10 Has-Been Actresses With The Biggest Egos (And 10 Humble Sweethearts)

Some people watch certain actresses exert their craft when they grow up in their favorite movies and TV shows, and want to emulate these stars. They want the fame and the fortune. They want to grow up, star in big movies, and conquer Hollywood. Many have realized their dreams and have found themselves on the movie scene. That’s step number one. But there’s a whole lot of stairs in the movie industry. They all have to be climbed in order to reach the top. A lot of actors and actresses get half way then falter. They rest on their laurels, they become complacent, and their careers become stagnant. Other actresses come through the ranks and surpass them in the popularity stakes. Suddenly these actresses are no longer being cast. Either that or they’re only getting certain roles, are no longer getting a look in in the big movies. Hollywood’s essentially cast them aside.

The fans have forgotten about them. It must be tough to take for these has-been actresses. Some can console themselves, put things in perspective by thinking that’s just the way tinsel town operates. But others only have themselves to blame. They may have done things here and there that have rubbed people up the wrong way. They may not have endeared themselves to the right people. Others though, despite falling down the pecking order, have remained humble. They don’t have big egos and haven’t become bitter, even despite their faltering careers. They’re humble sweethearts. These are 10 has-been actresses with big egos, and 10 humble sweethearts.


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A lot of you might have read Hilary Duff’s name and felt shocked at the idea that she could have a big ego. First of all, I think we can all agree that Hilary is a has-been actress. She was a teenage acting sensation. A lot of teens grew up watching her on screen and could relate to the character she portrayed, Lizzie McGuire. Hilary has said she could relate to her too. She had a tough time moving on. But she did eventually start getting other acting gigs. She also went down the music route. But nothing she’s done has come close to matching the success of Lizzie McGuire. Hilary’s done a bit of this, a bit of that, has put more and more focus on her musical endeavors, and has taken time out to concentrate on family life. In terms of her acting, she’s no longer getting many roles or offers.

Hilary seems really sweet and totally genuine. But there have been incidences which demonstrate that she has an almighty ego.

Hilary’s mom has touched on that herself. She told EW that she left her role as Lizzie McGuire in a huff. Lizzie wanted to leave because she wasn’t “feeling the love, wasn’t being given the respect she deserved by Disney.” Disney says otherwise. Others say it was Hilary getting too big for her boots, having a teenage tantrum. Only the parties involved will know for sure.


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Octavia Spencer is a 45-year-old American actress and author. She made her debut in the movie industry back in 1996. But she had to wait for success. Octavia kept striving to succeed, and it eventually did happen. Her breakthrough role came in 2011. She starred in The Help, in which she played a maid. She received a ton of accolades for that role. It eventually took off for Octavia. Octavia the star actress was born. She’s continued to build upon that success. In the meantime, she’s started a children’s book series too.

Look at Octavia’s body of work, and due to the sheer size of it, you’d say she has a pretty impressive filmography. But although 2011 was the year she came to worldwide attention, she did have to wait for it.

She struggled on for all those years and found success later in life – later than most, in fact. This has kept her humble. Octavia knows what it’s like to try and fail, and try again. She’s told Fox4 Kansas City that overcoming the odds and keep striving for success, to be the actress she knew she could be, wasn’t easy. She knows the struggle and knows it could happen in the future. Therefore, she’s not going to take anything for granted, and is going to try and stay at that level and remain humble in the process.


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Shannen Doherty has been through a lot over the years. The 47-year-old achieved fame in the 80s. But her popularity really took off due to two of her most iconic roles in the 90s. She starred in 90210 and then Charmed, and these were the roles that propelled Shannen to superstardom. But throughout her period in the limelight, Shannen’s had to contend with numerous health issues. In the late 90s, she was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. Most recently she’s battled cancer. In 2015 we discovered Shannen had a pretty severe form of breast cancer. After intensive treatment, in 2017 came the news that the cancer was in remission. There was an outpouring of love from the media and all corners of the celebrity world.

For a while, it seemed as if a lot of people had chosen to forget about Shannen’s reputation. Shannen, at the height of her fame, acquired a reputation for being a bit of a diva.

Many deemed her to be rude and obnoxious. Her bad behavior sullied her public image. People Magazine describes her as being “Hollywood’s iconic bad girl of the 90s.” Her ego was out of control – from feuding with costars, to just generally disrespecting everyone on set, Shannen wasn’t exactly the most popular woman in tinsel town.


