10 Celebs Who Are Master Chefs And 10 Who Can't Even Make A Grilled Cheese

When you think about a celebrity, you don’t really consider whether they can cook or not, it’s not something that really occurs to us for the most part. Their lives are so different for the most part that we assume that they all have personal chefs or dine out in restaurants all the time. For some celebrities, life is certainly like that, but you might be shocked at how many celebrities there are out there that can not only cook, but can cook really well. Blake Lively actually took a course in Paris to learn how to cook better. She has a passion for it and Ali Larter, the girl that showed up the whipped cream bikini in Varsity Blues, has her own cookbook now. We’re not sure where these celebrities find the time, but some of them are quite good at cooking.

But that’s certainly not all celebrities. There are some out there that have no interest in cooking. They are too busy to bother with the idea and even when they do, they can’t even make a grilled cheese. In this way, celebrities are just like us — some of them can cook really well while others don’t even want to try or when they do, the smoke alarm goes off. You are sure to be surprised by who makes the list and who doesn’t. Check out this list of the best cooks in the industry as well as some of the worst.

20 Blake Lively Is Not Just A Gossip Girl

We were just as shocked as you were when we heard that Blake Lively was quite the domesticated goddess. Maybe we just got so used to her Upper Eastside character on Gossip Girl to imagine that she could actually cook.

She has a real passion for it, though, and when it comes to cooking, she makes some serious dishes. She has always said that she doesn’t diet and if you check out her Instagram page, you will see that she’s serious about her cooking.

So much so that she went off to Paris to take a course at the acclaimed Le Cordon Bleu. Allegedly, when she was dating Leonardo DiCaprio for that brief period, he almost fell over when she baked him a pie. DiCaprio isn’t used to his ladies cooking for him. Ryan Reynolds is certainly a lucky man now and he gets to experience her cooking all the time. Apparently, Thanksgiving is quite the experience in their home.

19 Tyra Banks Is Too Busy To Cook

When it comes to being a supermodel, TV talk show host, a judge on America’s Next Top Model, among many other things, cooking is just not something that you have time for. That’s Tyra Banks excuse for not cooking. She’s been a busy girl since she started modelling as a teenager and it seems like her life just keeps getting busier.

Even though she is a self-proclaimed cheapskate, she still won’t cook for herself. Getting takeout is her favorite thing in the world and she doesn’t mind splurging on a good meal.

This is one girl that does not know how to cook and she has no intention of learning. Tyra loves to eat and she was never a model that was okay with being super skinny. “When modelling agencies were saying that I was too big and gaining weight, my mom said, 'Okay, we're going to discuss what they're saying over pizza, and we're going to plan the future of your career which doesn't involve you having to be skinny.'”

18 Chrissy Teigen Can Cook You Under the Table

You might be shocked to know that this girl can cook, especially since there are so many people mommy-shamming her all the time. But she’s a true domestic goddess. She’s also a big fan of comfort food and if you didn’t know already, she has her own cookbook called Cravings and it’s full of comfort food recipes. These are the recipes that she claims her and her husband John Legend eat.

She’s also had some pretty controversial Tweets about food, but she doesn’t care, like the time she had a controversial opinion about hating Nutella.

Or the time that she preached her love for Bologna. "Get off your high horse, Bologna haters! Also, yea Bologna probably contains horse," she Tweeted. Seriously, it’s really hard not to love this Nutella-hating master chef.

17 Haylie Duff May Not Be The Best Cook

Haylie Duff actually does have a cookbook called “The Real Girl’s Kitchen,” though we have a hard time believing that any type of celebrity can claim to be a “real girl.” She has had nowhere near the same success in Hollywood as her sister Hilary, but still, she’s by no means struggling. You would have to assume that if she wrote a cookbook, then she must know how to cook, but one blogger happens to disagree.

“Getting a cookbook deal counts for something, but Duff’s blog is all over the place. Her restaurant reviews are barely reviews and her recipes leave a bit to be desired (how much tuna? Does “Half of one lemon juice” mean “the juice of a half a lemon?”).”

You’ll have to try it out for yourself and be the judge.

16 Scarlett Johansson Makes A Mean Frittata

We were pretty surprised to hear that Scarlett Johansson loves to cook. She’s one of the busiest and foxiest women in the industry, so we kind of assumed she doesn’t worry too much about cooking for herself. But apparently all she needs is a glass of wine to give her inspiration and she turns into a cooking machine. Sounds pretty awesome to us. She stated in an interview that she has a huge love for cooking.

"I like cooking alone – I find it very therapeutic. I put on some music, maybe have a glass of wine, and make something like a turkey Bolognese or a nice frittata."

Both of those sound like great options and we would love to be sitting and having a glass of wine with this beautiful actress.

