10 Reasons Why Anna Faris’ Time In Hollywood Might Be Over (And 10 Why She'll Make A Comeback)

Anna Faris has one of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood, but she is not one of the most successful actors. While the blonde bombshell has starred in silly comedies like Scary Movie, Just Friends, and The House Bunny, she failed to maintain a steady, successful career in film. She was typecast as the ditsy, funny blonde and that was that. She made a few comedic cameos here and there and even did some voice acting for a few animated flicks, but she never really made it to the A-list. When she and Chris Pratt first got together, she was arguably the more famous one, as his only claim to fame was his role on the series Parks and Recreation.

However, once Chris was cast in The Guardians of the Galaxy, he immediately jumped onto the A-list. He began to get cast in big-budget films and all eyes were on him. This past August, Anna and Chris shocked everyone with the announcement of their separation —people thought that they were the ideal couple. We know that Chris Pratt will be just fine now that he is a superstar actor, but what about Anna Faris?

She has a successful podcast, Unqualified, and even a book by the same name, but is her time in Hollywood coming to a close? She just appeared in the remake of the 1987 film, Overboard, but she did not exactly “wow” critics. The career decisions that Anna makes over the next year or so will determine whether her time is up or if she can revamp what she once had. Here are 10 reasons why Anna Faris’ time in Hollywood might be over and 10 reasons why she might make a comeback.

20 Why Her Time Is Over: She's Always Typecast

anna faris typecast
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At one point, it seemed like Faris was in all of the silly comedies like Scary Movie, The Hot Chick, Just Friends, and The House Bunny. But then, all of a sudden, we stopped seeing her as much. Even though she has played a wide variety of roles in the past from Polly in the indie-horror, May, to Kelly in Lost In Translation, which starred Billy Murray and Scarlett Johansson. She even had a role in the hit film Brokeback Mountain. However, no one seems to remember her for any of those roles and when anyone thinks of Anna Faris, they immediately think of the goofy blonde eating toothpaste in Just Friends or the hilariously ditzy house mom in The House Bunny. As a result, she has never been offered any seriously groundbreaking roles that could push her career forward.

Anna was understandably frustrated when she was typecast after her role as Cindy Campbell in the Scary Movie franchise.

According to Looper, the number of roles that she was offered and the type of roles that she was offered after Scary Movie definitely slimmed. It is a shame because she clearly has a lot more to offer, as far as her acting is concerned.

19 Why Her Time Is Over: Is She Only Good For TV Now?

anna faris only good for tv
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Anna Faris may have had some success starring in comedic films like Scary Movie and Just Friends, but in recent years, we have not seen much of Faris on the big screen. She did the voices for a few cartoon characters in films like The Emoji Movie, which did not receive good reviews, and Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip, but it is not like she really got to demonstrate any of her physical acting skills with those movie roles. Actually, since marrying the Parks and Recreation star, Chris Pratt, in 2009, Anna has not starred in any hit movies. She has had roles in some flops like Take Me Home Tonight and What’s Your Number? in 2011, as well as I Give It A Year and Movie 43 in 2013.

Faris’ only steady work has been her role as Christy on the television series Mom. The series began airing in 2013 and Faris stars alongside Allison Janney.

Anna plays a single mother with two kids. She is trying to navigate a newly sober life and be a good mother. Her own recovering alcoholic mother, played by Janney, re-enters her life and is never short of criticisms for Christy. The comedic duo seems to work, as the television show has been on for five years, but it can’t last forever. And she still seems to be playing the same type of character. After that, what is next for Faris?

18 Why Her Time Is Over: She Is Satisfied With Cameo Roles

Anna Faris Satisfied With Cameo Roles
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Although she has had some leading roles in rom-coms and silly comedies, Faris has never given off that “leading lady” vibe. She seems to be happy being the quirky friend on the side, while some other beautiful, confident woman takes on the starring role. Instead of taking on serious roles that could do wonders for her career, she has fun playing funny cameos. For instance, she appeared in the closing credits of the comedy sequel, 22 Jump Street, and made an uncredited appearance in the 2016 comedy, Keanu, as a strangely exaggerated version of her typecast character. She also had a very small part in a peculiar British comedy called Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel, according to Looper.

Because her focus does not seem to have been on movies in the past few years, it would appear that she still enjoyed dabbling in films by making these small cameo appearances.

However, they have done nothing to help her career or her reputation in Hollywood. Although it seems to work well for Anna, who is a busy, working mother. With these cameos, she can just pop in, film her quick bit, and be on her merry way. But if she wants to be taken seriously in the film industry, she will have to take on more respectable roles.