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Jessica Alba used to be an A-lister. There’s no doubt about that. But her career’s plummeted in recent years. Hollywood won’t cast her anymore. Like every actress, Jessica’s had her fair share of flops. She’s had ups, but also plenty of downs over the years. She hasn’t landed a major role in absolute yonks. A lot of her movies have tanked, and have ended up being downright embarrassing. Jessica has realized this. She’s begun focusing more and more on her business ventures. She’s said she’s gone down this route thanks to rejection. But Jessica doesn’t really care. As Looper reported, Jessica said, "I really stopped acting when I was 27. It's not where I spend my full energy."

Despite once reaching the dizzying heights of Hollywood, Jessica never got carried away. She came from humble beginnings, and when everything took off, she found it hard to cope.

She’s said she was seriously insecure and struggled to accept the status she acquired. That’s in part, why her head wasn’t up in the clouds. Now she’s transitioned into a businesswoman and is a doting mother. She’s said being a mom has turned her life around. Motherhood allows her keep everything in perspective, and focus on the important things, such as family life.


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Read Janet Hubert’s name, and unless you’re a movie and TV aficionado, in all likelihood you don’t have a clue who she is. But set eyes on her photo, and the memories will come flooding back. Janet Hubert is famed for being Will’s Aunt Vivian in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. That hit show of the 90s is still played across the world today. It was a massive success. Those who’ve seen the show would recall that Janet left the show after the third season. That’s because Will and the rest of the cast members just could take her attitude. She had an almighty ego, and in the end, she had to be let go.

Will Smith describes what she was like. As reported by Capital Xtra, Will gave an interview in which he said, "I can say straight up that Janet Hubert wanted the show to be 'The Aunt Viv of Bel Air Show' because I know she is going to dog me in the press. She has basically gone from a quarter of a million dollars a year to nothing. She's mad now but she's been mad all along. She said once, 'I've been in the business for 10 years and this snotty-nosed punk comes along and gets a show. No matter what, to her I'm just the Antichrist." If that doesn’t say she has a big ego, I don’t know what will. But anyway, let’s include some statements from Janet’s son on the show, played by Alfonso Ribeiro.

“Basically, at the end of the day, she was crazy, she was nuts! There were days when we were all on the set and she would literally go off on people and it got to a point by the time the second season came around where we we're like, 'This is unacceptable.'"


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As Meryl Streep has gotten older, her career’s begun to slow down. She’s begun to be more selective in her roles. But she has a reputation, one she’s earned over decades in the film industry. Meryl has a reputation of being one of the greatest actresses in the world. Plenty of polls put her at the top spot.

Having all of this attention heaped upon her, it would’ve been easy for Meryl to get carried away with her success. Plenty of actors and actresses have done it. But she didn't.

Other celebrities succumbed to the lifestyle, the perks of fame and fortune. A lot have consequently developed almighty egos and then get knocked down a peg or two. Not Meryl. She’s remained grounded throughout all the highs. This is apparent when you listen to her acceptance speeches. She doesn’t fake humility or gratitude like a lot of actresses do. She’s sincere in her appreciation – her humility comes from deep within. As reported by Sixty And Me, the way Meryl acts shows that she respects herself and others. She’s all about wanting to acquire happiness. Meryl realizes that she can only achieve this by being a decent human being, not by acquiring fame and riches. This is a contributing factor as to why Meryl is one of the most loved actresses in the world.


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Claire Danes, despite only being 39, has been around for quite some time. She first achieved mainstream success in 1994 when she starred in My So-Called Life. She won a Golden Globe award for that role. Her career’s just gone from strength to strength. More recently, Claire has gained plenty of recognition for her role in Homeland. Her award cabinet’s pretty full. As her popularity has grown, and as the space in her trophy cabinet has gotten smaller, her ego’s also grown.

With all the success that has come Claire’s way, it would have been tough for her to remain grounded. She’s done her best. Speaking to The Edit, Claire has revealed that she’s been seeing a therapist since the age of six.

She sees the therapist for a variety of different issues. Claire also just generally has a fascination for psychology. Perhaps if she psychoanalyzed herself a bit more, she’d be able to see what other people see in her. There’s one incident that demonstrates that Claire has a big ego. It shows her ego, but also that she’s selfish and arrogant – her own words. Claire got a lot of heat for having an illicit relationship with Billy Crudup. She told US Magazine that she was selfish and arrogant. Her ego was massive at the time and she didn’t care who she trampled on. In this instance it was Mary-Louise Parker who got burned.


