12 Celebs Who Refuse To Be Photoshopped (And 12 Who Edit Their Photos)

If you think your Instagram defines you, that's nothing compared to Hollywood. Instagram wars are officially the biggest way to elbow the competition out the way, and the pressure to look #InstaPerfect is making some celebs go to extremes. Considering celeb land is one giant zip code of beautiful people, you'd think these famous faces wouldn't need to edit a thing. We love Britney just as she is, and the likes of Gal Gadot and Kendall Jenner are proving that #nomakeup is the way to get followers. Here's the thing, though, Hollywood's paparazzi camp outside million dollar mansions precisely to catch these celebs at their worst, and that can get pretty embarrassing.

When your Instagram is one giant carousel of flawless skin with not even a hair out of place, people expect you to look like that in real life. Stepping into the Californian sunshine looking disheveled, just 12 hours after you posted a pixel-perfect shot is exactly what the press wants, and they'll use it as proof that you're editing your social media. Meanwhile, strong women are standing up to Photoshop and saying "enough is enough." Supermodels, like Gisele Bundchen, have slammed editing for the damage it does in projecting unattainable perfection, and everyone, from Beyonce to Jennifer Lawrence, has joined the club. Meanwhile, every Kardashian around has fans calling "Photoshop." Experts have even circled out the very visible (and often very badly done) edits, and psychologists are saying that the damage these stars are doing to body image is very worrying. 12 of these celebs are refusing to edit their Instagram pics. Honestly, they just make the 12 who are clearly getting a little digital help look a bit sad.


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The world is running out reasons why Gal Gadot is "Awesome with a capital A." The Wonder Woman actress has broken box-office records with her fierce skills, and this brunette beauty served two years in her native Israeli military. This time two years ago, nobody knew who Gal was. Now, she's one of the biggest faces in Hollywood. Gal is also one of the most humble, though. Her Instagram is 100% real– just like the actress. Did you know that Gal was actually pregnant while she was shooting Wonder Woman? She didn't even know what she was auditioning for when she landed the role.

Gal Gadot is a real life superhero. The Wonder Woman actress has true life military training to pull her own stunts, but she hasn't let fame go to her head. Looking every inch the natural beauty here, Gal is clearly NOT editing a thing.

Instead of posing in front of mirrors with weird angles, Gal prefers to use her Instagram to show us a sleepy-head morning face. She also takes adorable selfies with her sister, Dana. Since we're here to teach you something new, did you know that Gal means "wave" in Hebrew? Gal is from Israel and feels a huge bond to the country. At the same time, she's making huge waves in Hollywood. For the right reasons, Gal, for the right reasons.


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Just what is it with naturally beautiful women refusing to accept how they look? Christina Aguilera may have lyrics saying, "I am beautiful, no matter what they say," so what's "bringing her down?" Seriously, Christina. You've got a lot of leverage. Power ballads and a whistle register have earned her millions, not to mention the $18 million fee from her judge role on The Voice. Every Hollywood starlet has her style. For Christina, it's a 1940's, pin-up look with signature bleach blonde curls, lots of glittering gowns, and plenty of blush. Her Instagram is just one string of flawless-looking pics that have clearly had a little digital help, though.

Christina Aguilera may have written a song called "Beautiful," but has she learned from the lyrics? Her signature burlesque look is full-on rouge, bleach-blonde curls, and glitter. This picture looks like it's received the full Photoshop works.

It gets worse when you hear Christina preaching about how you "need to be yourself." Just watch any episode of The Voice. It's all about "believing in yourself and being true to yourself no matter what people think." Christina may have bravely done a no makeup shoot this year, but her Instagram has a long way to go.


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Nothing is ever going to change the fact that we love Britney Spears. We love that Britney has made it to the top and still kept it real. Britney showed the world that you can come from small-town Louisiana, arrive in Hollywood, and wipe the floor with all the pretentious divas. Unlike Mariah Carey or Ariana Grande, Britney has no extortionate backstage demands— she literally just needs her Pop Tarts. Britney tends to be papped looking one of two extremes: #1 is "the parking lot look" and #2 is Britney looking a million dollars. Britney isn't afraid to be either.

