Top Diet And Exercise Trends Among Celebrities

It’s not surprising we all look to celebrities for their diet and workout tips. Nearly always in prime physical condition, the world’s most famous actors and models are constantly out there trying the latest trends and telling us what works – and what works fast.

Diets are a big business. It was estimated that in 2004 Americans spent more than $45 billion on diet-related products and self-help books. The good news is that the Harvard School of Public Health recently released research that shows a healthy diet can cost just $1.50 per person per day compared to an unhealthy diet. The average diet in American is thought to cost about $85 per week per person and that’s just the diet – there are fitness costs to figure in as well. Working out is a big business. A gym membership in a major USA city can easily cost $1,000 per year or a lot more for specialized classes.

Ready to take a sneak peek at 10 of the top ways celebrities are planning on staying healthy and in shape this year? In our list of top 10 celebrity diet trends, we’ve not only included fail-safe eating plans for a trim figure, but we’ve also included some of the top workout trends that celebs love at the moment, which are the perfect complement to any diet.

10 Juice and Smoothies – $800 Blender

This year we’re expecting to see even more celebrities jump on the bandwagon and make their own juices or smoothies as nutrient-rich meal replacements. Juicing has been in the spotlight ever since the 2010 documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead showed an obese Australian man going on a juice fast and turning his life around.  A few celebs already in on the trend include Nicole Richie, Oprah Winfrey and Miranda Kerr. Their blender of choice is the Vitamix Total Nutrition Health Centre, costing almost $800. It’s different from many juicers because it keeps more nutrients and blends up the skin, seeds and pulp all together. A five-day juice cleanse through companies such as BluePrintCleanse or Organic Avenue would typically include about six juices per day and could cost about $300 all up.

9 Aerial Fitness – $35 Per Class 

Working out while suspended mid air has been popular for a while now, and it’s set to become even bigger in 2014 thanks to endorsements from a bunch of trim celebs. A particularly popular fitness class is aerial yoga, such as the classes provided by AntiGravity fitness which are endorsed by Gwyneth Paltrow and has been used by Britney Spears on tour. Reese Witherspoon reportedly owes some of her fitness to Cirque School, which is an aerial fitness class that uses basic circus performer moves. A “Fly Gym” aerial fitness 13-piece set costs $329 and will get you started from home. Otherwise you can take aerial fitness classes, such as the celebrity favorite 90-minute one offered by New York’s Trapeze School, costing $35 per class.

8 Paleo Diet – From 8,000 Years BC

After being Google’s most searched diet in 2013, the paleo diet is still going strong. This diet goes back to basics and focuses on what people would’ve eaten about 8,000 years BC. There’s no refined sugar – it’s all about meat, fish, eggs, nuts, seeds and some fruits and vegetables. A regular meal might be chicken breast, quinoa and mixed vegetables. Famous people who have been on the paleo diet include Miley Cryus, Megan Fox and Matthew McConaughey. The paleo diet can be one of the more expensive diets, considering the fresh produce and butcher sections of the supermarket tend to be the most costly. Followers of this diet have reported spending a minimum of about $100 per person per week on grocery bills.

7 Trampoline Fitness – Burn 1,000 Calories    

Trampolines are no longer that thing you bounce on when you’re aged 10 or under. These days, they are the key piece of equipment in an upcoming celeb workout trend. Found indoors are specialized trampoline parks in the USA such as SkyZone, where visitors can take part in classes such as SkyRobics. This hour long class involves tumbling through the air, jumping in all directions, bouncing off the walls (literally because they’re made of trampolines) and core exercises. Add in weights or resistance bands while you jump and you can easily burn up to 1,000 calories per hour. One celebrity who’s known to love these classes at SkyZone is Julianne Hough. Group classes cost about $12 or more per visit at SkyZone Boston.

6 Allergy-Free Eating – $300 Per Day

5 Ballet Barre – Dance/Yoga Combo

Workouts based on ballet are continuing to be popular among celebrities and rich people in 2014. The Booty Barre, a workout class devised by Tracey Mallet (celebrity fitness expert), is a combination of ballet, Pilates and yoga. Celebrities such as Zooey Deschanel and Natalie Portman are rumored to be fans of this class, which can cost $20 or more per group class (or hundreds for a personal session). There’s also Flybarre for about $30 per group session, which is all about toning and sculpting lean muscles. It’s been tried out by the likes of Jessica Alba.

4 Atkins Diet – $100+ Per Week

3 Flywheel – Indoor Cycling Fad

Indoor cycling, or spinning as it is best known, has been popular for years. Flywheel, a specific indoor cycling class, has been getting more and more popular and its right up there among the top health trends in 2014. A favorite workout class of celebrities such as Sofia Vergara and Jessica Alba, this is a unique combination of spinning and arm weights – along with exciting music. Classes last up to an hour, can cost about $30 or more for a drop-in group class. To buy your own high-end stationary indoor bike, you could easily be looking at paying $1,500 and more. For example, the Bladez Fitness AeroPro spin bike retails for $1,899.

2 Weight Watchers – Jessica Simpson’s Favorite

This diet aims to limit your overall intake of food without restricting what you can and cannot eat. There’s a points system where all food items are worth a certain number of points, and you can eat a certain number of points per day. Pop star Jessica Simpson is a face of the Weight Watchers advertising campaign and uses the system to get back into pre-baby shape. Members of the diet pay a weekly fee, which is almost $100 per week depending on the type of subscription they require. The latest Weight Watchers cookbook, What to Cook Now, is available at Amazon for $20 and includes meals such as chicken and vegetable kebabs plus rice pliaf. A similar company, Jenny (formerly Jenny Craig), offers meal plans, meal deliveries and weight-loss consultants. Jenny reportedly helped Mariah Carey get back in shape after giving birth to twins. Jenny plans start at $30 per week, not including the cost of food.

1 Vegan Diet – 22 Day Crash Course 

According Marco Borges, founder of the 22 Days Challenge, the idea is that it takes just 21 days (or three weeks) to break a habit. Beyonce and hubby Jay-Z made the 22 Day Challenge super famous at the end of 2013, when they took part in this vegas crash course and cut out all animal products. Eating at the famous Crossroads restaurant in LA (where a Valentine’s Day meal this year costs about $75 per person), Beyonce took pics of her vegan cuisine including mushroom soup and green juice. She also posted an Instagram picture of her grilled corn, Portobello mushrooms and macaroni and cheese at Native Foods (also in California). Those participating in the 22 Days Challenge can purchase foods such as snack bars costing about $3 each or protein powders costing $45 per pound.

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