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Jane Lynch is another actress who took quite a bit of time to find the spotlight. For years she was trying to make it big, climb through the ranks of Tinseltown. She tried her hand at numerous different roles. Jane has been involved in a number of projects over the years, including on Broadway, she’s done TV shows, films, and is an author too. After years and years of hard work, Jane finally landed her breakthrough role. It was her role as Sue Sylvester in Glee.

Portraying that ruthless cheerleading coach made Jane a household name worldwide. But Jane’s far from like that in real life. She’s a headstrong woman but isn’t ruthless. She doesn’t have an ego and is actually very humble. Huffington Post have said as much. They reported that Jane is very “humble and introspective.” She’s confident, occasionally comes out with bold comments, but those shouldn’t be misconstrued as any form of cocky arrogance. Jane is humble but is also a very self-assured woman. She’s confident about what she does and owns what she does and says. Jane has said that she has no fear. It’s not her ego. It’s just that Jane exudes confidence. Good on her.


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Stacey Dash has been in the news quite a bit of late. That’s not because of her prowess as an actress. She’s been there, done that. As an actress, she’s famed for starring in the film Clueless. But she’s certainly a has-been. The majority of people know her due to her career as a TV host. Fox News hired her in 2014 for “cultural analysis and commentary.” It’s fair to say that things didn’t go according to plan. She certainly made an impact, although it probably wasn’t the impact Fox News was hoping she’d have. Then add her political endeavors into the mix. It’s been one eventful career.

Stacey has just withdrawn from the congressional race. She’s also been fired by Fox News. There weren’t many people shedding tears for Stacey. She’s got an almighty ego and it’s landed her in a lot of trouble over the years. Stacey gets noticed and gets herself out there by being controversial. She’s made plenty of enemies in the process. Some may say she’s got a bit of an ego. Others would say she’s just not a very nice person. As Mercury News reported, Stacey is arguably the most hated woman in America today. It’s because of moments like this: “President Barack Obama doesn’t care about terrorism.” She wanted to scrap Black History month, has said she’s wanted to "free people from the shackles of a plantation mentality, " and most recently she’s come out in support of Kanye West’s controversial statement saying that slavery was a choice.


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In recent years, Emma Stone has had a string of successes. Forbes even rated her as being Hollywood’s highest paid actress in 2017. That’s mainly due to the success of La La Land the previous year. She’s only 29, and although people are already talking about her as a has-been – she’s going to find it seriously tough to top the successes she’s already enjoyed – she’s already tasted a tremendous amount of success.

Very often, when a person in their 20s achieves such a level of popularity, their personalities change for the worse. They become over-exuberant, brash and go off the rails. Many become too big for their boots, but that did not happen with Emma Stone.

Her feet have remained firmly on the ground. That’s why many deem her to be their glamorous celebrity BFF. She has this girl next door persona about her. Emma has spoken to Hello Giggles about how she tries to stay humble in such a crazy industry. One of the ways she does this and tries not to get swept away with it all is just to focus on the here and now: "I'm trying not to think about that. I just focus on what I've got to do at any one moment, and don't necessarily think about where it's all leading."


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Blake Lively is still a big name in Hollywood. But she’s big because of her reputation. She’s done some great work in the past. She’s also incredibly beautiful. Add to that the fact that she’s married to Ryan Reynolds, and she’s still an actress on everyone’s minds. But if we’re judging her solely on her movies, she’s definitely a has-been. Blake’s been pretty quiet of late. A large part of that is because she’s been concentrating on family life. To us outsiders looking in, Blake seems like a real sweetheart. A lot of you probably read her name and thought I’d included her in the wrong section. She does seem like a humble sweetheart.

She hasn’t really done anything to make us think she has a big ego. But when the actress herself said she has a big ego – that’s enough for us to include her on this list.

As reported by Business Insider, Blake has said she has control issues and a rather big ego. It’s why she can’t accept help from others. For example, she won’t let people style her or do her makeup. Blake just has to do it all herself. What she does works best. That’s honesty right there.


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A lot of people would say that Jada Pinkett Smith is only famous because of her spouse. Will Smith is one of the most famous actors on the planet. He’s also one of the humblest guys around.

