Would-Be-Mom Kim Kardashian Pleads for More Privacy

The tabloids are speculating whether or not the pop superstar Jessica Simpson is likely to be pregnant again, and the media attention is on the acute morning sickness of Kate Middleton. Kim Kardashian, the well-known face on American reality television says that it is pleasant for her to be away from the spotlight of the media for a while, during the early days of her pregnancy. She said in an interview that she is happy for both Kate Middleton and Jessica Simpson, but she really enjoys the privacy that she has experienced in recent times, ever since she became pregnant with Kanye West’s child.

Kim lost her coveted privacy last December when Kanye West said that he and Kim were expecting their first child together. The singer announced this at a concert in Atlantic City in New Jersey on 13th December.

Now of course, the whole world knows about Kim’s pregnancy. Her motherly instincts have made her to pull out from being so free and open about her personal life with the paparazzi. She said that although she is a reality television star, there are certain things in life that demand a good deal of privacy. Pregnancy is definitely one of them.

Kim and Kanye made their relationship public March last year. Kim was previously married to the basketball star Kris Humphries. They got married in August 2011. Kim had filed for divorce, but it’s not final yet. It is still an ongoing legal process.

The thirty five year old American rapper Kanye West is rarely known to come and give interviews to the press about his personal life. Kim says that she has been greatly influence by West’s approach to the media. Kanye West is definitely the Ying to Kim Kardashian’s Yang. Kim says that she has learnt a lot from West in the time she has spent with him. They took a vow together to protect their offspring – they are both in it together, and want to enjoy the experience together. Her experience on reality television has also prompted her to take a more private approach about her private life. Often she has taken decisions on her show that the audience just couldn’t understand. Now she feels that being private is the best thing.

Kardashian is expected to give birth in July this year. A new season of Kim’s reality show with her sister Kourtney will premiere this Sunday on E News at nine PM. It is titled, “Kourtney and Kim Take Miami.”

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