15 Celebs Who Got Kicked Out Of Their Mansions Because They Couldn't Afford Them

It seems like there is something about making a lot of money when you didn't have a whole lot before that makes you do really dumb things. There have been numerous celebrities that fall into this category. First, they're just average people and no one really knows anything about them, then they become famous and with fame comes a lot of money. Then they go around spending their money on all sort of things and acting like the money will never run out. One of the things that they tend to spend all sorts of money on are homes, or it might be more accurate to say mansions. These celebrities spent tons of money on the biggest mansions possible, mostly just because they can and want to act like big shots.

But what happens when these celebrities buy a bigger house than they can't afford? You might not think that it happens very often, but if you were to think that, you would be totally wrong. Celebrities are always buying big and expensive places they can't afford, and often, they are so deluded about the whole thing that rather move into something smaller, they wait until they get kicked out by their landlord or the bank.

Here are 15 Celebs Who Got Kicked Out of Their Mansions Because They Couldn't Afford Them.

15 Stephen Baldwin Owed Money To The Taxman

The Baldwin brothers are one of the most famous sets of brothers that have ever taken on Hollywood, but Stephen has never been accused of being the most handsome, the most talented, the richest, or even the most messed-up of all of them. In reality, he is just kind of there. His house ended up being taken by the bank because he owed a $1 million in back taxes. I still don't see how these celebrities let things go as far as they do. Would it really be that big of a deal to pick up the phone and call the IRS and tell them you are a little broke before things get totally out of control? I guess when you're a celebrity, not to mention a Baldwin, you just think you don't have to worry about such things.

14 Kate Gosselin Went Too Big

Kate Gosselin originally came to fame because of the reality TV show Jon & Kate Plus 8. At one point, she managed to parlay her fame into a whole lot of money, part of which she spent on a huge mansion, big enough for her 8 kids to stay in, plus maybe 5o more, as long as they were small and didn't mind sharing a bed. The thing is, though, a lot of these reality stars think they will be famous forever, when the reality is, in a few years, no one will probably remember them and they will be broke as a joke. It didn't take too long before Kate was unable to pay for her home and she lost it to foreclosure.

13 Kim Basinger Was Taken To Court

At one point, Kim Basinger was one of the biggest stars in all of Hollywood and she agreed to star in the movie "Boxing Helena," which got the makers of the movie all sorts of press, and therefore all sorts of money. All would have been fine, except for the fact that Kim decided that the movie seemed totally awful and she didn't want to star in it anymore, therefore totally screwing over the producer of the movie, who then decided to sue Kim since she messed them over and all. Because of the lawsuit, she ended up having to file for bankruptcy, which meant she could no longer afford to pay for her Georgia mansion. She ended up losing the house. Maybe she should have just done the movie.

12 Mike Tyson Lost The House When He Was In Prison

If there is one celebrity that you might have thought would be on this list, it would have to be Mike Tyson. This dude was simply not made to have a lot of money. For one thing, he went to prison for assault, and for another, he has a freaky tattoo on his face. What else do you need to know? The house, which Tyson lost when he went to prison, was on 17 acres, had 21 bedrooms and 25 bathrooms, and was divided into three living areas, each with a full kitchen, living room, and dining room. It even had a nightclub, which makes sense since everyone in the house must have had to meet there since it seems they were all living in different areas  What an odd dude, to say the least.

11 Willie Nelson Lost His Business 

Willie Nelson is yet another celebrity who was very rich but still wound up having money problems. I simply don't get it. How can these people keep messing up so badly? I can pretty much guarantee that if you gave me millions of dollars, I would not spend all of it. I really wouldn't. His famous truck stop was called "Willie Nelson's Place" but it was foreclosed on and sold for over $6 million mostly because Willie has had numerous issues with the IRS and has filed for bankruptcy in the past. I guess he should have picked a different name that wasn't so embarrassing when he lost it.

10 Michael Vick Got Busted

There are certain celebrities that lost their homes that it is okay to be openly happy about, and maybe even laugh in their faces, if you get the chance. One of these is football player Michael Vick, who lost his huge mansion after being busted for dogfighting. He sold his huge mansions for about 20 percent less than he paid for it, was dumped by companies like Nike that had contracts with him, and also lost his $135 million contract. While you might feel a little bit bad for most of these people, it is pretty much impossible to feel bad for Michael Vick — if you mess with poor defenceless dogs, then you get what is coming to you, and he did for sure. No more mansion for you!

9 R Kelly Stopped Paying

R Kelly lost his Chicago mansion to foreclosure after he had missed around a year's worth of mortgage payments and he still owed around $3 million. This is another thing I don't get about rich people — let's say you are poor and your rent is like $1,000 a month and then let's say you don't pay your rent for a month, you know that you are just sitting there totally freaking out because you're late on your rent and you feel awful about yourself. Now here we have R Kelly, who is obviously totally loaded, who lives in a house that is worth millions of dollars and just doesn't pay rent for a year. It must be nice to be that loaded, although it probably isn't nice to be that clueless.