Jada is a very successful actress in her own right. Although as the years have rolled by, she’s simmered down on the acting front. Not that it matters to Jada. She’s involved in other things, and has various ventures on the side.

Jada is a headstrong woman. At times this could be misconstrued as cockiness, arrogance. But she’s actually very humble. Her hubby’s down to earth nature has rubbed off on her. But she’s also humble because of her own experiences. As Metro reported, Jada’s a woman of humility. That’s because her past is still fresh in her mind. She says she grew up in a war zone and has battled with various addictions and vices over the years. “There was a possibility that I wouldn’t make it past 21 — that was the reality,” she told ABC. All of these experiences have made her humble. She makes no bones about working hard for what she’s got. But she doesn’t brag and is extremely appreciative of everything that’s come her way.


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It’s hard to get our heads around the fact that Anna Kendrick is 32. A lot of people still see her as the college girl in those Pitch Perfect movies. Those movies are essentially why Anna is famous. Pitch Perfect 3 was released last year. Because that was the final movie in the series, Anna is already being called a has-been actress. She’s going to struggle to stay relevant.

One way she’s been staying on people’s minds is by posting often on social media activity. Anna is a social media aficionado. She knows how to market herself, and knows how to get herself out there. She’s certainly not the shy and retiring type.

But some of her antics and her posts have angered some people. They’ve led people to say that she has a big ego. At times it’s run wild and became out of control. But you can read her comments and be the judge of that yourself. Other sources on movie sets for example, have revealed that Anna has a bit of an ego, and is a tad arrogant. For example, in 2015 MSN revealed a source had said “Anna’s become ridiculously arrogant and demanding.” As reported by The Atlantic, journalists have a tendency to find Anna awkward and unfriendly, and think that she’s got an inflated ego.


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31-year-old Emmy Rossum is one of the most loved people in Hollywood. Firstly, she’s adored by the masses due to her performances as an actress. But if you’re rating her based on her successes, there’s Shameless, and not much else to write home about. But that doesn’t matter to Emmy Rossum fans. Although we don’t see as much of her as we’d like to, when we do Emmy’s all smiles and has a bright personality. That’s why people love her. There’s no massive ego with Emmy. She’s incredibly down-to-earth, and is very comfortable in her own skin.

As Cosmopolitan reported, there are no frills with Emmy. What you see is what you get. And what you get is a humble sweetheart. Another reason as to why Emmy is so humble is her spirituality. You don’t really need Emmy to tell you that she’s spiritual. It comes across in her interviews. But yes, Emmy has described herself as a very spiritual person. It’s something that’s helped her to keep her feet firmly on the ground. Emmy’s spiritual, and she seems almost Zen-like. It’s part of her appeal. It’s why she’s acquired such a massive level of popularity.


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Rooney Mara is a relatively young actress. She tasted a decent amount of success over the years. But her career’s simmered down of late. Her job offers may have slowed down. But that certainly doesn’t mean she’s vanished from the limelight. She’s still very much the talk of the town. That’s in large part due to her general attitude. Rooney has a habit of rubbing people up the wrong way. As Data Lounge reported, Rooney’s been on an alienation campaign ever since she first came into the limelight.

The Mirror have labelled Rooney as being insufferable. That’s because of statements like this one: “You kind of learn to self-sabotage with things you don’t want to get. Sometimes you don’t want to get something but you do a really good job and you get in anyway. That’s kind of [what happened] with A Nightmare on Elm Street – I didn’t even really want it. And then I went in [to audition] and I was like, I definitely got that.'” She’s also said she’s worked hard because she’s hard up for a bit of cash. That’s coming from someone who’s an NFL heiress. Plenty attribute her attitude and huge ego to her very privileged upbringing.


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Jennifer Garner has starred in some big movies over the years. She’s gained plenty of plaudits for her role in Alias for example and 13 Going on 30. But those were all some time ago. She’s living on the reputation she gained during that period. Jennifer is still very much an active part of the industry. However, she hasn’t been able to replicate that success. She prefers to stay humble, not just personality wise, but live a humble existence, remain in the background.

Jennifer has long been regarded to be one of the nicest people in Hollywood. No one’s ever had a bad word to say about her. Those who have the pleasure of meeting her are often gushing in their praise for the actress. As reported by People, a source and co-worker from her film The Tribes of Palos Verdes, said, “Jen is literally the sweetest and most humble celebrity I’ve ever worked with. She always comes to the set with a smile and makes a point to say hi to everyone — whether it be a director or food service worker or set assistant, most of which go completely ignored by other actors. She treats everyone the same, which is rare in the egotistical world of celebrities.”


