Top 15 Most Wanted Celebrity Plastic Surgery Features

Ever wish you could look like your favourite celeb? How about waking up every morning with abs like Channing Tatum, Halle Berry's cheeks or Kim Kardashian's booty? Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder but for many this is all thanks to having a great plastic surgeon! We've scoured the internet, stalked social media and are ready to reveal the top 15 most wanted celebrity features on everyone's plastic surgery wish list.

So what's the secret to achieving that perfect celeb look you may ask? It may come as no surprise that most celebrities visit their local clinics for some quick nips and tucks, some indulge in a few Botox sessions and fillers, whilst others go into complete denial and insist they woke up that way. But for us mere mortals, we may have to go to some extremes if we want to wake up with Rihanna's skin or Ashton Kutcher's ridiculously perfect cheekbones.

Celebs are known for their stunning features, which are copied in plastic surgery clinics across the world. Every day average people have gone to great lengths to change themselves, mirroring themselves after their favourite idols. These surgery seekers set out to imitate the looks of their Hollywood idols and try everything from tattooing their eyebrows and lips to extreme liposuction to face lifts and breast and cheek implants.

Interested to find out what graces the wish list as some of the most desired celeb features to top the rankings? There are a few desired features that seem to come up time and time again. So which stars are actually most popular when it comes to plastic surgery patients? Just scroll down to find out now.

15 Fergilicious Abs

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With her washboard stomach and killer abs, it's no wonder Fergie has one of the most desired bodies in Hollywood. She makes the ranking at number 15 as women want her dancer-like physique. The world was first introduced to her when she made her debut into the music scene playing lead vocalist in The Black Eyed Peas. Since then she has branched out on her own and went on to become a successful rapper, fashion designer, and TV host. Fast forward a few years and the American singer is hot property. She may be settling down as she married Josh Duhamel and welcomed a son into the world but she's sure not slowing down. It's rumoured that the sexy singer has gone under the knife herself for several different types of procedures including a nose job, breast implants, lip fillers, face fillers, and botox injections. But when it comes to her abs they're au naturale.

14 Beyoncé's Booty

It may come as no surprise to hear that Beyoncé's booty is one of the most requested booties in the business. RealSelf.com say doctors from around the world have patients bringing pictures of Mrs. Car's perky derriere into consultations with them to make sure they get a carbon copy. So if you weren't blessed with the best you could always head off to a cosmetic surgery clinic near you for a brand new tush modeled off the pop diva herself. If you're anything like us and are afraid of invasive surgery there's always an alternative with butt injections. Bey's booty has become legendary in the music business and makes our Top 15 for being one of the most sought after asset-s having mesmerized the world for over a decade. It has a life of its own on stage and is one hundred percent real. Or so she says...

13 Cameron "Legs-for-Days" Diaz

If there is one thing we remember from The Mask it's being introduced to Cameron Diaz and her legs for days for the very first time. Perhaps second to that is her endearing smile followed by a string of memorable comedic roles. She then went on to star in the now infamous There's Something About Mary pop culture classic, followed by Shrek, Charlie's Angels, Bad Teacher and Sex Tape. She made a comeback with Bad Teacher where, thanks to her toned pins, being bad never looked so good. Here's to a much needed shout out to her and her never ending legs rocking it out! Now Cameron Diaz is not only known for her successful transition from model to actress but for being a motivating reason behind people seeking cosmetic surgery.

12 Leonardo DiCaprio's Nose

These days male plastic surgery is on the rise and while trends come and go there is still one popular surgery request that has stood the test of time - Leonardo DiCaprio's nose. Men are all for having masculine facial definition and Leo has it in spades. Boyish looks are yesterday's news and the more defined and strong features are in- making Oscar winner Leo DiCaprio the main source of inspiration. Following closely behind are fellow actors Josh Duhamel and Jake Gyllenhaal when it comes to desirable nasal features in Hollywood. Sure, he's outrageously talented and successful, but when it comes to this list, Leo makes the ranking for his striking nose which will inevitably remain a popular choice.

11 Rihanna's Glowing Skin

For women everywhere this is an "easy A"when it comes to the beauty quiz. We want perfect skin and we want it now. Pop diva Rihanna's skin is flawless and is the reason behind women and men pining after her glowing complexion. If you were feeling courageous enough to lighten your skin then this Barbados beauty is your answer. Even after having undergone an 18-hour flight Rihanna was spotted in the airport sporting zero make-up and just a little gloss. She is the envy of all women everywhere for looking that naturally radiant- darn her! She claims the trick to a healthy, glowing-looking skin is a face humidifier, which she sprays onto her face as soon as she wakes up to give a fresh look. One can only live in hope.

10 Michelle Obama's Definition

Who knew there was such a procedure as an upper arm lift?! Perhaps you are as surprised as us but not surprising is to find First Lady Michelle Obama as the inspiration behind it all. We couldn't help but be captivated by her toned arms as she graciously stood by her husband while he ran for office. Some may even go so far as to say she is the Jackie Kennedy of our generation. Women seeking plastic surgery rank Mrs. O the queen of definition. So, if you're one of those surgery seekers looking for great definition in your arms, then First Lady Michelle Obama is your answer.

