10 Female Celebs Who Can Get Any Man They Want (And 10 Who Can't Get A Date)

Some female celebrities seem to have absolutely no luck when it comes to love. Now, there are times when we can totally understand why—not every famous woman is a catch. Some of them are big into partying, some are just reality TV stars who happened to get lucky with their looks or their family connections, and some of them just love the camera a little too much and will do anything to stay in the spotlight. There must be a reason that guys are steering clear of them and looking the other way.

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But then again, there are also some celebs that always seem to be single, and we just can’t figure out why. They’re beautiful, talented, and classy—maybe there’s something going on behind the scenes that we don’t know about?

While we’re not privileged enough to know all the details of our favorite stars love lives, one thing is clear — some of these women have every man in Hollywood lusting after them (even if they’re already dating other people), and some of them can’t seem to get a date at all. Here are 10 female celebrities who can’t land a guy and 10 who can get any guy they want.

20 Can't Get A Date: Jennifer Aniston

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Poor Jennifer Aniston. We absolutely loved her on Friends—honestly, who didn’t?— and on that sitcom, she never seemed to have any issues with getting a date! She even ended up with the love of her life, Ross, at the end. But what about in real life? Why can’t she find love? She’s so pretty, she’s a super talented and funny actress, and she’s even known for acting in romantic comedies. It’s pretty strange that she can’t seem to find a guy who wants to settle down with her. Well, we truly have no idea, but maybe she was just too hurt when her relationship with Brad Pitt ended in complete scandal. Since then, it seems like she just hasn’t had much luck in love. At least, not for the long-term, anyway. She did get married again to Justin Theroux, but unfortunately, they announced their divorce after only two years.

19 Can Get Anyone She Wants: Miranda Kerr

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If you’re a Victoria’s Secret Angel, it’s pretty much a guarantee that you can get any guy on earth that you want. Just look at Miranda Kerr—she’s never had a problem getting a date, and we totally understand why. She’s so beautiful it’s almost unreal, and she walks down that runway like she owns it. She was not born into a lucky situation—she was actually discovered in a talent search for models, which just goes to show that she was naturally cut out for this job. She used to be married to Orlando Bloom, but sadly, the two got divorced. However, she is now married to Evan Spiegel. Despite all of the attention that Miranda has received over the years, she does seem very down to earth. It doesn’t seem like fame has gotten to her head at all, which just makes her more desirable.

18 Can't Get A Date: Taylor Swift

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Okay, so maybe saying that Taylor Swift “can’t get a date” is slightly inaccurate because it actually seems like she gets a ton of dates—but for some reason, none of those guys want to stick around. Hmmm, could it be that she’s the root of the problem? We certainly think so. When you’ve been going through break up after break up for years on end, it’s pretty clear that the guys are not the problem—and if you ARE dating that many awful guys in a row, you need to get your priorities sorted out. So, there you have it—Taylor can absolutely get a first date, but she can’t seem to get a second one. Seriously, this girl has broken up with John Mayer, Harry Styles, and Calvin Harris—if you can name him, she has probably dated him. But will she ever find a guy who will stay with her?

17 Can Get Anyone She Wants: Emilia Clarke

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If you watch Game of Thrones, you know exactly why Emilia Clarke, who plays Daenerys Targaryen in the series, could get any man she wants. Well, that’s basically what happens in the show—although she’s not looking for love, she’s looking to become queen of the Seven Kingdoms. Honestly, Emilia looks like a queen in her own right. She plays Daenerys so well that she might just be descended from royalty herself, who knows? Several men’s magazines, including Esquire and AskMen, have voted Emilia as the most attractive woman in the world. If you’re getting that title from multiple publications, you must be stunning. Emilia is so beautiful and talented that it's no wonder that men all over the world have totally fallen for her. However, Emilia is quite picky, and although she did date Seth McFarlane for a short time, she has kept her love life out of the press.

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16 Can't Get A Date: Jennifer Lawrence

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Jennifer Lawrence went through a break up recently. She was dating the director, Darren Aronofsky, and let’s be honest, it was creepy. Darren is literally 21 years older than Jen. Come on, you’ve got to admit that it’s a bit weird. It seems like she’s honestly better off since breaking up with him because there’s no way a relationship with that big of an age difference is healthy. Outside of Hollywood, everyone would be giving them the side eye (and some of the people in Hollywood were probably judging them, too). It’s odd that Jen seems to have such a difficult time getting into healthy relationships. She’s one of the most popular actresses around today, and she’s always taking on incredible projects that showcase the depth of her talent. You would think she would be able to find an equally talented and passionate boyfriend in her industry.

15 Can Get Anyone She Wants: Margot Robbie

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We don’t even have to explain why Margot Robbie could get any guy she wanted—honestly, just look at her. She is genuinely one of the most gorgeous women on the planet. So many guys in Hollywood are probably lusting after her, but she has actually been in a great relationship for a while now. In fact, she even secretly married her husband, Tom Ackerly, in a private ceremony in Australia. Every guy on earth is jealous of him. You know that the press would have been all over that wedding if they had been able to get access to it. That’s why she has to keep her relationship private. But seriously, Margot could probably reach the top of any “most beautiful women in Hollywood” list even on a bad day. If she was not married, she could definitely have her pick of any guy she wanted—Tom Ackerly is one lucky man!

