15 Celeb Children Who Spend Their Parent's Money In Ridiculous Ways

The lifestyles of the rich and famous have always been extravagant and lavish and so totally excessive that it makes average people angry or envious (or both). But, things have changed in the last decade or so. Fans have become more engaged in celebrity lifestyles than ever before. This is the age of Celebrity Tourism. Social media has given fans access to the lives of celebrities in a much more intimate way. Celebrities can essentially take fans with them everywhere they go. And, since living vicariously through the rich and famous is one of the most popular experiences you can have on social media, this is a huge industry. Now that we have increased access to these rich celebrities, we see how they truly live and, trust us, these lives are ridiculous.

But, many of the most popular social media stars aren’t actually celebrities because of their own doing. Many simply have a famous name. They were born into celebrity. Now, before we get into the nitty-gritty of the list, we should clarify that many of the young people on this list have started making their own money. While a large portion of the population may begrudge the blessings that these celebrity kids have had in their lives, it is still commendable that these kids were able to successfully leverage their advantageous situations and turn them into money-making ventures. Some have become models, some actors, some make money from social media, and many are even laying down the foundation for the future. Sure, we may be envious of their spending habits or their lives of luxury. Hell, we may even mock them for it. But, we still have to applaud their ingenuity. Here are 15 Celebrity Children Who Are Spending Their Parent’s Money in Ridiculous Ways.

15 Lily-Rose Depp - The Kardashians' Couch

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We'll be fair to Lily-Rose Depp here. She seems like a really great young person. The 18-year-old does her own thing, acting and carving out a life of her own out from under her dad's massive shadow. But, we still have to raise our eyebrows about at least one purchase. It wasn't even Lily-Rose buying it herself, but it was too stupid to ignore. This was a gift given to her by her father, Johnny. This gift that we're so bothered by was the couch from Keeping Up With the Kardashians, if only because

Depp paid $7,000 for it.

But, before anyone starts justifying this as some priceless collectible, this is reality TV we're talking about here. In other words, this wasn't some set piece from a studio. It was the Kardashians' couch. It doesn't matter how popular the show was, this is someone's family couch. To make matters worse, after it was purchased, the couch was put into storage and that was the end of it.

14 Justin Combs - A Maybach

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This one is another present so we're blaming the child for the father's purchase again. Still, when it came time for Justin Combs' birthday, like many celebrity kids, he was gifted with a stupidly expensive first car. In most of these cases, the car is some fancy ride that the young kid can show off a bit, but P. Diddy's kid, Justin, got something on another level altogether. For his 16th,

daddy gifted him a Maybach. This silver beauty costs about $360,000.

What's so incredible about this car purchase is that it makes no sense. Why buy something so luxurious when you just know the kid is going to scratch it up? Perhaps he got a driver with the car. If you know anything about Justin Combs, you may have heard the story that he was called out by his college teammates and coach for missing a game to sit courtside at a basketball game with his dad. With that in mind, we have to wonder what they thought of his Maybach.

13 E.J. Johnson - Private Jets, Yachts, Insane Diamond Necklaces And Purses

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E.J. Johnson is the son of legendary basketball star Magic Johnson. After being outed in 2013, E.J. has used his celebrity and his image to help push along a gender and sexuality movement with his power on social media. But that's not what we're here to discuss. E.J. first made a name for himself on #Rich Kids of Beverly Hills. He then took that early fame and ran with it, getting his own spin-off and turning himself into somewhat of a fashion celebrity. But there have been plenty of times when we roll our eyes at the life of luxury that Johnson has endured. Private jets, yachts, insane diamond necklaces just because. Even though E.J. has made his own money now,

we still have to question buying a purse worth more than $100,000.

He is worth a couple million on his own, but there's no way that his personal wallet can support this lifestyle, can it?

12 Koraun Mayweather - Several Cars (Over $100,000)

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Koraun Mayweather is the oldest child of boxing great Floyd Mayweather. The young teenager has a popular Instagram in which followers get to see all the cars and gifts Koraun gets from poppa bear,

including several cars that are each well over $100,000.

The kid has pictures with so many different cars that we're not totally sure which ones he owns and which ones are his dad's, but we're willing to bet that they're all his. Since Floyd is worth almost $1 billion, he could afford to give his son enough money to allow him to spend a few million on cars without breaking the bank.

11 Barron Hilton - $5 Million In Damages

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We could have included plenty of different examples of Barron Hilton, the younger brother of Paris, living his life ridiculously lavishly, but we would be crazy not to discuss his most reckless of days. This also happened to be his most expensive moment, but the only thing he got out of it was that he didn't go to jail. You may remember this story. It was 2008, and Barron was arrested for driving under the influence. The then-18-year-old didn't just drive drunk, though. He drove drunk into another human being at a gas station. At 6:30 am, two hours before he was discovered drunk by police, Barron ran over a gas station clerk who was badly injured in the accident. After the man sued the Hilton son, Barron was ordered to pay nearly $5 million in damages. His parents, of course, paid the fine.

10 Robert Cavalli - Trips (Everywhere)

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Robert Cavalli is the youngest son of Roberto Cavalli, the insanely rich fashion designer. Whereas his father is worth half a billion dollars and always working to improve upon his empire, Robert gained his fame as one of the so-called "Rich Kids of Instagram," who show off their crazy life to their Instagram followers. But unlike some of the entries on this list, Cavalli seems to have no chill when it comes to vacationing.

Every photo on his Instagram seems to be him with friends at some luxury hotel or visiting some exotic locale.

What is he vacationing from? While he has grown up some since his earlier days on social media, there still seems to be little time for work when you're away on a trip somewhere sipping the finest champagne all day every day.

