The 10 Best Ways To Use Your Useless Pennies

Overwhelmed by the amount of pennies you got laying around in your pad? Not willing to roll them up and waste time exchanging them at the bank against another pocketful of change? Let's face it, pennies are heavy in your wallet, dirty, and make your hands smell bad – why bother?

The penny has been deemed useless for a number of years – even Canada banned its usage in 2013, dooming the little guy to a rightful death. The possible annihilation of the penny has also been discussed extensively in the United States, although no concrete move has been done to phase it out just yet.

There’s a whopping 300 billion one-cent coins in the US, only, that have been minted since 1787, according to pennies.org – you’ll have more than enough to go penny crazy with these craft ideas. In Canada, it was estimated that 25 billion pennies were produced since 1908.

So if you’re not into shining pennies, giving pennies for thoughts, throwing them in wishing wells, there are numerous other things to do with them to disencumber your life  – all whilst avoiding the hassle of bank lines.

10 Abe Lincoln Portrait

Via www.homeworkshop.com

It took one man 3,111 pennies ($31.11) and a year-and-a-half to complete this 51 x 61 presidential portrait. The entire endeavor cost about $166 to make and 26 hours of labour. Not a US president fan? You can make a penny portrait of your mom, your girlfriend, even your dog! You’ll have a great gift idea ready for Christmas – without having to shop around.

Not sure you would be able to make this on your own? You can buy an Abraham Lincoln DIY Penny Portrait that'll guide you right through the steps!

9 Cocktail ring

Via imageck.com

Is there’s a year you want to remember? A cherished memory or a coming of age moment? Why don’t you wear it with a penny ring? This bling bling comes really cheap, since you only need one penny, a few little rhinestones and some glue. You can shine like a diamond with your new cocktail ring.

8 Car

Via twistedsifter.com

Dude, where’s my car? You’ll never ask yourself that again with a penny covered car – it’ll shine your hangover away! Seriously, don’t spend hundreds of dollars on a new paint job, just cover your car in pennies!

Although you might not want to go ahead and actually glue pennies onto your new car, this could be a perfect art project with the lame, rusted up 1988 you have lying around.

7 Coaster

Via www.instructables.com

Love beer but hate having bottle rings ruin your furniture? Penny coasters will save your wood pieces for about 45 cents worth of material – way cheaper than paying $6,99 for a 6 pack at IKEA!

For about the time it would take you to find a parking spot, you can make this coaster by applying glued pennies on a cork frame and layering them. Cut the extra cork and sit down, relax and enjoy a cold one.

6 Table Top

Via pinterest.com

For about 50$ - pennies included - you can brighten up your old coffee table and make it look brand new by gluing pennies on it. For this particular table, it took about 2,000 pennies ($20) and a whole day to glue the pennies onto the table - superglue did the trick.

It’ll take about three days for the epoxy coat to dry, but the wait is worth it. No more Saturdays spent shopping in thrift stores looking for the hot new thing.

5 Penny Picture

Via embellishinglifeeveryday.blogspot.com

Don’t want to spend enormous time making a project or not too craftsy? This one’s pretty easy - and it's a unique piece of art. This one only took 96 pennies, but you can make the piece larger or smaller, depending on your mood.

To accomplish the ombre finish, you can shine your top row pennies with a mixture of vinegar and salt. To make them more greenish, like the bottom ones, just let them sit a few hours after you have taken them out of the liquid cleanser. Don't dry them out - just let them turn on their own.

Then take a piece of burlap and glue them on. It’ll definitely make for a great conversation piece in your casa.

4 Mirror

Via honeysweethome.blogspot.ca

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the richest one of all? Well, for less than 10 bucks, you could have a great time looking at yourself in your new blinged-and-pimped mirror.

This idea came from a Toronto-based artist that conceived the piece in honour of the penny's disappearing act. For this particular mirror, it took about $9 worth of pennies, but you can use more or less depending on the size of the frame of the mirror.

Just glue, wait and look at your pretty, penny-framed face. Now, don’t you look swell?

3 Birdhouse

Via http://theownerbuildernetwork.co/

Not too sure about decorating the interior of your home with old pennies? How about the great outdoors, then? Birds and neighbors can admire your handy work with a new birdhouse. The project takes exactly 1,962 pennies ($19,62). It seems like a lengthy crafts project, but the bird lovers will rejoice when the new house attracts flying buddies.

2 Garden ball

Via www.3wises.blogspot.ca

Is your garden giving you headaches this year as a result of unwanted slugs? You keep tending the issue, without resolve? Then, just maybe, the penny ball is for you. Not only will you make your garden prettier, you won't have to purchase a scary-looking garden gnome? So how do you make one? It's fairly easy: take a ball, some "Amazing Goop" and you’re ready to go.

1 Penny Flooring

Via theownerbuildernetwork.co

Remember when you used to be happy when you found a penny laying around? You’d pick it up and think of all the great things you would do with the luck it would bring you. The good luck penny - or penny on the floor - is such a part of American folklore that there's even a song about it! The American rockband The Clarks has written a song titled "Penny on the floor."

Well, you can use all your pennies to upgrade your floors – just like The Standard Grill in New York did. It took thousands of pennies to tile the floor of the restaurant situated in The Standard Hotel. You can glue the pennies directly on the floor - clean please - and apply thinset or high gloss polyurethane. Top it all off with a final coat of polyurethane or an epoxy sealer. Voilà!

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