12 Hollywood Children Who Will Outshine Their Parents (12 Who Won't)

Hollywood has always seen creative and talented people reach the peak of success. Well, talent is inherited through genes. Talented people have intelligent kids and wish to see them being more successful than they are. Successful parents help their kids in every way that they can so that they can be successful in life. But in certain cases, it’s seen that in spite of having support from all sides, the kids are not able to get to where their parents want them to be. Some wrongdoings have always affected the lives of celebrity kids as they have become victimized by the media. The rich and famous have always been the target of media and some gossip magazines.

We have studied some cases where the kids have outshined the achievements of their parents. They have reached the peak of fame in no time with an urge to topple their parents. On the other hand, some kids have really ashamed their parents as they have made a lot of wrong moves in their lives. The influence of famous parents could not pull themselves out of the mud they got stuck in. It’s an interesting factor to know how the kids have been influenced by the world around them. They are a lesson in things that people should not do.

Let’s see twelve cases where the kids have made their parents proud and another twelve where the influence of celebrity parents could not help the kids at all.

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Chris Elliott was the cabin boy from Saturday Night Live and played the annoying character who used to push everybody’s buttons. He’s still playing his character steadily in a television series called 'Schitt’s Creek.' Elliott is not known for his looks, but he is a very talented actor. But his daughter Abby Elliott is a multitalented person and a wholesome package.

Abby is good looking and funny and is the second generation talent who was cast in Saturday Night Live. She has bagged up several roles in television and shows like ‘How I met your Mother’ which was a good show, and she attracted appreciation from her dad and fans. She has Hollywood in the palm of her hand, and has not acted out with the fame that came with it. Chris Elliott must be proud to be the dad of Abby. (Source: Babygaga.com)


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Michael Douglas is a reputed actor and known for his performance in world-class films. He is the father to Cameron Douglas, who is also the stepson of Catherine Zeta-Jones. Cameron starred in a movie called ‘Mr. Nice Guy’ in 1997 but was unfortunately taken in on the count of possession.

His attitude and problems with partying, authority and more got him in a lot of trouble, and unfortunately the young child star has never been able to recover from these things. There is obviously a reason as to why we never often hear of him, and it is likely because his family does not want his name in the news. We can see why. (Source: Celebsdaily.co)


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Jon Voight used to be a popular name in the 1970’s, but even then, was only thought of as a C or D actor in Hollywood. He is an Oscar winner for his role in the film, Coming Home and he is better known as the father of superstar and a humanitarian Angelina Jolie.

Angelina is married to Brad Pitt and is a mother to six children. She has a total net worth of 550 million USD whereas her father is the owner of 55 million USD. Angelina has grown up to be an actor who has no doubt overgrown the fame of her dad. Jon Voight is definitely a proud dad. (Source: Babygaga.com)


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Martin Sheen is the American actor of Spanish descent who was well-known for his role in ‘The subject was roses,’ ‘Apocalypse Now,’ ‘The West Wing’ and many others. Martin Sheen is the father to Charlie Sheen who was arrested for using multiple substances and also has assault charges.

In April 2016 Sheen was charged with reducing the monthly support he was supposed to pay his ex-wives. A stalking unit was investigating him, and they were able to find out even more shady things about the star. Naturally, everyone knows about his crazy past, as he has been the talk of the town for years now. We just hope he is able to grow out of it eventually. (Source: Celebsdaily.co;Unilad.co.uk)


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Robert Pine is known for his work in the show CHiPs. Now he is known for lending his voice in video games. But he was once known for Hollywood hits and small screen performances. He is the proud father of Chris Pine, who is a heartthrob and plays the lead role in many films.

Chris played the character of Captain Kirk in the newer edition of Star Trek which is a popular series. He’s noted for his role in A Wrinkle in Time and was voted by Vogue Magazine as one of the most beautiful men alive. Chris is a popular actor, and his popularity meter has undoubtedly overgrown that of his dad. (Source: Babygaga.com)

19 WON'T GET SPOTLIGHT - CHET HANKS had some trouble

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Tom Hanks is an eminent American filmmaker and actor who is known for his comedy and dramatic roles in various films. Chet Hanks, his son has been struggling with various problems since he was just sixteen years old. Chet Hanks has pursued a rapping career under the stage name of ‘Chet Haze.’ Chet has written lyrics that are just as shady as his past.