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Emma Roberts is one of the youngest people on this list at the age of 27. Sure, she had plenty of successes over the years. But she’s already a has-been. People still make a lot of noise about her. But that’s mainly due to the wrong reasons. Emma is a headstrong woman. She’s no stranger to controversy. For example, she was arrested in 2012 for domestic violence against her boyfriend at the time, actor Evan Peters. As the Daily Mail reported, Emma actually left him in a bad state. The two are still together, though. They’ve said it was an unfortunate incident though and that they’re trying to move past it. They got engaged in 2014. That incident shows that Emma’s got a bit of a temper.

But there have also been reports of her being arrogant, having a massive ego, and that that’s led to her feuding with Lea Michele. Okay, so Michele’s another has-been with a massive ego. When two women with two big egos comes against each other, they butt heads. Life & Style reported that the two were feuding on the sets of Scream Queens. The magazine said one thing they have in common is that they’re massive divas.


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Liv Tyler has led one amazing, event-filled life. There’ve been plenty of ups and downs, but Liv’s remained strong. She’s happy to stay in the limelight, is content to keep doing what she’s doing. It’s a testimony to her desire to achieve even more success as an actress. She’s had a few iconic roles. But she hasn’t yet landed the one that’s propelled her through the ranks of tinsel town.

Liv grew up in a celebrity household. In case you weren’t aware, focus on her surname for a second. Ring any bells? She’s the daughter of the lead singer of Aerosmith, Steven Tyler. Her mom’s also a celebrity – a fashion model and singer. Growing up with parents like these, it wouldn’t come as a surprise if Liv grew up to have a massive ego. But that hasn’t been the case. There are no airs and graces about Liv. What you see is what you get. And what is there is a humble superstar. Just watch her give interviews and talk to people. Her humility comes across. Plenty of people and publications have reported it. For example, Teen Vogue said, after having a sit-down interview with her, that she’s humble and gracious. Liv hasn’t let the pressures of modern day celebrity life get to her. She’s learned transcendental meditation just to be able to deal with things and keep her grounded. It’s certainly helped her remain humble.


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Camilla Belle is a 31-year-old American actress. Despite being pretty young, she’s already considered a has-been. In actual fact, many critics would say she was never a big name to begin with. Her career was steadily rising, but she’s a mediocre star at best. Now she’s dropped off the radar, it seems as if Hollywood has forgotten about her. She’s not one to make a lot of noise on or off screen. So, although she’s not being cast, she’s not an attention grabber, and doesn’t try and make the headlines by doing other things.

There are numerous reasons as to why Camilla is considered a has-been. One big reason is her attitude. She’s considered to have an almighty ego. This has led to her stifling her own career. For example, as Nicki Swift have reported, she’s extremely picky about the films she chooses. Someone in her position just can’t afford to do that. Perhaps it’s a case of her feeling that she’s too good for certain movies. Camilla just needs to bite the bullet, throw herself into any project that comes her way.

Camilla also has bad blood with Taylor Swift. They’ve been feuding for a pretty long time, since Camilla began a relationship with Joe Jonas. Some of the catty comments have led to people labelling Camilla as arrogant and an egocentric.


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Karyn Parsons has been a has-been actress for quite some time – for decades, in fact. Her two major successes in Tinseltown came way back in the 90s. She achieved fame for starring in Major Payne. But by and large, people know Karyn for her role as Will’s cousin in the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Since those days Karyn hasn’t really done anything of note in tinsel town.

Unlike her co-star who’s already featured in the other section of this list, Karyn has dealt with life after that show pretty well. She’s done her own thing, and is content to plough on and keep doing things her own way.

Those of you who watched the Fresh Prince will be able to recall Karyn’s character in the show. Hilary Banks was a spoiled princess who at times could be rather obnoxious. Hilary definitely had a big ego. Karyn isn’t anything like that character in real life. In fact, she’s quite the opposite. She doesn’t have her head up in the clouds. She’s very personable, unassuming, and just kind and bubbly. That’s what CBS News reported when someone went to interview her. They were pleasantly surprised by her humble demeanor. Her family’s certainly helped to keep her humble, as have the people she surrounds herself with.

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