17 Why Her Time Is Over: She Is Being Overshadowed By Chris Pratt

Anna Faris Overshadowed By Chris Pratt
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When Anna Faris first got together with Chris Pratt, one could argue that she was the more famous one of the two. If you think about it, she had just starred in The House Bunny and Just Friends and by then, she was well-known for the Scary Movie franchise, but Chris Pratt had only been known as the pudgy, cute guy on Parks and Recreation. Once Pratt landed his role as Peter Quill in Guardians of the Galaxy, which hit theaters in 2014, everything changed.

Pratt was suddenly a handsome, buff leading man and he was propelled into stardom.

Since then, he has starred in the Guardians of the Galaxy sequel, Jurassic World (and its soon-to-be-released sequel), Passengers, The Lego Movie (and the sequel, which will debut in 2019), and most recently, the hit film, Avengers: Infinity War. So yeah, you could say that he is having a far better film career than his wife throughout their marriage. While her career was reaching its low point, he was on the up and up. According to The Sun, the celebrity couple’s “competitive” marriage collapsed when he became more famous than her. He was out being a big movie star and she was at home, taking care of their son, making small cameo roles, and podcasting.

16 Why Her Time Is Over: Tabloid Scandals Have Made Her Insecure

Anna Faris Tabloid Scandals Have Made Her Insecure
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Any celebrity couple faces scrutiny from the public — that’s just the nature of the job. However, it can still affect the couple’s relationship, and this case, that is exactly what happened. Chris and Anna were one of Hollywood’s favorite couples, and as a result, people constantly wanted to read about them in the tabloids. However, Chris and Anna weren’t super public with their relationship and when the media does not have anything to write about, they make it up. With Chris away filming all of his movies and Anna busy with her own endeavors, the tabloids began to concoct a narrative that did not paint their relationship in the best light. There were even rumors that Pratt had been unfaithful to his wife at one point.

Rumors that there was trouble in their marriage began arising, and although, at the time, there was no truth to them, it still hurt Anna’s feelings. It got to the point where she admitted that it made her feel “incredibly insecure," according to Looper.

Unfortunately, the gossip created some actual issues in their relationship. Now, we’re not saying that the tabloids are 100 percent to blame for their divorce, but it is a shame that the false news stories had anything to do with the seemingly loving couple’s demise. Pratt and Faris shocked the world when they announced their separation in August 2017.

15 Why Her Time Is Over: Plagued With Controversy

Anna Faris Plagued With Controversy
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Anna Faris has not always made the best decisions when it came to accepting roles with some pretty controversial lines and actions. As a result, she has been plagued with controversy, and her career has taken a hit. The most standout example is probably her role as the makeup clerk, Brandi, in Seth Rogan’s comedy Observe and Report. The whole movie is cringe-worthy but one scene, in particular, was extremely controversial. A mall cop named Ronnie Barnhardt, played by Rogan, is attracted to Faris’ character. He is seen putting something in Brandi’s drink, making her get sick and fall asleep. The scene goes on from there, but while it was played for laughs, many people were offended.

What was meant to be just another scene to make the audience uncomfortable and push the line actually ended up making audiences extremely angry.

Why would Anna agree to perform such an inappropriate and insensitive scene? Combining this with the fact that she has been typecast as a ditzy blonde does not help her chances of saving her career at all. Rotten Tomatoes critics said that the film had “mean streaks” and did “not cater to all tastes.” They were certainly right about that.

14 Why Her Time Is Over: Being A Good Mother Is Her Number 1 Priority

Anna Faris Being A Good Mother Is Her Number 1 Priority
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If Anna Faris and Chris Pratt had not have had their beloved son, Jack, perhaps Anna would have taken more serious strides at turning her career around once her husband had really started starring in hit films. However, once Anna became a mom, like most other moms, her child became her number one priority. As much as she loves her career, she loves her son more. Faris has been pretty candid about her experience has a new mom with the public, saying that it was a “tidal wave change” to her life. According to Looper, the actress has said that it was not until she had her son that she could see that motherhood was “sort of the most important job in the world.” It’s clear, Anna won’t put anyone or anything above her son.

Even though she and Chris did not work out, the two actors are devoted to amicably co-parenting. They want him to grow up having the happiest and healthiest life he can possibly have, and they know that having two bickering parents would not foster that sort of environment. It is understandable why Faris’ main concern is her son, and not making it into the next big movie.

