20Meghan Markle Follows Strict Royal Protocol 

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MetDaan published an article detailing all of the strange rules that a royal wife must follow, and it's clear that Meghan Markle will also be expected to follow these strict rules without fail.

One of the most recent celebrity weddings was one that will go down in history – the union between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. It's all anyone can talk about right now, but few have considered the implications that this might have on Meghan Markle's future. Being a member of

the royal family and a Duchess means that she will have to follow all of the royal rules expected of a royal wife. She might not be making these rules herself, but she's definitely a celebrity wife with strict rules to abide by.

First of all, the Queen's blessing is required for the marriage to even take place. She can no longer have a social media account, and she is forbidden from signing autographs. She also can no longer wear miniskirts, and she's not supposed to cross her legs when sitting. Yet another rule is that she cannot start eating until after the Queen has started, and she can't continue eating after the Queen has finished her meal. There are many other rules, and that's just a few that Meghan Markle will be expected to follow.

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