10 Male Celebs Who Can Get Any Woman They Want (And 10 Who Can't Get A Date)

You probably have a male celebrity crush who you would totally date if you ever got the chance. Maybe you’ve seen all of his movies or own all of his albums, and whenever he announces a new project, you freak out a little inside. It’s totally normal—every girl feels this way about at least one celeb! Unfortunately, we know that we have no chance with these guys—most of them could get any woman they want, right? What woman wouldn’t want to date a famous hottie who is making millions of dollars?

And when it comes to certain male celebs, it’s totally true—they just have no problem getting dates. They’re always in the tabloids with a new girl on their arm, or they’re happily married and yet women still chase after them! The funny thing is, some of the best looking male celebs around just can’t seem to find love, no matter how successful they are. It’s a mystery to us—maybe they’re just not as suave in person as they seem on-screen or on the radio! Here are 10 male celebs who could get any woman they want, and 10 who just can’t seem to get a date.

20 Can Get Anyone He Wants: Zac Efron

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We’ve been head over heels for Zac Efron since his High School Musical days. When he first appeared on screen as Troy Bolton, girls everywhere swooned, and within weeks of the movie premiering, it seemed like every teenage girl in America had a poster of his face on her bedroom wall! However, Zac was happily taken during the filming of the High School Musical films. According to People magazine, Zac was dating his co-star, Vanessa Hudgens, who played his on-screen love interest, Gabriella Montez. People reported that the couple dated from 2005 until 2010, so it’s no wonder they had such amazing chemistry on-screen! After Zac and Vanessa broke up, he began dating model and entrepreneur, Sami Miro, although People reported that they broke up in 2016.

Now, he’s been linked to his Baywatch co-star, Alexandra Daddario, according to Men’s Health, the two have been spotted hanging out all over Los Angeles!

We can’t blame them for falling for each other on the set of Baywatch, because they played love interests on screen—dating his on-screen girlfriends seems to have turned into a pattern for Zac!

Yup, sparks are definitely flying—after all, Zac never seems to remain single for long.

19 Can’t Get A Date: Drake

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Ah, Drake. If you just listen to one of his albums, you know this poor man has been hurt. His love life has been a subject of constant speculation and rumors, and although he has had his share of high-profile relationships, they have all been followed up with high-profile breakups!

Perhaps someday he’ll get lucky in love, but so far, it just has not been in the cards.

Aside from his love life, Drake has been enormously successful in other areas. We’ve all heard his chart-topping albums: Take Care, Thank Me Later, Nothing Was the Same, and Views, just to name a few. There’s no doubt that as a rapper, he is insanely talented. According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Drake actually began his career in the entertainment industry by appearing on the teen drama TV series, Degrassi. Started from the bottom, right?

According to Hollywood Life, Drake and Rihanna dated on and off for several years, and eventually, things simply fizzled out between the two. Apparently, Rihanna felt that Drake had toyed with her emotions for far too long. Hollywood Life also reported that after their split, Drake dated both Bella Hadid and Vanessa Hudgens—but now, he’s single and sad again.

18 Can Get Anyone He Wants: Channing Tatum

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Channing Tatum never expected to become a famous heartthrob, but life threw a few surprises his way. In fact, Channing actually started out his career as a model—according to Allmovie, his first “big break” was being cast in the music video for Ricky Martin’s song, “She Bangs.” Before that, People reported that he modeled for big clients like Armani and Abercrombie & Fitch before expanding into commercials for brands like Mountain Dew and Pepsi. Eventually, Models.com states that he began working for one of the biggest modeling agencies in the world, Ford Models, and after that, he was able to parlay his success in modeling into success in acting!

After People magazine named Channing as “The S*xiest Man Alive” in 2012, his popularity skyrocketed, and girls everywhere were talking about how amazing he looked in the film, Magic Mike. However, by this point, Channing had already married the love of his life, Jenna Dewan. Unfortunately, although they seemed like a rock-solid couple, the marriage was not meant to last. People reported that they separated in April 2018, just a few weeks ago. Ladies, he’s back on the market, but we doubt that his single status will last for long.

