Jonathan Cheban Makes the Most Delicious Waffles

Jonathan Cheban appears to be one hell of a cook. He is credited with making the most delicious waffles for breakfast, the sight of which is certain to make your mouth water. The recent one made by him was uploaded on Instagram. You can look at it online. The waffle is tipped with whipped cream – the taste seems delicious.

Jonathan Cheban is of course better known for his antics on television rather than his cooking skills. He is a popular figure on American television and has starred in a number of reality television shows. One of the popular television shows is “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”. He is supposedly the best friend of Kim Kardashian, and once even got into a mess with her sister Kourtney on the show. In fact, he was even slapped by her. Everybody thought that it would turn out to be quite an embarrassment for John, but in reality, it did not. He turned out to be unaffected by the whole thing and continued to hog the limelight on the show. John is a bit of a party animal and his wild ways came to be seen on television during his appearance on Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Jonathan Cheban has been seen to cook several times on reality television. His cooking shows in particular are quite popular because of the zeal and the grace with which he carries them out and the sheer entertainment which he brings to the kitchen. Several of his fans are believed to have taken to the kitchen after watching him cook. Jonathan has managed to popularize cooking in quite a big way because of his skills in the kitchen and the unique and innovative ways in which he teaches his fans how to whip up interesting food items on their own. The morning waffles are an example of this.

Cheban has managed to get into the news for a number of wrong reasons. He angered Kourtney Kardashian because he told her that she would be nothing had it not been for Kim. Cheban is thus not too diplomatic and does not know how to render his words with finesse of any kind. He speaks his heart and his mind and is quite direct in his ways. His latest waffles are a reflection of the passionate way in which he does his cooking and the picture is therefore for all of you to see and behold. Jonathan might even have mentioned some tips on how to whip this up quickly.

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