15 Celebs Who Have Spoiled Their Kids Rotten

We all know that spoiling children isn't a good thing. And just in case you're ever unsure, it's right there in the word: spoil which means, to go bad, to diminish or destroy the value or quality of. Who on earth would ever want to diminish or destroy the value or quality of their precious child? Celebrities, that's who!

Sure, they don't mean to actually diminish or destroy the value or quality of their children but with seemingly endless funds, it's kind of hard to resist buying one, two or twelve big ticket items for your kids. We all only get one childhood and though spoiling kids isn't a good thing to do, these famous people must think that providing their offspring with the opportunity to experience it all outweighs the risk of turning them into bratty kids who think that they are entitled to everything they set their eyes on by never saying "no" and giving them gifts so extravagant that they end up on listicles like these.

One thing we know for sure is that whether or not these particular children of their famous parents end up negatively affected due to being spoiled, they sure must be having the time of their lives right now.

15 An Estate Worth Twelve Million For Valentina's Birthday

Salma Hayek and French businessman hubby, François-Henri Pinault's daughter, Valentina seriously scored for her eighth birthday. Instead of a typical gift for a young child such as a toy, dollhouse or ride-on mini vehicle, her parents bought their little cherub an entire estate just for her in Los Angeles worth a whopping twelve million.

We're told that the taxes on the estate alone are worth fifty thousand.

This seems excessive considering that the little girl can't live there alone yet. Any thoughts on AirBNB, Valentina? Can you imagine the bank account that would be waiting for her when she turned eighteen if she rented out her lavish mansion? But then again with a billionaire father and successful actress for a mother, we're sure no one is too worried about finances in this family.

14 A Museum-Worthy Wardrobe For Lourdes

You might think that an expensive wardrobe is barely anything when you're a celebrity kid, but when you factor in that Lourdes Ciccone Leon inherited her famous mother, Madonna's widely known and sought after stage outfits, it makes sense that this is a special kind of collection of threads.

Besides all of those priceless little numbers stowed away in Lourdes' closet, the 21-year-old has enjoyed multiple trips to luxury spa days with her friends for birthday treats, and one trip lasted six hours! But for Madonna's daughter, that's just another lovely day. Do you think that Lourdes breaks out her mother's famous stage outfits anytime she needs something to wear for a costume party? We certainly wouldn't blame her if she did. Who could resist wearing a piece of pop culture history to a party?

13 An Entire Wing To Welcome Max And Emme To The World

Just for starters, Marc Anthony and J. Lo decided to give their twins an entire wing of their (once shared) home to their twins...before they were even born! Max and Emme also had diamond-encrusted rattles (pretty but impractical much?), 600 thread count Egyptian cotton crib sheets and two Shetland ponies awaiting them as soon as they were born.

Now that the twins are ten (wow!), they have been gifted such luxury items as $2,400 in Chanel accessories for Emme, just for example. JLo loves to post pics of her pair of matching kiddos on her social media accounts and it appears that though the twins are spoiled in materials, their famous mama is trying to raise them to be as down to earth as is possible.

12 A Diamond-Encrusted Doll For Blue Ivy

Only the best for Jay-Z and Beyonce's baby Blue and Barbies are no exception. So when it came to shop for the world's most famous blonde doll,  they had no problem going over the top.

The musical pair dropped $80,000 on a custom diamond-encrusted Barbie doll for their little bundle of joy.

Can you imagine a toddler losing that doll on a playdate? Ouch. But Blue's parents probably wouldn't sweat it considering that they were also able to afford such luxuries for their daughter such as a $3,500 Lucite crib and a bathtub decked out in Swarovski crystals. Do you think that Blue will allow her little sis, Rumi play with her blinged out Barbie when she gets older or take a bath in her crystal bathtub? We think she would share but who knows, maybe Mom and Dad have already bought the twins their very own crystal tubs, too.

11 $30,000 Cribs For Moroccan And Monroe

When Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey's twins were born (to a live version of one of her recordings so that they would be welcomed into the world to the sound of applause, no less) they slept in cribs that cost more than the total cost of most people's vehicles.

"I wanted to create a beautiful, tranquil, cozy environment for the babies," Carey said of her decorating plan for her twin babes.

We're sure that Roc and Roe slept like the babies they were in their lux cribs. Pretty swanky for a bed that you'll only need for a very short time. Now that the twins are older, they enjoy the many splendours that fill their lives such as multiple trips to Disneyland with their mother who's a bit obsessed with the "Happiest Place On Earth." Nothing wrong with that!

10 A Custom Skate Park For Shiloh

For Shiloh's eighth birthday, her parents embraced her edginess and not only got her graffiti lessons and skateboard lessons but commissioned a team to build a huge custom skate park in her very own backyard. No public skate parks for this kid!

Now, Shiloh and all of her siblings can skate whenever they want, even past dark. We have to wonder what Shiloh did with those graffiti lessons. Did Brad and Angie also have a freeway underpass built in their backyard so that Shiloh can practice vandalizing it? Don't think that the other kids get left out. Angelina was recently photographed taking Pax and Zahara on a shopping spree and stepfather, Brad Pitt has purchased gifts such as a Suzuki Motorbike for Maddox's birthday. Each young member of the Jolie-Pitt clan surely seem to be experiencing a childhood full of excitement.

9 An Entire Apartment For Baby Zachary

Elton John and David Furnish's son, Zachary received his very own flat as a gift as a "welcome to the world" present. Pretty sweet way to enter your first day of life, with a home already paid for! Now that there's little brother, Elijah, who just turned 5, to share in the family fortune, Zachary, now 7, they will have to split their famous parents' fortune.

Elton John has made it clear that his fortune of over $200 million, will not all be left to his children because he does not want an excess of money to "ruin their lives."