17 Can’t Get A Date: Gerard Butler

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Gerard Butler never really planned on becoming famous—according to the Daily Telegraph, he started out with plans to become a lawyer. But eventually, he realized that he simply had bigger dreams than that, and he moved to London in hopes of making it big on screen. Eventually, all of his hard work paid off, and after a couple years of working odd jobs in order to make ends meet, he began landing roles in films like Tomorrow Never Dies, Tale of the Mummy, and Dear Frankie. Gerard has also appeared in romantic films like P.S. I Love You, but it looks like his own love life has been a little bit lackluster! Maybe his constant work schedule for the past few decades has prevented him from finding the right woman.

It seems like Gerard likes to keep his personal life private and would rather stay out of the tabloids, but recently, the press has caught on to his on and off relationship with Morgan Brown.

The Daily Mail reported that the two are constantly on and off, and he refuses to actually commit to her. Seems like he’s having some trouble actually making things work in the long term!

16 Can Get Anyone He Wants: Jake Gyllenhaal

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Okay, all of the guys on this list are pretty good looking, but we’re not exaggerating when we say that Jake Gyllenhaal has the most beautiful eyes. Seriously, they’re the most gorgeous shade of blue—you could just get lost looking into them! Maybe that’s why he’s so irresistible. According to GQ Magazine, Jake comes from a family with deep ties to the acting industry, which is basically how he broke into Hollywood in the first place. However, there is no denying this man’s talent—he has not been getting by and earning accolades based on just family connections alone! He has starred in films like Donnie Darko, Brokeback Mountain, Prisoners, and Nightcrawler.

Over the course of his time in Hollywood, Jake has been involved in lots of high profile relationships, but he hasn’t found “the one” just yet.

According to USA Today, he dated Kirsten Dunst for nearly two years, and People reported that he later went on to date Reese Witherspoon. After they broke up, People then reported that he was dating Taylor Swift (we’re sure she has a song about it), and when that didn’t work out, E! Online reported that he moved on to Alyssa Miller.

15 Can’t Get A Date: Rami Malek

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Remember the Night at the Museum films? If you were a fan, you might remember seeing Rami Malek as the Pharaoh Ahkmenrah! According to BuzzFeed, Rami’s parents are Egyptian, and although he was born in Los Angeles, he definitely makes an effort to embrace his heritage. This is often reflected in the roles that he chooses.

Since 2015, Rami Malek has starred on the TV series, Mr. Robot. His character is a super smart computer hacker who can basically find out anything if you put him in front of a keyboard.

As far as Rami’s future projects, Variety has reported that he is also slated to portray Freddie Mercury in the Queen biopic, which will be premiering in November 2018 and is titled, Bohemian Rhapsody (of course). Despite Rami’s newfound fame and continued success, it seemed like his love life was on the backburner for quite some time. It seems that things are heating up with Bohemian Rhapsody co-star, Lucy Boynton—according to US Magazine, the two have been spotted spending a lot of time together lately! But the rumors have not been confirmed yet, so perhaps the tabloids are just trying to stir up a little drama—who knows?

14 Can Get Anyone He Wants: Bradley Cooper

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Even before his hilarious role in The Hangover films, Bradley Cooper has held a special place in our hearts—and we’re definitely not alone! In fact, we’re pretty sure that every other woman on the planet feels the exact same way. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Bradley made his television debut in Sex and the City way back in 1999 and then went on to work as a presenter on the travel-adventure series, Globe Trekker, which allowed him to travel all over the world while making connections in the entertainment industry. He then made his film debut in the now-cult classic, Wet Hot American Summer, back in 2001. After that, he went on to act in movies like Wedding Crashers, Limitless, and, of course, The Hangover.

During this time, Bradley has dated quite a few other actresses. According to People, he was previously married to Jennifer Esposito, but the couple split in 2007. People later reported that he had moved on and began dating Renee Zellweger.

After their break up, People reported that he was dating Zoe Saldana. When that fizzled, E! Online announced he was linked to Suki Waterhouse. Now, E! News reports that he has one child with model, Irina Shayk.