13 Why Her Time Is Over: She'll Always Be In Chris Pratt's Shadow

anna faris chris pratt overshadowing his former wife
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Whether Anna likes it or not, she and her husband, Chris Pratt, had one of the most beloved celebrity relationships in Hollywood. People are going to forever remember her for being married to The Guardians of the Galaxy star. While she used to be known mostly for her roles in Scary Movie and Just Friends, now she will likely be referred to as "Chris Pratt's ex-wife." The fact that they have a son together also means that she will be connected to him for the rest of her life, at least, in some way or another.

It is a shame that she might end up being more recognized for her relationship that for her career accomplishments, but that is just sometimes the way that Hollywood works. Unfortunately, Farris might not be able to handle the constant comparison and the feeling of being overshadowed by her former husband. If she could not even manage to deal with her feelings of jealousy while they were married, won't she just resent him even more now that they are not even together? The fame imbalance is what was said to have really negatively affected their relationship, leading to their demise and eventual divorce, according to Cheat Sheet.

12 Why Her Time Is Over: She Is Focused On Podcasting

Anna Faris Focused On Podcasting
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While her main priority is her son, Jack, it would seem that Anna’s other priority has been her hit podcast, Unqualified. The podcast, which has been extremely popular since its start in 2015, is described as “not-so-great relationship advice from completely unqualified Hollywood types.” She has interviewed some of her friends and favorite people in the entertainment industry. Recently, she has had stars like Dax Shepard, Shay Mitchell, Zach Braff, Macaulay Culkin, Heather Graham, and her Mom co-star, Allison Janney.

In the congested world of podcasting, it seems like every celebrity and reality star is trying to have a successful podcast. And why wouldn’t they?

It seems easy enough. You get to sit around and chat with all of your celebrity friends, while people listen to you and advertisers pay you. However, it is not that simple, at holding on to a successful podcast show is difficult, so the fact that she has managed to keep it going at the top of the charts for the last three years says something. Anna seems to have really found her niche with her podcast and it definitely feels right, so why wouldn’t she focus on this? The only thing is, is it helping her film career?

11 Why Her Time Is Over: She Might Be Ready To Throw In The Towel

Anna Faris She Might Be Ready To Throw In The Towel
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After a long, and some would say successful, career, Anna Faris may just be ready to throw the towel in and call it quits. She may no longer desire to have a prosperous career as a film actress, maybe her dreams and goals have changed over the years. Although she did recently star in the movie, Overboard, it did not receive rave reviews, with Rotten Tomatoes giving it a 31 percent and only four out of 10 stars, it does not seem like Anna is working on any new films. Filming for Overboard began in May 2017, which was months before she and Chris Pratt announced their separation. Since then, Anna’s life has been a hectic whirlwind.

Between juggling interviews for her movie, dealing with her heartbreaking split, as well as having the public know all about it, and trying to be the best mother to her son that she can, it would be understandable if Anna Faris was a bit worn out.

Now that she has a successful podcast, she has a creative outlet that allows her to entertain and perform in a way that suits her new lifestyle, she may no longer have a need for Hollywood. Plus, now that her soon-to-be-ex-husband is a superstar actor, she definitely does not need to worry about little Jack being provided for.

10 Why She Might Make A Comeback: Her Successful Podcast Could Open New Doors

Anna Faris Her Successful Podcast Could Open New Doors
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Although her podcast, Unqualified, is so successful that Anna could rely on it as her full-time job, she could also use it to open new doors in Hollywood. Having a successful podcast is all about who you know and having great guests. Anna has clearly nailed that. If she wants to revive her career, she should start inviting guests on that could potentially help her. If anything, she would just get to network with new people in the industry.

Once she starts getting on some very important peoples' good sides, her name may begin to pop up in casting rooms in Hollywood. People in the entertainment industry often use podcast interviews as a way to promote their own projects, so it would be a two-way street. Of course, Anna already knows a ton of actors and performers in the industry, but she should consider expanding her podcast guest list if she wants to revamp her career. While her fans probably get excited to hear her Mom co-star, Allison Janney, on multiple episodes, Faris already knows her, so let’s get someone new on! The more that Anna opens up her doors and invites Hollywood in, the more that they will accept her and think of her in the future.

9 Why She Might Make A Comeback: She's A Voice Actor

Anna Faris She's A Voice Actor
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Voice actors do not typically receive the credit that they deserve. In fact, you probably do not even realize when some of your favorite stars voice the cartoon characters in movies. It may seem like Anna Faris has not been in many movies over the past few years, and when she was, they were terrible. But Faris has also had some pretty major roles in animated flicks, and while The Emoji Movie was nothing for her to brag about, Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs and Alvin And The Chipmunks did pretty well in theaters. Anna played the character, Sam Sparks, in Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs in 2009 and the film’s sequel in 2013. She played the female chipmunk, Jeanette, in three of the four Alvin And The Chipmunks movies.

