Top 15 Sexiest Fitness Babes on Instagram and Snapchat

Tired, hungry, and in desperate need of inspiration. Eating a pizza, while typically a good decision no matter what, is probably not the best for those trying to get a six-pack. Thankfully, I can tap a few buttons on my phone and witness the beauty of dedicated diets and workouts. Instagram and Snapchat have a wealth of healthy tips and gorgeous as hell, skinny girls in the tiniest of clothing. Fitness models are no longer confined to the glossy pages of Sport Illustrated or Women’s Health. Thanks to the popularity of social media, there are hundreds of sexy and fun fitness babes promoting their work through the likes of Snapchat and Instagram. The uniqueness of these apps gives professionals an edge in the fitness industry. Snapchat and Instagram can reach a specific audience and show off their achievements, mainly their sexy bikini bodies. But, good looks are only a welcomed side effect of being healthy, working out and working hard.

There are so many people on these apps that it can be hard to find someone who truly speaks to you. Thankfully, there IS someone for everyone! From fitness models to dancers, to yoga instructors these women really know their stuff and they are here to share it with you. Their Instagrams and Snaps are here to help people learn how to eat delicious, healthy food. With recipe lists and easy to follow workout videos, they each show that transformation is possible! These 15 fitness babes are definitely worth a look and a follow. They are smart, helpful, informative and, of course, great to look at!

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15 Malin Bjork @malinbjork

Via fitnessmom.fitnessguru.com

Malin Bjork is one of the sexiest fit moms on both Snapchat and Instagram. With an astounding 515,000 followers, there is a reason people love her. She is an authentic mom who is focused on being fit, but also focused on accepting the body that you have right NOW. She lives in Sweden and is a certified personal trainer and nutritionist. She runs a blog called fitnessmom.fitnessguru where she sells fitness-related items and writes on her blog. Fans can follow her on Instagram at @malinbjork and for workout videos at malinvids.

14 Alexa Jean Brown @alexajeanfitness

Via oddzmagazine.com

Whoever thinks moms can only wear “mom jeans” have never witnessed the goddess that is Alexa Jean Brown. Go Mom Power! Alexa has a whopping 2 million followers! She posts a wide variety of photos and videos about her family, her health, and different types of workouts. In addition to being smoking hot, she creates super helpful E-books that focus on working out your abs, legs, and butt! Follow her at @alexaeanfitness on Instagram.

13 Brittany Dawn @Brittany_dawn_fitness

Via bdawnfit.com

Brittany_dawn_fitness is one of the sexiest blondes AND weight lifters on Instagram. She proudly subscribes to the flexible eating plan--a plan that consists of counting protein, fat, and carbs. Not calories! Which is why she has a few photos of eating pancakes and ice cream (though, not TOO often!). If you need some inspiration, look no further. Her to die for, killer abs are inspiration enough to skip the pizza and hit the gym. She can also be found on Snapchat @bdawnfit and online at bdawnfit.com.

12 Marie Wold @mariewoldfitness

Via blog.imprettyfit.com

Marie’s Instagram is simple: abs, food, butt, repeat. She is an athlete and fitness model and still in college! She posts mouth watering photos of food and includes easy recipes for protein-packed foods like waffles! Followers can also use her special codes to save money on health-related items such as protein powder. In addition to Instagram, she posts videos on YouTube (Mariewoldfitness) and on Snapchat (mariewoldfit).

11 Amy Peletier @amy_peletier

Via twitter.com

Young, blond, and sexy as hell, Amy Peletier is only 20 years old but is rocking the fit life. She hosts a YouTube channel under the name Amy and Kalin that is full of examples of exercises. She is a personal trainer and creates customized diet and training programs for her clients. Her one belief to having amazing abs are two things: a clean diet and a tan! Amy can also be found on Snapchat @amy.peletier.

10 Emily Skye @emilyskefit

Via girlswithmuscle.com

If you’re looking for someone who leaves the BS at the gym door, you have got to follow Emily Skye. What makes her so great? Besides her sexy bikini-clad body, her down to earth and honest personality really hit home. On her Instagram, her 1.6 million followers see her recipes, her workouts, and amazing shots of her in tight fitting yoga pants. On her Snapchat, emilyskeyfit, she keeps it 100% real. She is no stranger to the struggles of life and openly talks about those long, hard days. She is worth the follow.