13 Can’t Get A Date: The Weeknd

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We hope you agree when we say that The Weeknd kind of reminds us of Drake—they just seem to have similar music styles, right? Maybe there’s just something about these smooth, alternative R&B guys that makes them unlucky in love! Do they sabotage relationships on purpose so that they’ll have more material for their music? Nah, we’re just kidding—but sometimes it does seem that way!

Recently, The Weeknd has struck out with two gorgeous girls in Hollywood: Selena Gomez and Bella Hadid.

According to Elle magazine, Bella and The Weeknd began dating in 2015, and they were first spotted hanging out together at Coachella. But People magazine reported that the couple split in 2016, mainly because their crazy schedules were keeping them apart. He then began dating Selena Gomez in January 2017—according to People magazine, they moved in together later that year, but it was only temporary, and they broke up in late 2017. It doesn’t look like The Weeknd is going to be dating anyone else anytime soon—his poor heart probably needs some serious time to recover from that string of awful breakups. Hopefully, he’ll get some good songs out of it.

12 Can Get Anyone He Wants: Leonardo DiCaprio

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Leonardo DiCaprio’s dating history is so long and complicated that there’s simply no way we’ll be able to sum it all up in a few paragraphs! It’s safe to say that his star status has been so high for so long that he can basically get any woman he wants. Although we’ve always held out hope that one day, he and Kate Winslet would fall in love just like their characters in Titanic, it doesn’t seem like that will ever really happen.

So, just who has Leo dated? Well, let’s just say that if you ever sit down to watch the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, you will probably see most of his ex-girlfriends walking down the runway looking fabulous.

He seems to have a thing for Victoria’s Secret models—honestly, what guy out there doesn’t? According to People, he dated Giselle Bundchen from 2000 until 2005, and after their break up, he began dating another famous model, Bar Refaeli. According to Page Six, he is now dating model, Camille Moran, and the 23-year age difference has been getting some negative attention from the press. Maybe they truly love each other, or maybe he needs to start dating some older women!

11 Can’t Get A Date: Henry Cavill

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If you love superhero movies, you probably have a thing for Henry Cavill! We don’t blame you—who wouldn’t want to date a superhero, after all? If you’re into him, make your feelings known, because it looks like he’s single right now and has been for quite some time. Henry rose to fame with his role on the British television show, The Tudors—according to Entertainment Weekly, Henry brought charm and depth to his character, and his good looks certainly didn’t hurt! The show received lots of critical acclaims, and it definitely bolstered Henry’s career.

According to A Motley Vision, he was originally supposed to play Edward Cullen in the Twilight films, but by the time the films went into production, he was simply too old to hold down the role! Now, he has achieved major success for his portrayal of Superman in Man of Steel, Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Justice League. According to the Los Angeles Times, Henry is also slated to play Superman in one more film.

Maybe there’s a reason that Henry can’t seem to find a good relationship—according to Nicki Swift, he will sometimes date women just for the publicity! Bad move, Superman!

10 Can Get Anyone He Wants: Brad Pitt

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By now, everyone on the planet knows about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s depressing divorce news. They were Hollywood’s most popular power couple, and they were raising such an adorable family—it seemed like they would always be head over heels in love with each other. But sometimes even the brightest flames are doomed to burn out, and as you all know, “Brangelina” is simply no more.

Before his marriage to Angelina, Brad never seemed to have a problem when it came to dating. Although he is now in his 50s, he still looks great.

Let’s take a quick look at all of the famous women he has dated. According to People, he dated Gwyneth Paltrow back in the 1990's, before his marriage to Jennifer Aniston in 2000. He married Angie after his highly-publicized divorce from Jen. Now that he is back on the market, it doesn’t look like he is looking to meet anyone new anytime soon—but if he ever decides he wants to date again, women will probably be lining up at his door in no time. For now, he seems to be lying low and dealing with his family matters and separation from Angie in private.

9 Can’t Get A Date: Chris Pine

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Alright, let’s clarify something—Chris Pine doesn’t have much of a problem finding women who would be happy to have a short fling with him, but as far as finding true love? Well, that certainly has not happened for the actor yet, despite his major roles in films like Celeste and Jesse Forever, Wonder Woman, A Wrinkle in Time, and the Star Trek reboots. Just look at his face—and his muscles—wouldn’t any woman be lucky to have him? Well, it seems like his looks will totally attract women who are down to go out on a date or two, but perhaps he’s just not capable of committing to anyone yet!

