Top 10 Most Tattooed Hollywood Celebrities

There are many celebrities currently out there who feature regularly on the listsof the most beautiful people in the world. These celebrities are not only hot andsexy but are also determined not to care about what people think of their bodyart tattoos.

When a professional does tattoo artwork and the ink is put on correctly, they tendto add that special element to a person's look. We already know that a high numberof Hollywood celebrities have had their bodies tattooed but here is a list of the10 most tattooed celebrities.

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10 Christina Ricci

Christina Ricci is a 33-year-old Hollywood star who has been engaging in bodyart tattoos for nearly a decade, she has a tattoo of a lion, a tattoo of a bat that iscovered with praying hands and also a variety of other tattoos on her body.

9 Dwayne Johnson

This 41 year old action star whose horoscope sign is the Taurus, has a tattoo ofa bull on his right bicep and a huge Polynesian-style piece tattooed on his upperleft arm. Dwayne Johnson, who comes from a Samoan background, says the Polynesian-style tattoo is a special traditional Samoan piece that he had done as a tribute tohis Samoan heritage.

8 Kat Von D

This 31 year old tattoo artist, model and television personality has tattoobody art from head to toe. She is an expert at anything related to tattoos. Kat Von Dhas a portrait of her father and a heart tattooed on the palm of her hand. Shehad a picture of Jesse James face tattooed on her body before they broke offtheir engagement.

7 Alyssa Milano

This 40 year old Hollywood star isn't the little girl that audiences used to see onthe show the Who's the Boss. The star has grown into a beautiful woman. Shewas the star of the hit T.V series Charmed. Milano has over 40 websites that arededicated to her. She has seven tattoos very well known some of which arequite beautiful. Most of the stars tattoos have been highly publicized throughpaparazzi photos of her on various topless beaches around the world.

6 David Beckham

David Beckham is a 38 is a football star considered as being the mostrecognised player of the sport. Beckham is widely known for his extraordinaryfree kicks during his time as the England football team captain and his tenure atManchester United football club. His star wife Victoria, who is a formermember of the popular British singing group 'The Spice girls', increasesBeckham's popularity. Beckham has a wide range of tattoos, some of whichinclude that of his son's name 'BROOKLYN' tattooed on his back region, thename of his other son 'ROMEO' and a crucifixion on his upper back, the nameof his wife Victoria in Hindi and VII representing his number 7 jersey atManchester United. Beckham has a whole range of tattoos all over his bodyand there are no signs of him slowing down on more additions.

5 Megan Fox

This 26 year old star is a true representation of what beauty is, from her lovelylips to her perfect body. Megan Fox has a variety of awesome tattoos on her body.Her tattoos are mostly words, phrases and pictures that have a special meaning toher. The stars tattoos tend to bring out her rebellious nature that is highlyassociated with her. The stars natural beauty put together with her beautifulbody art tattoos makes her the dream woman of every man, one might say.

4 Jessica Alba

Jessica Marie Alba is a 26-year-old beautiful Hollywood star who has acollection of tattoos that seem to grow in line with her popularity. On her neck,the star has a tattoo of a ladybug together with a flower and a small bow on herlower back region. She also has other tattoos on her wrist and on other parts ofher body.

3 Britney Spears

This 31 year old highly controversial singer, mom and in some cases actress,has various tattoos some of which can be found on her feet, back, neck and other parts of her body. The star made an addition to her collection of body art tattoos after her highly publicized meltdown, which the paparazzi took fool advantage. The star's tattoos have special significance to the singer, each one unique from the other.

2 Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie, who is 26 years old, tends to be far more adventurous in termsof tattoos than her Simple Life co-star Paris Hilton is. The star has an averageof nine tattoos. These include; Ballerina slippers, on her ankle and foot she has a rosary, on her shoulder blades she has angel wings, the name 'Richie' together with a ribbon on the rear end of her neck, on her wrist the word 'virgin', a tiara on her hip which most people at first thought was a spider, a spray of dots on one of her fingers

1 Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie has more than 20 tattoos covering her body some of which are visiblewhile the others are not. Angelina's tattoos consist of terms, words and phrasesof all dialects, ranging from Arabic, Buddhist incantation and even a Latinphrase that translates to 'I look ridiculously well'. Though Angelina's tattoos are many and all of them quite beautiful and unique, most of her fans and faithful followers consider Angelina's tiger tattoo located on her back region the hottest one of them all. Angelina's tattoos are a true representation of her wild and unpredictable character that captivates audiences not only on the screen but also off the screen. The star has a natural beauty and the tattoos seem to make her even more spectacular. The star is continuously adding more and more tattoos some of which are not all visible so no one actually knows the exact number of tattoos she has except her husband, Brad Pitt and maybe a few very close friends but from the ones visible to the public we can clearly tell that the number is above twenty which put her at the top of the list of the most tattooed celebrities in Hollywood.

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