Britney isn't embarrassed about her humble origins and trailer park look. She looks a million dollars here in cute pink, and this 37 year-old mom works hard to stay in shape. Admit it, you still sing along to "Hit Me Baby One More Time."

The internet is as full of the " picture-perfect" Britney, as it is of her looking a bit of a mess. Britney is a real mom, though. She goes to Walmart. She actually pushes her own cart from the store to her car. The Daily Mail even got ahold of her groceries list: Captain Crunch, OJ, and eggs. Even though Britney couldn't spell it correctly, there was also "mayennaise" and "Cinamin Toast Crunch." Totally forgiven.


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Kylie Jenner may be winning the race to becoming the first Kardashian BILLIONAIRE, according to Forbes, but she isn't playing by the rules. There isn't a day this reality star doesn't get slammed for Photoshopping her Instagram photos, and fans are getting tired of the flawless look that always comes with a #casual. Kylie has a way of raising eyebrows, whatever she does. A good chunk of 2017 saw a pregnant Kylie disappear from Instagram, as she hid being a mom-to-be, although the 2018 surprise announcement of her baby girl, Stormi Webster, was the most-liked Instagram post in history.

Fans have accused Kylie of slimming down and tweaking her proportions to look unrealistically curvy. Instead of apologizing for the curved walls and weird waistline, Kylie just deleted the images. Talk about being #bodypositive.

Kylie has already had to come clean when it comes to her appearance. After her lips appeared suspiciously plumped up, a teenage Kylie admitted that she'd had a little help, and the world was horrified. Meanwhile, her Kylie Lip Kits are filling every teenage bathroom in America. The $420 million Kylie has turned in profits? Kylie is laughing all the way to the bank. Considering Kylie is now a mom, she might want to seriously consider what kind of a role model she wants to be. Maybe take tips from the next celeb on this list?


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Gisele Bundchen is all kinds of awesome. The Victoria's Secret Angel has every guy on the planet worshipping her, but every girl is looking up to Gisele for the strong, powerful individual she is. Gisele is one of the highest earnings supermodels ever. Her Forbes spot as the 16th richest woman in the entertainment industry has knocked A-list actresses out the water, and her net worth sits at a staggering $360 million. Gisele has graced more Vogue magazines than we can count, and she's been the face of brands like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and H&M. Gisele's Instagram isn't what you'd expect from a supermodel, though.

Gisele is one of the richest supermodels of all time. She has spoken out against Photoshop, and her BLK DNM photoshoot saw her refuse to have any hair or makeup crew around. "I loved this approach because I feel women should be really real and raw," she said.

Gisele knows that she was blessed with long limbs, a beautiful face, and a strong physique. She works out, eats healthy, and does yoga. But she stands at a firm "no" when it comes to editing her social media. Gisele totally deserves her high-ranking slot here, especially when you consider who's next on the list...


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Seriously, Paris Hilton. You're embarrassing yourself. Much like her "me me me" personality, this Californian socialite has an Instagram account that's one giant merry-go-round of blemish-free, magic wand-effect selfies. If Paris isn't looking glamorous on the DJ decks of some yacht, she's posting bunny eared pictures of herself. Those tend to be big on the twinkle (and little on the natural). It's a pity, really. Paris is still a very attractive girl, even if her 20-something days were over a decade ago. Paris started on her "perfection" image young. The Simple Life was out to show us that she's rich, famous, and big on all things pink. Nothing wrong with that.

Paris Hilton's Instagram is a giant avalanche of airbrushed and suspiciously flawless-looking selfies. Glowing morning complexions and the magic sparkle wand aren't what we're seeing here, where Paris is all real. Can't a pretty girl just be herself?

