Top 10 Gadgets Every Home Office Should Have

A lot of people work from home. Companies now allow their employees, especially the most valued ones, to telecommute to give them more time for their respective families. We also have people doing a lot of online stuff, from copywriting and legal and medical transcription and encoding to telemarketing and other business process activities. These people have practically converted a portion of their homes to virtual offices.

We have technology to thank for allowing us this convenience.  The computer and the Internet have allowed us to do and to achieve a lot of things that previously would not have been possible.  Armed with the latest developments in modern gadgets and equipment, we can now work, play and even exercise without leaving the comforts of our own home.

It therefore follows that those who have taken advantage of technology to be able to work from home are also the ones who are most likely to possess the latest gadgets.  Below is a list of the top ten gadgets that every home office must have:


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10 The Square

This is a device that is especially useful for online sellers. It has a straightforward system that will allow the acceptance of payments from credit cards wherever your customer is located. It works on Android- and iOS-powered mobile phones. The best thing about this is it is free! A fee amounting to 2.75 percent of the transaction amount is charged however every time it is used.


9 The Desk Daisy

The Desk Daisy is a small, 7-inch plant-like device that serves both as a decoration and an organizer. It has bendable stems that act as a magnet to petal-shaped colored paper clips. For only ten dollars, you would no longer need to dig deep into your drawers just to get a paper clip.


8 The Quattro

No, this is not the spreadsheet program of yesteryears.  Quattro is a 40-dollar device that you put into your wall in lieu of regular electric outlets.  Instead of the electric cords of your appliances, Quattro has four holes designed especially for your USB-charged gadgets. There would be no need anymore for electric adapters. Neither would you need to boot up your computer to charge your devices that source their power from a USB. With Quattro, you can now directly power up your iPad, iPod, iPhone, speakers and other USB devices directly to the wall.


7 Wow-Keys

Having a hard time typing on those tiny keyboards of your iPhone? The Wow-Keys allow you to type on your phone using a more regular, albeit lightweight, keyboard. Combine it with other apps, and you can also control your desktop using the phone. It can also serve as an iPhone charger. The Wow-Keys keyboard retails for $99.


6 iConvert

Working at home means the absence of a secretary who could help you organize things. The result is a total clutter of important papers, documents, job orders and receipts.  The iConvert will allow you to scan and directly transfer to your iPad all important documents and pictures. Just dock your iPad into the device, and the latter would scan your documents at 300 dpi resolution.  It goes directly to the Photos folder, so you can even share or email the documents if you need. The iConvert sells for $149.99.


5 Jawbone Jambox

You can now walk around your home office while talking to a client on your mobile phone. The Jambox is primarily a speakerphone that you can connect to two devices at the same time by Bluetooth. Even better, this gadget can convert voice messages into text. And once you have completed a sale, it can also double as a music speaker with its sharp sound and heavy bass. You can use the Jambox, therefore, in every stage of the sale process, from the client call to the completed transaction celebration. Makes it worthy of its $199 price tag.


4 The Garmin GTU

This gadget can make you feel like James Bond. The Garmin GTU is a small device that you can attach to your most important belongings. Using GPS technology, it will automatically inform you by email or text if your belonging has entered or left any ten areas that you have predetermined. You can also get a list of its last ten locations. The device is sold for $200 and requires registration, with a subsequent $50 annual fee.


3 The Best Micro Cut Shredder

This gadget is armed with a super name, and for good reason. When you need to get rid of a document, this device will help you do the trick. It can really shred everything into tiny pieces that it would be practically impossible to put them back together again. It can do the job not only for papers, but for optical discs and credit cards as well. Plus, it can do the shredding quietly. While it is quite pricey at $239.95, if you do not want to leave anything to chance, then this gadget is for you.


2 The Tread Desk

Life is hard. Not only do you have to work for your money, you also need to work your butt off just to keep fit. But with all the hassles demanded by your work at home, how can you find the time to exercise?

The Tread Desk will allow you to exercise while you work. Just place it in a strategic place near your table, and you can use it as you would a regular treadmill. It comes with a control panel that could monitor your calories and performance. It will cost you $840, but for your health, money should be no object.


1 The Dedon Green Wall

A room organizer and decoration rolled into one, the Green Wall serves as a divider that would separate your home office space from the rest of your house. And it does so nicely, as it comes with several ceramic pots for indoor plants and well-designed spindles adorned with fiber.  You can buy the Green Wall for $2,150.

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