10 Photos Of A Young Reese Witherspoon Vs. 10 Recent Pics Of Her Looking Ageless

Is there anything that this woman can’t do? Reese Witherspoon may be known simply as an actress to the majority of the world but she is so much more than just a pretty face.

Born in New Orleans, Louisiana, Reese Witherspoon went from thinking she might be a doctor to becoming the actress we all know and love. In addition to being wildly successful actress, she is also a producer, entrepreneur, businesswoman, a doting wife, and mother. She’s been in more than 40 films and has made television appearances on a variety of shows over a dozen different times. Witherspoon also started her own production company, Type A Films, which is named after an inside joke between Reese and her family. A few years after she merged that company with Bruna Papandrea, and some drama ensued, Reese tried her hand at a retail endeavor. In spring of 2015, she debuted her fashion, accessories, and home decor company called Draper James, a name that was inspired by her grandparents. The next year kept her quite busy between her becoming an author and forming a media company with Otter Media called Hello Sunshine.

Regardless of what she does in her life, as the face of Avon, the voice of women around the country, or as a long-time supporter of Save the Children, Reese Witherspoon is always looking her best, rain or shine. As just another actress that seems to never age a day in her life, Reese proves to us all that her good genes and incredible looks are here to stay.

20 Young - Dreams Of Being An M.D. And A Different Name

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The crazy part about celebrities is the fact that they might not have been celebrities at all, if not for one or several fateful turn of events which puts them on the path to stardom. Mrs. Witherspoon, born Laura Jean Reese Witherspoon, is one of these fine individuals since there was a point in her life where she believed she was going to follow in the footsteps of her mother and father, who both worked in the medical field.

It was in the year after she graduated high school that Reese thought about making this drastic decision that would have surely been the end of our shining actress as we know her. Being big fans, we’re glad she chose actress over M.D.

19 Ageless - Fun In The Son

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We’ve loved watching Reese in everything from Legally Blonde to A Wrinkle In Time. Watching Reese grow up and into the stunning woman, mother, and loving wife she is today has certainly been a blessing but one of the best roles of her life has to be becoming a mother to her children, Ava, Deacon, and Tennessee.

Of course, her daughter is literally a spitting image, making differentiating between her younger self and Ava a little bit more difficult than one would think. A little more recently, Reese got excited, and surely a little teary-eyed, when her two oldest graduated from school. People goes over the graduation event and the video Reese posted showing her pride in Ava who just graduated from high school and Deacon, who graduated from junior high. Congratulations kids!

18 Young - A Youthful Interviewee

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Back in 1991, a fateful newspaper pretty much changed young Witherspoon’s life at just 14-years-old. Her hometown newspaper had an ad that called for extras and she decided to try things out. Success was soon hers as she got the lead part in The Man In The Moon which came out later that year. The Guardian says that this role brought about a great first impression which seems to be true since she was nominated for the Young Artist Award for Best Young Actress.

Because of her performance, she was asked to be in television’s Wildflower with Patricia Arquette later that same year.

17 Ageless - Sunset On The Set

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For those unaware of what the HBO show Big Little Lies is about, the show follows Reese and a few others living in Monterey, California. The cast is in the midst of a murder investigation and the drama simply develops from there. The TV show was initially supposed to be a miniseries that consisted of just seven episodes. However, it was seen with such success that HBO decided to work out another season which just so happens to be shooting this year.

Fans will have to wait until next year to see the new season. Even The New Yorker said that it’s “full of strong performances” and that Reese’s character was undoubtedly made for her.

16 Young - An Early Life

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Everyone knows that America’s favorite sweetheart was born in the south, she has talked about her love for her hometown of New Orleans, Louisiana more times than we’d care to mention. Most people, however, weren’t aware that as a young girl, Reese actually lived in a different country altogether. Since her father, Dr. John Draper Witherspoon, was in the United States Army at the time, a lucky Reese got to spend four years overseas in Germany before her family made the move back to the states to settle in Nashville, Tennessee, another place she mentions often.

Reese herself says that her southern upbringing gave her a true sense of “family and tradition,” which has done a lot to shape her character.

