10 Things Brangelina Liked To Spend Money On Together (10 While Single)

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were arguably the most famous couple on planet Earth while they lasted together. It really was heartbreaking for everyone to watch as this seemingly perfect couple broke up. We still have no idea what happened since Angelina will not say exactly why she decided to file for divorce and leave her former husband.

Including biological and adoptive children, these two had six kids together. Now, just imagine the struggle these kids might be going through having to deal with this divorce. Well, what is done is already done, and there is nothing anyone can make to fix it. All we can do is talk about a few of the peculiarities of this relationship. More specifically, we are going to talk a little bit about the financial aspect of their lives.

Here, we want to approach both the spending habits of these two as a couple, as well as how they like to spend their money while they are single. Either way, you can be sure that while they do make a ton of cash every year from their works, Brad and Angelina also spend a lot of money. Since they have separated, the recipients of that money might have changed, but the money is getting spent anyways.

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20 Together: An Island

Via: hiconsumption.com

This all happened during a time when no one thought there would be a chance of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt ever splitting up. They were the world’s favorite couple, and no one ever wanted to see them part ways. And there was a good reason for everyone loving this couple. While it could be infuriating for people who are jealous of folks who have money to spend, it is still kind of romantic when you see a wife buying a heart-shaped island for her husband to celebrate his 50th birthday. Yeah, we might’ve pushed this one a little bit. While it is still romantic,

the fact that someone would spend more than $12 million for something like this is still kind of aggravating.

It was one hell of a birthday gift for Brad, though.

19 Separate: Watching Game Of Thrones With Emilia Clarke

Via: people.com

Brad Pitt is a guy who is not shy to spend his money. But let’s just say

we thought it was impressive for a star of his stature to bid as much as $120,000 to watch an episode

of Game of Thrones with Emilia Clarke. Of course, all fans of the series would be delighted to spend some time with Daenerys Targaryen herself. Nevertheless, Pitt is one of the most famous movie stars of all time. We are sure that if he asked, Emilia would watch an episode with him. This whole thing apparently went down at Sean Penn’s annual “relief” event in Hollywood, where they held a silent auction. The most amazing thing here is that Brad did not even win the auction, as someone apparently bid $160,000 for the honor.

18 Together: £1 million On Artwork

Via: elle.vn

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were already wealthy before they joined forces, but their wealth reached a new level after they decided to become a couple. This evolution was somewhat exemplified by actions these two already performed and loved while they were single but eventually took to new heights as they became a couple. One of these activities is buying art.

Like any rich celebrity, these two were not afraid of shelling out millions of dollars on an artwork of any kind.

But we cannot help but be surprised whenever someone reportedly spends £1 million or more in any given art auction. That, however, was the price tag Brad and Angelina paid for a packet of works by a British "guerrilla artist" named Banksy. That auction happened all the way back in 2007 somewhere in London.

17 Separate: Plan B Entertainment

Via: thr.com

Sure, these two loved each other, and they shared almost everything since they became a couple. Still, you have to give it up for Brad Pitt because he kept one of his most valuable assets all to himself. We are, of course, talking about the film company, Plan B Entertainment. This is a company that Brad established with his previous wife, Jennifer Aniston, as well as Brad Grey who was the head honcho of Paramount Pictures.

After Pitt and Aniston divorced, Brad became the sole owner of the production company since Grey also moved to new pastures.

This is one of his businesses that Pitt did not allow Jolie to join in. Or maybe she didn’t even want to join in. Either way, Plan B Entertainment is one of the things she will never be able to touch with the divorce.

16 Together: Chateau Miraval

Via: luxuo.com

You know someone has a lot of money when he/she spends more than $60 million to buy a house. Seriously, you do not need to spend that much money on anything. We are already outraged by the guys who pay $10 million. How can we even begin to describe the feeling of watching someone spend $60 million on a house? Well, it is not just a house. After all,

Chateau Miraval is a country estate in France that has not only a famous vineyard but is also a 35-room mansion.

Let’s just say that the $60 million was just the price tag for when they bought the mansion. Brad and Angelina also made a bunch of updates to the property. We cannot even begin to guess how much that chateau is worth today.

15 Separate: Brad’s Car

Via: celebuzz.com

We have talked about many things, but we had yet to mention a car, which is really surprising since we are talking about the lives and spending habits of two of the richest celebrities in the world.

He might have bought this car while they were still together, but Brad Pitt’s Tesla is his and his only.

He has been seen with Angelina during the relationship using the car, but one of his prized possessions is still one he uses quite often after their breakup. Unfortunately, not all of the news that come with this car are good ones. Recently, Pitt was involved in a three-car accident in Los Angeles while driving his Tesla. No one seemed to be injured, and Brad was more than calm while he exchanged information with the other drivers involved in the accident.

