10 Ridiculously Expensive Things The Cast Of Harry Potter Has Bought

With seven movies complete as well as several spin-off films, the Harry Potter series is one of the largest franchises in the history of cinema, and therefore it isn't a surprise that the movies were loaded with incredible actors and actresses.

The movies celebrated the best of British when it came to the acting world, and due to the success of all the movies, they were all certainly very well paid throughout, which allowed them to have plenty of money to buy plenty of things.

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Celebrities are well known for spending ridiculous amounts of money on different things, from cars and mansions to art and everything in between, and within this article, we will list 10 expensive things the cast of Harry Potter have bought.

10 Daniel Radcliffe: Expensive Mattress

Let's start off with Daniel Radcliffe, who played Harry Potter himself throughout all the movies, becoming beloved around the globe as audiences literally saw him grow as a person and an actor through these movies.

Radcliffe also grew his finances as each film was released, with this project being the first one he was involved with, and as the main character, he was certainly paid handsomely for that honor.

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The fact Radcliffe is able to spend $17,000 on a mattress is sheer proof of just how much money he earned, buying a custom mattress from Savoir, which he splashed out on when he was just 22-years-old.

9 Emma Watson: Charity

Something that has been crystal clear since she has become a fully grown adult with her own voice is that Emma Watson is an incredibly charitable person who is looking to make the world a better place.

Not only does Watson, who portrayed Hermione Granger within the wizarding world, work hard promoting projects of poverty and gender equality, but she also places plenty of money into it to back up her words.

In 2018 she gave $1.4 million to Justice and Equality Fund, which is an organisation that works against sexual harassment and assaults in the UK, with the actress being one of the first people to back the charity with money.

8 Helena Bonham Carter: Mill House

Helena Bonham Carter may be incredibly rich due to her acting career, but she is actually part of the legendary Asquith family, and recently she made the decision to buy back the family retreat property in Sutton Courtenay, Oxon.

The property which has a three-bed bungalow, a walled garden and paddock cost $2.9 million for her to purchase, with the main residence actually boasting eight bedrooms, making it perfect for her to host guests.

The property is located in a small village which only has a population of just over 2,000 people, and Carter admitted she was planning on going out and being part of the community.

7 Rupert Grint: Hovercraft

In interviews, Rupert Grint has been very open in admitting he didn't handle his Harry Potter finances particularly well, revealing that he spent money on a lot of random things during the period of time.

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While he has stated that has now calmed down, one of the more expensive items he picked up while buying a lot of things happened to be a hovercraft, which will have certainly been an expensive purchase.

It is unknown how well this vehicle works, but Grint certainly has one, because what else would you do when you're young and all of a sudden incredibly rich and famous?

6 Emma Watson: Ski Chalet

Ski Chalet's can be incredible expensive just to rent or stay in for a few nights, which is one of the reasons many people don't go skiing, but when you are an incredibly rich celebrity, that instantly isn't an issue.

One of Emma Watson's big purchases has been on a Ski Chalet in France, which happened to set her back a reported $1 million, with no expense being spared in order to get the nicest possible location.

According to her friends, the property was her way of celebrating getting straight As in her studies, which is a more than worthy cause for celebration.

5 Gary Oldman: Car Collection

With a net worth of $40 million, Gary Oldman has plenty of money to spend and one of the ways that the highly respected British actor chooses to do that is by adding to his car collection.

Oldman is well known for being a major car enthusiast, and it is no surprise that he decided to spend plenty of his Harry Potter wages on adding to his collection, with Oldman liking cars that "make a proper noise."

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Within his collection, the actor owns a 550 Spyder which he had totally restored, which certainly cost a lot, and he has admitted that it also isn't cheap to run.

4 Tom Felton: Hollywood Hills Home

Much like a large chunk of the cast, Tom Felton (who played Draco Malfoy), made the move from the United Kingdom over to America to continue his acting career, buying a home in the Hollywood Hills.

The contemporary home reportedly cost Felton $1.275 million, sparing no expense to make sure he owned the property of his dreams, with this being a single-story open floor plan home.

With a poolside deck, a glass-covered patio, two bedrooms, and master bedroom with fireplaces, this home is an incredible one that people dream of living in.

3 Alan Rickman: Helping Friends

Alan Rickman might have played a bad guy in the Harry Potter movies as Severus Snape, but much like the wizard, deep down, Rickman is an incredible softy, and there is a reason there was such an outpouring of love when he sadly passed away.

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A prime example of that is how he chose to spend lots of his Harry Potter finances, which happened to be on his friends, with Rickman being well known for treating his friends and family to meals and drinks.

Emma Winslet told a story, revealing that Rickman became known for simply saying, "Harry Potter," to people who would question him paying for things.

2 Rupert Grint: Ice Cream Truck

A childhood dream of many people is owning an ice cream truck of their own to have a seemingly endless supply of ice cream if they want it, but only the people who are willing to make it a business tend to actually have one.

However, Rupert Grint made his childhood dream come true with some of the money he made from his work on the movies as Ron Weasely, and he actually went out and bought an ice cream truck.

Grint even drove the truck around, playing the famous tune to the areas, although it's unknown if he actually went as far as selling them to the local children.

1 Daniel Radcliffe: Kaleidoscope Painting

Daniel Radcliffe was able to earn an unbelievable amount of money from his role as the boy wizard, and he managed to grow up into a fine young man, and one who is clearly a big fan of art.

While celebrities often just splash the cash on massive art pieces in order to display them around their homes to look nice, Radcliffe actually seems to have an eye for art, which is highlighted by this piece.

Radcliffe reportedly spent $2 million on the "Kaleidoscope" painting, which was created by Damien Hirst. His work is often made from butterfly wings and he has come under criticism for his work in the past, yet there is no denying it stands out.

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