9 Cazzie David - Beach Days

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The eldest daughter of comedian and showrunner Larry David is talented and seems incredibly loving toward her family, but she also lives a high life that fans on Instagram have taken to. Although she has slowed down on the extravagance lately, the young woman has plenty of photos in her library of her drinking fine champagnes and wines on private beaches or poolside. While she is making her own money now, she still lives with her father and certainly lived it up for much of that time. Listen, we don’t want to make it seem like she's doing something wrong, but this is a piece about spending celebrity parents' money, and Cazzie David fits that description.

8 Sofia Richie - Private Everything

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After all the drama that Lionel Richie put up with his one daughter, Nicole, you would think he would be prepared to stop it from happening with his other daughter, Sofia. But, news flash, he hasn’t. It must be hard to watch another child rip through his fortune. Now, Sofia is a model and likely makes boatloads of money on social media these days, but that wasn't always the case. This is a young woman who lived lavishly and documented it all on social media.

Boats, helicopters, private jets, vacations around the world, expensive clothing and cars—Sofia has lived a lot of really amazing experiences in a short period of time.

But she grew up wildly rich and watched her sister nearly go crazy, but look at what Nicole turned out to become. She's doing great now, and there was time when not many people saw that coming. So, we expect Sofia to grow into an exceptional human if she hasn't already.

7 Reginae Carter - $500,000 Party (Plus 2 Cars)

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When Lil Wayne's daughter appeared on My Super Sweet 16, you just knew it was going to be silly. This show focuses on the richest of rich kids being showered in gifts, but it's not all the parents' doing. In this episode with Reginae Carter, we learn that the party was all her idea.

When mom complained about the $500K price tag on the event, Reginae claimed there was no budget.

That seems to be true. After the party, Reginae was gifted two cars, one from each parent. From her dad, Reginae was given a Red BMW SUV and from mom, she was given a black Ferarri GTO. This was all in addition to a stupidly-overdone party, a Rolex shopping spree, and diamond-encrusted clothing.

6 Brandon Lee - Show-Off Lifestyle

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Brandon Lee is the son of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee. His modeling has taken off and surely enabled him to experience a great many things on his own dime, but he has the odd photo of him wasting money too—like bathing in expensive champagne. Then,

there are countless shots of him taking private planes and vacationing in the most luxurious places.

Once again, we don't think these young and rich people should feel ashamed of spending their parents' wealth, but we have to at least comment on it. Lee has now probably made more than enough money through his work to keep up this crazy lifestyle, but there was a time when everything he did was likely on his parents' dime.

5 Murphy Daughters - Shopping Sprees, Salon Visits, Expensive Vacations

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Eddie Murphy has a very large and spread-out family, but we want to single out his two daughters, Brea and Shayne. These two are well-known on social media because they are absolutely stunning, seem to party hard, and post plenty of pictures of their adventures. Now, they don't go around wasting money by the looks of it, but

they live a lifestyle that normal people could barely even dream up.

Between shopping, salons, and vacations, we're not sure there's time for much else. Their modeling money has got to pay for some of the excursions, clothes, and jewelry, but you have to wonder how much of this was paid for by Doctor Dolittle dollars.

4 Chet Hanks - To Fuel His Obsessions

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At least with most of the celebrity kids on this list, they take their parents' money and they get something from it. They get cars, vacations, lasting experiences, and memories. With Chet Hanks, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson's son, he used a lot of his parents' wealth to buy drugs. Chet, who went to rehab to overcome his struggle, said, "A couple months ago I was selling coke, doing coke until I couldn’t even snort it up my nose anymore because it was so clogged. I even smoked crack," Chet said. "If I can change you can change. There is a solution." Now, since Chet has been fighting with his addiction problems, we're sure his parents are proud of him, but of all the things to waste money on, a drug addiction might be the worst. His rap career is questionable too, but that's a story for another day.

3 Kendall Jenner - Cars Every Year For Her Birthday

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While Kendall Jenner might be the poster child for celebrity kids living a life of excess, she also makes more money on her own than any other person on this list by herself. We can't belittle the social media character that she's created either. She's one of the most followed celebrities on Instagram, and she was the highest paid model in 2017. Despite all that,

people get mad at the ease in which Kendall (and the rest of the family) made their money.

Aside from getting cars every year for her birthday, including a $250K Rolls-Royce, Kendall just made her largest purchase to date. While it can be argued if this was a stupid purchase or not, she paid $8.5 million for Charlie Sheen's old house. You have to wonder how she's going to make use of more than 6,500 square feet.

2 The Willis Girls - Nothing But Parties

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The three daughters of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, Rumer, Scout, and Tallulah, grew up in the public eye. Everything they did, for a time, was documented and discussed. Even worse, they grew up being compared to their famous parents, particularly their mother. We know that wasn't very easy. When they reached their teenage and young adult years, however, each of them took on a life of intoxication that messed them up. These days, all three are recovering addicts and doing extremely well in their respective fights, but before overcoming their problems, these three women seemed intent on using their advantageous situations to do nothing but party.

1 Tiffany Trump

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Even though there have been numerous articles printed about Tiffany Trump as the forgotten Trump child and how she only receives a modest monthly allowance from her father, the very rich President of the United States, the reports seem to understate how luxurious her lifestyle really is. Take a look through Tiffany's Instagram and you will see that

the young woman seems to spend a lot of her time traveling the world.

She doesn't slum it in these places either. In each city, she can be found living it up as glamorously as you could imagine. This has to be an expensive life to keep up, especially for a university student who doesn't seem to work. The reported $500 monthly allowance she receives might cover one event a month, but we're not sure how the rest is paid for.

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