15 Celebs Who Are Such Slobs, Not Even A Cleaning Crew Can Help Them

There are slobs all over the world, but we always have bigger expectations when it comes to a celebrity. They are supposed to be rich and glamorous and the last thing that we would expect is that they live like slobs. For one thing, celebrities can hire housekeepers and maids, so it’s a bizarre thought indeed when we see them posting Instagram pictures that have unreal things going on in the background. For one thing, you think you would look at your surroundings before you took a picture that you are going to share with millions of followers.

Having said that, for the everyday folk, when we see mega-wealthy celebrities living in a pigsty, it really puzzles us. Seriously, they could have around-the-clock care and it wouldn’t make a dent in their fortune. Maybe these celebrities don’t hire help because they don’t want their personal lives to be the next Hollywood gossip leaked by a staff member.

Many people dream of being rich and famous because they never want to have to do the dishes again or fold laundry and yet, these celebrities are really embarrassing themselves in public photos. What’s even funnier is seeing the photos they post when they are dressed in glamorous outfits with their hair and makeup done and yet, it looks like a bomb went off in the background. These celebrities are dirty and they don’t seem to care who knows about it. Check out there 15 celebs who are such slobs, not even a cleaning crew can help them.

15 Kim Kardashian’s Disaster Of A Closet

Between her and Kanye, these two have bags of money and plenty of staff and yet, her closet looks like this. But from what we hear, when she does this to her closet, she typically tends to walk away and leave it for her assistant or other staff members to clean up. When Keeping With The Kardashians first aired, before Kim was really famous, there was a scene where her mother came home and found the house a mess.

She went on to tell her daughter that no man would be interested in a woman who was a slob.

We guess she sure proved her mother wrong on that one. This photo was taken in her closet as she was trying to determine what to wear. Shockingly, this photo received over a million likes.

14 GAZ Beadie Lives Like a Pig

If you are a fan of the MTV reality show Geordie Shore, which is obviously a spinoff show from Jersey Shore, then you probably have seen these things. It’s always surprising to us that people love watching these shows.

Gaz Beadle posted some snaps one time of the living conditions in the house that the cast was staying in and to say it was repulsive is the understatement of the year.

The pictures showed not only a huge mess all over the house, but stains on the carpets and bedding. There was clothing thrown all over the place and we couldn’t count how many beer bottles there were lying around. It was worse than a frat house and we have to wonder how people are just okay living in their own filth. Sometimes, money doesn’t buy you any class.

13 Britney Spears Has No Organizational Skills

How does this pop star get any work done with all that mess? Britney Spears is definitely one celebrity that has questionable hygiene issues. She was after all the one that walked barefoot into a public restroom. It turns out her home isn’t exactly the cleanest area either. Seriously, why would you not hire a housekeeper to take care of that room? She has certainly been in the tabloids many times for her cleanliness and you think she would have learned her lesson by now.

She does have staff working for her but apparently, they can’t keep up with the mess.

She is known to be someone who eats in bed, so crumbs in the sheets is a constant struggle. Imagine rolling over a chocolate chip cookie!

12 Chloe Khan Doesn’t Like To Make Her Bed

Well, welcome to half the population—  many successful people will claim that making your bed is just one of the steps to having a successful business and life. But that theory doesn’t really explain any of the celebrities on this list.

They are wealthy and famous and making their bed is the least of their worries.

When it comes to the life of Chloe Khan, she is all for showing off her new outfit as well as an unmade bed and random articles all over her floor. She seems to be one of the less offensive celebrities with a messy home, though. But it still makes us wonder why they don’t put their room together before taking a picture. Maybe they are so used to the mess by now that it doesn’t occur to them that anything is wrong.

11 Lindsay Lohan Needs To Do Some Laundry

Lindsay Lohan has been in the media plenty of times over the years. It's usually in regard to her erratic behavior or her mess of a life. She used to be in the news regularly for DUIs, flipping off whatever judge she appeared in front of at the time. She still pops up in the media every now and then, trying to revive her acting career. She is yet another celebrity that likes to show off a messy home in a thought-out Instagram post.

There is a lot of clutter in the room and judging by the clothes literally falling off the washing machine, it might be time for Lohan to do some laundry.

We have to wonder if Lohan is ever going to get her life together as well as her home.

10 Johnny Depp Really Lives Like A Pirate

These days, maybe Johnny Depp is more like his character Jack Sparrow then he is the dreamboat Hollywood actor we think he is. He’s never been a conventional actor, not even close. This guy can get any girl that he wants, he’s proven that over the years. It’s a little surprising, though, considering he has questionable hygiene. His home is apparently disgusting and he treats his body the same way.

He will go days without changing his clothes and enjoys the smell of his own musk.

Sources have claimed that he has even gone a few weeks in the same outfit and we have to feel sorry for whoever does his laundry. He may have a beautiful face and body, but he doesn’t like washing it very often. But that doesn’t stop women from chasing after him and his dirty mansion.

9 Lauren Goodger Tried To Distract Us

When it comes to posting steamy selfies, these celebrities have to start looking at their rooms before they start snapping photos of themselves in the mirror. We’re sure that Lauren Goodger was hoping that her steamy Instagram pic would distract us from the mess in the background, but unfortunately, it did not. The room is filled with plugs, random bags, and clothes everywhere. It looks like she went on a shopping trip and just threw things anywhere. We’re not sure if these celebrities realize that they are living in their own filth or if they just don’t care. We are betting it’s the latter — it just happens way too often.