You won't see Paris giving many interviews on what she does (or doesn't) do to her Instagram. If anything, you'll see her talking about how amazing her life is and how she's earning $1 million per DJ set. No-one is criticizing your pink Bentley or designer clothes, Paris. All we're asking is that you tone down the editing. A generation of teenage girls are suffering as a result, and it's time this stopped. Which brings us to our next natural beauty...


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To be fair, when you're surrounded by the male nerds on The Big Bang Theory, you don't need to try hard to be the twinkling star. Kaley Cuoco hit us with a literal bang on the hilarious sitcom. It wasn't long before her Penny character's BFFs, Bernadette and Amy, joined forces to become the funniest girls on TV. Kaley's character, Penny is loved for her street-smart wit, razor-sharp sarcasm, and of course, for being beautiful. The real Kaley is just as beautiful and just as down-to-earth.

Despite earning $1 million per episode on BBT, Kaley is a down-to-earth star who loves horseback riding. She even posted this pic of herself chowing down on a cheeseburger before the Emmy awards.

Kaley knows she doesn't need to edit a thing. Her girl-next-door looks are just fine as they are, and they're 100% real. Kaley is super-chilled, approachable, and she would never play twisted games with her fans by Photoshopping her waist or thighs. We also love that Penny was able to ditch her usual "bro" boyfriends in favor of a guy who isn't a standard hunk. Her on-screen boyfriend and eventual husband, Leonard Hofstadter, is a total nerd (glasses and all), but Penny doesn't care. More women should be like Kaley. Er...maybe the next celeb on this list?


Kim Kardashian may be the selfie queen, but she isn't afraid to dress up the finishing touches. This woman makes millions from her Instagram account, and her sponsored posts can rake in $500,000. The CEO of the company organizing the family's deals has personally confirmed this figure, but Kim K is focusing on her own figure, too. Kim's ultra-perfect selfies and mirror shots have come under scrutiny for being edited, and it makes her #bodypositive image a lot less realistic.

Kim can earn $500,000 per sponsored Instagram post. Behind the scenes though, there's a whole team of highly paid editors who make sure Kim looks #Instaperfect in every single shot.

So here's a real pic of Kim. She's still beautiful, and there's nothing wrong with looking a little tired. No-one is going to slam a hard-working mom of three for having blotchy skin or bags under her eyes. If anything, it would give the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star a bit more respect. If you want the digital Kim, you can get if from her video game: Kim Kardashian Hollywood. FYI, one-year earnings from that alone were enough to let Kim tweet that she was "transferring $53 million" into her and husband, Kanye West's joint account. Any chance of a real selfie, Kim? Didn't think so.


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Literally the original #GirlBoss, Beyonce is a superstar who knows how to own it. This isn't about the staggering $104 million she raked in over 2017, according to Forbes. This is about a real woman who wants to keep it real. When Bey clearly stated that she did not want her H&M swimwear campaign to edit any of her pics from the shoot, she meant it. When The Sun reported that the fashion giant had gone against her requests, Beyonce was furious.

Beyonce "hit the roof" when she found out that H&M had specifically ignored her requests to only use non-edited pics of her in their swimwear campaign. Beyonce refused to give the photos the green light, and H&M were forced to use the originals. You show them, Bey.

Beyonce doesn't just break records in music. Breaking down barriers is what Bey stands for, and she's proud of her strong physique, feminine curves, and being a mom of three. Beyonce may spoil her kids rotten, like purchasing the $80,000 diamond-encrusted barbies People reported her gifting little Blue Ivy, but this is a woman who knows when to be down-to-earth. Beyonce's body positive image is as empowering as it is humbling, and we wish more women were like her.


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She may be hanging with the most-exclusive squads in Hollywood, but Cara Delevingne isn't flying the flag for natural beauty. It's ironic, really. Cara has a beautiful face and a blessed physique– even with a messy hairdo and "just out of bed" look. The British model and actress made major headlines after her Suicide Squad image appeared to have been Photoshopped, and it's looking a similar story for her string of high-paying modeling campaigns. Cara's 2014 lingerie shoot for La Perla showed the already slender model looking suspiciously slimmed-down.