15 Eva Mendes Has No Skills

Ryan Gosling may be living the domestic life with Eva Mendes and his children, but he’s not getting any home cooking. Eva Mendes has stated on more than one occasion that she has no cooking skills whatsoever. She may be beautiful and she may be talented, but those talents are not in the kitchen.

She loves food and has stated that she has far too much respect for food to spend the time destroying those meals in her kitchen.

Those are some pretty strong words she has against her cooking skills. She says that it doesn’t really matter that she can’t cook because she prefers to eat junk food anyway. Alright then, well that’s definitely a solid "no" to cooking. It looks like Gosling will have to head home to his mama’s house to get a home-cooked meal.

14 Lady Gaga Makes Her Own Ravioli

Not only can she sing and perform but she can also cook. We have to say that we are shocked to hear that because Lady Gaga is known to be a high-maintenance gal. She once made her personal assistant sleep with her through the night because she was scared of ghosts so we thought for sure she would have a personal chef. But Lady Gaga has actually rolled her own ravioli, as well as chopped steak pieces as if she’s been worked in a kitchen her whole life.

Her father even went with her to get a cookbook published that has all their favorite recipes from the family restaurant.

We had no idea that Gaga’s family owned an Italian restaurant. The book is called Joanne Trattoria Cookbook: Classic Recipes and Scenes from an Italian-American Restaurant.

13 Beyoncé Burns Her Food

When you have billions of dollars at your disposal, cooking is probably the last thing that you think about. Both she and Jay-Z have more than enough money to hire a personal chef or to go out to many fancy restaurants. When you have the kind of money they do, cooking for yourself isn’t really something you want to do.

Beyoncé is a pretty busy girl and she’s been in the industry since she was 14, so there wasn’t a whole lot of time for her to learn how to cook.

Again, the desire to learn probably wasn’t there either. Some people just aren’t meant to cook. She has stated that although she has attempted to cook, the food always managed to be burnt and it’s happened on more than one occasion. Constantly burning food is a pretty good indication that you probably aren’t meant to cook.

12 Justin Timberlake Likes To Bake

Not only is Justin Timberlake a total hottie, but the guy likes to bake as well. That’s him putting the finishing touches on a pie and we have to say, we’re a little impressed. He’s a Southern boy that comes from a family who knew how to feed their kids home-cooked meals. So, it’s not surprising that he knows his way around the kitchen. We’re sure Jessica Biel appreciates some pie after chasing around their child all day long.

Timberlake actually owns a Hell’s Kitchen eatery with his friends called Southern Hospitality BBQ.

On the menu, they have a meal called "Smokey Mountain BBQ Nachos," and apparently, they are pretty impressive. We are already impressed by the fact that Timberlake bakes and now he’s a restaurant owner.

11 Sofia Vergara Lets Her Son Do The Cooking

Sofia Vergara is not a fan of cooking; she literally has no interest in doing it. It’s her son that is the cook in the family and that suits her just fine. She doesn’t enjoy cooking, but she says her son makes meals especially for her and that’s how they bond together. She's even said that it took her some time to even to make herself a cup of coffee. It wasn’t until she moved to the United States that she learned to make a cup of coffee.

“Listen, I didn't know how to make coffee when I came to the United States, because in Colombia the maids do it.”

Let’s be honest, she probably still has a maid in her home that makes her coffee for her these days.

10 Jessica Biel Makes Amazing Pancakes

These blueberry pancakes are Jessica Biel’s specialty and she makes them for Justin Timberlake all the time. She posted this picture on Instagram and we have to admit that it looks amazing. It truly looks like restaurant-quality pancakes. Justin is certainly a lucky guy. They make a great team since Timberlake does the baking and she does the cooking.

Biel told Jay Leno once that she wanted to open her own restaurant and she eventually did.

She has her own West Hollywood eatery called Au Fudge. The eatery is all about comfort food and there is also a pretty awesome play space for children, so it’s a great place for moms to take their kids and not have to go crazy. It’s so amazing how a lot of these celebrities have these other cool ventures.

9 Jessica Simpson Is Not A Domesticated Woman

We kind of got that impression when she was on the reality TV show with her husband at the time, Nick Lacey. Newlyweds was one of the first reality shows that showed the married life of a couple. It was pretty obvious right from the start that Jessica Simpson had no cooking skills. She is a pretty busy girl and she has a lot of entrepreneurial ventures going on in your life, like her handbag business.

Being in the kitchen is definitely not one of her strong suits.

She has always had issues with her weight, so she leans toward the meal-delivery companies that prepare her meals specifically for her diet plans. We’re not sure if there is a chef in the house or what her new husband Eric Johnson does for meals. But Simpson is definitely not cooking them for him.

8 Emma Stone Likes To Cook For The Men In Her Life

When Emma Stone was dating Andrew Garfield, he used to say how she would cook for him all the time. He also mentioned that she hoped to open a bakery one day. These days, she is rumored to be dating Dave McCary, but we’re sure he’s getting the same royal treatment. There is definitely something to be said for having a home-cooked meal made for you. She has a few philosophies about life.

