15 Celebrities Who Aren't Living The High Life But Totally Could

When we think of celebrities, we think of them living lavish lives with the millions of dollars they’ve earned. While that is the case for many, some celebrities decide to live a normal life and tend to ignore their bank accounts. There are many different reasons for this. Some actors are trying to teach their kids a lesson about money. Some celebs have the idea of being frugal rooted in themselves from their childhoods. Other celebs are more generous to charities than they are to themselves.

Most of the time this is a good thing, especially in a celebrities' cases. However, sometimes this frugal nature can go too far for no reason. Sometimes celebrities will choose to use tactics that normal people do to save money like not tipping at restaurants or trying to get a better deal on something.

While there are some bad seeds when it comes to frugal celebrities, the majority of them are just very humble human beings. More celebrities should take the time to be more like these celebrities and the world could be a better place. 

15 Keanu Reeves Surprisingly Isn't Living Large

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Keanu Reeves is known for his roles in the Matrix and John Wick. He is by far one of the highest paid action stars in Hollywood. However, in several interviews he is stated by saying money doesn’t matter that much to him. He backed this up by donating over 80 percent of his earnings from the Matrix to different charities. He has since done more charity work and can also be seen taking public transport and shopping in supermarkets.

It seems like this big Hollywood action star didn’t take to well to his new fame and fortune. He’s still used to living like his character in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. You’d think from the millions he’s made off of his John Wick character that he’d live a little more lavishly but he is stuck in his frugal ways. That’s not always a bad thing and in this case is very humble.

14 The Secret Rock Life Of Dave Grohl

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Dave Grohl has made quite a name for himself in the music industry. He’s been in three of the most famous punk/rock bands and has since dabbled in films. He started out as the drummer for Nirvana, which skyrocketed him to stardom and went on to start the band, The Foo Fighters. There’s no doubt that Dave Grohl has a lot of money to spend but he doesn’t necessarily spend a lot of it. It’s estimated that Grohl has earned over $225 million dollars.

Many people expect Dave to live like a rock star would but he has mostly kept to himself and his money. He also wants to teach his kids decent morals when it comes to knowing what something is worth. He doesn’t want them to depend on his fortune because he himself doesn't even do that. He lives in constant paranoia that his millions will run out one day and he’ll have nothing to lean on.

13 Tyra Banks' Bank Account

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Tyra Banks is possibly one of the most frugal people on this list. She certainly doesn’t have to be either. It’s known that when she travels she will steal as many small accessories like shampoos, soaps, and conditioner from her hotel rooms. Everyone does that right? Well, she’s even been said to take things that would draw the line. Her own mother has also confirmed how frugal her daughter can be.

She stated that at a young age Tyra went through someone's old chicken wings and picked off the remaining meat to take home and make an omelet with. Perhaps this has crossed the line of being humbly frugal to just plain creepy. There isn’t any reason she has to do this especially now, but she’s already set in her ways.

12 Jennifer Lawrence's Cheap Lifestyle

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We all know that Jennifer Lawrence isn’t your typical female actor. She has a very down to earth personality, which is very obvious in the many interviews she does. Since her big boom in Hollywood after The Hunger Games, we all expected Jennifer Lawrence to fall off the deep end with her large amounts of cash. This didn’t happen. Instead, she shocked the world with how little of a Hollywood lifestyle she’s living, especially considering she’s still fairly young.

Jennifer Lawrence will head to the supermarket to do her own shopping and hates to spend the extra cash for valet parking. She can be seen using coupons to save on her large amounts of groceries. Perhaps Jennifer Lawrence is just frugal or she just hasn’t gotten used to the lavish lifestyle her earnings can provide for her.

11 The Original SpiderMan Lives The Low Life

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Toby Maguire really started to shoot into stardom after his role as Spider-man in the Sam Raimi trilogy. This is where most people will recognize him. With this large recognition and large paychecks, we would expect Toby Maguire to live a bit more lavishly than what he’s been doing. However, Toby's frugal nature is deeply ingrained in his upbringing. As a kid, he lived with divorced parents neither of which were very well off. He learned the importance of saving through this.