Back in the day, she used to do the voice for the hippie chick, Lisa on King of the Hill, and appeared on some episodes from 2002 until 2004, according to IMDB. Faris seems to enjoy doing voice acting. Although it keeps her out of the spotlight, it could be just what she needs right now. Her life may be too hectic to take on the leading role in a box office hit but if she took the leading role in the next big animated film, it could jumpstart her career back on the right track.

8 Why She Might Make A Comeback: She Has Demonstrated A Wide Range Of Acting Skills In The Past

Anna Faris She Has Demonstrated A Wide Range Of Acting Skills In The Past
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Anna Faris may have been typecast as a silly blonde girl, but she is so much more than that, and she has even proven so, but people have failed to notice. The Scary Movie actress has actually demonstrated a wide range of acting capabilities. Although most of her work is geared towards making people laugh, she has had roles in some films that had a different tone. She portrayed the character, Polly, in the horror movie, May, in 2002, which was something that was completely different for her at the time. She did a great job with her role of Kelly in Lost In Translation in 2003. In 2005, she surprised her fans with her role as Lashawn Malone in Brokeback Mountain, according to IMDB.

Now that she is a mother, Faris would be great at taking on the starring role of a mother in a dramatic film or even a thriller, which would shine a spotlight on her forgotten skills as a more serious actor.

Faris needs to land one monumental role that will show film execs that she is not just the dumb girl from Just Friends and that she is capable of delivering gripping, believable characters on the big screen.

7 Why She Might Make A Comeback: She's The Author Of A Successful Book

Anna Faris She Writes Books Now
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After Anna’s podcast reached the top of the charts, she knew that she had something good going with this whole “unqualified” brand, so she decided to do something that she had always wanted to do—write a book. Her memoir, which is appropriately titled Unqualified, came out in 2017 and much like the podcast, it will dive into “how to navigate the bizarre, chaotic, and worthwhile adventure of finding love.” Now, lots of celebrities “write” their own books, with the help of ghost writers, but Anna is actually qualified (pun intended) to be writing her own. She graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in English Literature. She has even admitted before that she “never wanted to become a movie star” and had always wanted to publish her own novel, instead.

Faris’ book came out just a few months after she and Chris Pratt had announced their separation… Awkward.

According to The New York Times, Anna made the conscious decision to push her book publication, taking a plunge, “despite the fact that her book casts an idealistic light on their marriage and barely alludes to its demise." Chris Pratt even wrote the foreword! Regardless, people seem to love the book. The next step for Anna would be to write a captivating follow-up memoir, discussing her life post-Pratt and how she handled all of the major changes in her life. Her audience and fans would probably appreciate hearing about how the actress has (or if she has) gotten back into dating, and how she balances that with her career and being a mother to her son, Jack.

6 Why She Might Make A Comeback: She's Starring In New Movies

Anna Faris She's Starring In New Movies
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While Faris has not exactly been making waves in the film industry over the past few years, she did recently star in a remake of the 1987 hit, Overboard, originally starring Goldie Hawn. The original comedy is about a pretentious, wealthy woman who starts a new life with a handyman after falling overboard and getting amnesia. The remake will reverse these roles, with the man being the rich, spoiled playboy and Anna Faris’ character being the working woman. This is the first film that Anna has been the leading lady in for quite some time. And while it was not an overwhelming box office success in its opening weekend, the film is doing fairly well and receiving pretty good ratings. Rotten Tomatoes only gave the film a 31 percent but the audience members gave the comedy a 75 percent.

This is exactly what Faris needs to give her career a boost. She needs to be getting her face out there, for real, in legitimate and respected movies.

If there is a demand to see her in films, she will be cast, and if no one cares about her, then she will not be. There is no word of what Anna’s next project will be, but she had better get started finding her next role and strike while the iron is hot before Hollywood forgets about her again.

5 Why She Might Make A Comeback: She’s Speaking Out Against Issues In Hollywood

Anna Faris She’s Speaking Out Against Harassment In Hollywood
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One thing that could help Faris’ career is the fact that she has been so outspoken about the injustices that women are made to endure in the entertainment industry. Ever since the initiation of the #MeToo and Time’s Up movements, more and more women have come forward, admitting that they were harassed or abused by powerful men in Hollywood. The women that have bravely chosen to come forward have all been met with respect from the media and their fans.

