The Cheapest Vacations in the World

The B-52s once proclaimed that we should roam if we want to, around the world, without anything but the love we feel. Well, the last line may be hard to follow because traveling does entail some cost. But if you really search intensively and look just hard enough, there are actually several places around the world where it would not cost an arm and a leg to travel to. Some places have amazingly low prices for decent rooms where you can stay during your vacation. Here now is a list of the cheapest vacations that you can embark on around the world. Costs quoted here are for single rooms. Other expenses, of course, will depend on what you want to do and see in the place.


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10 Belize - $90 per night


When in Belize, go to the country’s favorite beach destination called Placencia. There are 16 miles of white sand available. You can also go kayaking at Monkey River. Dine on shrimp burritos and fish tacos along the beach.

Try to reserve one of the six air conditioned cabanas in Blue Crab, which is owned by a Taiwanese, meaning there are great Asian fares available.


9 Costa Rica - $85 per night


Do not follow the regular tourists who head out to the Pacific coast and stay in hotels like Four Seasons and Marriott. Instead, follow the path of the surfers because they would surely know not only the best spots in the ocean but also the best places where one can stay when in this Caribbean nation.

Most likely, they will head out to Puerto Viejo where the most luxurious rooms will not exceed $85 per night. The beaches are deserted and you can actually walk all the way to the south of Panama. Food is not a problem, as there are Italian and other South American food, aside from local offerings, available.


8 Honduras - $85 per night


Go to Roatan Island where you can get great deals on scuba diving. Of course, you will need more than one night to master the skill, so try to extend your vacation to as much as seven days in order to maximize your stay. After all, you can get a room that will only cost $85 per night and that already includes diving lessons.

There is also a nearby archaeological park that you can enter for just $10.


7 Jamaica - $76 per night


If you want to live luxuriously in a unique surrounding, you can head to Rockhouse in Negril, a boutique hotel where bungalows are carved into the rocks. The problem is that it will set you back by $125 per evening.

Instead, check out White Sands where rooms can go for as low as $76 per night even during peak season. This already comes with a kitchenette. Negril’s seven-mile stretch of beach is filled with sunbathers, so people-watching is a preferred activity. Locals will also approach you to sell all kinds of local fruits, food and wares. Cliff diving can also be witnessed nearby.


6 France - $70 per night

France is not exactly known as a cheap travel destination. But if there is one thing good that has come out of the financial crisis, it is that rooms have become much cheaper.

Head to the Loire Valley where there are a number of charming inns and B&Bs for as low as $70 per evening. Go around the area and visit the fertile vineyards of Muscadet, Sancerre and Pouilly Fume. Try to avoid going during the peak summer months of July and August however because the place can get crowded.


5 Mexico - $60 per night

Do not shortchange yourself by staying in the tourist traps of Playa del Carmen, which is an hour’s drive from Cancun. Large expensive resorts have eaten up all the space along the beach. Just head further south to Tulum where rooms can be had at $60 per night.

You will get to see the ruins of the Mayan civilization, enjoy a beachfront view and taste great Mexican food.


4 Guatemala - $25 per night


Stay a week in a private home for just around $25 per evening that will already include free Spanish lessons. Head to the Lake Atitlan that has villages filled with Mayan descendants that still wear traditional clothing.

You can also visit Tikal, a massive archaeological park surrounded by jungle full of Mayan ruins. Spanish colonial buildings abound in Antigua, making the place a truly exotic vacation spot.


3 Egypt - $20 per night


Go to Dahab where you can enjoy a private room along the beach for as low as $20 per night. Egypt is struggling to attract tourists so you can surely strike a bargain for meals and with drivers who could serve as your tourist guide.

Prices to enter temples and pyramids cost as low as $3, though some of the more popular ones can go for $14. You can also go on a train ride to Luxor from Cairo for just $17. If you are scrimping, sandwiches in food stalls can be bought for only 40 cents.


2 Indonesia - $20 per night

You can actually go to Yogyakarta and have a room with free breakfast for less than $20. Going there from the capital of Jakarta will only cost $25. You can go around Bali in a rented motorbike for just $10.

After a long day, you can have a massage for just $8. Indonesia has a lot of cheap, yet diverse, attractions so do take advantage of your stay in this Southeast Asian archipelago.


1 Peru - $4 per night


Talk about value for money, Peru is one of the cheapest vacations available. It boasts of the Machu Picchu and Inca ruins that are scattered all over Sacred Valley. You can also hike the Andes or admire colonial buildings in Arequipa.

You can also take a boat ride through the highest lake in the world. Rooms in a cheap hostel will set you back for only around $4 per night, allowing you more funds to avail of to roam through the country’s many spots.

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