15 Ageless - Books, Books, and More Books!

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If there is one thing to know about Mrs. Witherspoon besides her incredible acting skills and her ability to really resonate with her fans is the fact that she loves books. Of course, we believe the written language is a powerful thing so the fact that one of our favorite people also loves to read is a win-win in our book. In addition to writing her own book, she regularly shares her favorites in her very own book club. Not only do fans and friends flock to bookstores to snatch up these need-to-read novels, but some major publications are talking about her choices as well.

PopSugar refers to her selection as “juicy,” whereas Entertainment Weekly says that “there’s no denying that Reese Witherspoon has an eye for a good book.”

14 Young - Besties

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Seeing as Reese would have been one of the most popular girls at our high school back in the day, it should come as no shock that Reese is one of the women you want to be friends with in Hollywood. They might not always hang out, because you know, schedules, but even being a world apart, Reese still makes sure to send shout outs to her friends on their birthdays. You don’t have to worry if they remember hers because her friends send their own very special birthday wishes on Reese’s special day. The proof of love is in the pudding which can be seen in a Huffington Post article about Jennifer Garner going “full band geek” while singing “Happy Birthday” to Reese earlier this year.

13 Ageless - A Relaxing Vacation

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Witherspoon is one person who knows how to work hard and play even harder. For some superstars, vacation means that you have a different office, perhaps with gorgeous scenery and fun drinks, but with a laptop and cell phone accompanying them as well. That just doesn’t seem to be the case with Reese.

Regardless of the weather out, Reese always looks like she is enjoying the sunlight in her many Instagram pictures. We personally love her snapshots of spring and summer, where she looks like the epitome of relaxation. If only we could achieve such a glow.

12 Young - An Unhappy Songstress

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Walk The Line created cause for Reese to have six grueling months of singing lessons so that she could sing in the feature film. This was the worst part of taking on the role; it was so bad that Reese had asked her lawyer to terminate the film contract just so she wouldn’t have to perform in front of a live audience. In an interview, she has said that the singing part in the movie about Johnny Cash was “the most challenging part of the role.” Later, she would go on to reveal that the first day she was supposed to sing on stage, she actually thought she was going to throw up.

Another not-so-nice factoid regarding the movie is that Reese and actor Joaquin Phoenix didn’t get along according to IMDB, during the six months of voice training. However, the pair did start to get along once the cameras started rolling.

11 Ageless - Dress To Impress

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If you have ever seen a picture of the lovely Reese Witherspoon, you’d know that she is a woman who takes a great deal of pride in her appearance. Now, we aren’t calling her vain or anything like that, she is just one of the most put together women we’ve ever seen. Her hair and understated makeup are always polished and on point, whereas her adorable wardrobe looks like it was pretty much made for her. If you didn’t think that her clothing was coveted before, just know that everyone from Instyle, Town & Country, Style Bistro, to WhoWhatWear has commented on her clothes and often given ideas as to where to find her looks.

10 Young - Cruel Intentions

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In an interview Cosmo had with screenwriter and director, Roger Kumble talks about how he and Ryan Phillippe literally begged for Reese to be in the film. Originally, the studio had wanted Katie Holmes, who was in the beginning of her Dawson’s Creek era, but Kumble wanted something different, someone with a “little more strength of character.”

Even though he was also thinking about giving the part over to an actress named Vinessa Shaw, he ultimately decided to ask Ryan about his girlfriend. Long story short and a few drinks later, Witherspoon agreed to do the 15-day shoot and the rest was cruel history.

9 Ageless - Book Nerd

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Some, if not a lot, of stars and celebrities spend a whole lot of time talking about themselves. Sometimes it’s great to hear their own perspective on something, but other times, when said celebrity is overzealous with their thoughts on themselves, it’s very clear that their vanity is showing. Reese, however, is one of Hollywood’s finest and she spends more time showcasing the talents of her friends than she does of her own.

Not only does she take the time out of her extremely busy day to give credit where credit is due, but she goes so above and beyond that friends like Kate Hudson even told Hello magazine that Reese was one of her “strongest foundations of support.” Talk about friend goals.

