14Justin Combs - A Maybach

via BET

daddy gifted him a Maybach. This silver beauty costs about $360,000.

This one is another present so we're blaming the child for the father's purchase again. Still, when it came time for Justin Combs' birthday, like many celebrity kids, he was gifted with a stupidly expensive first car. In most of these cases, the car is some fancy ride that the

young kid can show off a bit, but P. Diddy's kid, Justin, got something on another level altogether. For his 16th,

What's so incredible about this car purchase is that it makes no sense. Why buy something so luxurious when you just know the kid is going to scratch it up? Perhaps he got a driver with the car. If you know anything about Justin Combs, you may have heard the story that he was called out by his college teammates and coach for missing a game to sit courtside at a basketball game with his dad. With that in mind, we have to wonder what they thought of his Maybach.

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