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14 Can't Get A Date: Amber Rose

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Where do we even begin with Amber Rose? The only reason that she seems to be famous is for the high-profile guys that she’s dated in the past. But she hasn’t dated anyone super famous for a while, and somehow, she still manages to keep herself in the spotlight. There was Wiz Khalifa, who she had a son with (seriously, can you believe that she’s a mom?), and there was also Kanye West, who she openly mocked on Twitter not too long ago. Yup, that caused plenty of drama. She has also hooked up with the comedian, Eric Andre, but maybe she didn’t stick around because he doesn’t have quite the same level of clout as her ex-boyfriends. It seems like she will only date guys who can help keep her in the public eye, and if they can’t do that, she doesn’t want them. No wonder she can’t keep a man.

13 Can Get Anyone She Wants: Gal Gadot

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Gal Gadot is one of the most popular actresses in Hollywood right now. And what guy wouldn’t be crushing on the woman who literally played Wonder Woman, the coolest female superhero of all time? Actually, wait, scratch that— Wonder Woman is one of the coolest superheroes of all time, period. Gal was the lucky (and extremely talented) leading lady who got to star in this major blockbuster film. She is now a role model for young girls and boys alike. She has a superhero body and a beautiful face, and it’s safe to say that exactly zero men would turn down the chance to be with Wonder Woman herself. At one point before becoming an actress, she was even crowned Miss Israel. Unfortunately for all the guys who wish they could be with her, she is married to an Israeli real estate developer. They even own a luxury hotel together.

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12 Can't Get A Date: Blac Chyna

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If you’re on Twitter, you already know how much drama Blac Chyna gets into on a regular basis. Blac Chyna started out as a model and basically just worked her way into the spotlight based on her looks and the guys that she dated. The reason why she can’t find true love is obvious— she just wants to be in the limelight, and she is always causing controversy wherever she goes. Who wants to deal with that all the time? It just goes to show you that looks aren’t everything because there’s no doubt that Blac Chyna is super cute, but when you’re stirring the pot with the Kardashians and constantly running your name through the rumor mill, your looks won’t be enough to convince any guy to stay with you—at least, not any guy who is worth keeping. Maybe one day Blac Chyna will chill out and settle down.

11 Can Get Anyone She Wants: Mila Kunis

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Now, we all know that yes, Mila Kunis has been happily married to Ashton Kutcher for quite a while now. But that does not mean she couldn’t get anyone she wanted if something went wrong between the two of them. Mila has been one of the most sought-after women in Hollywood for quite a while now. She has an exotic look, and on top of that, she’s hilarious. Who wouldn’t want to be with a woman who has a great sense of humor in addition to her good looks? Plus, Mila can even speak another language, which is a super cool skill to have. She is originally from Ukraine, and she speaks Russian. She may not be on the market anymore, but make no mistake, if Ashton ever screwed up, Mila would probably have a line of guys at her door just begging for one minute of her attention.

10 Can't Get A Date: Leslie Jones

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Leslie Jones is constantly putting herself out there and making people laugh, despite all the criticism that she has faced over the years. She is bold, funny, and fearless, and she has worked so hard to get to where she is today. But although she has seen a lot of success in the comedy world over the past few years, she hasn’t managed to find a guy who makes her happy. In fact, it doesn’t seem like she has been romantically linked to anyone over the past few years that she has been working in Hollywood. Maybe she has had some relationships, and she would rather just keep them off social media and out of the tabloids. Or maybe she is just genuinely happy being single and does not want to compromise on anything in her life for a guy. Who knows what could be going on in her life?

9 Can Get Anyone She Wants: Selena Gomez

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Selena Gomez has been involved with some serious relationship drama in the past—after all, she did date Justin Bieber for years, which made all of his fans extremely jealous. And then Justin went through his rebellious phase, the two endured a very high-profile breakup, which was all over the tabloids and social media, and Selena seemed to be reeling. But it didn’t take her long to find a new famous boyfriend. She dated The Weeknd for about ten months, and now that Justin has matured, she has run back into his arms. She has dated some of the most popular guys in the music industry, so it’s pretty clear that she could have whoever she wanted. But it seems like she is going to stick by Justin’s side now that he has gotten his act together and if it doesn’t work out between them, she’ll find someone new.

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8 Can't Get A Date: Kendall Jenner

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So, now that Kendall’s younger sister, Kylie, has a daughter, we wonder if Kendall will start looking for a man of her own. Or maybe, Kendall sees all of Kylie’s new responsibilities and wants absolutely nothing to do with men—who really knows? But one thing is for sure, it does seem like Kendall struggles to find love. In fact, her lack of relationships has been so obvious to the press for the past couple years that some people have even been speculating that she isn’t interested in men at all! We think that might be a bit of a reach, but you never know what’s going on in someone’s private life. She has been linked to some men romantically, like ASAP Rocky, but for the most part, her love life has been very quiet over the years—especially compared to all of the guys that her sisters have dated!