14 Together: Their LA Home

Via: dailymail.co.uk

Since we mentioned their French estate, it would be unfair of us to not talk about the main home where the Jolie-Pitt family lived in Los Angeles. If you are a movie star, you pretty much have to live in LA. And if you are a pair of movie stars who have as much money as these two do, you have to live in LA and live in style. Let’s just say that their kids never lacked anything when it comes to having enough space to play.

Brad acquired this home in the Los Feliz area back in the 90’s and spent a total of $2.5 million.

Nevertheless, since Angelina arrived, the two of them made several improvements to the property, and it became their family home. And let us just say that it was one hell of a family home.

13 Separate: Angelina’s New Home

Via: dailymail.co.uk

Angelina Jolie probably liked living in the area of Los Feliz.

That is the only reason we can imagine why she would spend around $25 million to buy a house five minutes away from where her ex-husband lives.

Sure, we have no idea on how amicable the terms of their breakup have become after a while, but it is a fun fact to learn that she has done something like this. Another interesting little bit to take away from this is how the market in the area must have inflated since Brad bought his house. Remember, he spent less than $3 million in the 90’s. The one thing we can be certain of is that their kids are probably happy with all of this since they will also be able to be near their dad every day.

12 Together: The Engagement Ring

Via: flare.com

Angelina Jolie made several valid claims when she decided to file for divorce from Brad Pitt. However, there are a few things about the couple’s life that she will never be able to complain about. The first of those is how their marriage began. We are not talking about how they met on the set and fell in love. We are talking about things a little bit further in the relationship when they started considering marriage.

That was when Brad Pitt decided to spend a reported $250,000 on an engagement ring.

And the price tag is not all the effort that went into buying this thing. Pitt apparently took a year to design the ring. Yeah, this was a joint effort by Brad and the famous jeweller Robert Procop that took nothing less than 12 months.

11 Separate: A Croatian Investment

Via: standard.co.uk

Everyone knows Brad Pitt the successful actor, but the person fans should get used to now is Brad Pitt the architecture lover and the businessman. His love of architecture has always been known as every home this guy has ever lived in was a majestic site. The new majestic site he is aiming for, however, is somewhere on the Adriatic Coast in Croatia. Yes, he might be slowing down when it comes to making movies, but Pitt is speeding up when it comes to building businesses.

This new endeavor of his has an estimated cost of more than $1.5 billion since he wants to build a luxurious resort on the Croatian coast.

And this hotel seems like it will be as dreamy as it could possibly be. The plans include several villas, shops, restaurants, and even a golf course to go along with the luxurious hotel.

10 Together: A Helicopter

Via: joliepittpress.com

If there is one thing we can be certain about the relationship between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie is that they really loved each other while they were together. It is either that or they just like giving each other gifts. Seriously, would you even consider buying a helicopter for someone you didn’t like? Even if you had millions and millions of dollars to spare, no one would do something like that. And this is how we think we can lock that Angelina Jolie really loved Brad Pitt. She did literally buy him a helicopter.

That terrifying flying machine cost her about $1.6 million.

But that was not the only thing she bought for him. Angelina also paid for Brad to have flying lessons on the helicopter. A fun fact regarding this is that Pitt has a pilot’s license.

9 Separate: A Huge Teddy Bear

Via: hellomagazine.com

Hey, we had to have at least one entry to talk about how Angelina Jolie spends her money when it comes to her kids. This was by far the most entertaining gift anyone has ever seen Angelina give her kids—because this shows just how generous she can be. Not only did she stop as soon as she saw a for sale sign and two cheerful kids desperately trying to sell a massive teddy bear, but she even overpaid for the toy.

While the kids were asking for $50 for the bear, she apparently gave each of them $50 when she decided to buy it.

We are sure that her kids have had their share of teddy bears, but this was still a nice one to watch. The only thing that is even funnier is how hard it was for them to pack that massive bear inside the trunk of her car.

8 Together: An Italian Villa

Via: ee24.com

Yes, no home will ever beat the $60 million price tag of the chateau Brad and Angelina bought in France. But if we stay in Europe, we can find some homes they bought while they were together that are equally as impressive in terms of pricing and value. Traveling a little further down the continent, we will arrive in the beautiful region of Valpolicella in Italy. That is yet another place where the couple spent a copious amount of money in order to buy a house. This time, they bought a property called the Villa Constanza, near the Italian town of Verona.

The price tag on this home was an astounding $41 million.

One of the perks of this mansion was that it allowed the couple a lot of privacy since it is far from pretty much everything else.