According to Pop Sugar, Chris has dated leading ladies like Olivia Munn and models like Dominique Piek.

However, aside from them, all of his relationships have added up to nothing more than a series of casual dates and occasional tabloid photos of him cozying up with a co-star on a movie set! According to US Weekly, there are some rumors flying around that he may be seeing the actress, Annabelle Wallis, but nothing has been confirmed, and with Chris’s track record, whatever’s going on won’t last long—or maybe he’s changed!

8 Can Get Anyone He Wants: Dave Franco

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Honestly, we just want to give a quick shout out to the Franco parents for their amazing genetics—both of their sons, James and Dave Franco, seem to steal hearts everywhere they go. Dave is the younger Franco brother, but he is just as talented as James. And he might be even cuter!

GQ Magazine reported that Dave never actually imagined that he would become an actor; he originally wanted to be a creative writing teacher! But we’re glad he decided to go for a different career path.

Dave got his start with small roles in films like Superbad and Charlie St. Cloud. He also had a part in the ninth season of Scrubs. After that, he finally got his big break with a hilarious starring role in the film, 21 Jump Street. Girls everywhere were falling in love with him—not only for his looks but for his awesome sense of humor. However, by this point in his career, he had already started dating the woman he would eventually marry: Allison Brie! According to People, the two started dating back in 2012, and in 2015, they got engaged. In 2017, People reported that they had gotten married in a private ceremony.

7 Can’t Get A Date: Calvin Harris

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Calvin Harris has been all over the radio for years now, and he has collaborated with basically every artist out there—okay, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but you see where we’re coming from, right? According to The Telegraph, he is one of the most influential people in the world—and he’s definitely one of the most influential people in the music industry, no doubt about it. But how is his love life going?

Well, he’s already dated and broken up with Taylor Swift, as everyone knows, but aside from that? Let’s dig into it. According to Celebs Now, Calvin dated Rita Ora before dating Taylor. And since his breakup with Taylor back in June 2016, he hasn’t been seriously linked to anyone! Well, maybe he’s just been putting in tons of time in the studio, getting ready to crank out those inevitable summer hits that he’s surely got in mind. According to one of Dua Lipa’s recent posts on Instagram, they’ve been collaborating together on a new single titled “One Kiss,” and they’re currently filming the music video. We doubt that anything is brewing between the two of them, though—that would probably break one of Dua’s rules.

6 Can Get Anyone He Wants: Chris Pratt

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Chris Pratt went from the “funny guy with a dad bod” to an “actual heartthrob superhero” over the span of just a few short years. Chris got his big break on the amazing sitcom, Parks and Recreation, in which he played the lovable and clueless character, Andy Dwyer. According to Entertainment Weekly, Chris has always wanted to be famous, but he had no idea how, and he was never ambitious or hardworking. After high school, The Independent reported that he dropped out of community college and ended up living out of his van in Maui. Entertainment Weekly reported that eventually, he was “discovered” while waiting tables in Maui, and he went on to be cast in a small role in his first film, Cursed Part 3. And the rest is history!

Chris was married to actress Anna Farris, and they really seemed like the perfect couple. When Chris broke the news about their divorce to his fans on Facebook, it was a sad moment—no one wanted to believe it. But it’s clear that their marriage is over. When Chris decides to start dating again, he should have no problem finding someone—he’s one of the most wanted actors in Hollywood.

5 Can’t Get A Date: Tyler Blackburn

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Pretty Little Liars was such an addicting show. Although some of the plot twists (and plot holes) were absolutely out of control by the time it ended, we still hung on to every episode, just waiting in suspense to see what would happen next! Tyler Blackburn starred on Pretty Little Liars as Caleb Rivers, and we’ve got to admit, despite all the drama his character got into, we could never look away when he was on screen!

Tyler actually began his acting career when he was cast in the Nickelodeon show, Unfabulous, back in 2004. When Pretty Little Liars began winding down to its final seasons, he also announced that he would be appearing on the spin-off show, Ravenswood. TV Line has also reported that he is now appearing the CW’s reboot of the series, Roswell.

