The 10 Types Of Girls You Meet At A Club

The nightlife scene is one everyone interprets differently. Some people love going out clubbing because it's loud and in your face, while others are more into a quiet bar scene. Whether you enjoy it or not, there is no doubting that clubs are part of our world. Some go out looking for a spouse, while others go out with one thought in mind...having fun.

There are countless clubs around the world, all of which play different music, serve different specialty drinks and are filled with different types of people. However, no matter where you are or what kind of club you are at, you will be able to place every woman (and man) there into a specific category. The following are the ten categories or types of women you will find at a club. I am not saying that women can be categorized in ten categories, however there are certain types of women you will find at a club and this list explains just that. From desperate girls to bad girls, this list covers pretty much every type of girl you will cross paths with at a nightclub.

So next time you go out trolling for women, keep this list it mind, it could be helpful.

10 The One On The Rebound

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At every club, on any night of the week, you are guaranteed to find a girl who is on the rebound. This girl usually got dumped within a 2-week period and has gone out in hopes of boosting her confidence. This girl will usually be with another friend, who most likely “forced” her to go out. The rebound girl will either be super eager to meet a new man or terrified, there is no in between, it all depends how they are feeling about the breakup. Although a lot of men may think it is easy to get with a girl who was recently dumped, a lot of the time the rebound girl has a shield up, protecting her due to her fear of being hurt again.

9 Girls' Night Out

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This is a guarantee when you go out to a club. Not only will there be one group of girls having a “girls' night” but there will be a few. Men are always drawn to a group of women because usually there are more options to choose from, which is great. However, a lot of the time, men get lead astray by the cheerleader effect. What is the cheerleader effect, you ask? Well, it is when you see a group of women, and they all look attractive standing at the bar together, however when you get closer and speak to each woman individually, you realize they looked hotter from a far.

8 The Desperate Girl

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These are the saddest girls at the club. There is nothing less attractive to a man than a girl who is desperate, but there are so many girls in the club who fall into this category. Usually, these girls are craving male attention and you are able to spot them out by the way they dress and act. Desperate girls at the club tend to dress a little provocative, to try and guarantee they will get attention. Throughout the night you will find them hopelessly trying to find a man. These girls are usually a guy's “last resort” at the end of the night. They know from the start that this girl is a sure thing and although they spent the night trying to get the attention of someone else, a lot of the time they go home with the desperate girl because they know it won't require effort.

7 The Bad Girl

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The bad girl is necessary when it comes to nightlife. This girl is the plug for all of the women; she is the girl who you want on your side. Usually, the bad girl is out with a group of guys, seeing how it is hard for them to get along with women. They are usually tough, beautiful and a little thuggish. Bad girls know everyone and everything about them. It takes a special kind of man to be able to approach a bad girl in the club. Any man approaching the bad girl needs to make sure they are tougher than she is or she will eat them alive.

6 The Snob

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You all know exactly what girl I am talking about. You usually find her sipping expensive champagne somewhere in the VIP section, holding onto her Chanel boy bag. The Snob is usually extremely attractive, but in an unapproachable way. Throughout the night, a couple of brave men will approach her, but most of them will be shut down immediately. The snob can sometimes be mistaken for a “bitch” because of her lack of enthusiasm and warmth when it comes to strangers. These girls like to be left alone, unless they are checking you out, then you have the green light to flirt.

5 The Drunk Girl

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You know exactly the type of girl I am talking about, there is always that one girl at the club who took one too many tequila shots, that one girl that doesn’t know her limits; every group of girls has one. This girl is usually wasted by 1 am, and by the time the club closes she can no longer stand. Being the drunk girl is not a good thing, a lot of men get turned off by “sloppy” drunks. It is important for both men and women to understand their limits when it comes to drinking. You can easily spot the drunk girl at the club because they are usually making a fool of themselves. Make it a night to remember, not one you can't remember.

4 The Attention Seeker

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This is one of the worst and most annoying kind of girls you will meet at a club. She will most likely be wearing something flashy, like a tight sequin dress. Throughout the night you will spot her flirting with every man in the club. These are the kind of girls that go out to get self-reassurance. They want to feel hot and wanted, so by going to a club and flirting with countless men, they are able to get some sort of satisfaction. The reason why these girls are annoying is because they strive on male attention and that is something men see through.

3 The Party Girl

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Of course at a club you are bound to find a party girl. You can usually spot her as the one dancing on the bar without shoes (classy I know). The party girl tends to be out and about almost 7 days a week. Everyone at the club usually knows her name, from bouncers to bartenders, you can tell this girl has gone out a couple of times before. Men are usually drawn to the party girl due to their larger than life personality and incredible confidence; they tend to be the life of the party. Although a lot of guys are initially drawn to the party girl, these women are difficult to date. The man must be fully comfortable and confident knowing that his woman is a 'celebrity' in the nightlife realm.

2 The Bottle Rat

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This is actually the worst kind of girl you can find at a club, and sadly there are a lot of them. Women have this preconceived notion that if they go to a club, they shouldn’t pay for anything. You will find these girls going from table to table, guy to guy, in search of a free drink. The bottle rats usually don’t care about anything but getting drunk for free. Most of the time, they will find a guy (or group of guys) to stick with all night, if that doesn’t work, then this kind of girl will lap around the club until she finds a sucker to liquor her up.

1 The Hot One

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At every nightclub, all around the world, there is always that one girl that every guy in the club is starring at. Usually, this girl is confident, happy and of course drop dead gorgeous. These girls are used to getting attention, which is why a lot of men tend to be intimidated when approaching them. Despite their gorgeous appearance, the hot girl in the club is usually nice. Although the hot girl is no stranger to being hit on, a lot of the time when they are in a club, a man won't approach them in fear of being rejected.

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