15 Celebs Who Live Where The Paparazzi Can't Find Them

There are plenty of celebrities who thrive off the endless bright flashes from the cameras of the paparazzi. They step out of their lavish homes in popular A-list cities, knowing that the ever-present paparazzi will be waiting to catch them in the act of something or other.

But then there are those famous folks who just can’t stand all the craziness and hoopla and lack of personal space. They do not want anything to do with the annoying photographers who get into their faces and try to make their day a living nightmare. These stars can’t even set foot outside their homes without being instantly bombarded by pushy and obnoxious paparazzi looking to make a buck off their photo.

So, what do these fed-up celebs do? They move to places where the paparazzi can’t find them. Smaller towns, unlikely celeb cities, and remote places are the perfect choices for these stars who want to get out of the public eye and attempt to live relatively normal lives without being hounded by the paparazzi 24/7.

Here are 15 well-known celebs who live in off-the-beaten-path places where the paparazzi can’t find them, or just do not want to go to seek out a single star when a place like LA is full of photo ops. These unlikely cities and towns may surprise you, but these stars love their peaceful homes which allow them to live without the risk of being photographed when they go outside to grab the paper.

15 Justin Timberlake Found Peace In Montana

Pop star Justin Timberlake and his amazing wife, Jessica Biel, call Big Sky, Montana their humble abode. They used to live in A-list-lined Hollywood like many other big-name stars, but the paparazzi life isn’t nearly as peaceful as one in woodsy Montana. The lovely Montana lakes, magical mountains, and outdoorsy nature of the area is perfect for this superstar couple who seem to be down to Earth despite their sensational star status. Plus, since having a child, all the wildness of paparazzi confrontations seems unwise and potentially dangerous. Timberlake seems to be at home in Montana, and his wife must agree. These two can travel to the big cities at the drop of a hat, so why not make their permanent residence one that’s relaxing? And when the thrill of Montana wears off, the Timberlake family can pack up and move on to their next favorite city.

14 Julia Roberts Is All About The Ranch Life

Everyone’s favorite “pretty woman” doesn’t live it up in LA or NYC, she keeps it cool and country by calling a ranch in Taos, New Mexico her permanent home base. Sure, Julia Roberts will travel to Hollywood when called upon, but she prefers relaxed ranch living to being front and center in the A-lister cities where we would expect such a major star to live. With three young kids, life in the spotlight can be tough, so this doting mom loves the tranquility of her off-the-beaten-path abode where she can raise her family as “normal” as possible. Living a life that is not always glitz and glam has got to be a breath of fresh air for this movie star. Her neighbors must think it’s pretty cool to have Roberts around the corner though!

13 Leonardo DiCaprio Digs The Desert

Actor Leo DiCaprio is as rich as it gets and as sought-after by studio execs as any top-notch A-lister, yet he does not feel the need to reside in LA as many do. He prefers living his life in the desert, making Palm Springs his home. Sure, this area is expensive and super fancy, but the laid-back vibe and lack of paparazzi presence makes it more desirable than the well-known hot spots like LA and NYC. Sure, the dapper DiCaprio loves to travel the globe and likely owns a number of residences throughout the country and beyond, but the picturesque Palm Springs is his fave spot to plant roots. We only wonder if his girlfriend-of-the-moment loves desert living as much as DiCaprio does. Well, if not, another one is in the wings anyhow!

12 Tom Hanks Gets Away From It All In Idaho

A-list actor Tom Hanks could live anywhere in the world, but he calls Ketchum, Idaho his home with his beautiful wife Rita Wilson. This majestic mountain town is full of the beauty of nature and is the polar opposite of the star-studded cities like Manhattan and Los Angeles. Hanks has other homes too, but this rustic remote get1away must be a breath of fresh air for the award-winning actor who has been in the biz for a very long time. Hanks loves to be personable and friendly to fans, but having a place nestled away from the paparazzi must feel wonderfully peaceful. Surely the home is breathtaking, but then again, Hanks is loaded. Hopefully his little secret won’t get out and paparazzi show up in Idaho. Unless they are there for the potatoes!

11 Meryl Streep Surrounds Herself With Water

Meryl Streep has been an A-list celeb for decades. She is one of the best actresses of our time and has been nominated for more awards than we can count. And she has won plenty too! With all her fame and fortune, we’d expect this shining star to live in the laps of luxury in LA or have a penthouse pad in NYC. But no, this laid-back gal lives a life of peace and quiet in the quaint town of Salisbury, CT. She lives in a waterfront estate with plenty of ponds, lakes, and foliage surrounding it. When Streep isn’t filming on location, she can relax and unwind where the paparazzi can’t find her. Who needs to be in the middle of such mayhem when you can be in peace and quiet in a lovely home made for a star who needs some solitude too?

10 Blake Lively And Ryan Reynolds Want That Martha-Stewart Living

The lovely actress Blake Lively and her hunk of a hubby, actor Ryan Reynolds live in Bedford, NY, which is about an hour and 30 minutes outside the hustle and bustle of NYC. The quiet, tree-lined town is known for its Martha-Stewart-like charm — in fact, she’s got a place there too! When you are a big star like Lively, the paparazzi is always ready to pounce, making Manhattan an irritating place to be if you are looking for some alone time and privacy. Plus, as Lively and Reynolds have been starting a family, Bedford seems to be more family-friendly than an apartment in the city. Although these two could surely afford a spacious one. Time to themselves is what makes Bedford a great choice for these lovebirds. No paparazzi, no problem!