Cara is the face of luxury brands like Dolce & Gabbana and Chanel. Saying she's "sick and tired of the Photoshop" on her social media, Cara is nonetheless a very different picture in real life.

Cara's shoots have seen her tattoo vanish, and her underwear campaigns showed her both curvier and more slender. It just doesn't add up. Like most models, Cara is quick to make sure she mentions her favorite foods in interviews. When that isn't enough, Cara takes to her social media. She's shown us selfies with bacon sandwiches, and a 2014 Vine post from her had "From two baconistas to another," scribbled across a pack of the meat. We'd rather Cara focused on looking herself than complicating things with "I'm a model who eats" messages.


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It takes a whole new level of brave to be an A-list celebrity and not even be on social media. Jennifer Lawrence is an international superstar, thanks to The Hunger Games and other roles. J-Law is loved for being a serious actress who's cool enough to eat a whole pizza slice on the red carpet. Jennifer is so horrified by the pressure and drama of social media, she actually refuses to even have accounts, according to E! News. If you were sitting there typing her name into Instagram and seeing an account with 1 million followers, it isn't her.

"The idea of Twitter is unthinkable to me, " Jennifer said. "What are you going to do? Be hungry every day to make other people look happy?" J-Law spoke out against Photoshop when she was shown Christian Dior ad pics of herself: "Of course it's Photoshop, people don't look like that."

It's actually really refreshing to see a talented and beautiful actress not crumble under the Kim K pressure. J-Law doesn't post 100 selfies a week. In an interview with Yahoo!, she said: "The world has this idea that you have to look like an airbrushed perfect model. You have to see past it." The Hunger Games actress definitely puts her money where her mouth is (pizza and all). This is good stuff.


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Popularity in Hollywood is a fickle deal. Just look at Kristen Stewart. One day, she was the ultimate "it girl," the next, she was finding every door around slammed in her face. Bella Thorne may not have found herself papped cozying up to a director while dating Robert Pattinson, but this actress isn't winning any points on the photo front. Bella's grunge image kind of challenges her A-list status. The Shake It Up actress and singer is definitely "shaking up" her wardrobe with edgy leathers and metallics, but what's going on with the editing?

Bella has publicly spoken about the hate she receives on account of her troublesome skin. Having acne is really tough. Bella did brave a #nomakeup shoot in 2017, but this pic doesn't look it got the invite.

The Coveteur spoke to Bella about the acne treatment she called "the face tattoo." The Famous In Love star said that she "isn't afraid to be herself," but that internet trolls and critics leave her feeling hugely pressured. "You may go on my Instagram and see me looking nice and I have makeup on, but it's called makeup," Bella said. Yeah...looking at this, we're seeing a bit more than makeup here.


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Brad Pitt has been through a lot. His 2017 split from Angelina Jolie saw 12 years of "Brangelina" go down the drain, and at 53 years old, the Fight Club actor is now a single dad. This guy's relationship baggage has been ruthlessly trawled by every media outlet on the planet, but he's come out the other end. Brad took a brave step with this pic, where we're just completely drawn into those eyes. Sadly though, we also see a face that says "strain." TMZ reported that Brad's divorce settlement offer to Angie was $100 million, but behind the millions, there's a worn man.

Brad agreeing to pose raw and real is one of the bravest things he's done. The actor may have aged after 12 years with Angelina Jolie, but we're seeing deep into his heart, here.

For his W Magazine cover, Brad chose to go close-up and he refused for a single pixel to be edited. He even opted out of having some fancy photographer, choosing instead his friend, Chuck Close. "You can't be the fair-headed young boy forever," Chuck said. "Maybe a photograph of Brad with crow's feet and a furrowed brow is good for him." Brad has picked himself up and is now reportedly dating an MIT Professor. We'll never stop respecting Brad, and this pic just gave us one more reason.


