Prince William Delighted to be Saving Lives

Prince William or the Duke of Cambridge, seems to be taking after his mother, the late Princess Diana. He told recently that life on the RAF team was most satisfying, as he could get to save lives. He even said that there was nothing more gratifying than rescuing people and bringing them back to their parents. The Prince said that bringing back lost sons and daughters to their parents was something that filled his heart with joy.

Prince William is going to be seen in a reality television series titled “Helicopter Rescues”. The series will show Flt. Lt. William travel to remote locations to retrieve people missing for days. William’s temperament is certainly heroic. He is more than capable of carrying out this task to perfection. He has proved to be a very useful member of the RAF. In fact, his team members on the air force cannot stop talking about just how good he is. Add to that the fact that William is quite an un-spoilt guy. Nobody in the air force talks about the Prince being snobbish, and looking down on others. He is treated like a regular member of the crew, and makes absolutely no bones about it. Rather, the camaraderie he shares with the crew members has become quite an example.

William has served as a captain of the RAF on many occasions. He has been a part of many rescue operations, and has often led from the front. The team has often been able to find lost people and bring them back.

William and his crew are flying bright yellow colored Sea King helicopters in these rescue operations. He feels that being a part of the RAF is among the most challenging things he has done. It propels him to strive hard every minute so that he can prove himself again and again.

It is not certain for how long William is going to continue being a part of the RAF though. He is a pilot who loves flying – it is probably his greatest passion. William is an adept pilot who can give the professionals a run for their money. We wish him all the success on his prolonged stint with the air force.

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