8 Vicky Pattison Has Too Many Clothes

Vicky Pattison is a TV and media personality so you think that she would know better, but she doesn’t. For someone in her industry, she must know that appearances are everything. Pattison has multiple posts on social media that show off her less-than-stellar living conditions. This looks to be her closet and really, there are no words for what we see in this small space.

Is anything on the hangers or does she just pick her outfit from whatever she finds on the floor?

It’s not a good day for the housekeeper that’s for sure. We have seen multiple pictures just like this one that prove that Pattison is more concerned about her ab game than her cleanliness game. Well, at least she has a nice body, we can give her that much.

7 Miley Cyrus Is Living The Slob Life

Miley Cyrus is another celebrity that posted a photo on Instagram of her gross home. She’s obviously showing off her swag without taking into account that her room looks like hell. Seriously, what is that on the floor in the middle of all those clothes? With all her money and fame, you think that she could at least clean her floor. It’s a wonder that there are people out there that actually live like this.

We don’t really care how these celebrities choose to live, but what boggles our minds is that they will post it on their social media without a care in the world.

It’s like they are asking to be trolled. Great outfit Cyrus but we just watched a cockroach run away with your tank top. Am I right?

6 Kristen Stewart Has A Bad Habit 

One thing that is evident in most of Kristen Stewart's pictures, aside from the fact that she never smiles, is that she usually always has a cigarette in her hand. It’s not just the permanent scowl that she has that annoys people, it’s the fact that she’s a chain smoker. Most people who smoke won’t do it inside their home because it stinks the place up and devalues the home, but Stewart doesn’t care one bit.

We can’t even begin to imagine the smell, never mind the look of her disgusting home.

Not only does she smoke like a chimney, but she leaves butts all over her home. She has claimed that cigarette butts have been thrown in plants, showers, and shockingly enough, the refrigerator isn’t even safe. Why does she do this?

5 Octomom And Her Messy Home

If anyone has an excuse for a messy home, it has to be the person with eight small children. To be honest, we’re not even sure how she keeps up; we can only pray that she does have a full-time housekeeper. Nadia Suleman has been in the media multiple times, not only because she has eight children, but because many people don’t believe she knows how to be a mother. If her home is a filthy mess, that’s kind of expected — the bathroom alone must be a small piece of hell.

A messy home is one thing, but when you have dirty diapers all over the home, then that becomes a health issue.

It’s gotten out of hand over the years, which has caused social service to get involved on more than one occasion. On these occasions, her home has been considered to be a filthy pigsty.

4 Kate Hudson Has A Lot Of Shoes

Kate Hudson loves posting photos on Instagram about her healthy lifestyle. She is, of course, the owner of the workout clothing line Fabletics. Not only do we see her marketing her own clothing, but she lives an overall healthy lifestyle as well. We often see her posting pictures of her juice concoctions that she makes in the kitchen as well as her abs. In this case, we get a foxy snap of her abs, but we also see her messy home in the background. We would have to assume that this is her shoe closet judging by all the sneakers in the room, but we would be wrong. That is her living room and we wonder why she never puts away her shoes. A workout girl needs plenty of running shoes, but there's no need to just throw them around.

3 Jessica Simpson Is A Pop Princess

We've gotten glimpses of Jessica Simpson's messy lifestyle from her reality TV show, but apparently it's worse than we imagined. A former employee of the singer and entrepreneur said that Simpson has a habit of leaving her hair extensions all over the house which is super gross.

“It looks like an animal has been shedding all over her house.”

Housekeepers practically have to follow her around to keep up after her messes. One housekeeper claimed she almost died when she thought she saw a giant spider behind the toilet. Armed with bug spray, she realized it was only a clump of Simpson’s fake eyelashes. Seriously, it’s gross.

2 Beyoncé’s Parents Never Taught Her To Clean Her Room

Beyoncé always comes across as a polished individual. When we see her out, she always has the best clothing and her hair and makeup are perfection. But things are a little different when it comes to her home, and judging by her bedroom, we can just imagine what the rest of the mansion looks like. She's said in interviews that she likes to rebel against perfection when she is at home. She knows she is a slob and she doesn’t care what anyone thinks of it.

She's said that Jay-Z hates the fact that she can’t keep a clean home but it makes us wonder why the billionaires don’t have live-in maids.

Her husband is a clean freak which makes it understandable why he gets frustrated with his beautiful bride. Maybe they should start to employ some full-time help.

1 Robert Pattinson Is Questionable At Best

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart may have been soulmates considering the way they both keep their homes. Living like animals is clearly the name of the game for these two. Pattinson doesn’t have time for cleanliness and he doesn’t care about cleaning up his apartment. We get it Pattinson, but that’s why there are maids that can do it for you. It’s not even just his home, either.

Sometimes, he doesn’t bother to shower and some of his cast mates have complained that he smelled so bad, they didn’t want to be near him.

The criticism doesn’t seem to bother the actor one bit since he hasn’t changed his poor hygiene habits. During an interview with Extra, Pattinson stated that he hadn’t washed his hair in over a month. Now we know how he keeps his hair sticking upright.


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