either way, not showering is pretty disgusting. I wonder if she does shower a little bit more when she's on set when she has to film an intimate scene. I guess we would have to ask Richard Gere, but who knows, maybe he blocked the whole thing out because it was too traumatic. I know I would have.

6 Miley Cyrus Lives Like A Pig

There's no doubt Miley Cyrus is a big star, but she also has a reputation of being a total mess— literally and figuratively. According to Life and Style, Miley's ex Liam Hemsworth threatened to leave her because her house was so nasty.

There was "dog poop and pee everywhere, old food, pizza boxes, takeout containers, fast-food wrappers and dirty dishes piled up."

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I don't know why, but this doesn't really surprise me. Miley has always been a total dumpster fire, why should her house be any different?  There is no word on what her current living situation looks like, but I would bet it isn't a whole lot different. But come on, dog poop everywhere? That is just nasty.

5 Robert Pattinson Doesn't Wash His Hair

Have you ever wondered why Robert Pattinson's hair always looks on point? He doesn't wash it.

He has gone six weeks without washing it and has said "I don't really see the point in washing your hair."

We can understand that women don't necessarily wash their hair everyday because it takes long to dry it, but men simply have to rub their head with a towel and they're good to go. If you're doing to shower, why not just quickly wash your hair since you're already in there? We aren't trying to judge you Robert — well maybe we are just a little — but do us all a favor and give yourself a shampoo every now and then, before the rest of us throw up.

4 Kesha Smells Bad

Kesha is someone who has had her share of issues over the last few years, but did you know that body odor was one of them?

She has been told that she "smells like a hobo" and she herself has said she smells like "shrimp in a diaper."

What is up with all of these celebrities that actually act like it's super cool that they smell bad? Sometimes you really have to wonder if success just totally warps some of these people's heads. Hey Kesha, if you smell like a hobo, then maybe pop in the shower every once in a while and use some soap.  We promise that some of us might even like you bit more if you didn't smell awful.

3 Johnny Depp Doesn't Shower

Johnny Depp used to be considered to be one of the coolest guys in the world, but there have been a lot of allegations out there recently that have made him seem just a little bit creepy. You know what else makes him seem creepy? He doesn't like to shower and smells kind of bad. Apparently, Depp simply doesn't like to bathe. What is up with that? Especially if you are someone really famous and around other people all the time, whether it be on set or in public, Johnny, do as all a favor and hop in the shower every once in while. It's like he took his role as Captain Jack Sparrow a little too seriously and like to live the smelly life of a pirate.

2 Megan Fox Forgets To Flush

Have you ever had a really hot date and you went back to her place thinking you might get some action, and then went to the bathroom only to discover your bombshell date didn't flush her toilet? Yep, that is a total buzzkill. Well, you might want not to date Megan Fox then because she says she often forgets to flush the toilet and that friends have said, "Megan, you totally pinched a loaf in my toilet and didn’t flush." For one, Megan, if you use the toilet and don't flush, maybe don't tell the whole world about it. That is the definition of TMI. And also, is it really that hard to remember to flush the toilet? Help us out here Megan.

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1 Brad Pitt Washes With Wet Wipes

Brad Pitt is definitely a Hollywood hunk, but as put together as he looks in a suit, he'd rather use wipes instead of actual soap. Is it me or is that just plain old creepy? I know if I were going out with someone and they were carrying a box of wet wipes around that they pulled out every time then needed to wash themselves, then I would run for the nearest exit. Hey Brad, here's some advice for you — people have been cleaning themselves for years with soap and water for a reason. Wet wipes are more for babies. You should know that — you've got like a million kids.

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