How To Keep Your Relationship From Losing The Magic

Relationships can be tough, but when both partners can accept each other and adjust for one another, it could lead to a healthy relationship. Statistic Brain reports that the number one topic that couples argue about is money. They also report that 51% of single people find flattery to be the best way to attract another person, while 25% also stated that touching is a very effective way of flirting. They also report that it takes 15 minutes to make a first impression on a man and about one hour to make a first impression on a woman. While these figures speak for themselves, it is also important to remember that we are all unique. Factors that turn you on won’t necessarily turn your partner on. You might enjoy being touched when flirting, but that does not mean your partner feels the same way as you do.

More than 40 million American citizens make use of online dating services, yet 44% of the population is single. Statistic Brain reports that 48% of online relationships ends in a breakup through email. They also report that about 43% of single people in America Google someone before going on a date with them. NOLO reports that in the year 2010, more than 7.5 million unmarried couples were living together. Furthermore, they also report that some senior partners living together without being married have seen a significant increase during the past 10 years. Bloomberg also reports that approximately 75% of women within the United States have lived together with a partner without being married to them by the age of 30.

Keeping The Magic In Your Relationship

No matter how bad we want to, we cannot tell the future. A relationship usually starts out as something magical and then begins to wear out as time goes by. We cannot tell if a relationship will be successful or end in a breakup. We can, however, take some small steps to help keep the magic in the relationship and to help keep things going strong, like they are supposed to be.

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5 Explore The World 

Many couples end up in a routine that feels like a loop. They do the same things day in and day out. This can easily cause frustration and a feeling of being disconnected from one another. Instead of going to the same restaurant you are always going to, try to spice things up next time by trying out a new restaurant. Instead of visiting your parents during the next holiday, book a trip to Paris and surprise your other half. Instead of booking a hotel the next time you go on holiday, try to find a hiking route with a camping area. There are many things you can do differently to introduce a level of surprise and excitement into your relationship. Don’t be afraid to try something new. Exploring the world and finding new challenges to accomplish together can be a great way of gaining back the spark (or keeping it there).

4 Give Each Other Space

While we tend to spend as much time with our partner as we can, it is important to remember that we all need our space. You don’t have to take a break from your relationship. Simply introduce some “private time” sessions where each of you can have some time of your own. You can spend this time with friends, reading a book, catching up on your gaming skills or anything else that you enjoy doing. When the “private time” session is over, both of you will be much more eager to spend time together. If things are going tough in your relationship, then taking a short break could also help – this could renew the spark in your relationship. Decide to visit your parents for the weekend without your partner. Maybe your friends are on their way to a getaway for the weekend? Spend some time apart to give yourself a chance to long for your partner.

3 Leave Worries And Gadgets Out Of The Bed

Many individuals like to take their smartphone or tablet to bed. This provides them with some entertainment before going to bed, but also creates a feeling of disconnection between you and your partner. Leave your worries and gadgets out of the bed. Instead of bringing these to bed, lie down with your partner, and disconnected from technology and stress. While it might seem boring at first, once the two of you get used to the change, conversions will start to spark easily. There are millions of topics you can talk about. Find some common ground – something the both of you are very much interested in – and talk about this. Once you start a conversation, it will automatically flow into new topics. You’ll soon realize just how easy it is to talk for endless hours when gadgets and stress are not present in the conversation. Leave behind all distractions and just focus on each other.

2 Have Fun Together


Sometimes the only problem in a relationship is the fact that both partners forget how to have fun together. This causes both partners to feel boring to one another. Fun can spark some magic in your relationship. Instead of your regular Saturday movie night, take your partner out for a fun night at the club. This will allow both of you to dance, make friends and have fun all night long. There are hundreds of activities you can do together to have fun. Maybe take an art class together. Take up yoga together. Find something fun that both of you can enjoy. You should try to opt for an activity that will also allow the two of you to connect. When you find an activity, do it. If both of you enjoy it, then maybe book another session. If not, don’t worry – simply find something else that you can try next time.

1 Stay Fit And Sexy

As time goes by and both partners start to take each other for granted, they often stop worrying about how they look. They stop dressing up, stop going to the gym and stop with their beauty regimen. Being together for a long time does not mean there doesn’t have to be sexiness or romance anymore. Go to the gym or take a jog. Take some time to look after yourself again. Apply makeup in the morning even if you’re not going anywhere. Buy yourself a sexy suit and wear it. Buy a new fragrance and put it on without telling your partner. Let them discover it for themselves. Start to look after yourself again and remind yourself why you fell in love in the first place. Maybe try to reach the same jean size you wore when the two of you met. This will bring back the attraction and spark up some magic.


While thousands of people step into a relationship every day, thousands of relationships are also coming to an end. If you are in a relationship, and you are facing a rocky road, do not make giving up your first attempt. Take back control and keep the magic in your relationship. This will ensure you have a long and happy one.

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