There are several celebrities and famous wealthy people in the world who share Elton John's view on this and have decided on the same thing; that to trust their children with their millions would not be the smartest idea.

8 Private Concerts For Sasha And Malia

Back when the Obamas ran the White House, Malia and Sasha, like many girls their age at the time, were really into The Jonas Brothers, Glee and High School Musical. So The Jonas Brothers, the cast of Glee and the cast of High School Musical all trekked out to Washington, D.C. to give a private performance at the White House for Malia and Sasha.

While girls their age were driving their parents crazy in minivans for hours driving to see the latest concert, the former first daughters sat back and enjoyed their favorite musical acts that came to them in the comfort of their own home. But let's not pretend that the Jo Bros, Lea Michele, Zac Efron and company didn't have a blast performing in the White House and likely enjoyed their time spent there just as much as Malia and Sasha did. Come on, it's the White House! Who wouldn't want to perform there?

7 An Island For Shayla

Close your eyes for a second and imagine the best place to open gifts on Christmas. Got it? If you pictured your very own island that was one of your gifts, you're thinking like Tyrese who bought his daughter, Shayla her very own island for Christmas.

Tyrese said that the island is named "Love Island."

We are not clear on whether or not Tyrese named the island, if his daughter named it, or if it was already named that, but either way, it is definitely super sweet. What parent wouldn't want to give an island of love to their child? We can't help but wonder what kind of plans Shayla has for her very own island. Birthday party on the island? Celebrating next Christmas on the island? Decorating the island? Check, check and check again. Those all sound like pretty cool ideas to us.

6 An Elaborate Playhouse For Suri

One of the sweetest little houses in Hollywood was never even on the real estate market! Suri Cruise received her very own two-story "play" house as a gift from her mother, Katie Holmes. "Play" is in quotes because come on, this is no play house. This is a tiny house that was made before tiny houses were popular. It's tricked out with running water, electricity, carpeting, hardwood flooring and working windows. Suri can invite plenty of buddies over to have fun slumber parties in her very own home with all of the amenities that she is used to in her mom's larger scale home.

Dad Tom Cruise has also splurged on his daughter by shelling out a cool $7 million for a private jet so that little Suri could travel across the globe to spend some time with her famous papa.

5 A Custom Sailboat Nursery And Only The Finest Toys For Max

Christina Aguilera wanted nothing but the best for her baby, Max when she was expecting. So when ex-husband Jordan Bratman came home with a truckload of toys from Babies 'R Us, things didn't go well.

Christina tossed all the toys out and proclaimed that her baby would only play with toys that came from boutique shops.

Her sailboat-themed nursery featured a giant crescent moon man, custom wall murals and a circular crib that cost a few thousand dollars. Max's nursery was over six hundred square feet which is an extremely large space considering that at the time, baby Max wasn't even able to walk a single step of the space. We can't help but wonder if Jordan understood why his wife tossed the store-bought toys out or if he thought she was completely ridiculous for doing so.

4 A $14,000 Andy Warhol Painting For Louis

Sandra Bullock's adopted son, Louis received an Andy Warhol painting that cost $14,000 as a gift. There is some discrepancy in reports on whether Sandra bought the painting herself or if her agents bought the expensive artwork for the little boy but either way, young Louis started his art collection very early in life.

Maybe this expensive gift that no baby or young child could appreciate will inspire a desire to collect art later in Louis' life or maybe it will just hang on a wall in his room. Either way, it was very considerate of either Sandra or her agents to give a gift that will continue to hold value over the years and certainly, Louis will appreciate the thought in the extravagant gift that was presented to him when he was just a tiny baby.

3 A Fantasy Treehouse For Brooklyn And Siblings

Victoria Beckham decided to purchase a $50,000 tree house, a Neiman Marcus Fantasy Gift, for her three sons. The Neiman Marcus Fantasy Gift Collection has many unique and unusual gifts such as a personalized headboard featuring a zebra and Fornasetti scented candles.

Beckham decided to present her son, Brooklyn with a "tree-tent" from that collection.

The tree-tent was created by a Dutch designer and has a nine-foot-diameter hardwood floor and round mattress. It can hold two adults so David and Victoria would be able to hide out in the pod-shaped treehouse if they ever needed a brief escape from parenthood, but it's likely that all four of their children have crammed into the space to have a futuristic experience. Let's just hope that none of the kids are claustrophobic.

2 A Posh Birthday Bash For Kingston

Kingston, the first child of Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale, had a pretty good birthday. His parents thought nothing of dropping over $15 grand on a birthday party, which by the way, he won't even be able to remember. Reportedly, the party included candy machines galore and balloon artists to entertain over 100 guests.

Today, things have changed...the kids are older and Stefani has a new man in her life, Blake Shelton, but birthdays are still an extravagant celebration for this family. A couple of years ago, Shelton helped Stefani make Kingston's tenth birthday extra special by taking all of the brothers on a dune buggy camping weekend with the cherry on the top being a helicopter ride to the Firestone Legends Day concert at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

1 A Pony, Pink Golf Cart, MacBook And More For Sophia

“On her wish list was a jacuzzi, golf cart, her Apple computer that she wanted, and a miniature horse," reality star Farrah Abraham bragged about her daughter's Christmas wish list.

"So it’s been a lot to prep for each gift. As a mom, I checked off all of that and some stuff from her store.”

Yes, her store. In case you're not a fan of MTV's Teen Mom, we'll inform you that Farrah built a business for her daughter. It's a child's boutique called "Sophia Laurent" and features photos of who else but Sophia decorating every nook and cranny of the building which is in the same shopping center as Farrah's other stores; a frozen yogurt shop and a furniture store. Looks like it pays pretty well to be an unwed teenage mother.

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