7 Separate: Sculpture Materials

Via: usmagazine.com

After a bad breakup, everyone needs to get a new hobby. That is a great way to get your mind off of things and to start building yourself up from the bottom again. When you had a relationship as long as the one between Brad and Angelina, this has to be even harder. Yeah, yeah, Pitt can probably have any woman he wants, but that doesn’t seem to be what he is after since the breakup.

Although some things have not changed in his life, Pitt did find a new hobby that he is devoting a lot of time to. That hobby is sculpting. Yes, Brad Pitt is not an actor anymore (well, he might still be), but more than anything, he is a sculptor now. According to an interview with GQ, Pitt said that he is working all the time with materials like clay, plaster, rebar, and wood.

6 Together: Their Foundation

Via: time.com

As a couple, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are people who were beyond reprehension when it comes to charity and philanthropy. These people went above and beyond to help folks in need. One of the best examples of this is that shortly after they announced to the world that they had become a couple,

the two of them started the Maddox Jolie-Pitt foundation.

Maddox is the first adopted son of Angelina. An orphan from Cambodia, he was adopted back in 2002. No one really knows how much money Brad and Angelina have put into the foundation, but it has done a lot of good. Its primary goal was to aid humanitarian crisis around the globe. An interesting thing here is that no one really knows what will happen to it after the divorce, but apparently, Angelina wanted her son to become responsible for it in the future.

5 Separate: Land In Cambodia

Via: dailymail.co.uk

Since we were on the topic of their foundation and how it is related to Angelina’s first son, Maddox, who is an orphan from Cambodia, we might as well talk about her other endeavors in Cambodia. Adopting Maddox was not the only good deed Angelina did in the country. No, she seems hellbent on making life better not only for the people of Cambodia but also for its other inhabitants.

Recently, Angelina purchased over 120,000 acres of land in Cambodia. The reason for that? She wanted to build a wildlife preserve.

It certainly is not something she needed to do, but it is something that will make everyone glad. In case most are not aware of it, Cambodia is home to several endangered species like the Asian black bear, the Asian elephant, and the Indochinese Tigers.

4 Together: A Tree

Via: luxuo.com

Brad Pitt surely has given Angelina Jolie a bunch of gifts while they were together. But if we are to keep score, we have to say that at least when it comes to the gifts that became public knowledge, Angelina has beaten him by a large margin—from the ones we have already talked about, like the helicopter and the heart-shaped island, to a few others we could start naming. For example,

there was a time when she spent $18,500 to buy him a tree for Valentine’s Day.

Yeah, you thought you were cool buying your girlfriend or boyfriend roses for Valentine’s Day? Guess again. If you really want to show someone you love them, you have to buy a tree that is worth thousands of dollars. Supposedly, the tree was to be planted at their French estate.

3 Separate: Another Home

Via: dailymail.co.uk

Still on the topic of Cambodia, we could not leave out the story about Angelina Jolie’s jungle paradise. We are talking about a patch of the jungle she bought to use in a way in which it could educate people on the terrible things that happened in Cambodia during the Cambodian genocide. The only problem here is that this entire patch of land was supposedly bought from the very warlord who committed a good part of the genocide in Cambodia. Actually, the land was bought from a former soldier of the regime who still seemed to be very loyal to his previous boss. Although, he was also very happy to be selling the land to a “famous lady.”

The price tag on that one? Somewhere around $40,000.

It was a land where terrible things happened, but it is a beautiful place indeed.

2 Together: A Waterfall

via El Viajero - El País

How rich do you have to be to buy a waterfall? Can anyone even sell a waterfall? Well, it seems that they can since Angelina Jolie bought Brad Pitt a waterfall as a Christmas present back in 2011. Not only that. The waterfall was just part of the gift. The entirety of it was the waterfall and the land around it. And the reason behind that is because it seems

Brad always dreamed of building a home in the style of his favorite American architect, a gentleman by the name of Frank Lloyd Wright.

Apparently, Pitt’s dream house is a masterpiece by Wright that he created in the 1930’s. A property called Fallingwater somewhere in Pennsylvania—a home that Brad and Angelina visited in 2006. To surprise him, she found a similar patch of land in LA and gave him a chance to fulfill that dream.

1 Separate: Another Tree

Via: dailymail.co.uk

If you have not realized that by now, Brad Pitt is someone who loves nature. Put that together with the fact that living near Hollywood stars cannot be the most usual of experiences and you will have the oddity experienced by Pitt’s neighbors when they were just hanging out inside their homes and spotted a huge truck driving by carrying a massive tree.

Yes, Brad bought a tree and had a truck deliver it to his home.

The picture is one of those things that are hard to believe unless someone tells you that a Hollywood star made it happen. Who the hell buys a tree this size? And what is wrong with the trees he already had in his home? Maybe he just needed some new “filtered oxygen” for his bachelor pad.

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