Training Tips for the Perfect Body – The Beyonce Way

When Beyonce Knowles performed during the half time of the Superbowl wearing a skimpy outfit, everyone could see how fabulous her body looked. She simply mesmerized everybody in the music performance. Beyonce has always been stunning… but she indeed looked her best here. She has admitted that looking after her body and keeping it in great shape hasn’t really been all that easy since she gave birth to her baby. Rather, she says that it has been quite an uphill task. When she was pregnant with her child Blue Ivy, she is believed to have gained as much as sixty pounds!

She spoke about how hard she had to work to get the kind of body which she now has. Beyonce had to spend days working out on a treadmill and eating just lettuce. Her trainer, Marco Borger felt that consistency was the key in helping Beyonce achieve the figure which she sports now. This guy known his bit, we know that, as we see Beyonce.

He made her run up the stairs and spring intervals for some quick and efficient cardio sessions, which Marco loves himself by the way. He had confined Beyonce to just one vegan meal a day. You gotta make sacrifices after all. Marco said that by taking vegan meals, you end up eating more greens than normal, and that’s great news for your body.

Play Some Music

Beyonce reiterated what many people know already. The best way to shed those pounds and stay inspired is by doing it with music. She would put on some song that she loved, and then do the biceps curl exercises with five pound weights in hand.

The Liquid Diet Works

Beyonce took some protein shakes too. She loves them over sit-down meals whenever she is trying to lose the weight. And it helps her get it done quickly as well.

Snack Smart

Don’t ever compromise on nutrition when it comes to snacking, Beyonce says. But do choose them wisely. Say no to those pizzas, burgers and chips. Beyonce feels that what really helps is a diet of cucumbers or green apples that are sprayed with lemon, vinegar and cayenne pepper.

It is important to note here that one reason why Beyonce’s legs looked so sexy during her performance at the super bowl was because she was wearing a panty hose. Beneath her fish nets, she was wearing six pairs of panty hose so that her legs would be pulled all in, and make her look super. Rubin Singer who is behind this hot get-up of Beyonce says that she is very conscious about her body, and understands what would look good on her and what would not.

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