The Top 10 Lingerie Items

The one store that men will pay no mind in accompanying women is a lingerie store. Women can look around and take their time while the men browse through the store’s magazines or watch the brand’s latest fashion shows. Watching a loved one wear lingerie that was also worn by models like Candice Swanepoel, Adriana Lima, Miranda Kerr, Erin Heatherton and Rosie Huntington Whiteley can be sexy and good for your relationship.

So which lingerie items are a must for women to keep in their drawers? Here is a list of the top 10 lingerie items that a woman must have.


10 The Boy Short Panties

Be one of the boys while keeping the sexy feel of a woman. Boy short panties are also known as boy shorts, boys’ cut, shorties, tap panties, boyleg briefs or booty shorts. It is quite similar to men’s knit boxer shorts, thus the “boy” adjective. The difference, however, is that it is obviously designed to fit the female form and it sports a much lower cut. Most of the buttocks are also covered when using boy short panties. It has become very popular because it does away with unsightly panty lines and it is more modest than a thong.


9 T-Shirt Bra

One problem when wearing t-shirts, especially thin ones, is that your nipples may show without you noticing it. That is why it is important to always have a t-shirt bra in your drawer so that you can use it when needed. T-shirt bras contain a molding that will help hide the woman’s nipples. It can also conceal the seams of the bra. Better yet, make sure to wear a bra with cup that has no seams in it when wearing a thin t-shirt.


8 Control Camisoles

Camisoles are sleeveless undergarments worn by women that can extend up to the waist area. It is usually made of cotton, nylon or satin. Body shaping camisoles have become popular as it offers some sort of control of the breast, waist and abdomen areas. These control camisoles cover the torso from just on top of the chest to the area below the waist. It actually looks a lot like cotton or silk camisoles, but control camisoles have wider straps and longer hems. The fabric material seems stretched and shiny and it is smooth when touched.


7 Racerback Bra

Are you fond of wearing shirts or dresses that expose traditional over the shoulder straps? Then, you should start investing on racerback bras. These are bras that have straps that form a pattern of either the letter “V” or the letter “T” between the blades of your shoulders. This is suitable for those tops that would show those unsightly bra straps when worn. Racerback bras also give the added advantage of providing extra support. That is why most sports bras have the racerback design because it can help reduce the bounce of your breasts.


6 Biker Pants

Cyclists who want a strong and firm support to the crotch area while on top of the bicycle originally wore these. It has been adopted as an undergarment to help shape the woman’s lower area. It is worn by hiking it all the way up to the tummy, if possible. It can then cover the stomach area all the way down to the middle of the thighs.


5 Bikini Panty

Of course, when we hear the word bikini, images of women bathing under the sun on the beach would come to mind. Bikini panty is a sexy piece of undergarment that provides full coverage for the buns and the higher portion of the legs.


4 Strapless Bra

If you are going to some formal affair that would require wearing a formal, off shoulder gown similar to the ones that celebrities wear on the red carpet, a strapless bra is a must. There are actually normal bras that have removable straps, though the classic strapless bra should always be part of a woman’s wardrobe and undergarment collection. It is versatile and can help shape and sculpt a beautiful silhouette under those off shoulder evening dresses and gowns.


3 Thong

The thong is also known as the G-string. The thong is a type of panty in which a narrow piece of cloth passes in between your buns at the back and covers your genitals on the front. It is then attached to a band worn around your hips. It can be used either as a bikini bottom or as underwear. The advantage of wearing a thong is that the lines and seams of your panty would not show on your dress or pants. While a boy short panty can also do the trick, there is nothing like the natural form and shape of a female’s buttocks.


2 Five Way Multi Bra

This is an extremely versatile undergarment that will allow you to have endless options on just one bra. You can use the bra in the conventional fashion of two straps straddling your shoulders, you can use it as a halterneck, or you can cross the back in a racerback fashion.

The straps of the bra can also be removed, allowing you to use it also as either a one-shoulder bra or as a strapless one. In other words, its beauty lies in the fact that you can convert it depending on your needs and the occasion.


1 Sexy Bra

What woman does not want to feel sexy? And no, you need not sport a whistle bait figure similar to Kate Upton’s unbelievable measurement of her breasts, waist and hips. After all, sexiness should come from within, though be sure to complement it with something more tangible because men are such visual animals. Wearing a simple black or red bra can sometimes do the trick. Better yet, combine that with lace materials. Or use a push-up bra as it can increase the lift and support by pushing your breasts upwards. It should provide more cleavage that men love to see.

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