The Top 10 Most Romantic Gifts for Her

Giving a gift to the woman that you love may be difficult. Not only is it hard to read a woman’s mind, it is practically impossible to understand it. How often can you give a woman flowers or chocolates?

This may come as a surprise but the gifts that you love to give out to your crushes when you were in high school can still be the most romantic things that you can give to the woman that you love. Here is a list of the top 10 most romantic gifts for her.


10 Take Her Out on a Romantic Meal


Take your girl to a romantic dinner across town. Be creative and take her to all your most memorable dining spots: the restaurant where you first ate with her, the one where you had your first date, the place where you proposed, etc. If you can still remember, try to order the same meals that you had back then. It will also serve as a reassurance to her that you love every minute you are spending with her.


9 Create a Love Letter

Remember the time when you were courting her and you would write to her every single feeling you have for her? Those were magical moments that she would surely remember and cherish for the rest of her life. Recreate those moments by writing her an honest and sweet letter. Or take advantage of today’s technology by blogging about her, or creating a YouTube video of all your times together, or even a simple Flickr account containing only images of the two of you together. Be creative when creating your letter. If you are not technologically savvy, the classic letter will definitely do.


8 A Night at the Hotel

Sometimes, staying in a hotel when you have your own place can be viewed as an unnecessary waste of money. Still, the thought of you going the extra mile and dollar can go a long way. A change in environment, even for just one night, may be enough to re-energize your love for each other. It is just one night, but it may be enough to rekindle those first nights that you had together.


7 Cook for Her

Show that you are willing to do anything for the woman you love by cooking her favorite food yourself. Or if you have the cash to spare, you can hire a professional chef to do things for you. While you are at it, maybe you can hire a couple of waiters as well. If you do not have the money, then doing thingsyourself will also do and may even be better. There is a chance that the meal may turn out to be a disaster, but just the sight of you laboring while wearing an apron and holding cookware will surely be enough to make her smile and melt her heart.


6 Say It with Flowers

It may be a cliché and one of the oldest gifts in the world, but a bunch of flowers will never go unappreciated. Buy her a bouquet of classic roses. Again, try to be creative. Decorate and fill her entire room with white roses. After she sees it, show up carrying a single red rose. Or get some strangers to pass on to her a stem of rose each, then show up at the end carrying a bouquet. It may sound corny, but love means willing to do even the things you may not be comfortable with. Get inspiration from what other people have done and recreate what is most applicable for you.


5 Sweets for Your Sweet

Another one of those cliché gifts, but there is something about chocolates that never get old. Who does not like it? The taste, the texture, the lovely feeling that it evokes, not to mention that chocolates can actually improve your sex drive, you can never go wrong with chocolates. There is a reason why this has been a popular gift for so long. It is a simple one, really. And that is everybody loves chocolates!


4 Take Her on a Romantic Ride

Hire a horse-drawn carriage, or a private boat, or a helicopter, or a hot air balloon, or even just a simple limousine. Spice it up by popping a bottle of champagne along the way. Go all the way and buy a really good bottle and not just one of those cheap wines. Be sure someone else is doing the driving though. The adage of never mixing drinking and driving is still valid even when you are on a romantic sojourn.


3 Give Her the Soundtrack of Your Romantic Affair

Create a playlist on your portable music player containing all the important songs in your relationship. It may be your love theme, or it may be songs that express exactly how you feel for her, or it may even be that stupid song that was playing on the radio the first time you saw her. Explain to her the meaning and significance of each song. Okay, it is the modern version of the mix tape that eventually became the mix CD. But we are now in an even more technologically advanced time, so create a playlist instead.


2 Jewelry is a Girl’s Best Friend

Show her just how much you love her. And this means showing how much you love her in money terms. Buy her expensive jewelries, be it a ring, necklace, bracelet or a pair of earrings. To paraphrase Marilyn Monroe, jewelries are a girl’s best friend. It can definitely feel like royalty and women love to be always treated just like a queen.


1 Make Her Feel Sexy with Lingerie

When choosing lingerie for your girl, do not choose an item just because it is tiny and sexy. Give her something sexy that she will actually wear. Victoria’s Secret and Agent Provocateur will surely have the items that women would want. It may be on the expensive side but the reward for making her feel sexy will make it worth it.

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