Supercar Dating: High-Speed Networking For People Who Love Fast Cars

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Society has long dictated that the guy with the nicest car is the one who gets the girl. Everyone had that guy at their high school who got a car before everyone else and had no problem finding a date for prom. If he happened to drive a Mustang or Camaro, forget it, he'd be beating away the girls with a stick.

But as we all know, life in high school is very different from the real world that awaits us when we graduate, and even the most successful and wealthy people encounter challenges when it comes to finding love. Well, the new UK-based networking site SupercarDating.com is here to help with that.

Aimed at bringing together high-end sports car enthusiasts, the website allows people to connect and bond over their passion of revving engines, burning rubber and breakneck speeds. While the site admits that many wealthy and successful people don't have trouble attracting the opposite sex, its goal is to facilitate the process of meeting like-minded individuals who share a mutual appreciation for the "supercar lifestyle." The best part? You don't even need to own a supercar to be able to sign up to the site.

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According to the site's founder Sangeeth Segaram (proud owner of a Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 Roadster), he found that many successful professionals struggle to find time for conventional dating and have trouble meeting people who share similar interests. Likewise, singles using high-end dating services often find themselves deceived by people pretending to be wealthy when in fact they're not, or simply don't have anything in common with the men or women they end up meeting. SupercarDating.com solves these problems by bringing together passionate people who share a common interest which provides a crucial first building block for potential relationships.

The network was launched in February 2015, but the buzz has been building since mid-2014. Supercar owners pay £65 ($95 USD) per month, £150 ($220 USD) for 3 months, £275 ($405 USD) for 6 months, or £380 ($560 USD) for a full year's subscription to the site. On the other end of the spectrum, non-supercar owners or "Fine Living Companions" as the site refers to them, are charged an annual fee of £135 ($200 USD). Before you get any ideas, according to Segaram 20% of supercar owners are women and the site also caters to same-sex couples. There's also a ratio of one supercar owner to seven non-owners signed up, meaning they are very open to any motorheads looking to meet new people.

The site was recently profiled in The Sunday Times in an article that shed some light on the intricacies of supercar dating. Most high-performance and luxury cars owners are accepted for membership; basically those who drive anything from Ferraris and Lamborghinis to Rolls Royces and Land Rovers. However, the line is drawn at fast cars from less prestigious brands. Your Subaru Impreza WRX STI won't allow you to be admitted to these exclusive circles.

So what kind of activities can you expect to do with your new supercar enthusiast partner? SupercarDating.com discourages first date meetings in a supercar, but the company does organize lots of activities for its members to partake in which provide a safe environment for first encounters. Events include "live comedy, Michelin fine dining, high octane experiences, go carting, beauty pageants and supercar meets."

While this service is currently only available in the UK, Supercar Dating will be coming to the United States and Canada in 2016 and the company aims to be worldwide by 2020.

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