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90 million of us are following Kendall Jenner on Instagram. We're in it for the bedtime close-ups, backstage snaps, and Coachella pics. There's no denying this supermodel is naturally beautiful, and hey! She's getting very naturally rich as a result. Knocking fellow model, Gisele Bundchen off her top-paid-model spot in 2017, Kendall raked in a staggering $18 million according to Forbes. Like the rest of her Kardashian family though, Kendall has repeatedly been accused of editing her Instagram. We're beginning to see why.

Kendall has been slammed by fans who don't understand why a naturally beautiful girl is allegedly editing her images. Kendall can have troubled skin, but we're not seeing a fleck of it here. 

Blemish-free and impossibly flawless here, there was likely a team of editors working on this pic. Between flying around the world for Fashion Week and beachside modeling shoots, Kendall will give the odd interview. In 2018, Kendall told Hello that showing up to the Golden Globes awards had left her feeling really insecure. Her stunning black gown came with relatively little on the makeup front, and fans applauded Kendall for showing a bit of acne. Of course, with pics like these (and a zillion others), we're not seeing a pimple in sight. "Photoshooooooop!"


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There's a lot to love with Sofia Vergara. The Modern Family star has feminine curves, natural beauty and the ability to make millions of women realize that you can totally be 45 and the highest-paid star on TV. The actress has a healthy Instagram following, and it perfectly reflects her healthy and balanced attitude. If we're not seeing mouth-watering snaps of her European breakfast rolls and jams, we're seeing a real woman. "I'm aging," Sofia told Self. "I know that it does make a difference. Things start to change, and I'm like the only thing to do is go and take care of it."

Sofia Vergara doesn't have time to fumble with filters, and she's walking proof that beauty is skin deep. Sofia doesn't "take care of it" with a Photoshop wand. She works out, eats healthy, and stays real.

Again, refusing to be pretentious, we don't see Sofia aggressively posing in the gym after "pretend workouts." We see Sofia straight-up exhausted and lying on a gym mat with a #nopainnocake. Sofia switches up jiu-jitsu with boxing for a fierce finish that represents a fierce woman. Sofia is a symbol for strong women, and we love her just as she is.



Oh, look. Another singer who got rich off power ballads and a whistle register. Mariah Carey is one of the greatest singers of her generation, but accepting that she belongs to a certain generation isn't on her watch. Mariah has topped every chart in history, but these days, she's topping lists for being the most inappropriately dressed celeb in Hollywood. The 47-year-old mom-of-two refuses to let go of her 20-something wardrobe, and it looks like she's got the same attitude when it comes to aging. Given that Sofia Vergara is just two years younger than Mariah (and totally proving you don't need a single edit), Mariah is kind of embarrassing herself.

Mariah's studio Instagram shots switch it up with close-ups, plus a string of glam looks like this one. At 47, Mariah should take a leaf out of Sofia Vergara's book and accept that you can just be yourself.

It's almost painful to imagine how demanding Mariah might be when it comes to her social media. She's already known for being one of the biggest divas in the industry. The $100,000 a month Mariah spends on having exotic flowers flown out to her were enough to make billionaire beau, James Packer dump her, according to The Daily Mail. The message is "tone it down, Mariah."


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Although she's got her famous parents to thank for her head start in life, Willow Smith is outshining every celeb teen out there. Willow has inherited wholesome values from her parents, Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith, who have been married since 1997. Definitely part of the Hollywood "cool crew," but not flaunting it, Willow sends out edgy vibes that are totally toned-down. She may have taken bathroom selfies with Kristen Stewart at the 2016 Met Gala, but it's pics like these that prove Willow isn't editing a thing.

Willow Smith is a real breath of fresh air. The 17 year-old is way more natural than Kylie Jenner was at that age. Her edgy grunge look keeps it simple, and her beautiful face doesn't even need makeup. "You can't change your face," Willow said.

In an interview with W Magazine, Willow said that the rise to fame since her "Whip My Hair" track ten years ago has been "absolutely, excruciatingly terrible." She said that "being born into it" was tough, but Willow is no weakling. By the time she was 16, Willow was already being dubbed a style icon, and she's brave enough to do it without Photoshop. Which is more than we can say for our next celeb (predictable much?)