The demise of the career of the famed film producer, Harvey Weinstein, inspired Anna Faris to speak out about something that she had experienced.

According to Variety, Faris was harassed by an unnamed film director early on during her career, while she was filming a movie. She said, “I was doing a scene where I was on a ladder and I was supposed to be taking books off a shelf and he slapped my […] in front of the crew so hard. And all I could do was giggle.” She also recalled that she “dismissed” the situation and told herself that it was “not that big of a deal,” but later, she realized that it had made her “feel small” and that the director “wouldn’t have done that to the lead male.”

4 Why She Might Make A Comeback: She Has Not Slandered Chris Pratt In The Media

She Has Not Slandered Chris Pratt In The Media
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Celebrity divorces can be messy, to say the least. For one, you have the entire public looking in on your relationship, making judgments on your every decision. You also have to deal with what everyone has to deal with at the end of a relationship — being heartbroken and figuring out how to move on with their lives. Many celebrities make the mistake of slandering their ex in the press. It can be very easy to say something that is not-so-nice about your former significant other, depending on how the relationship ended.

Now, we do not know what the exact reasons behind Chris and Anna’s split, although, we do know that his fame and the tabloid rumors did play a part, but the two have remained very amicable throughout this entire situation. Maybe it is because of their son, Jack, that they do not want to speak badly about each other because they know it will affect him some day. Or perhaps they are still holding out hope that they may be able to reconcile their relationship, but either way, Anna has made the right decision to not speak poorly about her former lover. It would have come back to bite her in the end, especially considering what a huge star he has become today. One thing that celebrities in Hollywood should not do is burn bridges, even when that bridge is your soon-to-be-ex-husband.

3 Why She Might Make A Comeback: She Is Open To Finding Love Again

Anna Faris She Is Open To Finding Love Again
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Although the news of Anna Faris and Chris Pratt’s split came as a shock for nearly everyone, Anna and Chris have been comfortable with their decision for some time now. Of course, the public is the last to know anything, so by the time they officially decided to call it quits, they had been talking about it for quite a while already. People reported in October that just two months after they announced their separation, Anna was already getting back into dating. The Mom star was spotted out with the cinematographer, Michael Barrett, who she worked on Overboard with.

If she had decided to crawl into a hole after her divorce, shun the public and her responsibilities, her career would have been over, for sure, but Anna has stayed on top throughout the whole thing. She has kept busy doing what she does best—being a mother, acting, podcasting, and writing — and when love comes knocking at her door again, she is willing to answer it. This just goes to show that Anna can be knocked down, but she will get back up again. A new, high-profile relationship could do wonders for her career. She needs something new that her fans (and she) can be excited about.

2 Why She Might Make A Comeback: She Has A Positive Outlook On The Future

Anna Faris She Has A Positive Outlook On The Future
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Anna may have had a rough year, with the demise of her marriage, but she has proven that she will not let that define her. She has also shown that she can bounce back from anything. Her positive outlook as undoubtedly shaped her into the person that she is today. Toward the end of her memoir, Unqualified, Anna looks back on her career in Hollywood, she does not have any regrets, and she has a hopeful outlook for the future. She has realized, over time, that it is important for her to assert more creative control over her career.

She is excited to see what kind of person she will be in each stage of her life writing, “But more interesting than my 40’s, I think, is thinking about when I’m 60 and imagining what that looks like. I’ll channel Annette Bening, who is the most stunning almost-60-year-old in existence. My strategy will be to fake it till I make it and just be brimming with […] confidence.” The 41-year-old added, “I’ve got 20 years to get there.” Her positive view will, for sure, help her in her career, and if she keeps going as she is, more good things are only bound to come her way.

1 Why She Might Make A Comeback: She Is Actually Overqualified

Anna Faris She Is Actually Overqualified
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The funny thing about Anna Faris’ brand being Unqualified, is that she is actually overqualified in so many ways. The woman has been in nearly 40 movies. She’s not only a certifiably talented actress, who has shown a lot of range throughout her career, but she is a brilliant podcast host and gifted writer. Although she is known for her comedic roles, there is nothing that Anna can’t do if she puts her mind to it. There is no telling where her career could go if she continues on this track.

So many of her endeavors, from her movies and TV shows to her podcast to her books, could open new doors to exciting opportunities for the blonde starlet.

Anna is so real and raw and she is able to connect with her audience in a way that a lot of celebrities do not. Faris should use her recent split as the fresh start that she needs to revamp her career. What do you think? Is Anna Faris on her way out of Hollywood? Or can this multi-talented blonde make the comeback her career needs? Let us know what you think in the comments section below. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

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