Mariah Carey Plastic Surgery

With much gossip regarding celebrities who have had plastic surgery, Mariah is no exception. Still looking ravishing at the age of 43, did she ever had a plastic surgery?

Inconclusive pictures surging online can indeed prove that the sexy pop diva and mom has undergone cosmetic surgery, with an apparent change in her body. But she has frequently denied the issue, stating that "the changes are due to aging and weight after giving birth to her children."

She was also accused of having undergone breast surgery, check implants and nose surgery. Other pictures state that her nose and checks look different since her first album. Her cheeks were high but now there’s a major change in the way she looks.

Several plastic surgeons have also supported the issue such as Dr. Anthony Youn which stated, “I think it’s highly unlikely that Mariah became as flat and stretch-mark free as she is after having twins without a plastic surgeon’s help.”

A mother of twins and a loving wife to Nick Cannon, Mariah has always been known as a powerful sexy singer with an impeccable voice. She might certainly know how to take care of her body and doesn’t need the help of a surgeon to maintain her appealing beauty.


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