10 Useless Things Lisa Vanderpump Owns (And 10 That Make Her Look Like A Baller)

Lisa Vanderpump is one of the most fabulous women on the planet.

The real housewife is part of the original cast of Bravo's The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and she is without a doubt the best member of the crew. Vanderpump also has another show called Vanderpump Rules which is about the life of her staff at one of her many restaurants SUR.

Lisa Vanderpump is a diva, a businesswoman, an animal rights activist and an incredible wife and mother. She is one of those women who simply has it all...literally.

Vanderpump is a modern day queen and the way she lives is proof of that statement. I know I would love to trade places with her, even for a day, just to see what living a life that grad would be like (even though a lot of these things people can definitely live without).

I am sure I am not the only person out there who is dying to know exactly what can be found at Villa Rosa, which of course is the name of Lisa Vanderpumps home. This is exactly why I decided to make this list and man, does she have a lot of stuff. From countless animals to beautiful cars, Villa Rosa is stacked with everything anyone would ever want (no matter how useless) and occasionally need.

20 Useless - Infinity Pool

Any lavish resort now has an infinity pool. It is one of those things that is always jaw-dropping because of how beautiful and serene it is.

It comes as no surprise that Lisa Vanderpump has one of these right in her backyard. Not only is her backyard straight out of a Pinterest dream board, but it has one of the most stunning infinity pools you will ever see.

What makes her pool so special is the view it looks out on. Located in Beverly Hills, you do not get more swanky than this.

Vanderpump has impeccable and very expensive taste and this pool is the definition of both those words. I mean she is Lisa Vanderpump, so I do not know why anyone reading this would be surprised that in her backyard lays one of the most incredible pools ever. However, it's useless in the sense of one tiny fact. Just buy a normal pool. Put your money towards something more useful instead of wasting it on something this grand.

19 Baller - Swans

Yes, this is right, Lisa Vanderpump has two swans at her home and they are named Hanky and Panky. Seriously you can't make this stuff up!

Not too long ago, Hanky, one of the swans got very ill and Lisa was taking his pain very seriously and shared a lot of the situation with her followers on Instagram. In one of the videos, Vanderpump says,

“I scratch your head and you eat your biscuits, that’s what we do every day. Eat your biscuits. You’ve lost two pounds, what are you trying to be a supermodel or something?”

One thing about Lisa Vanderpump that you can't help but love is her sense of humor, and that it manages to come out even when she's feeling a little blue.

18 Useless - Fresh Flowers Always

There are some things in life that are simply timeless and fresh cut flowers is one of those things. For anyone who knows anything about Vanderpump, you should know how much she loves the color pink.

Her love for pink is the reason why most of the time, her home is filled with fresh cut pink flowers!

There is something so lovely about flowers. I truly believe that they exude a positive energy and that having fresh flowers in a home has a lot of benefits (even though having all these fresh pink flowers is pretty useless).

Flowers are beautiful, therapeutic and to a certain extent expensive. I mean it takes a hefty budget to pull off fresh cut flowers around a home on a daily but of course, Lisa Vanderpump makes everything possible, including that!

17 Baller - Swan Pond

I mean if you are going to have swans, you may as well have a swan pond, like Vanderpump. Not only is this insane when you think about it but it is also one of those things that are hard to understand unless it is seen.

Vanderpump's swan pond is located at the entrance of her home. It's her way of already preparing her guests for the intensity of her lavish lifestyle.

Everything about Lisa's home is over the top in the most tasteful way possible which is something that she has a talent for doing. She is not tacky, yet she has the ability to make everything over the top with class and elegance, like this swan pond- it is over the top, but oh so necessary.

16 Useless - Too Many Cars

Many people in this world are obsessed with cars. Some because of the status certain cars bring, others for the speed, while others could not care less (I am one of those people). Some people like Vanderpump have so many cars, and expensive cars, that they don't even need to bother getting an upgrade.

Lisa Vanderpump can be spotted cruising around Beverly Hills in a brand Rolls Royce.

The thing about having the money like Vanderpump does, is that there is so much of it that you can kind of do whatever you want. For example; buy yourself as many cars as you want, despite the fact that you don't really need more than one really good car. That's what I call blowing money. But hey, if you've got it, flaunt it.

The truth is, I am really not surprised that she has that fancy of a car because she really is that fancy of a gal!

15 Baller - Mini Horses


What do you get your husband when the two of you already have everything imaginable? Miniature horses, that's what you buy!

For one of Ken's (Lisa's husband) birthdays she got him not one, but two miniature horses, because obviously when you are rich, everything is just better in 2's!