“You’re a human being — you live once and life is wonderful, so eat the red velvet cupcake.”

She’s also a huge fan of grilled cheese and we bet she makes a mean one. “I’m into grilled cheese. Grilled cheese makes me feel beautiful.” Well, she certainly has a good sense of humor, but we totally agree about the grilled cheese.

7 Jada Pinkett-Smith’s Lack Of Cooking Skills Are Genetic

Remember Jada Pinkett Smith played the character of Lena James on A Different World? There was one episode where her character cooked and sold students her gumbo right from her dorm room. Don’t let that episode fool you because Jada is a terrible cook in real life. There are no meals being cooked for Will Smith back home.

Jada blames her lack of cooking skills on genetics, though, so she’s not worried about it.

She stated that her West Indian grandmother was not a good cook and she is no different.

6 Taylor Swift Gets Patriotic When She Bakes

Taylor Swift went all out for her 4th of July party by baking a flag cake and an apple pie. Talk about hosting the right way. She’s known to be quite the little cook when she wants to be. Is there anything this girl can’t do? She is a big food lover and we have seen her trying new recipes, munching on some pretty fantastic looking treats while sipping her coffee. Her Instagram is proof that she is a foodie and she’s actually pretty good at cooking. She’s even really good at making a good breakfast.

“I love making buckwheat crepes with ham, Parmesan cheese, and a fried egg on top. It's my go-to breakfast.”

That sounds delicious and we are about to look up a good recipe for it right now!

5 Drew Barrymore Has Tried Cooking

Drew Barrymore has many talents, but none of them include being a good cook. She started acting when she was just a child and had a troubled childhood that included drinking and substance. She was estranged from her mother for many years, so it’s not like she had many chances to learn how to cook. She's stated on more than one occasion that cooking is not a good thing for her.

She stated that she is a terrible cook, but does try to put some effort into it, though. She's been known to go to classes with her friends Reese Witherspoon and Cameron Diaz.

She was willing to make cupcakes for charity too. “I’m so happy to have been able to work with @unitedfriendsla and @sprinklescupcakes this month supporting education for foster children! Thrilled that proceeds for the new strawberry shortcake cupcake will go toward this important cause.”

4 Mariah Carey Cooks Up A Storm

Yes, feel free to be just as shocked as we were. Out of all the celebrities that we thought cooked, she was not even on the list. Considering how much of a diva Mariah Carey can be at times, we would never have thought that she would even attempt to cook.

“I'm actually a really good cook, and people don't believe this about me!”

Sorry, Mariah, can you really blame us?We’ve seen her make pizza and lasagna with her kids. Even when she cooks, though, we've seen her go over the top, like making pizza in silk lingerie. But hey, whatever does it for you. We are just so impressed to see her cook in the first place because we thought for sure she would definitely have a personal chef.

3 Penelope Cruz Is Disappointed In Her Cooking

People who can’t cook generally know it. They don’t keep trying, they give up and follow their other gifts. Penelope Cruz knew that she was a terrible cook, but she did want to change that.

She actually took some cooking lessons, but it didn’t seem to help the issue. She said that every time she finished a dish, it always turned out to be a disappointment.

Cooking just isn't meant for everyone. Thankfully, she has a ton of money so she can just hire someone to cook for her. “I can cook a little bit. I can cook a few Spanish dishes. But, in movies, it looks like I cook much better than I cook.” She is a good actress after all.

2 Eva Longoria Is A Master Chef

Eva Longoria was domestic in Desperate Housewives and she’s domestic in real life too. She is another celebrity who loves to cook up a storm. She is gorgeous and she has no problem strapping on an apron on and cooking up a storm.

Apparently, she can stuff a turkey pretty well and she loves everything that is Tex-Mex.

She loves comfort foods and if you do too, then you should check out her cookbook. She is yet another celebrity that has her own cookbook and in it, she shares her family’s recipes for Mexican food. Sounds delicious. The book is called Eva’s Kitchen and it was released in 2011. She totally looks natural and in her element in this photo and we would definitely love to be at her house for Thanksgiving dinner.

1 David Beckham Has The Right Friends

Apparently, David Beckham is super good friends with Gordon Ramsay, so that might be why he turned out to be such a good cook. We’re surprised that a guy who’s as wealthy as he is actually cooks for himself, but he does. If you thought he was hot before, then this is about to blow your mind. Yes, he definitely looks good in the kitchen.

He’s a big fan of meat pies and beef stews and everything that he cooks looks fantastic.

He’s also been on a few of Gordon Ramsay’s shows, so we’re sure he’s gotten some pretty good tips. What’s even better is that the two of them once had a cook-off. Now, how fun would that be?


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