9 Adrienne Koleszar @adrienne_koleszar

Via girlswithmuscle.com

Who is Adrienne Koleszar? She is blonde and German and...a Police officer! I don’t think too many people would mind being arrested by her. She is one of the fittest women on Instagram, and while she loves her job she also loves to workout. In addition to Instagram, she has a YouTube channel, and while she speaks German it is worth a watch just to be inspired by her stunning physique.

8 Chontel Duncan @chontelduncan

Via plus.google.com

One of my personal favorites is Chontel Duncan. This cute Australian babe recently received a lot of criticism for her exercise routine while pregnant, but she powered through the haters! Her and her son, Miah, are gorgeous examples of what fitness looks like! Chontel, along with her husband, run HITT Australia and the results are amazing! Her Snapchat @ chontelduncan is popular because she shows her followers helpful recipes while being real and honest. If you must only pick one person to follow, PICK HER! (Plus she has a SLAMMING body).

7 Jen Heward @hunnybunsfit

Via labnutrition.com

Playboy bunny meets fitness model, Jennifer Heward is the star of Hunny Buns. She started working out at 16, but it took her years to be able to attain the success she now enjoys. Alongside her fiance, she runs a gym in Auburn, California called Life Altering Fitness INC. Her Instagram account includes workouts and high end model photos alongside makeup tips.

6 Nude Yoga Girl @nude_yogagirl

Via boredpanda.com

The nude yoga girl (who goes by that title) shares a unique experience with her followers with her sensual black and white nude photos. Yes, she does pose nude and she does do yoga. Her body is an example of everything we are capable of doing and being and the best part of it all is that she believes that “You are beautiful exactly the way you are.” Besides yoga, she is a model and photography. Followers can also check out her website nudeyogagirl.com.

5 Misty Copeland @mistyonpointe

Via mistycopeland.com

Misty Copeland is a star on the rise, a dancer with the American Ballet Theatre. Her Instagram is not strictly focused on fitness, but her photos are entertaining, gorgeous and inspirational. She posts dance videos alongside celebrity events. For those who like a touch of glam mixed in with their fitspiration, Misty is the girl to follow.

4 Jeanette Jenkins @msjeanettejenkins

Via deccanchronicle.com

Jeanette Jenkins is a popular Hollywood trainer and nutritionist. Her Instagram and Snapchat (Ms.JJenkins) are popular because of her helpful recipes and neat infographics. She has an amazing assortment of over 130 recipes and over 220 workouts. In addition to her social media fame, she also sells workout videos like Bikini Boot Camp (it is amazing!).

3 Jen Selter @jenselter

Via lipstickalley.com

Jen is the host of the Jen Selter Challenge, which followers can see for FREE at jenselter.com. That must be part of why she has 9.2 MILLION followers. Insane! It probably also has to do with her killer ass and abs that she works hard to show off. And she does indeed show them off. She is the perfect inspiration for those who want a sleek bikini body. She also writes on her blog about health, fitness, and body image. She is a strong believer of being the best version of herself, and we love her for it.

2 Tanya Poppett @Achieving_balance

Via activeescapes.com.au

Tanya Poppett is a fitness instructor based out of Sydney. She enjoys running and eating better (not less!). Her workouts usually occur on the beach with a beautiful backdrop. In addition to her Instagram, she has an App called Train with Tanya and a new E-book called Your Balanced Life. Her E-book includes recipes, exercises, and a 14-day meal guide for both carnivores and vegans. She also hosts what she calls Active Escape Retreats, holidays that get keep you active by doing things like surfing!

1 Anna Victoria @annavictoria

Via nathanfitness.blogspot.com

Who is the most adorable and sexy fit babe around? Anna Victoria can take the win on this one. Her outrageously beautiful smile, healthy fit tips, and easy at home workouts make you feel like she is your best friend. On Snapchat (annavictoriafit) she takes her followers everywhere with her, and recently to Italy, exploring the beautiful city! She might look like perfection, but she doesn’t shy away from telling it how it is, especially on those hard days.

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