This habit has been a cause of worry for his career and also for dad Tom Hanks who is naturally not happy with all these. Recently he was sent to the rehabilitation center where he’s getting treated for his many problems. (Source: Celebsdaily.co)


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Dakota is the beautiful daughter of Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith, who were the staple couples of 1980’s. She is making headlines for her work and has over-shined the achievement of both her dad and mom. While Dakota commenced her career with her mom and half-sister Stella Banderas in 1999, today she possesses a net worth of 10 million USD and handles successful franchises.

Dakota manages the franchise of the blockbuster film, ‘50 Shades of Grey’, and finds some exciting roles which have actually helped her to progress in her career. She is filming many more which are set for release in the coming years. She has given hit films and is no doubt a perfect successor to her parents. (Source:Babygaga.com)

17 WON'T GET SPOTLIGHT - INDIO DOWNEY has been following in his father's past footsteps

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Robert Downey is an American actor and singer who got enlisted in the Forbes list for being one of the highest paid actors. Robert is known for his performance in highly acclaimed films like Pound, Less than Zero, Weird Science, Avengers: Infinity War, Iron Man and many more. He's got several accolades to his name but was once a struggling man. His son Indigo Downey has admitted to following in those same footsteps, but he is working very hard at getting out and living a normal life.

As we have seen from RDJ himself, although it is hard, it is definitely doable. It takes a lot of hard work, but with his father's help, we are hoping he comes out of the other side a winner. (Source: Celebsdaily.co, Dailymail.co.uk)


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Emma Roberts is enjoying her celebrity status which is even higher than her father, Eric. In fact, Eric Roberts has not really been an ‘A-lister’ since 1980’s. Emma starred in the series Scream Queens, which was actually underappreciated and she acted alongside Jamie Lee Curtis. Emma is doing awesome in the series ‘American Horror Story,’ and she is now a part of the movies which are set to release in short time.

Emma has not even hit thirty yet, and she has spent a lot of time in honing her skills, and thereby she can make her mark in Hollywood. Obviously, Emma is a talented actress, and her parents are definitely proud of her. She proved that even child stars like herself can take over the screen. (Source: Babygaga.com)

15 WON'T GET SPOTLIGHT - JAYCEE is not as cool as his dad

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Jackie Chan is a famous Hollywood actor who is known for his action movies. He is an expert in martial arts, film direction, stunts and also singing. His contribution in action movies is beyond imagination. He is the father to Jaycee Chan, who’s an American by birth but of Hong Kong origin. He’s an actor and singer. Jaycee got arrested recently for providing his apartment in Beijing for smoking.

He’s said not to have a very strong relationship with Jackie Chan, who was actually upset with him. Jackie said that he doesn’t want to leave a penny for his son, Jaycee and that if he’s capable, he will earn his own money. However, Jackie mentioned that after serving six months, he actually looks more mature now. (Source: Celebsdaily.co)

14 WILL OUTSHINE - ENRIQUE and his singles

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Julio was known for recording many music records in several languages during his time. His son Enrique is a Latin artist who holds the record of having the most sold music albums in 2013. He definitely kicks his father off the top A-Listers when you look at who has made the most money for them.

Enrique is blessed with his good looks as well as voice. Not only that, Enrique has a total net worth of 100 million dollars and will undoubtedly be far more remembered than his dad ever will be. He has earned his place on several beautiful men lists, as well as top artists. (Source: Babygaga.com)

13 WON'T GET SPOTLIGHT - KELLY has a temper

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Kelly Osbourne is the daughter of Sharon Osbourne and Ozzy and is known for making her appearance in a show off their family that earned her an Emmy Award for her performance in Outstanding Reality Program. Unfortunately, her mouth puts her in a lot of travel, as she is known for making many controversial statements.