Khloe Kardashian

Whatever happened to being an individual? Khloe Kardashian is going through a really hard time right now, following accusations that her baby daddy, Tristan Thompson was with another woman– just days before Khloe gave birth to their baby. Big sister, Kim recently appeared on The Ellen Show to support her sister, and even Kim K herself had no words for what Tristan did. Khloe was well into her pregnancy, here. While she's rocking the baby bump, the rest of her looks suspiciously edited.

Khloe is quietly suffering following the news that baby daddy, Tristan Thompson was straying just days before their baby girl was born. Khloe's Good American line is all about real women. Like the rest of her family though, her Instagram isn't.

Khloe does show a #nomakeup face during her workouts on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Look at her Instagram though, and it's a different story. Even her pregnancy shots seemed too good to be true, with flawless skin and hair. Revenge Body With Khloe Kardashian puts people battling their weight through their paces, but even there, Khloe is all dressed up. The result is awkward and definitely not the "real woman" Khloe projects herself as being.


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Dwayne Johnson, a.k.a. The Rock, is literally the coolest guy around. The former wrestler and actor is worshipped for his god-like physique, as he is loved for his epic personality. If anyone's proving that it's blood, sweat, and tears, it's Dwayne. 100 million of us have chosen to have this guy on our daily Instagram feed, and he's wowing us one #real shot at a time. This is a guy who pushes himself to the limit. To maintain his legendary physique, Dwayne needs 5,000 calories a day, which he spreads over seven meals, according to The Daily Mail.

Dwayne is a muscle machine. He's also one of the few celebs who can look totally cool in a private jet. Dwayne is way too focused on building real strength to have time for editing. We see blood, sweat and tears, plus, 5,000 calories a day.

Dwayne's diet includes egg whites, shakes, and a whopping 2.3 pounds of cod per day. This man needs every ounce of protein he can get, particularly since he spends most of his time in the gym. Clanging and banging 45,000 pounds of equipment in his home gym is how Dwayne spends his days. When he gave his interview to Rolling Stone, he wore a t-shirt that said it all: BLOOD SWEAT RESPECT.


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We're stumped. Miranda Kerr is considered one of the most beautiful women in the world. The Victoria's Secret Angel has an angelic face, very lucky genetics, and a string of big-name contracts to her name. The Australian model has walked the runway for designers like Dior, Chanel, and Balenciaga, and beauty giant, Clinique chose her to be the face of their "Happy" fragrance. Fans were decidedly not "happy" with this pic, though. The editing skills here were bad enough to land Miranda on the "Worst celebrity photoshop fails on Instagram" list by ThisIsInsider, and we can see why.

This hallway pic of Miranda has whittled her already tiny waist down to virtually non-existent. Miranda Kerr has also been slammed for Victoria's Secret shots, which appeared to have been Photoshopped. "I had no idea I was Photoshopped," Miranda wrote.

Miranda came under fire alongside other models in 2013, when the teeny tiny outfit she was wearing at the Victoria's Secret fashion show appeared to have received a teeny tiny bit of help. A flattened stomach and enhanced curves weren't the Miranda we know, although, Miranda was brave enough to finally come clean. She posted a side-by-side pic of the edited pic and the original. "I re-posted this pic to support the girls," she wrote. Too little, too late, Miranda.


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The ship might have sunk, but Kate Winslet knows how to stay afloat. The Titanic actress and Academy Award winner was an advocate for feminine curves long before it was "cool," and she was one of the first to fight back against Hollywood's body pressure. The very concept of Photoshop goes against Kate's morals, and she has said: "I will never give in." In 2003, Kate posed for the cover of GQ Magazine, and she was furious when she discovered that an editing team had slimmed her down.

"I do not look like that, and more importantly, I don't desire to look like that," Kate said after furiously discovering that her GQ Magazine cover had been edited. The team had slimmed her down and told her they'd "reduced the size of her legs by about a third."