After a struggle with alcoholism in his teens, Toby is now the ultimate saver, living paycheck-to-paycheck when he doesn’t have to be. He’s even stated that he wants the money he has now to make him set for life and if he does more movies in the future it’s because he wants to do them and not for the financial gain.

10 Leonardo DiCaprio Lives A Non Lavish Life

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Leonardo DiCaprio is probably the last person you’d expect to be on this list. Leonardo DiCaprio has been in so many movies, there are too many to name and he’s still making more, not as many as he was doing before but he is still one of the most prominent faces in Hollywood. He makes more than most people’s yearly salaries by doing a single movie. While he’s not as frugal as some celebrities, he is very frugal for the amount of money he has.

For many reasons, Leo drives a Toyota Prius, or he used to anyway. He is very environmentally-friendly but he also doesn't see the use in spending hundreds of thousands on a car. Leonardo DiCaprio has stated many times that he likes to use his wealth to help those who are less fortunate than him. He always puts his money towards them than towards himself, making him an undoubtedly humble human being.

9 Sarah Jessica Parker's Simple Lifestyle

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Sarah Jessica Parker’s role in S*x in the City made many believe that Sarah Jessica Parker lived just as lavishly as her character in that show. However, that just goes to show how good of an actor she is. While she’s most famous for her role as Carrie Bradshaw, she has also become a movie star as of late, making her fortune rise tremendously. She definitely doesn’t flaunt this large fortune.

The clothes she wears are usually the same ones from her old show and she usually buys her kids clothes from second-hand stores or just gives them hand me downs. She wants to teach her kids the life she had as a child, the one of poverty. As a kid, Sarah Jessica Parker and her family were on welfare for a long time. With all this money, it may be hard for Sarah to let go of her old ways.

8 Sarah Michelle Geller Doesn't Live Lavishly

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Sarah Michelle Gellar is an actress who is known to be down to earth and very real with her fans. She isn’t the stereotypical famous actor who spends thousands on petty things. She’s more of an introverted celebrity and tends to stay away from red carpet events. She is rarely seen by paparazzi roaming the streets. She and her significant other, Freddie Prinze Jr., try to set a good example for their kids about the value of a dollar. Therefore, they both live a rather frugal lifestyle.

She is known for using coupons and always shops in the on sale section of clothing stores. She’s also known to give a lot of her wealth back to people who need it more than she does. She’s explained that she learned to give back from her mother, who taught her that there is always someone in more need than she is. Those are good teachings that she is passing down to a new generation.

7 Sir Paul McCartney's Cheap Lifestyle

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Sir Paul McCartney is a household name and is known around the world as one of the best musicians. He changed the music industry for the better and he’s still profiting off of it. He’s so famous that even the Queen of England saw it fit to knight him. He’s remained fairly active since his major burst into stardom in the '50s. No one knows his exact net worth but we do know it’s more than most people in the world have combined.

He’s stated several times that during his journey, he never saw it as a way to make money but as a way to spread the love. He couldn't care less about the commas in his bank account. He didn’t want to give his children special treatment and decided to send them to state schools instead of sending them to private schools like so many other celebrities. It’s rumored that when he is out with friends and family, he still makes everyone pay for their own stuff.

6 Matthew McConaughey's Minimalist Life

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Matthew McConaughey is one of Hollywood’s heartthrobs. He got his start by doing romantic comedies in the early '00s and has since moved on to create several Oscar-winning performances. For the first few years of his celebrity life, McConaughey decided to continue living in the trailer he was living in before he skyrocketed into fame. Possibly everyone who becomes famous cashes their first check to move out of the run down place they’re already living. However, McConaughey had other plans.