She tried to correct her statement after that, but no one really forgets in this world. Kelly once again was charged when she slapped a gossip columnist Zoe Griffith, who called her fiancée stupid. She might have cool style and interesting hair colors, but she is not very good at knowing when to talk and when to not. (Source: Celebsdaily.co)

12 WILL OUTSHINE - JADEN is already a great actor and rapper

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Will Smith must be immensely proud of his son, Jaden. Jaden is an actor, songwriter, rapper, and singer. He made his appearance in 'The Karate Kid,' a film where Jaden stole the show. He appeared with Jackie Chan and gave his best performance. He made his debut appearance in the 2006 film, ‘The Pursuit of Happyness.’ Jaden started his own brand of clothing that includes hoodies, T-shirts, vests and also trousers.

Considering his age, he has greater popularity compared to his dad Will Smith. In fact, he will reach the net worth of his dad in no time. With that said, Jaden is young and has enough time to reach his daddy’s fame. (Source: Babygaga.com)

11 WON'T GET SPOTLIGHT - MONTANA did not choose the right path

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Laurence Fishburne is an American actor, producer, and playwright and also screenwriter. He is the father to Montana Fishburne, who is an adult film actress. Montana is also known as Chippy D, who no longer maintains relations with her dad who is one of the talented figures of Hollywood. Chippy made her debut when she was just nineteen years old.

Well, Montana said in an interview that she never encourages anybody to go to the film industry that she is in, as it does not make a person famous nor does it make her a film star. It looks like she is not very happy with the profession she chose for herself, and even more upset that she has not reached the same kind of stardom as her father. (Source: Imdb.com; Celebsdaily.co)


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Josh Brolin starred in the 1980 hit film ‘The Goonies’ and after that in movies like’ No Country for Old Men’ and also ‘Men in Black’ Part III. Josh’s Dad James has been working in films since 1960. He’s an amazing person and is still pushing for great things for a man who is already 80 years old. But fans believe that James has never had the same sizzle as his son.

Josh has worked for his career in iconic movies, really making his mark with Deadpool 2. This will undoubtedly bring him to the next level of fame and glory. James is still working in television serials like ‘Life in Pieces.’ Josh is in his 50’s, and he is still awarded the title of the most beautiful actor alive in Glamour Magazine. (Source: Babygaga.com)

9 WON'T GET SPOTLIGHT - NICK and his driving

Via: Google Images

Nick Hogan is the son to Hulk Hogan who is a retired American wrestler, television personality, actor, entrepreneur, and musician. Nick is an actor and earned fame for his appearance in Hogan Knows Best. Well, Nick got a couple of tickets for reckless driving, which sounds like nothing, but really is a danger to others if you think about it.

On August 2007, when he was driving in this fashion, he crashed his car with a tree, thereby injuring his co-passengers. One of the co-passengers got seriously injured, and ended up staying in critical condition. Nick is a talented actor, but he lost his credibility due to reckless driving and other immature activities. (Source: Celebsdaily.co)


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Goldie Hawn and musician Bill Hudson are parents to Kate Hudson. Although Goldie is an icon herself, there is evidence that Kate is more prominent than her parents. While Goldie has a net worth of 60 million USD, Kate has 38 million and is still racking it in. Kate is a glamorous actress, but that is not where she is stuck. She is the owner of a brand of clothing named ‘Fabletics.’

Her mother should be very proud of her multitalented daughter whose fame is more than hers. While Kate and Oliver Hudson knew that Russel is their dad, but their biological dad was not very known to them. Goldie should be proud of her all-rounder daughter. (Source: Babygaga.com)

7 WON'T GET SPOTLIGHT - BRAWLEY NOLTE is having some trouble

Via: Google Images

Brawley Nolte was well-known for portraying the lost son in Mel Gibson film, Ransom. He got arrested for driving under the influence of controlled substance. He was arrested after a round of sobriety test. He was freed while he got a bail that cost him 5,000$. He again got arrested while he was changing lane and got booked under DUI charges.