Tons of PLL fans wanted Tyler and Ashley Benson to date in real life—she played his on-screen love interest, Hanna, and they had such great chemistry! But according to Seventeen, he is currently single—and has been for a while—and he and Hanna have actually never dated in real life. Awww, what a shame—they would have been such a cute couple!

4 Can Get Anyone He Wants: Kit Harington

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Game of Thrones is only one of the most popular TV shows of all time, so it’s no surprise that women all over the world are in love with one of the stars, Kit Harington. Kit plays one of the heroes in the show, Jon Snow. In real life, he’s tall, dark, and handsome, and although he doesn’t have the best luck with relationships in the show—he loses his first love in battle—he seems to have no issues with that in the real world.

In the show, Kit’s character is seen as the underdog from the beginning—no one really believes in him. And that’s kind of what Kit’s acting career was like before he ended up in Game of Thrones.

According to Yahoo! Movies, Kit had never appeared on television before he auditioned for the role of Jon Snow. All of his previous work had been on the stage! But once he made his first appearance, it was clear that he was a natural. Every female viewer seemed to have a crush on Jon Snow, but Kit only had eyes for the actress who played his on-screen love interest, Ygritte, Rose Leslie. According to The Times, they are engaged.

3 Can’t Get A Date: Colin Morgan

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If you happen to love modern Shakespeare adaptations and adorable Irish accents, you need to check out Colin Morgan’s projects—he will steal your heart in an instant! There’s just something about that accent, right? Colin is from Northern Ireland, but according to What’s On Stage? he got his start in the London theater scene back in 2007. But things really took off for him in 2008, when he landed the part of Merlin in the BBC series Merlin.

According to Variety, Colin actually received the wrong script before the audition, and after realizing the mistake, he only had about five minutes to go over his new scenes before trying out! Despite this, he won the role anyway, and this was his big break. Merlin aired its final season back in 2012, and now, Colin appears on two different TV series, The Fall and Humans.

Colin never really played the field when he got famous: he was single for a few years, and then quietly began dating his Merlin co-star, Katie McGrath. But as far as his love life goes, Katie is the only person he has been linked to! Alright, so technically he can get a date—but just one!

2 Can Get Anyone He Wants: Niall Horan

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We barely need to give the singer Niall Horan an introduction—his days in One Direction have cemented his legacy forever! When he made his musical debut in the boy band on X Factor, teenage girls everywhere instantly fell in love—not just with Niall, but with the whole band! But naturally, everyone felt the need to pick a favorite band member, and Niall’s blonde hair, blue eyes, and adorable Irish accent landed him a spot at the top of many girls’ lists.

After One Direction broke up (um, yeah, we’re still not over it), Niall had to decide what he would do next. He decided to take his career in a new direction (pun totally intended) and embark on a journey to create his first solo record. According to Entertainment Weekly, his debut solo album will be called Flicker, and he is very happy with the sound so far, although it’s quite different from One Direction’s vibe.

Niall says that he is single right now, but don’t get your hopes up just yet—according to E! Online, he is super into Hailee Steinfeld, and she’s returning his affections! Apparently, the two are just planning to keep things casual for now.

1 Can’t Get A Date: Craig David

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Sometimes, it seems like Craig David has been working in the music industry forever, just because he’s been a part of projects with so many pop artists that we love—but in reality, he’s only been in the business since 1999. His first album, Born to Do It, was released back in 2000, and since then, he has gone on to release five more R&B albums and has worked as a producer for many other successful artists. According to Metro Lyrics, Craig has had 20 singles land on the UK Top 40 Chart, and in addition to his seven albums in the UK Top 40, he has also sold over 15 million records worldwide. Pretty impressive resume, huh?

Despite all of his success in the music industry, Craig just cannot seem to find “the one.” According to The Sun, Craig says that he is more than ready to settle down and start a family—after all of these years of working constantly and churning out hit after hit, he wants to do something with his life that brings him a new sense of fulfillment. He says that he definitely wants to have children so he can pass on everything he’s learned.

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