8 Allen Iverson Just Didn't Pay His Mortgage

There are a few things that Allen Iverson doesn't like, one of them is practice, and another one apparently is paying his mortgage. His huge mansion in Atlanta ended up being lost to foreclosure recently. Here is something that I don't understand — we already know that Allen Iverson is loaded because he is a great basketball player, and yet, he lost his house. Does a guy that has as much money as he does even care when he loses a house to foreclosure? Or is he just like "Ehh, I guess I will move into one of my other 9 houses now." We act like these guys are all so bummed out, but a lot of them probably could care less.

7 Tamra Barney Is A Broke Housewife 

Tamra is one of the most popular members of the cast of The Real Housewives of Orange County, and she is definitely one of the loudest and obnoxious, although, there is quite a competition for that title on that show. She had a house worth over $1 million, at least until her husband divorced her, leaving her totally alone and broke. No wonder she went running to Eddie and works so hard to make a living from the show. It is all she has! At least she didn't wind up hanging out with some total conman like Brooks who was dating Tamra's Real Housewives cast mate Vicki. That guy is a real loser.

6 Burt Reynolds Had A Messy Divorce

There was a time when Burt Reynolds was one of the biggest stars in Hollywood — he was the charming star of dozens of blockbuster movies such as Smokey and the Bandit, and the type of guy that all sorts of guys wanted to be like, and all sorts of women wanted to be with. Those days are long gone, and apparently, so is a lot of his money. His Hobe Sound mansion in Florida went into foreclosure after he had to file bankruptcy after a messy divorce with Loni Anderson. These stars just kill me, they are having good times and they think that they are literally going to last forever, but they never do. Good times and endless money always end sometimes, unless one is smart about their money.

5 Evander Holyfield Had To Pay Child Support

Evander Holyfield is one of the best boxers of all time and he got paid like one too, which is probably why he ended up with one of most ridiculously extravagant mansions of all time. At 50,00o-square feet, it would have fit a pretty big family, but sadly for Evander, his family is filled with his illegitimate children, he has at least 11, but who knows how many he really has? The child support payments meant that Evander had a hard time keeping up on the payments for this massive home, meaning he had to sell it. Hip-hop artist Rick Ross ended up getting this place on the cheap. Oh Evander, by the way, next time maybe pay your child support before you buy a huge mansion.

4 Nicholas Cage Lost More Than One House

Somehow, it isn't all that surprising that Nic Cage is on this list. He just doesn't seem like the type of guy who has it all together somehow. He has lost all sorts of homes to foreclosure because of his awful financial management. He lost one house in Bel Air, California that once belonged to Dean Martin and Tom Jones. He also lost his 14,300-square-foot Las Vegas home that he bought for $8.5 million. It had a 16-car garage, a theatre, and an elevator. He also lost his two New Orleans homes, that were worth around $7 million. All of these were lost to foreclosure. Nick, come on man, get it together.

3 Wesley Snipes Didn't Pay His Taxes

In the history of all the celebrities out there, not many have been bigger boneheads when it comes to money than Wesley Snipes. At one point he was one of the biggest stars in the world, but then he went to prison for a number of years for tax evasion. He also lost his Florida mansion to foreclosure. I don't get people like this, they have everything going for them, and they still have to mess it all up. Hey, Wesley, here is a pro tip for you, it would be way cooler to be living in a ranch house and pay all your taxes than to live in a huge mansion and not pay them. Unfortunately, it seems there was no one around to give him that information when it mattered most.

2 Kristen Bell Lost Her House To The Bank

We all know just how adorable Kristen Bell is, she and Dax Shepard are the cutest celebrity couple. The only thing that isn't all that cute about her is that she once had a $3 million California mansion that was taken by the bank and sold for only around $2 million. She refused to comment on what happened so details are kind of sketchy, but I would say that it is pretty obvious that good old Kristen bought a house she couldn't afford. What is up with some of these people? No one is impressed by your big houses. Okay, I take that back, all sorts of people are impressed, but that doesn't mean you have to mess things up!

1 Rihanna Got A Bad Deal

Rihanna is one of the biggest stars around, so it is a bit surprising that she would have been kicked out of her home, but you know, things happen, and if you don't believe me, you can just ask her. She actually put her house up for sale for less than paid — more than $2 million less — because she said the house was in "shoddy condition" when she bought it. This came to light because the mansion had an issue with flooding that caused "extensive damage." She ended up having to sue her real estate agent. While most of these huge stars made this list because of bad spending habits and dumb decisions, Rihanna made it because of some good old-fashioned bad luck.

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