7 Can Get Anyone She Wants: Scarlett Johansson

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We’re pretty sure that every guy—and maybe every girl—on the planet has a crush on Scarlett Johansson. With her blonde hair and porcelain skin, she is a classic Hollywood beauty. And it doesn’t hurt that she’s always playing strong female characters on screen. No matter what role she is playing, she always exudes confidence and dignity. She is very beautiful, but she is also super talented—she is definitely not just getting by on looks alone like some may assume. She is a big supporter of feminism and having a healthy body image, and she seems like she is just as cool off screen as her characters on screen. And not to mention that she has consistently been ranked as one of the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood. She was once married to Ryan Reynolds, but as we’ve established, he’s with Blake Lively now, so she’s back on the market.

6 Can't Get A Date: Sandra Bullock

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We felt so bad for Sandra Bullock back in 2010—her ex-husband, Jesse James, truly broke her heart. She was so head-over-heels in love with him, gushing about how wonderful and supportive he was until the horrible news broke that he had cheated on her with several women. We can’t imagine how awful it must have been for Sandra to go through this in front of the entire world. Since their divorce, Sandra has not had any long-term relationships, and we can kind of see why she would avoid romance. It would be tough for anyone. But at the same time, it has been eight years since her marriage ended, and maybe trying to meet some new men would actually be helpful. After all, she is a single mom with two children that she has adopted—maybe someday, she will want to bring a father figure into their lives.

5 Can Get Anyone She Wants: Natalie Dormer

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Why do so many guys just love Natalie Dormer? Well, she just looks unique. There’s something about her smile that has people falling head over heels for her. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that she played the gorgeous Queen Margery on Game of Thrones. She really thrived in this role—in fact, she could tell us that she was real-life royalty, and we would probably believe it. There’s no one else in Hollywood who looks quite like Natalie. She has such a distinctive face, which is why guys everywhere wish they had a chance with her. But unfortunately for all those men who would do anything to get a shot with Natalie, she has actually been engaged since 2011. Yup, that’s quite a long engagement, but when you’re busy filming so many amazing projects and traveling the world, planning a wedding must be quite the challenge. Her fiancé is the director, Anthony Byrne.

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4 Can't Get A Date: Bella Thorne

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It’s really no surprise that Bella Thorne has been struggling to find a stable relationship. She was another Disney Channel star who seems to have gone down the wrong route. It’s a shame because she is pretty cute and talented, but she is always getting into tabloid drama. Now, it’s not totally impossible for her to get a date—after all, she was romantically linked to Scott Disick for a while. It was a pretty strange and short-lived relationship. Overall, it seems like Bella will really have to clean up her act if she wants to find a good guy. She has crafted an image of herself as a wild party girl. But she’s still pretty young, so there’s really no rush to get married or anything serious like that. Maybe one day, she will settle down a bit and find a guy who does truly care about her.

3 Can Get Anyone She Wants: Blake Lively

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Guys everywhere shed a tear the day that Blake Lively got married to Ryan Reynolds. They even have kids together now, who are probably going to grow up to be some of the most beautiful people on the planet. Their parents are both so good looking. Blake basically looks like a real-life princess. It’s like if Cinderella walked out of the animated film and came to life. With her long blonde hair, beautiful eyes, and lovely smile, Blake is the picture of perfection. And she even played Serena on Gossip Girl, who is the girl that all the guys want—looks like a case of art imitating life. It makes sense that Blake would play the girl that everyone was either in love with or wanted to be because that’s basically who she is in real life. Ryan Reynolds definitely hit the jackpot when he decided to ask her out.

2 Can't Get A Date: Karrueche Tran

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Karrueche Tran has had some bad luck in the love department lately. She made the major mistake of dating Chris Brown, and it’s been all downhill from there. We definitely have sympathy for her, though. Everyone knows that Chris is a problematic guy who has done some awful things to women (just ask Rihanna), but when you fall in love, your rose-colored glasses go on, and you can’t always see what a person is truly like inside. Karrueche probably did her best to ignore his flaws until it was too late. Now, she has a restraining order against him. She definitely had her moment in the spotlight because of that relationship, but was it really worth it? It seems pretty obvious that the answer is no. It doesn’t seem like she has dated anyone since she broke up with Chris Brown, but hopefully, someday, she will find a guy who treats her well.

1 Can Get Anyone She Wants: Zoe Saldana

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Zoe Saldana is gorgeous in a natural way. She has beautiful, black hair and amazing, brown eyes—she looks like she could just stare right into your soul. She may not be flashy, but she looks pretty even without layers of makeup or fancy clothes. And let’s not forget that Zoe Saldana was in one of the highest-grossing and most-popular films of all time, Avatar. She has no trouble finding guys who want to be with her, which is really no surprise. She seems to be attracted to artsy types— she was once married to the CEO of a fashion company, and after their divorce, she went on to marry an Italian artist. Isn’t that so romantic? And this man was so in love with her that he totally reversed tradition and took her last name! It’s cool that she found a man who doesn’t care about stereotypes.

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