These miniature horses are not only insanely cute but they are also the best gift ever given on television. Although her husband looked slightly overwhelmed by two new animals that just so happen to be horses, it is known that he absolutely loved the gift.

What a lot of people do not know about these miniature horses, is that they arrived in Beverly Hills in true Vanderpump fashion: by private jet. Can you picture it? Because I totally can!

14 Useless - Mini House For Horses

Leave it to Lisa Vanderpump to have a gorgeous home for her miniature horses. In all honesty, most people living in New York City can't afford the space that these mini horses have. The reality is that I am not even surprised at how nice this horse home is because everything Vnderpump touches needs to be beautiful.

The house was actually designed by Mohamed Hadid who is the father of supermodels Bella and Gigi Hadid. Mohamed apparently made this all happen in two weeks and of course, the house is pink because Lisa just adores the color pink. The house is actually beautiful and looks amazing in the Vanderpump yard in Beverly Hills.

So in case you did not already know, these mini horses most likely live a more fabulous life than you, just let that sink in for a minute. But why did we put it in the useless category? Well, get like, a ranch or something, where they can run free. Not a tiny house.

13 Baller - Eight Dogs

The reality star is an extremely compassionate person when it comes to animals, especially dogs. Vanderpump, who owns Vanderpump Dogs, which is a dog shelter is dedicating this next chapter of her life to those without a voice. One of Lisa Vanderpump's best lines ever is when she said:

“I'm passionate about dogs just not crazy about b**ches.”

With this many dogs at her disposal, I am personally surprised that she only has eight of them. Think about that for a minute, imagine having eight dogs, it kind of sounds like paradise!

Not only does she have room in her heart for them, but she has room in her mansion to make sure all of them have enough space, both indoors and outdoors.

I am not joking when I say that in my next life I want to come back as one of her dogs!

12 Useless - Excessive Makeup And Perfume Collection

Lisa makes it no secret that she always wants to feel, look and I assume smell her best.

For anyone who watches RHOBH, you have probably noticed the countless stunning perfume bottles around Vanderpumps bathroom. I don't know why but I just have this weird feeling that Lisa Vanderpump smells like a bed of roses.

Not only does she have an insane perfume collection (which really, you don't need all of it) but she also has an insane makeup and skin care product collection. Like everything else in her life, she has nothing but the best. One of her favorites go-to products is a good old fashion Chanel lipgloss...pink of course!

So yes, excessive in every single way, all of this amounts to money wasted and it being pretty useless. But I suppose she has to find something to do with it right? Man, is she awesome or what?

11 Baller - Six Turtles

I had no idea that Vanderpump also had six turtles, that is pretty insane. Although the six adorable little creatures do not have names, I am sure that they are living a very nice and lavish life. In case you are wondering why they do not have names, Vanderpump answered that in a previous interview,

“They’re hard to differentiate which one’s which."

That makes sense. The turtles live outside in the pond which is better than in someone's living room with kids clawing at him. This is just another kind of living creature that Vanderpump has in both her home and her heart. I don't know about you, but I do think her devotion and adoration of animals is incredible and very admirable.

10 Useless - Grand Piano

A grand piano is one of those things that looks beautiful and gives off the look of pure wealth. A grand piano is not only super opulent but it is also very expensive. However, she can clearly afford it.

You see a pattern with all of Vanderpump's belongings, she has a taste of grand and posh items and a grand piano is, well, pretty grand!

I don't even know if anyone in her family can even play the piano but I do know it goes with her stunning home. A grand piano is a statement piece in a house, it is in a sense, a piece of art and it is so appreciated and valued by many around the world.

Put it this way a grand piano is pretty much the Rolls Royce of pianos. But seriously, does she even play?

9 Baller - Closet

When it comes to dream closets, Vanderpumps is at the top of my list. It is over the top amazing and I honestly could not picture a more perfect closet.

Not only is it huge and sectioned to perfection, but it is full of the most extravagant purses, shoes, outfits and jewelry you will ever see.

She is always dressed to perfection regardless of the occasion and she is the kind of person that takes pride in her appearance which explains the excessive amount of clothing pouring out of her closet. Actually, not pouring but perfectly placed and coordinated by color and style...I wonder if she hired someone to do that for her.

8 Useless - Portrait Of Her And Jiggy

Lisa Vanderpump is very vocal about her passion for animals. Her one dog, Jiggy, goes everywhere with her and Ken. Out of all of their pets, I have a feeling Jiggy is her favorite.

She loves him so much that she legitimately has a portrait of her and Jiggy hanging in her home. I am not even joking right now, she hired someone to actually paint a picture of she and Jiggy and it is big and fabulous just like Vanderpump's personality.

