The 10 Types of Dancers You Find In a Strip Club

Dancers in strip clubs come in all shapes, sizes and attitudes. It's not always easy to see at first glance, but it doesn't take long to figure out which type of dancer has caught your eye. These are the ten types of dancers you find in a strip club.

Actually it's the attitude we are focusing on here. Most dancers are beautiful (exception: Milwaukee), but it's their experience and reasons they are dancing that really drive the experience you can expect to have with them.

Honorable, or dishonorable mention goes to the gun-shot girls. If you have more than two visible gun-shot wounds you really should consider another line of work. Also, girls with boyfriends or significant others that won't leave their side, not a good idea. No one wants to ogle you while your boyfriend is staring down the onlookers.

We've got the seasoned veterans, the newbies and the girls with alterior motives or at least more that just a quick twenty on their mind. Here are the ten types of dancers you will find in a strip club.

10 The Hustler

It's all about the cash for the hustler. The art of escalation is how she rolls, moving from the stage to the crowd and off to the champagne room where she can maximize her profit. The hustler flirts with the boys and makes them think they are going to get more and more, despite it always ending in just a tease. What is the hustler's Kryptonite? That would be the long songs. She doesn't want to be on the stage, just long enough to show off her goods - she knows where the real money is. The hustler isn't a fan of "November Rain", "Free Bird" or any song by Pink Floyd.

9 The Addict

The story here is pretty simple, this girl is dancing to feed her habit. The pro is that she's numb to having to dance naked and rub against guys she may not be attracted to. The con is a stripper on drugs probably has nasty hangovers. For guys, you need to be careful, especially if you happen to be a dealer. She will get you all hot and bothered and do just about anything for her candy. The problem is the baggage of this transaction. I cannot stress enough the excess baggage of this transaction.

8 The College Student

Apparently this is a real thing. You often hear of girls "putting themselves through college" and this is true in some cases. Sometimes the money is so good they drop out. That sort of defeats the initial purpose, buy hey, different strokes for different folks. My guess is if you want to dance for money you will want to stay away from campus for fear of running into fellow frat guys of worse, your professor. Actually, maybe the professor encounter would be a good thing. You make money and get an A!

7 The Weekender

Where do all the beautiful girls in Vegas come from? Not Nevada, I think we all sort of knew that, right? They come from Los Angeles, flying in for the weekend to entertain the gamblers and bachelor parties. That's how good the money is at the Vegas strip clubs. Not a bad gig if you can get it. Lay on the beach all weekend, have a car take you to LAX and before you know it you are making money. After your shift you go to your hotel on the strip and unwind in your suite. Not sure it's that glamorous, but that's how I picture it all goes down. The girls in California really do have all the fun, at least some of them do.

6 The Professional

The professional is excellent at customer service and is proud of her job. She makes all the men feel like she is dancing just for them and is not, how can I put this...she's definitely not shy. The professional knows the buttons to push (pun intended), but also understands repeat business and making sure the guys are enjoying themselves. The pro dances for years and often moves around to different clubs, cities or even states. Although she has no problem getting naked, she probably wishes she had some pockets to carry business cards. That's very professional!

5 The Rookie

It is what it is, this is her first gig dancing and she doesn't know what she is doing. The dancing is inconsistent and she will be choosy with which guys she cuddles up to for lap dances. There is also the whole "moral" questioning she may be going through. Obviously she needs to get over this fast. Don't expect a lot of crazy moves on the stage and also don't expect "extras" should you arrange a visit to the champagne room. Now, there is a chance she is really "green" and you've caught her on the first day. In that case you may have the opportunity to negotiate and see where it leads. For the customer, this one could go either way.

4 The Bitch

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The bitch is the dancer that thinks the louder she is the better the show. Ever been to one of those Coyote Ugly type bars where the girls have the megaphones? Those are the worst! She likes to insult also, challenging guys to see if they can "handle" her. The funny thing is, this actually works with some guys, especially super macho guys who think they can tame or handle any girl. This never works out; instead, the macho guy receives a painful lap dance that is essentially just the girl jumping up and down on him. The bitch is rough and not for everyone. Again, it's important to keep megaphones away from this dancer.

3 The Freak

This is the girl with the giant breasts, or big booty or something that really "stands out." This is not the girl with the gunshot wound, no that's a whole different scenario. The freak probably isn't that great of a dancer and is just there to make some extra money because she's got huge knockers. The whole act is centered around "the goods" or whatever the focal point of her it may be. I get it, if I had a giant something or another and could get paid to show it off I'm not going to lie, I'm considering this payday. There are much more degrading things I have to do on a daily basis. I'd be happy to swing around my giant ego if that's what it took to pay the bills.

2 The Dancer

This girl is there to dance. She really works the pole and stage and is very acrobatic. For this girl, music is very important. She choreographs her moves and can't have a long enough song - here is where you will hear "November Rain" and "Sweet Child O' Mine." The dancer is not mailing it in, she is auditioning for her big break. She is the girl from Saved By The Bell who starred in Showgirls, hoping to be discovered and then brought onto the big stage to perform. The dancer has little interest in lap dances or hanging out in the champagne room. She's a performer and needs to perform for large audiences, or at least a few loners, a couple of drunks and a group of hooting and hollering frat boys.

1 The Mom

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You do what you have to do and if you are a hot mom that has bills to pay, one option is stripping at night. The Mom is a combination of many on the list, but most importantly she is there to earn money. This isn't just for fun so she incorporates a lot of professional dancer characteristics and possibly a dash of the addict just to get by. Hey, it's not easy spending all day with the kids and then dancing for cash at night! The Mom stripper keeps a low profile around her children, not because there's anything wrong with the job, but you really don't want your fifth grade son going to school and telling everyone his mom is a stripper. That would make him the most popular kid in the class for all the wrong reasons.

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