15 A-List Celebrities With Random Side Hustles Outside Of Hollywood

Normally, when people think of a side hustle, they don’t think of super-rich celebrities having one. They think of millennials, who have not only created the side hustle but have brought new meaning to getting a second job. Having a side hustle is mostly associated with the need to make extra money. No one ever associates a celebrity with the need to make MORE money. However, one of the smartest things that a celebrity can do with their money is invest it. And one of the smartest things they can do is to have a backup plan. Being a musician, or an actor, or a writer, or in the entertainment industry, in general, is not a guaranteed gig.

At any time, a celebrity can go from being the biggest talk of Hollywood to being a nobody and falling off the map. So, not only is it smart to have a side hustle but it’s also watching your own back and, ultimately, making sure you can take care of yourself and your family. Many celebrities have side hustles that are not only shocking but, apparently, quite economical. It’s one of those things where you think you know someone and then boom! they surprise you with their many, many talents. There is no question that we find it hard to actually visualize some of these celebrities doing these side gigs but, we give credit where credit is due. A lot of the celebs on this list don’t even need a side hustle so if anything, their dedication says that they do it for the sheer love of the craft.

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15 Nick Offerman – Woodworker

via Junkee

Before Nick Offerman was known as a comedian and married to Megan Mullally, he was getting by as a woodworker. And just because he became famous and has a bunch of money doesn’t mean he has to stop. Offerman has kept this job as a side gig by opening his own woodworking space. He employed several entrepreneurs of all ages, put them in this space and gave them the room to create and sell their unique pieces. All the pieces are “handcrafted," “sustainable," and “traditional joinery." Offerman also regularly uses the space and continues to craft his own pieces. His house is probably a woodworker’s dream. They create everything from chairs to boats and they are all so beautiful. He even has the time to offer classes on furniture making.

14 Erykah Badu – Doula

Via: xoNecole

If you really want her to, Erykah Badu can coach you through your labor and deliver your baby. Badu is used to singing on stage, but at some point in her life, she became a certified doula. During an interview with Origin magazine, Badu stated that she was present while a friend went through 52 hours of labor. She “didn’t sleep, never got tired. I could feel every emotion that she had. It was just a very natural, intuitive experience.” At that point, she decided that she liked being the “welcoming committee." She also mentioned that all her kids were born in her bed and she had a midwife and a doula present for every birth. It ultimately motivated her to get certified. By 2013, she was also working on getting certified as a midwife.

13 Francis Ford Coppola – Winery

Via: Vanity Fair

Francis Ford Coppola is a master filmmaker. He knows films, and no one can take that away from him. But apparently, he also knows his wine. He owns a winery literally called the Francis Ford Coppola Winery. It’s really cool what he did with his wine— he has a few different collections that are named after films, directors, and special people in life like his grandmother. The website says that the winery mixes in “cinema, wine, food, hideaways, and adventure” and of course, it is located California. The business must be doing good because Coppola’s filmmaking has slowed, and his winery has won several awards including Winery Of The Year in 2017. It may be a surprise to many that the director went from films to wine. But, winemaking has been a tradition in the Coppola family for several generations. You can even say, it’s where they got their start.

12 Rob Lowe – Cosmetics Line

Rob Lowe is an actor. However, he is also known as an actor who is extremely good-looking for his age. Fans have been asking for years how he has managed to stay so good-looking. Tight, clean skin is a priority for him. Many have assumed he's had some cosmetic enhancements over the years and it very well could be true, but something tells us it’s his skincare line. Yes, Lowe has put a lot of time and effort into a skincare line for men. The line is called Profile and it’s described as a “men’s performance grooming” line. It boasts an R3 formula (rescue, restore, renew) not many other people have gone through the trouble of making a skin care line geared towards men. Women have so many options, but men only have a few and they usually cater towards one thing in particular like beard oils. Lowe is setting a standard.

11 2 Chainz – Author

via highsnobiety.com

2 Chainz is a lot smarter than people give him credit for. He is known for his rap career, but he has in hands in so many other things including being an author. It’s not just any book, it’s a cookbook. The way he marketed the cookbook was amazing; he released his third album, B.O.A.T.S. II: Me Time, and attached a digital copy of a cookbook, 30 pages to be exact. The recipes were surprising and healthy like teriyaki salmon, garlic mashed potatoes, and shrimp scampi, and he even had a sauce with the namesake of his album called the “Me Time Sauce." He also gives the readers pairing options not just pairing with wine, but even what you could possibly wear while cooking certain meals. The rapper is so happy with his first cookbook, he is thinking about doing a follow-up. Next thing you know he will be a celebrity chef on the Food Network.

10 Jeremy Renner – House Flipper

via YouTube

Before Jeremy Renner was Hawk and whatever other characters he has played, he was a house flipper. In the past 15 years, he has bought and flipped 20 homes all over the US. He isn’t just a friendly face either, he doesn’t sit and watch other people around him work. He has been seen with everything from a paint brush to a hammer in hand, getting really dirty and working hard. It literally is a passion of his and, apparently, it has paid off. He has made millions of dollars from flipping homes alone. To be honest, some of these homes are a real doozy, a lot of people wouldn’t want to touch them. It’s safe to say that if acting ever dries up Renner won’t go broke. He has a real skill and he’s making it work for him.