In a 2011 interview with The Telegraph, Kate spoke out against women altering their appearance. "It goes against my morals," she said. "It goes against the way my parents brought me up and what I consider to be natural beauty." If you think being curvy in Hollywood now is tough, it's nothing compared to what it was. Back then, Kate was literally the only non-size zero woman in Tinseltown. Kate is a hero.


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Lindsay Lohan had a lot going for her. The freckled beauty was loved back in her Mean Girls days, and this actress has earned her place in Hollywood. Child actors have a tendency to lose their way as they grow up, and Lindsay has definitely gone down that path. Too many late nights and a reputation as a bit of a party animal haven't done much for Lindsay, although, she does slowly seem to be accepting that she's in her 30's now. Lindsay has come under fire though for editing her Instagram, and this pic proves it.

This 2015 selfie got everyone talking, as Lindsay appeared to have edited her photo to slim down her waist. Fans noticed the warped-shaped stairs as she posed for her waist-training corset. "I'm rooting for you @lindsaylohan, but you gotta stop with the Photoshop," one fan tweeted.

Lindsay didn't step up to the plate or offer any explanation. She just deleted the shot. The Mirror tried to contact Lindsay's reps for a comment, but big surprise— all they got was silence. Lindsay's Instagram does give us some #nomakeup shots of the flame-haired beauty looking genuine, but we're not counting this one as one of them. You don't need the Photoshop wand, LiLo. You need a good night's sleep.


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Here's a girl who's beautiful, talented, sassy, and totally on-trend. For a former Disney star, Hilary Duff has reinvented herself as a strong, independent woman with an adult career that's actually worth some respect. The Gossip Girl star has transitioned onto the hit show, Younger, although, Hilary herself is already a mom. This is an Instagram account you can rely on for morning coffee selfies that are actually still "sleepy head," and we love Hilary for being just that.

Hilary's morning selfies actually show her using the only filter you need—a coffee filter. Hilary looks cute as a button with her puppies or her baby, and her nine million Instagram followers are growing by the day.

Hilary has told the haters exactly where to go, following criticism over her body after becoming a mom. In 2013, Hilary revealed that it had taken her a year to "lose the baby weight." According to The Daily Mail, Hilary wanted to do it in her own time, and she lost the 50 pounds the healthy way. This mom is likewise very critical of how the paparazzi pap celeb kids. She wrote on Twitter: "I chose to let them off with a stern warning, next time I will not be so nice. #NoKidsPolicy" Right now though, we're just digging her #NoPhotoshop policy.


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Really, we did. Jessica Biel is one of Hollywood's most beautiful actresses. Her natural beauty was enough for Justin Timberlake to marry her, and they have an adorable baby boy, Silas. Jessica looks flawless, whether she's on the red carpet, doing action roles, or in her wedding gown. FYI, that was a pink and white dress worth $100,000, according to People. Jess has aced roles in films like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Total Recall, but we want a recall on her social media.

Jessica is a strong and beautiful woman, wife, and mom. "I eat cookies and pizza," she said. This pic of her is definitely trying to be sporty and natural, but the airbrushing is visible from miles away. Even her feet look like they've had a little extra help.

Jessica is hugely into her health and fitness. You'd think that would make her stay away from editing her pics. Jess' diet doesn't follow any specific regimen, and she hasn't banned sugar or cheese. (Her cheat days involve cookies and pizza.) "I'm not all-out anything," as she said in a recent interview with the Los Angeles Times. Okay, so if you're happy to eat cookies and pizza, why not show us some natural pics?

You probably agree that the Photoshop has got to stop. Teenage girls are getting more insecure by the day, and women over 40 are freaking out that they don't look "perfect." Take 12 of these beauties who've proven you can be perfect just the way you are. Then compare them to the 12 who should feel embarrassed about what they're doing. Leave us a comment on who you think is the worst offender (and who's the best role model). If you care about #realwomen, hit share and get this out to your friends.

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