The Top 10 Most Romantic Gifts for Him

Men are such an easy species to please. You need not create a huge romantic scene to please your guy. Just remember the weak spots of the male species, namely sex, sports, cars, sexy women, sports again, sex again, steak meals and sex one more time. Just think of gifts that revolve around these subjects and you will surely have a happy man.

Here is a list of the top 10 most romantic gifts for him.


10 Pair of tickets to the big game

Give him a couple of tickets to the big game. Let him invite a close friend along, one who shares his passion for the game and who would also shout himself hoarse cheering for their favorite team. The only condition you should ask for is that he cannot bring along a female friend. Just remember the important dates. Summer is for baseball, September is the start of the NFL and college football, October is for baseball playoffs, November is the start of the NHL, NBA and college basketball, January is for college football bowl games and NFL playoffs, February is for the Super Bowl, March is for college basketball playoffs and June is for NBA and NHL playoffs. Whew!


9 Night out with the boys

Allow him one night out with his buddies. Again, set the condition that no females are allowed. Let them play poker or schedule it on a night of different sports events on the television. Be sure to have some beer stocked in the freezer, as well as chips and nuts, and those guys would be ready to go.


8 Sexy lingerie for a week

Set things up by popping in a DVD of the latest Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Display out in the open the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition or the Victoria’s Secret Swim Issue. Then show up on bed wearing sexy lingerie for a week. Even for just a few nights, show him that you are at the same level as Kate Upton and Candice Swanepoel. And even for just a few nights, make him believe that he is good enough for the likes of those supermodels.


7 Leave a suggestive note in his pocket

This can compliment number eight on the list. Slip a note into his pocket. Tell him suggestive and naughty things, the stuff that men love to hear. Let him know all the wild things you plan to do for him when he comes home at night. You can be sure that he would not be doing overnight work or having a nightcap drink with his officemates once you get him aroused enough.


6 Dirty talk over the phone

Again, this can compliment numbers seven and eight on the list. Hmm, you did notice at the beginning of the article that sex was mentioned more often than the others, right? Send your guy a naughty text message. You can also drive him nuts talking dirty over the phone. For some reason, men think of those things as romantic. Then again, men usually confuse romance with sex.


5 Steak meal for free

Take him to his favorite steakhouse and order for him the largest, juiciest cut of steak available. Men are carnivores and they will always choose even the unhealthiest steak over a plate of salad. Remember that the fastest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. So feed him, make him feel full, and he will feel loved and cared for.


4 No need to do home duties for a month


Some of a man’s task at home include taking out the garbage, mowing the lawn, cleaning the yard and garage, waxing the car and fixing broken lights, pipes and what-have-yous. Give him a month off from these duties. It will take a load off his shoulders and it will allow him to relax and lounge around even for just a few weeks. While you are at it, you can also hire a real plumber to finally permanently fix all those leaks around the house.


3 Buy him the latest gadgets                                                             


You can buy for your guy some toys for the big boys. Remember that boys will always be boys, so things like a video game console or kick ass audio player will always get his attention. Be it a Microsoft Xbox 360 Kinect or a Nintendo Wii or a Sony PlayStation 3, you cannot get it wrong as men will always find a way to have fun with these things. Or maybe Apple has a new release of its tablet line, smart phones or ultra sleek notebooks. Some of those high mega gigapixel cameras can also be interesting. Or maybe, you can just buy him the latest flat television with a size that can practically cover your entire wall. That way, you can also benefit from this romantic gesture you have for your guy.


2 Give him things that he thinks he needs

Men love going around in a hardware store, thinking that having the latest available state-of-the-art tools can help him fix things around the house. Chances are not even the most modern tools can help him, but as a romantic gesture, show him that you believe in him. Buy him those latest drills or saws or whatever new tools are out in the market. Maybe there is a smart wrench there somewhere that can fix leaking pipes on its own. Or maybe, get him an extremely intelligent hammer that can push a nail in on just one attempt. Obviously, women do not really understand what these tools are for. But don’t worry because men do not really know how to make use of them.


1 Send him flowers

Yes, after all those gifts related to sports, sex, gadgets and tools, a bouquet of flowers is such a romantic gesture that men love to receive. It makes them feel loved and important, plus it makes them the center of attention in their place of work.

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