9 Alyssa Milano – Sports Journalist/Sports Apparel Creator

Alyssa Milano knows a thing or two about roles drying up. So, a side hustle for her was essential. Many would be surprised to know that Milano is a sports enthusiast. We were sure surprised because we’ve never actually heard her talk about it. However, she is apparently pretty deep into the sports world and even fancies herself somewhat of a sports reporter. She has appeared on a number of sports podcasts and has even gone as deep as to make an apparel line called TOUCH. She describes it as fan apparel but flattering for a woman’s body and most importantly, "nothing pink." She admits at first that the leagues were skeptical, especially because there was no pink in the line. They eventually caught on and even got her line a contract with NASCAR. Now, she’s expanding to include maternity and plus size.`

8 Clint Eastwood – Dairy Farmer & Mayor

Clint Eastwood isn’t in any dire need of money and, let's be honest, he never has to work again. But, that just isn’t him. So instead, he owns a dairy farm in Carmel, California that is more than just a dairy farm. He has transformed it into a restaurant and ranch hotel. This is a place that was once bankrupt, and Eastwood swept in and saved it. In addition, he has made the town of Carmel a tourist attraction by opening new businesses like a golf club. He essentially saved this little town that he was once the mayor of because he wasn’t busy enough. The dairy farm side of things has cooled down a bit, but the resort is booming, and Eastwood is laughing all the way to the bank.

7 Venus Williams – Interior Designer

via Arteriors

All while killing the tennis game, Venus Williams was also going to fashion school and by 2002, she opened her own company. It’s called V Starr and it’s quite successful. It’s a firm that has furnished homes of several NFL and NBA players, restaurants, TV sets, and model home residences. The craziest thing is that is has been around for so long and not many people realized that it is associated with Venus Williams. In fact, not many people realized that the tennis star even went to school, let alone majored in design. It’s probably one of the best-kept secrets. Her designs and firm have even been featured on some HGTV shows, so you know she is legit. It’s definitely a random side hustle then again, she is more private than her younger sister, Serena, so, maybe it's not so random for her.

6 Sandra Bullock – Shop Owner

Via: Just Jared

Sandra Bullock isn’t just an Oscar-winning actress. She is also a store and restaurant owner. The store is called Walton’s Fancy and Staple. It’s almost like a grocery store and it’s located in Austin, Texas. It does catering, they have their own brands of staple foods like coffee, seasonings, and their signature Aunt Luddy’s White Trash Deep South Mix (that’s a cereal). They kind of cater to everyone with a little of everything. You can even get fresh baked goods there made by Bullock’s sister, Gesine. She describes it as a “one-stop shop for event planning” and what makes it most special is that it is so family oriented even down to the recipes used to make their delish goods. The shop opened in 2006 and Bullock is said to be very hands-on in the business.

5 Bill Murray – Minor League Baseball Player

Bill Murray already has a reputation for being a comedic actor in Hollywood, but his side hustle is so cool. He plays for a minor league baseball team. He plays for the Charleston RiverDogs and holds the position of Director of Fun. No joke, they probably made that position for him. Even though he is very vocal about his allegiance to the Cubs, he also likes to get out there a play his own games, so this is the perfect opportunity for him. We don’t know how much money (if any) he is making from playing in a minor league team but at least he’s having a good time. However, to make sure he does earn some money, he also owns the St. Paul Saints, an independent baseball team, but he didn’t stop there. He owns part of the Charleston RiverDogs, Hudson Valley Renegades, and the Brockton Rox. This guy is busy.

4 Roseanne Barr – Macadamia Nut Farmer

Before the revival of her wildly popular sitcom, Roseanne. The actress took a small (maybe forced) break from Hollywood. She moved to Hawaii and started her own Macadamia nut farm. The farm is a fully functioning 40-acre macadamia and livestock farm. We aren’t sure how lucrative the farm is for her, her long-term boy, Johnny Argent, and her son, Jake, but the actress sure is loving her life as a nut farmer. She even had a reality TV show in 2011 about her farm called Roseanne’s Nuts. The show only lasted one season on Lifetime but the farm is still going strong. She has even parlayed it into having her own macadamia nut related recipes like Roseanne Barr’s Macadamia Nut Cookies that were featured in the Chicago Tribune.

3 Chris Pratt – Lamb Farming

Via: CafeMom

Chris Pratt is an open and avid hunting enthusiast. He has made no secret of loving the sport that has sparked controversy amongst many groups of people. So, what does a hunting enthusiast do? He becomes a lamb farmer. He posted a picture on his social media page and captioned it, "Right now the meat is for friends, family, and gifts. Soon though, it may be available to my followers as we test recipes and open up to market. Gotta get some things dialed in first. I have found a new passion to add to my many others." This ticked off a lot of vegans when he went into a detailed account of the slaughtering process. Pratt is literally out here raising lambs. He did a trial run of raising a few lambs for six months and he loved it because he is still doing it to this day.

2 Flea – Beekeeping

Flea is mostly known for being in the band, The Red Hot Chili Peppers. But, since the band has stopped touring and took a little break after making their last album, they all have free time in the world. Free time means they can pursue whatever they like. Flea apparently likes beekeeping. It’s actually called Apiary. Flea has been beekeeping since 2015 and has more than 200,000 bees which make up over three hives. The band has always been known for their activism and Flea regularly updates his fans on his social media pages about his side gig. He initially got into beekeeping because he heard about the loss of bee colonies over the years. He is so serious about this side hustle that he has a mentor named Ruth. And he is even in full bee attire as opposed to what he usually wears with the band.

1 Steve Carell – General Store Owner

via Yelp

The funnyman, Steve Carell, owns one of the most down-to-earth businesses that anyone could own— a general store. The Marshfield Hills General Store was bought by Carell and his wife, Nancy, in 2009 after hearing it was about to close down. They both grew up in Massachusetts and the store was a local staple. They keep it as local as they could by bringing in local vendors and helping the community to sell their homemade goods. The store isn’t just a business that sits there and collects money for the couple. Granted, they can’t be there every day, but they visit quite often. The celebrity couple will even work in the store when they aren’t walking red carpets and going to film premieres.

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