He explained in interviews that his idea of staying in his trailer even after making millions was to support a minimalist lifestyle. He said that it was easier to tend to a trailer, due to its smaller size. He said that a bigger house has too much responsibility, a responsibility that he didn't want to have when he first started out. Since then Matthew McConaughey has moved up into the world, he has spent his fortune on other things, yes a house, but still tries to keep his spending to a minimum.

5 Rob Pattinson's Lavish-Less Life

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Rob Pattinson is best known for his role in Twilight. He was a hot, teen actor who has now grown into an adult celebrity. However, this hasn’t changed the way he spends his money. While he does now live in a $2.1 million house, it wasn’t always this way. For a while, Rob Pattinson was buying things like used cars off of Craigslist even after he made millions in his role in Twilight.

It’s said that while purchasing the $2000 car from the guy off of Craigslist, Pattinson tried to haggle the guy down $300 and he apparently succeeded. He explained that he wanted to use the truck to go mountain biking and he needed something to put his bikes in. This is just one of the examples of Pattinson being frugal with his millions.

4 Carrie Underwood's Cheap Lifestyle

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Most people know Carrie Underwood for her work in the music industry but recently she’s been reaching out to new avenues of work that are actually working for her. Unlike many, Carrie Underwood is still fairly fresh as far as celebrity status’ are concerned. Through her music and acting career, Underwood has earned a name for herself and a healthy bank account. Like Jennifer Lawrence, many expected Carrie Underwood to fall into the deep spending hole since she began to become famous in her early twenties.

However, the country singer has managed to keep herself grounded from the lavish living of other Hollywood celebs. She has often been spotted buying her makeup from drugstores like Walgreens and tends to keep to herself in her house she bought. She’s living a normal person’s life with a celebrities amount of money. That takes self-control!

3 Jay Leno Playing It Safe In Retirement


Jay Leno is best known for his role as a late-night host for much of the '90s. However, many don’t know that he’s done so much more like writing, acting, and even comedy. Everyone knows who Jay Leno is and he has a very recognizable face. Jay Leno’s only big purchases are his pride and joy—his cars. Jay Leno has publicly stated that he’s obsessed with classic cars and even collects them.

He decided early on in his hosting career that he would save that money and not touch it. Rather he would spend the small amount of money he earned from doing comedy shows, he and his wife live in a less-than-lavish home. It’s said that when Jay Leno has to pay for something, he gets anxious and even sometimes tries to swindle people out of money. Perhaps he’s just cheap.

2 The Biggest YouTuber And The Lowest Spender

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Pewdiepie one of the biggest influencers on YouTube. Therefore you’d think he would be living as lavishly as someone like Logan Paul. However, he’s decided to be smart with his money. This doesn’t mean that he hasn’t made his fair share of expensive purchases but for the amount he’s making daily, it’s a wonder why he isn’t spending more. Unlike many other YouTubers, he sees the dark days ahead of when the platform may not be able to support him any longer.

Therefore he is saving his millions so he can be set for the rest of his life. He lives in a small apartment with his girlfriend and their pets. He doesn’t own a hundred thousand dollar car. The most expensive thing he’s spent his money on is his YouTube office, which is just a small spare room in their apartment that is no bigger than many people’s bedrooms.

1 The Influential Eric Clapton Remains To Live A Simple Life

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Eric Clapton is one of the most famous guitarists and rock stars that Hollywood has seen. Therefore, he’s seen a lot of fortune in his life. He’s been around since the late '70s and in that time, he’s changed the music industry for the better. He’s had many hits and albums that people still listen to today. Therefore, he has to have a large number in his bank account. He’s now in his mid-seventies and a majority of that money continues to go untouched. Live a little, Clapton!

His cheap lifestyle has put him inside of run down laundromats in L.A., where he has been seen scrubbing his own clothes with a toothbrush and waiting for his clothes to wash. Most people just pass him by as an old man doing laundry, not knowing that they’re in the presence of a rock god. Can we blame them? Of course not! You’d never expect anyone of Eric Clapton’s status to be inside a laundromat.

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