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Goodbye Segway, hello moCycl. For urban dwellers, getting from point A to point B can be a challenge. No one has it easy. City drivers are routinely forced to deal with the horrors of traffic, the often impossible task of parking, and spiking gasoline prices. Cyclists do away with those problems but add a considerable amount of danger having to share the road with thousands of cars and trucks. And for those who want to hit it on foot, we hope you have good shoes. That’s why moCycl Technologies, a small upstart company based in Barcelona, Spain has created the moCycl One, the world’s smallest and lightest Self-Balancing Unicycle (SBU).

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The goal was to create a new mode of sustainable city transportation that’s easy to use, cost effective and safe for the environment. The moCycl One is meant to be a "natural extension of your daily transportation needs," portable enough to take with you anywhere you need to go throughout the day. Forget the hassle of riding your bike between cars and struggling to carry it up the stairs into your apartment or leaving it chained to a fence to rust in the rain. The moCycl is small enough to fit inside a gym locker, light enough to carry in your backpack and has enough juice to get you 20 km (over 12 miles) on a single charge. And when its battery does dry up, you can charge it in any regular power outlet, just like your phone. Amazed yet?

The moCycl One is capable of traveling 18 km/h (11 mph) on any relatively smooth terrain and is completely waterproof so you won't find yourself stranded when it rains. The SBU utilizes aircraft technology including gyroscopes to keep balanced and its advanced onboard computer makes hundreds of adjustments per second to react to its driver’s every move. Concerned about being eco-friendly? This SBU is totally green and able to convert its breaking power into electricity with the use of sensitive coils, improving its range during stop-and-go commutes. Being completely electric the moCycl One is virtually noiseless and its high tech molded padding will ensure that your feet and legs are comfortable as you glide around the city.

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"The moCycl One will change the way we look at personal transport throughout the city. While providing the practicality, range and speed of scooters and bicycles the product is simultaneously 'green' and so portable you can basically bring it with you for storage and recharging wherever you go. The size is a key factor according to the moCycl team as the vehicle can be carried along with you to keep it safe."

- moCycl Press Release (Feb 2015)

Via mocycl.com

Unlike the standard Segway which weighs a hefty 38 kg (83 lbs) and costs around 7000€ ($6,000-8,000 USD), the moCycl One tips the scales at only 9 kg (20 lbs) and will set you back only 879.00€ ($985 USD). Whereas the Segway has always been limited by its size and price, the moCycl One appears to include its best features in a much smaller and more convenient package that can be used by everyone from a professional going to a meeting to a parent hitting the gym.

Like riding a bike, there’s a bit of a learning curve, but the creators of moCycl insist that mastering their SBU takes as little as a couple half-hour practice sessions. The controls are simple enough to understand; lean forward to accelerate, lean backwards to break and shift your weight left or right to turn the SBU. If you’re still not feeling comfortable enough to take this bad boy out onto the open sidewalk, training wheels and other accessories are available.

Although moCycl is a European company with the “modern European” in mind, their SBU makes as much sense cruising the streets of downtown New York or Sydney as it does Barcelona or even Paris. This is truly a vehicle with the potential to change the way people look at personal transportation in any city in the world.

Company leaders Michiel Tromp, Pär Kragsterman and Toni Muñoz have launched a compelling Indiegogo campaign which you can support to help them raise money for the first wave of production of this revolutionary new mode of transportation.

"We are aiming to take Europe by storm through an online sales and marketing model allowing us to reach across this continent," says Par, moCycl's Visionary and Chief of Product Design. "The team expects to launch further such spectacular products as soon as they get some help funding the development and optimization work."

As of the posting of this piece moCycl has raised 44% of their total goal of 5,000 ($5,600 USD). Visit mocycl.com to find out more.

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