It is the most outrageously fabulous painting I have ever seen and it makes me so envious I did not come into this life as Mr. Jiggy himself. There is nothing more to say about Jiggy besides he is the luckiest dog in the entire world.

Though this falls under the useless category (because really, it serves no purpose), at least it's cute and makes us laugh.

7 Baller - Gates

Anyone who is anyone in Beverly Hills lives in a gated home and Lisa Vanderpump is no exception to this rule. For a home of this stature, it does not come as a surprise that her home is gated.

If you don't have a gate in front of your house, do you really live in Beverly Hills?

The best thing about living in a gated home is the privacy it allows, especially if you are famous. The reason I say this is because it makes fans, paparazzi and nosy neighbors stay away because there is nothing to see.

There is also a certain status that comes with living behind a gate, which is obviously, very different from living behind bars. A gated home shows not only that you have money, but it makes the home even more desirable because you do not know what is behind them!

6 Useless - White Table With 1 Pink Chair

This is the kind of thing that you can't help but adore her for. In one of her multiple dining areas, Lisa has created an all-white ambiance which is totally stunning. It is elegant and tasteful just like her and her style is exuded through this room and I think that's why I like it so much.

However, in true Vanderpump fashion, Lisa had to be different in some way shape or form and I am kind of obsessed with what she did.

Lisa Vanderpump added a single pink chair. I bet you can guess who that chair is reserved for. 

I love how bold and yet subtle she is all at once and it is seriously a great idea for anyone who is looking for something different to do with their dining space! The dining room itself is not useless, but that one pink chair sure is.

5 Baller - 12 Million Dollar Home

In life, there are cases where size does not matter, however when we are discussing Lisa Vanderpump home it really does matter.

For Lisa Vanderpump her 10,000 square foot home was actually a “downsize”. She moved in after her daughter got married and son moved out because it was “too much” work.

The reality is that a house that size should probably never be considered a downsize, especially seeing how insanely fabulous and over the top it is; but then again, when your previous home was 80,000 square feet I guess 10,000 feet really is a downsize!

Vanderpumps home is worth an estimated 12 million while her old house was sold for 29 million.

4 Useless - Indoor And Outdoor Dining Room

Though useless (because hey, she already has another dining room table, and why do you really need a table that is half in and half out of your house), we have to admit, it still is a bit fabulous.

Lisa Vanderpump's house is like every girls Pinterest board came to life, but even better. People dream of having the space to create an indoor-outdoor dining area and of course Lisa Vanderpump made her idea a reality.

For anyone, especially someone living in sunny California, being outdoors is something that is super beneficial, which is why this is so fabulous. It is the perfect space for an intimate dinner party and is one of those things that once you see it, you think about it for days.

Leave it to Vanderpump to have a house that is even more beautiful on the outside then it is on the inside. There is something very magical about this room, and we bet she spends a lot of time here.

3 Baller - Pool Table

Yes, Villa Rosa is a very feminine home it is filled with flowers and the color pink. However, that does not mean there is not something for Ken. Vanderpump may not seem like someone who loves playing pool but she actually has a sick pool table in her house which is pretty awesome.

Believe it or not but pool tables, to us normal folk are pretty darn expensive. To Lisa Vanderpump, it was probably equivalent to pocket change.

The pool table is, of course, placed perfectly, because she is just the queen of everything. I love her home and I love the way her pool table is there but not the main focus of a room, it is in a sense a gorgeous space filler that so totally belonged there.

2 Useless - Rose Swing

Why wouldn't Lisa Vanderpump have a giant swing covered in roses? Like seriously, is anyone surprised? Think about it, if you had the amount of money she did and lived on a property like this, wouldn't you want one? Hell, I want one hanging in my tiny studio apartment in Manhattan.

Imagine being able to swing, with roses around you, looking at the most beautiful views. I mean talk about a dream.

Lisa is known for doing cool and over the top things and this swing is exactly that. It is without a doubt one of the most adorable and Instagram worthy things I have ever seen. I mean the pictures I would post on that swing would be too much for the internet to handle.

1 Baller - Villa Rosa Sign

When driving through Beverly Hills you will be able to spot out Vanderpumps home because on the front of the gate it says, Villa Rosa.

This is the kind of money people dream about having and what Lisa Vanderpump does with it is super cool. She thinks outside the box and lets her creativity take over, allowing her to stand out from the crowd.

The reality is that any “major” money home has a crest and Vanderpumps Villa Rosa is not any different. Just the name Villa Rosa sounds baller and that is exactly what it is.

Villa Rosa is a stunning home and it is named to perfection. Elegant, over the top, beautiful and tasteful that is what people think of when they hear the name Villa Rosa and the truth is, that is exactly what you get.

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