9 Scarlett Johansson's Smoochability

Gorgeous Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansson is next to make the ranking and slides into the Top 10 effortlessly. Sure, she may just be another celebrity who has been noted as being one of the most desirable and sexiest women on the planet. You wouldn't be judged for assuming she made the list for her ample cleavage but it's actually her lips that earn her this recognition. She has desirable curves and a charming smile but The Avengers: Age of Ultron star is on every women's wishlist when it comes to her lips. Most people would assume when it comes to plump lips in Hollywood that Angelina Jolie is your only answer but ScarJo is one of the most talked about actresses because she is so close to looking like the perfect woman.

8 Penelope Cruz's Eyes

Penélope Cruz has made tousled hair and soft smoky eyes her Hollywood calling card. Add to that her infectious charm and sexy accent and we're contemplating getting the works with Penelope Cruz as inspiration. When it comes to celebrity inspired plastic surgery, Penelope Cruz is a shoe-in. Her striking eyes place her firmly in the rankings even above a Beyonce booty and ScarJo's lips. According to the Spanish beauty, the trick is all in her make-up regime. "Mascara is the little black dress for your eyes" she says and after seeing the results we tend to agree. Then again, something tells us that even after achieving a sexy bed-head look with flawless base and big lashes we won't come close to the Oscar-winning actress. Best we not cancel our consultation appointment after all.

7 Jennifer Aniston's Little Nose

People first fell in love with Jennifer Aniston when she graced the small screen as Rachel on the comedy classic Friends. It was only a matter of time before the world become obsessed with getting a Jennifer Aniston haircut. We loved her then and we still love her now as she just won People's "World's Most Beautiful Woman" of 2016! She makes her way into the Top 10 for reasons other than her quirky character or gorgeous hair. It seems whilst most things stay the same, just a few things change. These days the world is obsessing over her pint sized nose and it has gone on to become the most sought after surgery in women. It seems to be a nose that works well in a wide variety of faces and has become the favourite choice.

6 The Jackman Jawline

When it comes to men in search of a full-face makeover, Hugh Jackman's strong, masculine jawline is the number one requested look from men all over the world. It has become the look proven to be one of the most wanted celebrity features when adapting men's overall visages. His square jaw and perfectly symmetrical features manage to be attractive yet masculine. Defined but gentle. He comes in at number 6 proving that a masculine jawline can go a long way.

5 Halle Berry's Chin

As one of the most beautiful women in the world, it was bound to be just merely a matter of time before Halle Berry scooped another title to her name. Many people request to have some part of the seasoned actress's body copied onto their own and these days the most requested asset is her delicate jawline and chin. They exude a truly desirable, feminine facade, and have plastic surgeons all over the world furiously trying to replicate it. You know what they say - practice makes perfect and we can't help but assume they'll get a lot of it.

4 Ashton Kutcher's Cheeks

There are so many reasons to include Ashton Kutcher on this list and one of them places him firmly in the Top 5 - his adorable cheeks. We all know having high cheekbones can make a person look mighty regal but Ashton manages to combine looking playful with suave as his high cheekbones have become a much desired celeb feature. He's dared to take on a variety of roles when it comes to his love of entertainment but his dedication to his craft over the years takes sidesaddle when compared to his dashing good looks. Perhaps if you're thinking about going under the knife you should keep Ashton's face in mind. After all he hardly looks a day older than his days on set of That '70s Show all those years ago.

3 Channing Tatum's Pecs


When it comes to men and plastic surgery they usually only opt for one of three things - abs, abs and abs. Which brings us to our next entrant in our Top 15 most wanted celebrity features- if you're channeling your inner Channing Tatum it's all about his ridiculously chiseled abs. Those glorious rock hard were abs displayed mercilessly in Magic Mike, causing men everywhere to swarm their local surgeon's office and investigate the possibilities. His well-shaped mid-section inspires envy and adoration simultaneously.

2 Angelina Jolie's Lips

It's no secret that Angelina Jolie's lips have been one of the most famous and most talked about celeb features of our time. More so than her scandalous pairing with a then married Brad or her multiple adoptions. Along with Scarlett Johansen's perky pout, women are asking docs to replicate the sultry actress's plump and full lips by bravely going under the knife. The lips may be one of the most simple areas of the face to work on when it comes to plastic surgery but more often than not people go to the extreme. Lips can make or break a face. Too-thin lips can make a face look weak or untrusting and too much Botox and you could come away looking like Courtney Snodden.

1 Kim Kardashian's Booty

Coming in hot at number one is none other than Kim Kardashian for being the celeb "behind" the #1 most wanted feature when it comes to plastic surgery wishlists. It's all thanks to her booty, which we have all come to be pretty damn familiar with, regardless of whether we wanted to or not. To get the same look it'll requires a Brazilian Butt Lift that will set you back around $7,000. Kim Kardashian's booty deservedly takes first place. Three little words that just so happen to frequently follow each other around in conversation. You can't think of one without thinking about the other. Go on, we dare you...

Sources: eonline

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