8 Young - The Fountain Of Youth

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Although Reese might not look quite as young as she did here, she still doesn’t look like she older than 25 these days. You may think that she uses a magical serum that keeps her looking so youthful, but as it turns out, these results are a little more easily attainable. Insider divulges all of the star’s secrets, which all boil down to an extremely healthy lifestyle. Witherspoon says the main ingredient to her youthful look is plenty of water, regular exercise, sunscreen, and smoothies. She makes sure to workout out with a buddy to stay motivated and she makes sure to take time out for herself. Self-love is the key to confidence.

7 Ageless - A Shining Star

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Back in 2010, Reese Witherspoon received a certain right of passage allotted to only the best people in Hollywood, a star in the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. She brought her kids along for the spectacular unveiling and both Ava and Deacon were filled to the brim with pride for their mom’s accomplishment. In February of this year, Reese told her followers on IG that she was going to go see an old friend. Some might have thought she was talking about a real-life person but as is turns out, she was talking about her star.

As the folks over at TMZ say, she knows when “you want something done right, you do it yourself,” in regards to her playfully cleaning her star when she saw it.

6 Young - Fashion Sense

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In a Good Housekeeping article written back in 2016, we took a look at Reese through the years in celebration of her turning the big 4-0. In addition to claiming that she doesn’t age, which is a truth we back to the fullest, they walk through her style and how it has evolved over the years. As a child star, she wore a trendy side ponytail along with some very “80s denim.”

As we got into the 90’s Witherspoon took on a very “funky grunge wardrobe” which soon turned into some more stunning fashion choices as she reached her Legally Blonde and Cruel Intentions stage in her career. She may have had a few adorably awkward outfits as a child but it is very clear that she grew out that phase since she has been considered a style icon for over a decade.

5 Ageless - Draper James

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For those of you dying to dress and impress like this star here, you’d be excited to find out that you actually can. In 2015, Reese decided to create a collection of things that she loved and called her lifestyle brand Draper James. Her desire was to allow fans to bring “contemporary, timeless Southern style to your wardrobe and home,” according to the Draper James website.

As you might suspect, the site offers home accents and decorations as well as beautiful clothing and accessory choices. If you thought that these things would be outside of your price range, think again, some of our favorite pieces are under $100.

4 Young - A Disney Intern

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By the time Reese was 17-years-old, she had already made appearances in four movies. Even though she was on the fast track to being one of the greatest actresses alive, she still wanted to add a few more things to her skillset. During an interview with Fast Company, Reese says that she “wanted to learn about editing, visual correction, and sound mixing.” So, she became a Disney intern. We don’t know for certain, but we’re pretty sure that’s one of the reasons she ended up in Disney’s A Wrinkle In Time which you can catch in theaters now.

3 Ageless - The Magic Of Disney

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Going along with the “work hard, play harder” mantra, Reese and the costars of A Wrinkle In Time surprised a ton of Disneyland Park guests when they showed up ready to play, and, as Today calls it, a “delightful way” to promote their upcoming movie. Of course, they wore the traditional mouse ears and looked like they collectively had a blast. Reese even poked fun at Ellen DeGeneres claiming that Oprah was, in fact, HER best friend and not Ellen’s after posting an image of the two of them where Oprah has her arm around Reese to IG. This picture is #squadgoals if we’ve ever seen it.

2 Young - Schooling The Actress

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During an interview with Entertainment Weekly back in 2005, a young Witherspoon talked about her rising fame and school, something she has since changed her mind about. At the time she was paying her way through school at Stanford University with the desire to graduate with an English literature degree. Although she had momentarily thought that she might switch to pre-med, remember, she wanted to become a doctor, Reese ultimately withdrew from college in order to pursue her career in acting.

Parents may say that the key to success is college, but Reese has proved that as long as you have an immense amount of talent and the drive to get things done, you don’t have to be a college graduate to be a successful and intelligent person.

1 Ageless - A Timeless Beauty

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Reese Witherspoon has over thirteen million followers on Instagram and even more fans not on the social media site. She has gracefully inspired millions of women around the world, ourselves included. Reese is a bundle of joy, a talented and savvy businesswoman and one of the most down-to-earth people in Hollywood.

Her amazing feminine style mixed with her southern flare gives fans just more reasons to adore the Sweet Home Alabama star. We’ve never heard a bad thing about her since she’s pretty much as close to perfect as any person could get.

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