Tips for Beginners for Buying Best Quality Mountain Bikes in Good Price

More and more people are opting for adventurous sports and mountain biking has become much popular among young generation. A good bike or bicycle is the prime important thing for mountain biking and it is not easy to select one from plethora of choices. Cube bikes provide a good option as they manufacture different types of bikes needed for different purpose like city bikes, road bikes, hybrid bikes and mountain bikes. However, for beginners the task of selection is more difficult as they have no prior experience of buying mountain guides. Many of them are tempted to buy bikes at a cheaper price, while others make selection from expensive range. There are many experts’ opinion and advice available for buying proper mountain bikes but again, those can be puzzling for novice bikers.

It is always better to understand the structure, variation and functionality of mountain bikes in details and then matching the criteria with your own requirement before buying mountain bikes. Generally the mountain bikes are available in three different ranges- rigid, hardtail and full suspension. Rigid bikes are not very common among mountain bikes but can be used for town or city riding purpose, as they have no suspension. Hardtail have suspensions in front only while full suspension variety has suspensions both in rear and front sides. There are also varieties in brakes of mountain bikes-disc and V-brakes. Disc brake bicycles use brakes like cars and have a disc mounted at the centre of the wheel but V-brakes have the brake pads fitted on the rims of the wheel. Disc-brake cycles are superior to V-brakes in terms of overcoming adverse situations. Disc brakes are useful for running bicycles in mud or water condition. The cisterns of disc brakes are hydraulic and much powerful like that of a car and therefore are more expensive. Some disc brakes are operated by cables and are not worth for the package. Only few mountain bike companies provide cable operated disc brakes, which are able to perform in a similar way like hydraulic brakes when set up is done in a correct way. Often, cheaper disc brakes are used in mountain bikes or cube bikes to reduce their price and in that case, bike with V-brake is a better choice.

The cheap mountain bikes look like great deal and might attract many novice mountain-bikers. For a price lesser than £1000, do not consider buying a hardtail or full suspension bikes as you might have to compromise with the quality. Inexpensive disc-brake bikes are also very risky as their ability to stop at a sudden is very poor. The inexpensive mountain bikes are heavier because of cheap parts used in them. It is not a good idea to ride a heavy bike in mountain trail, especially uphill. The expensive bikes on the other hand are much lighter and well built and fun to ride in a mountain trail. If you aim at mountain biking, spend a good amount of money for your bike, otherwise you might end up with your hobby.

Do not buy your mountain bike blindly. Gather as much information as possible before your final selection. Do not even get baffled by the offers of deal from various bike manufacturing companies or agent of the showroom. A solid, reliable bike can give you a good start in mountain biking.

Author’s Bio: Alfred Jenkins is an engineer by profession. He has taken up mountain biking as his hobby and passion. Alfred has explored many difficult mountain trails of UK with his cube bike. He is planning for opening a training institute for the beginner mountain-bikers.

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