Michelle William’s Daughter a Fan of Black and White Movies

Who would have expected the child of a modern day actress to be a fan of black and white movies? But this is the case with Matilda Rose, Michelle William’s daughter. Although she is yet to see the latest movie made by her mother, she already seems to be giving this movie the go, as mentioned by her mother.

Michelle, in an interview with People Magazine, talked about how excited Matilda Rose was about her mother’s new movie, “OZ, The Great and Powerful” which is set to hit the theaters soon and how she was eagerly awaiting its release along with the rest of the actress’ fans and admirers. At the Wednesday premiere of the movie, Michelle spoke in detail about her excitement and it was evident how the excitement of the daughter was rubbing off on the mother. Michelle was all aglow when talking about Matilda Rose and the joy the infant was undergoing at the release of the movie.

Michelle talked about how the director of the movie had welcomed Matilda Rose on the sets and how the child had got to witness the making of the movie right from scratch. She witnessed the shooting of most scenes and even got to take pictures with other stars of the movie, up close and personal. Matilda Rose admittedly displayed a lot of interest and curiosity when watching the shooting of the movie taking place before her eyes. She observed each and every scene being acted out and never seemed to display signs of boredom which most other children her age, would have. Matilda is apparently a fan of the original version of the movie, The Wizard of OZ but she runs out of the room when certain scenes take place. Michelle says she runs away when the baboons in the movie for instance begin to fly. However Matilda Rose has made a promise to her mother to be brave about this new flick of hers.

She tells her mother that she will not be scared when seeing the movie as she has been present at the shooting and knows all about what is going to happen and when. The cultured daughter of Michelle Williams however is a person who does not confine her viewership of movies to the children oriented films alone. No, this little angel appears to have quite a mature taste when it comes to Hollywood movies and world cinema. Michelle says that her daughter is very open minded when it comes to viewing movies and that the interests that she has as far as movies are concerned are quite broad. For instance, a black and white movie is something the child of the actress will readily watch, if given the chance.

This indeed makes the little one unique amongst all other celebrity kids who are content to limit themselves to the latest action flicks and movies that are made specifically for kids.

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