Top 10 Items Women Love to Splurge on

According to a survey women love to spend money. Whether it's on things for the home or just for themselves they love to swipe them card and recieve a purchase as their reward. Women can spend all day shopping and acquire many items some of which they decided to spend a little more even though it was a bit above their price range. When it comes to shopping, nothing is off limits so here are top 10 items at women love to spend and splurge on.

10 Accessories

Women love to buy accessories for themselves and they can cost anywhere from seven dollars to millions of dollars. Many women love buying jewelry and accessories. In many countries such as Dubai, women love to buy heavy gold ornaments for daily wear. Although in countries like the U.S. and the U.K it is found that girls love to shop for earrings, junk bracelets, nose pins and diamond rings.

9 Mobile Phones

It is true that girls also like to shop for smart phones and these smart phones can cost anywhere between $200 to $1400. Smart phones can easily organize meetings, dates and birthdays. Girls love to personalize their phones by buying cute covers and earphones which may cost around $10 - $15.

8 Home Accessories

Women like the fact of having their own little home and love decorating it and these home accessories can cost around $40 - $200. They love to buy home accessories, bed sheets, bed covers, table covers, etc. They love to shop for their home and love decorating it. Home accessories are great for decorating homes and adding life to them.

7 Cookware

Most women like to cook and their love for good cooking utensils doesn't come as a big surprise. These cookware can cost around $1000 - $2000 depending on what utensil one buys. Girls like to spend on good kitchen utensils and kitchenware.

6 Bathroom Material

Women love to splurge on bathroom accessories which include loofahs, moisturizers, skin toning moisturizers, shampoos, shower gels, fragrant oils and different type of conditioners. They love to pamper themselves on their free time and want their skin to be glowing and radiant. These bathroom accessories can cost anywhere between $500 and $5000 depending upon the brand one buys.

5 Books

Women love to read and their passion for books and studies can be seen from childhood. Girly books are emotional and sensitive and you can easily find a romantic classic or a chick flick in their book collection. These books can cost around $10 - $15. Books canbe a great means of escape during free time.

4 Discounted Dresses

Most girls' worldwide love to buy and shop for dresses and their happiness is doubled when they see discounted dresses. These dresses can cost around $30 - $40. Discounted dresses are usually found at end of season or end of stock sales. These dresses can look really pretty if chosen correctly from the discounted corner.

3 Clothes

Women love to buy clothes for themselves and for other people. Buying clothes and dressing up is a very important aspect in a woman's life. Clothes can range from expensive to extremely cheap i.e. from $20 - $10,000. Celebrities and rich people buy clothes that range between $1000 and $10,000. Designer cloth manufacturers come with new shades and designs in almost every season to cater to women's need across the globe and of late, they are making some insanely high priced clothes to satisfy the customers with deep pockets.

2 Bags

Women are crazy for bags and you can possibly find every kind of bag in woman's closet. You can easily find daily wear handbags, tote bags, fancy clutches and wallets. Women love to buy bags because they love to organize their life. Bags can be found in the range of $30 to $10,000. Women can have different bags for different occasions and things in them are kept accordingly. Bags are a major part of a woman's look and they are chosen according to occasion and dresses.

1 Sandals

Women love to buy shoes and according to a recent study it is believed that a woman buys shoes worth $25,000 in her lifetime. Sandals range from cheap to expensive according to different brands. Shoe brands like Steve Maddison can cost easily around $500 and shoe brands like Jimmy Choo can cost you around $3,000. It is said that men like women with big butts as these women represented good fertility levels in ancient times. Heels make your abdominal level look prominent and this is the reason why women love to splurge on heels. As per most of the studies, women spend more on sandals than on anything else.

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