9 Matthew McConaughey Is In It For The Food

Actor Matthew McConaughey is a true A-lister who makes tons of dough. He could live anywhere in the world that suited him, but this low-key guy doesn’t need the paparazzi to make him feel important. That’s why McConaughey calls New Orleans his home. Of course, there is plenty of action in this bustling city, but it seems to be fairly free of the paparazzi trying to snap every move a celeb makes. Yes, we’d love to see more pics of the hunky hottie, but he deserves some privacy. Perhaps he has a second place in LA to crash while he is busy filming, but when it comes time for family, this actor heads to New Orleans for great food, a nice place to live, and a fun environment to raise his kids with his beautiful wife.

8 John Mayer Is All About That Cool Life

Montana is the place singer and songwriter John Mayer calls home, even though you would think a city like LA or NYC would be the spots he would love to live it up in. While Mayer often makes himself the subject of Internet chatter and he loves to perform his award-winning tunes in front of a sold-out crowd, Mayer prefers a laid-back place to come home to, and Montana is just that. Sure, Mayer must travel the world to perform and record his music, but when it comes time to rest his head, Mayer’s pillow is on a cozy bed in the country. Montana isn’t for everyone, but Mayer finds it to be peaceful and paparazzi-free. LA may be the country’s hot spot, but Montana is cool, just like Mayer.

7 Eminem Heads Back To Where It All Started 

Rapper Eminem came from humble beginnings, to say the least, but he struck it rich when he became a famous rapper. His raw talent and undying drive made him the man he is today, yet he does not use his money for a home in the celeb-filled LA or NYC. This fella calls Rochester, Michigan his home. The Detroit suburb is a well-to-do area, but it is not known for its paparazzi presence, making it a nice place for a celeb to find some much-needed privacy for a change. Eminem stared off his rapping career in Detroit, so it only makes sense for him to want to get back to where it all began. His home may be much bigger and nicer now, but it is the sentiment that counts.

6 Nicole Kidman Follows The Music 

Actress Nicole Kidman is an A-list woman who is one of the most sought-after stars in Hollywood, but that does not mean she wants to live there. She and her country music-making hubby, Keith Urban, call Nashville their home sweet home. Nashville is the world’s country music hot spot, but it isn’t filled with the paparazzi like LA is. Surely, she has more than one home, but Nashville is the couple’s main place to hang up their hats, so to speak. Nashville is a great place to live, filled with lots to do and see, as well as some other celebs who live in town. The Australian-raised Kidman may have never dreamed she would grow up and live in America, let alone Nashville, but you never know where the road’s going to take you!

5 P. Diddy Found A Secret Spot In Miami

P. Diddy (or whatever he is calling himself these days) keeps things under the radar at his home in a place known as Star Island off the coast of Miami, FL. It may be filled with celebs, but the paparazzi is not bothering these stars as they live it up lavishly. P. Diddy is far from shy about being in public eye or the center of attention, but even he enjoys some time to himself where he is not being photographed 24/7. Miami is a celeb hot spot and plenty of paparazzi swarm the sunny area, but apparently Star Island is secluded enough to keep those photographers at bay. There are plenty of other celebs to snap anyhow, so perhaps that is why they let the Star Island dwellers live in peace.

4 Jamie Lynn Spears Prefers The Quiet Life

Britney Spears’ little sister, Jamie Lynn, is a semi-celeb herself, but she stayed out of the reach of the pesky paparazzi when she first got pregnant as a teen by keeping it low-key in rural Mississippi. She has since moved to Nashville, but that city is still a far cry from the paparazzi-lined streets that LA sees. While her big sis loves basking in the limelight as she works the stage in fast-paced Las Vegas during her residency there, Jamie Lynn is less of a showgirl and more of a simple-life lady. Of course, she is easily recognizable, but she will always live in the shadow of her older sis, for better or for worse. Plus, Nashville seems like a far better place to raise a family than the Las Vegas strip does!

3 Elijah Wood Loves That Texas Living

Elijah Wood is one of the best-known actors around, and his fame is only growing with each blockbuster film he stars in. But that does not mean that the film-focused fella wants to make his permanent home in Hollywood. Instead, Wood calls Austin, TX, his abode after selling is pricy Los Angeles pad for a place less paparazzi-populated. Lord of the Rings surely lined Wood’s wallet pretty nicely, so his place in Nashville must be divine, but at least he can step out the front door without cameras flashing like lightning bolts. Wood seems like a down-to-earth guy, so Nashville is probably more his speed. And his neighbors must love having an A-list actor next door, you know, in case they need to borrow a cup of sugar or something.

2 Brooke Shields Spends The Whole Year In The Hamptons 

Model and actress Brooke Shields has been in the biz since she was a wee one, so she knows a thing or two about life in the public eye. But after a while, all that paparazzi pestering must really get to a person. That is why the stunning Shields loves living in The Hamptons in Long Island, NY. Sure, there is a fairly large celeb scene there, but it is still relatively quaint and quiet compared to the big cities like LA or Manhattan. The country life paired with all the perks the rich and famous love are combined in The Hamptons, making it a perfect balance for those celebs who like a taste of fame but need their privacy too. She may get her photo snapped every so often, but it is nothing like the swarms of photographers who line the streets of the major star-studded cities.

1 Taylor Swift Throws The Best Beach Parties

Taylor Swift is one of the most famous females on the planet, so avoiding the throngs of paparazzi is nearly impossible. But the savvy Swift made a swift move by buying a beautiful home in Westerly, RI, a place nobody would ever think such a big star would call home. But this area is truly breathtaking, with gorgeous sandy beaches and amazing homes nestled right on the coast. Surely Swift purchased a place that is out of this world, but it is also out of reach from the pesky paparazzi always seeking a candid snapshot of this award-winning (and super-foxy) singer. While Swift makes her way to the big cities for shows and ceremonies, she can easily fly right back to Rhode Island for a peaceful retreat with her many cats in tow.

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