In 2002, he pleased a no contest to driving under the influence and was given three-year probation to undergo drug and counseling program. Well, he could have chosen a successful career like his dad Nick, but he lost everything for his misdoings. (Source: Cbsnews.com; Celebsdaily.co)

6 WILL OUTSHINE - KIM owns hollywood

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Kris Kardashian is the mom to a bevy of beautiful girls-Khloe, Kendall, Kim, Kourtney and also Kylie. She does the job of a ‘momager’ and ensures that the daughters achieve notable success and set examples for others to follow. Some haters tell that the mom has an ‘interfering’ nature, but others have to say that she is helping her daughters to be dignified figures in the industry.

Well, Kim has a lot of wealth for herself and her sisters also. Conversely, her mom doesn’t have any great wealth for herself. Well, all these women are quite successful as they pose for selfies and post in social media. Of course, the girls have proved that posing with selfies can earn them wealth. (Source: Babygaga.com)

5 WON'T GET SPOTLIGHT - REDMOND just can't get it together

Via: Google Images

Redmond O'Neal is the son of Farrah Fawcett and Ryan O'Neal. Ryan is an American actor and a former boxer. Redmond was charged with multiple things, as he does not make his life easy for himself.

Unfortunately, he has never found a way to get out of the hole he dug for himself, but that tends to happen sometimes. Instead of learning from his past, terrible actions, he will have to forever deal with what has happened to him. The details of the things he has done are so terrible that we cannot mention them here, but google him and find out more for yourself. (Source: Globalnews.ca; Celebsdaily.co)


Via: Google Images

Steven Tyler has been rocking since 1970’s as he is one of the most successful members of the band, Aerosmith. He does get credit for his role as a judge. Steven is a man of quality and has two beautiful daughters Liv and Mia. Liv Tyler did her first introduction in the music video ‘Crazy’ with the Hollywood girl Alicia Silverstone. When Liv played her character, Arwen in the ‘Lord of the Rings,’ she gained fame and popularity.

The popularity and exposure Liv is enjoying at present are just beyond the imagination of her dad. Well, Steven is a proud dad of two beautiful daughters. (Source: Babygaga.com)

3 WON'T GET SPOTLIGHT - STEPHANIE doesn't have her life under control like her dad

Via: Google Images

Bon Jovi is an American rock band based in New Jersey. The lead singer is named Jon Bon Jovi, and they have ruled over the young hearts since 1983. Stephanie, the daughter of Bon Jovi, was charged with taking an overdose of a controlled substance while she was studying at Hamilton College.

This incident shook the family four years before. But the charges were later dropped as per New York’s ‘Good Samaritan Law.’ While the People’s magazine interviewed Bon Jovi, he told that after that incident there was no need to be close to the children. She could have molded her career into something great but she did not do it. (Source: Celebsdaily.co)

2 WILL OUTSHINE - MILEY had it made with hannah Montana

Via: Google Images

Billy Ray Cyrus is quite a famous singer who will be known forever for his song, ‘ Achy breaky heart.’ He was one of the artists known to bring a resurgence in New Country in 1990’s who released a total of 12 studio albums and 44 singles since 1992. But, now that his daughter, Miley Cyrus is the lead character as Hannah Montana in Disney Channel, she has reached the popularity meter close to her dad.

While Billy seems cool with a net worth of 20 million USD as bank balance, his daughter is very close to 200 million USD, almost ten times that of her dad. So, anybody will be proud of such a daughter. Miley is happily engaged to Liam Hemsworth, an eligible bachelor in Tinsel town. (Source: Babygaga.com)

1 WON'T GET SPOTLIGHT - WESTON'S will never be his father

Via: Google Images

Weston Cage is the son of famous actor, Nicholas Cage. While his dad had a high flying career in Hollywood and is remembered for his role in a number of worthy movies, Weston has faced a number of charges for his misbehavior. He made headlines quite a number of times, but not necessarily for good reasons.

Weston is a singer, but allegations made him lose focus from his promising music career. He had several run-ins with cops following which he was placed under psychic observation. Because of all these unwanted incidents, he lost all hope for a career in UFC. (Source: Hollywoodlife.com, Celebsdaily.co)

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