20Chelsea Handler thinks she'd be a bad mom

Chelsea Handler No Kids

"I definitely don't want to have kids. I don't think I'd be a great mother. I don't want to have a kid and have it raised by a nanny. I don't have the time to raise a child myself."

It's no secret that Chelsea Handler isn't interested in marriage or children. Well, she's sort of changed her mind about marriage after exploring the topic on her Netflix series, but kids are 100% out of the question for her.

There are two main reasons the talk show host and comedian isn't

into the idea. For one, she thinks she's too "messed up" to raise kids in a healthy manner. She also believes it's not fair for the kids who are born into celebrity families. She never explicitly calls any specific celeb couple out, but she's made it clear she thinks it's not normal for kids to grow up with famous parents. While appearing on The Conversation With Amanda De Cadenet in 2013, Handler said,

On her show, she's also said, "I’d have to over-correct so much from my parents that I would be a nightmare mother. If my niece has a bad day at school, I worry about it for three days. I’d be such a helicopter parent. I’d drive my child crazy!” Fair enough, Chelsea. There's nothing wrong with knowing where you stand on parenthood. And to be fair, when you're single, you have to really want children to make it work. It's not easy to balance a career, especially as a celebrity, and take on all of the responsibilities of motherhood alone.

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